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yes I have the same error in 1.4.999, might be older versions don't have it

would love if it was Unity asset which I am familiar with buy bought none the less as I crawe 3D dungeon crawlers with low res art

thanks, looks really nice so far

looks very nice; any updates on this one?

understood -it's just alot of us here as mere artists with limited programming knowledge :) still, great work -and I love the style

This feels great! Also would buy the whole system if you go with it on Unity assetstore.

I've seen this on your Youtube months ago... would love to see this evolve into both game and payware FPS engine -I surely would buy that

Would be great if dear Yal improved this package more, so far it's bare bones. But I see the potential in here.

I searched but seems there isn't yet sort of main menu+ levels selection asset in the store here, so throwing an idea

lovely, bought it on Steam, those bears were a nice suprise :) shame RGM stoopped development

out of curiosity, what engine is it? Looks beautifuly retro