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Does the access key contain Fantasy Dreamworld extras - Blacksmith! by ELV Games (

This is really awesome, the birds flying in the sky are crazy! great vibes

thank you so much! you are the best, do you have a patreon?

ohh man if you could include those it would be so awesome!

The assets are really nice, is there a plan to include the card image as well? only the icon and spell animation is included but the not card image?

wow! this game is so chaotic, I love it, I really like the sound of running ppl over! it's kind of satisfying in a oops type of way! the art work is great! really good!

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this game was pretty awesome, i really enjoyed the idea of building you own dungeon, then having to traverse it, it gives the game a kind of puzzle element, and has tons of potential. the bullet and chain mechanic was interesting, but sometimes it was hard to see the enemy bullet, because the bright blue was overpowering their bullets, maybe i just need to get good !  this was a fun game 

this is a neat idea! but it's very difficult. you can't move fast enough to catch all the meteors

lol this game was a bit sad! a unique experience, one feedback i have would be to make the options available when the users clicks or something, it feels like the text was very slow, especially when playing the game I few times.

wow that's a ton of level!  there were some times i would start a level and the guy would fall instantly without giving me the chance to put chains, but it only happens a few times, alsothere were some pretty good puzzles there! great job

this was an original take on the theme, it was also quite fun

the game was really well made, it had good polish/feedback/the puzzle design was good, and i really enjoyed the art style!

The pixel art is really nice! the words seemed like they were moving to fast, and maybe the cursor was too small, which it made pretty difficult to form sentences, it was a pretty interesting concept tho!  

thanks I definitely plan on working on a mobile version of the game, thanks for playing!

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very nice, the game was fun, well-polished, the music/atmosphere was perfect! i really enjoyed playing, wish there was more levels!

This is a pretty cool game, i really enjoyed playing, one feedback i would have is to place the restart button somewhere else, many times i went to move the main circle, i would restart by accident. this was a great concept, kind of reminds me of mini-metro (at least the look and feel) great job 

The art and style of this game is amazing, one feedback I would give is the hitboxes, they need a bit of tweaking. 

My high score was 25, this game was hectic in a good way, trying to move in a circle while dodging shoots & enemies was quiet challenging, it was super fun, great work!

Hey this was a pretty cool game, the idea of being trapped in a computer is neat! one feedback i would give is whenever I would move it was really janky and sometimes hard to control. but i had tons of fun with the puzzles 

It was very difficult to gain control of my ship, once I started spinning. I tried spinning the other way to counter balance, but then I started spinning non stop in that direction, the concept was pretty good, could use some tweaks to the control,  

it was very satisfying to smack the enemies!  this was pretty polished for 48 hours. great work!

that was pretty fun, the game ramped up quick with new mechanics, the ground slam was really nice, it had good juice to it, and it fit the theme well. it was pretty awesome, Thanks

This is a clever idea, it could use a bit of polish, but the idea is pretty good

it's pretty incredible for 48 hours, one small feedback would be to give the player better feedback when they can interact with something. 

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"Black Areas of Death", those are the souls of all the fish that have died , so technically when you run your fish into the wall their soul is being joined into the void.... 

lol, I don't really know I did not have time to polish that, I was going to add sea-weed, coral, and crabs walking around, but I had no time, the whole void idea seems very intresting tho,  as for the theme all the fish are joined together (in a school), and all the other fish join your school.  

this is a pretty neat idea, needs a bit more polish, but there a tons of possibilities to explore, great job, i really enjoyed playing! 

i did not see any other smaller fish to grow the school? game was a bit janky, the art was very nice tho. could use a bit more player feedback when getting eaten by the bigger fish. pretty good job for 48 hour game jam though! 

nice game, i agree with viswah13 a full screen option is needed, that pixel art was fantastic! and game play was good

the game is really good for a game jam, i think a better tutorial would help out, a bit confusing at first, once you understand the rules it's much better. this style has a ton of potential 

wow, that shuffle level really got me, this game was really fun and well executed, it feels like i have been stuck on this level for hours... but mark my words i will finish it... this game was really fun thanks 

wow , this kind of blow my mind, trying to move both of them, but their movement was opposite, it's a really great concept, I enjoyed playing 

the magnet idea is really nice, game is kinda hard playing solo, but great job it was well polished

the game/animation is really good, the music adds to the game well, i did not really have a coop friend to play with so i tried to play as both characters. it was really difficult, also when making the platform the lumina kept going crazy, this was a really nice game, could use a bit more polish on the controls  

i really enjoyed the concept, and the sfx added so much to the atmoshpere , kinda got stuck on the 3rd level where you had to jump thru the spikes. could not really figure out how to no die. but all the time i kept failing i was still really engaged, the concept is just awesome! thanks 

This idea was really nice, i had fun playing, the grid movement could be a bit faster, it was also fun putting enemies in the path of other enemy. really polished, thanks! 

nice and simple game, the feedback to the player was good. i enjoyed playing it, wave 3+ gets hectic. if one of your colors gets blown away you can no longer collect that color, so you have to block with the others. very hectic! great job 

pretty good entry, standing on the moving platform was a bit janky, but it was pretty good overall

wow, thanks for playing and the feedback, due to lack of testing toward the end of the jam, I had to fix a few bugs and could not properly balance the game, so its' difficulty curve becomes really difficult. your suggestion to split the level levels great.

The art and animation were incredible, the dialog bits were a bit slow, but the game was great!