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Fully documented game template to make your own 3d ray-casting games in Construct 2 or Construct 3 with no 3d plugins! · By uberdroidgames

Construct Ray-Casting Template Questions Sticky

A topic by uberdroidgames created Apr 14, 2019 Views: 303 Replies: 18
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Put your questions here if you have any!  

If we bought this on the scrica store could we get a key for itch? 


Sure!  Just forward me the scirra confirmation email for your purchase.


Seen your twitter updates, lovely to have possible floors/ceilings! Any chance -with the fisheye fix also being in place in update- for non 1:1 screen ratios? And increased number of rays? the twitter videos seem to be of better quality


They're the same number of rays (256) and in the newer version we should just be able to increase that by increasing the global "rays" variable.   The ratio can be whatever you want with a few tweaks.   I'm actually sitting down to work on it now thanks!

Excellent! yeah the current versio doesn't allow increasing rays number as far as I remember. And great news on the ratio!


You can increase the "rays" variable, but you'll have to do some other tweaks to make it all look right.   In the C2 version it starts to get bogged down faster with more rays.   I'm working on an update now that fixes the horizontal fish-eye and updates how objects are rendered along with some other fixes / features like textured floors and ceilings (using the Mode7 effect plugin).   It needs some clean up so that you should be able to increase the resolution with just one variable and have everything else kinda fall in line. 

I am observing your twitter account, great job overall, very like the lighting on gun

Does this actually work with Construct 3? I can't find a version of the simple mouselook plugin that is available for Construct 3.


Hi, for me it does not need the plugin


OK it took a while but Version 2 for Construct 3 is done.  If  you have the template you can download the new projects for C3.   They come with a mouse-lock plugin built-in.   Also textured floors and ceilings and much much more. 


Sorry I didn't see this one before but it works best with Construct 3.  The v2 update is for Construct 3 only.   I haven't upgraded the C2 version yet. 

updates where?

refund possible? 

its not really what i thought it is. its kinda useless because laggy as hell , bugs everywhere ... 20FPS avarage and graphics glitches


Are you using Construct 2 or Construct 3?

I have both and the fps was very low and unstable on both . no hate mate ! 

i know theres a version that uses different methods and is more stable but the creator has not updated it for c3 . its called stolfenwein 3d at the forums . 


No worries! Have you tried the updated city and indoor templates for C3?  I use an updated method for that.


Should be in  your downloads.  I have added 2 new templates to the downloads with updated methods.  You can switch from higher to standard res with the + key for more performance.   The changes are fully documented.


If you're using construct 3 go to the downloads and get your new template version 2 projects with lots of fixes and features!