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aye, shame

agree, was having high hopes for this one, of course the project is dead, last update March 2019

WOW Yal.

I am observing your twitter account, great job overall, very like the lighting on gun

Excellent! yeah the current versio doesn't allow increasing rays number as far as I remember. And great news on the ratio!

Seen your twitter updates, lovely to have possible floors/ceilings! Any chance -with the fisheye fix also being in place in update- for non 1:1 screen ratios? And increased number of rays? the twitter videos seem to be of better quality

k, no problem, keep up the great work!

any chances for devolved Unity 5.6 version? this doesn't really need latest Unity does it?

thanks for your reply, keep up the good work!

Dev, have you considered releasing payware pixel art FPS starter kit for 001 based on this one or Titan? Something with basic FPS/survival horror flavour?
Sadly the 001's FPS DLC leaves much to be desired as they went the full 3d overscaled, actors-heavy route instead.

your lovely games made me look again into it more, I must admit it's way more interesting and capable than how it apprears at first glance; having fun doing basic experiments

I know, I am interested in full pack though

I would buy whole framework from you for my pet project, excellent

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yes I have the same error in 1.4.999, might be older versions don't have it

would love if it was Unity asset which I am familiar with buy bought none the less as I crawe 3D dungeon crawlers with low res art

thanks, looks really nice so far

looks very nice; any updates on this one?

understood -it's just alot of us here as mere artists with limited programming knowledge :) still, great work -and I love the style

This feels great! Also would buy the whole system if you go with it on Unity assetstore.

I've seen this on your Youtube months ago... would love to see this evolve into both game and payware FPS engine -I surely would buy that

Would be great if dear Yal improved this package more, so far it's bare bones. But I see the potential in here.

I searched but seems there isn't yet sort of main menu+ levels selection asset in the store here, so throwing an idea