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i have updated the game and added a training mode, with basic tutorials on throwing and running. i will keep adding training mini game when i implement new mechanics. thank you for your feedback 

This tool does not have any type of malware, full source code is available here , others have had similar issue with the virus scan treating it as a false positive

this asset is no longer there to download?

unfortunately it's windows only sorry

You have 60 seconds, to find as many words as possible.  Can you get the highest score?

Lets find out?

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I was not planning on it at the moment. It was more like a prototype. But if you think its fun yeah I will add some more features! Thanks for playing

do you plan to release a linux version?

It would be pretty cool, if you could set a background image (with a lower opacity). This could allow you to trace from reference image.  

I know this is very minor, but do you plan to update the applications icon, right now it's using the default NW.js app icon, it would be nice to have a proper icon for the application.  

Windowed mode, minimize Window options would be nice. kinda expected from a windows application.

Using Google Drive as another storage option would be pretty cool

windows 10, i will try that. thanks 

okay f works great, it's only when i manually adjust the size of the window or when i maximize using the maximize button. using the f for full screen this is not really an an issue for me anymore thanks!

When i maximize the application the side panel cuts off and the new gallery button and a few of the icon are no longer clickable, see gif 


This is an awesome tool, thanks for this. Will the tool ever support boolean operation on svg path, like union (combine shapes), intersect (subtract shapes). to get a better example there is an animated gif on this page 

If we bought this on the scrica store could we get a key for itch? 

This is an awesome game! great work


Juice FX community · Created a new topic Steam key?

if you purchased this on itch, will we be able to redeem it on steam?

Thanks for play and the feedback

Yah it's super buggy lol.. I was able to get the sharks to fly out of the water (not intentionally) ... I know there are alot of places I can improve and iron out. Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing

i realized this at the end... you know when it was too late. that's the bad side of rng. you could run into that type of issue   if your not careful... sadly i was not careful =(

yeah there are a few bugs with the mouse i noticed a bit to late, thanks for playing!  

Yah it's my biggest regret... Had to cut the jam short... I might go back at some point and flesh this idea out a bit more

Awesome pack, thanks

Thanks, I'm already working on expanding this game a bit, 

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I created this game for the gmtk jam and was wondering if I should keep working on this? Would it have potential if I added more unit types and fleshed out the ai a bit?

That good feedback, when I polish it up I will be sure to think of your comments, thanks

Yeah I agree once you get a large number of Unit it's becomes super easy, i have to beef up the ai a bit and maybe add some other mechanics to add depth and maybe make map bigger and add other faction or something 

Yeah I had a few different unit type in mind maybe having upgrades as well but I didn't have any time to make more "strategic" hope I can revisit this idea down the road and see if I could add more depth. Thanks for the feedback

the art/animation is on point, that's one creepy old dude! and how you can see the tip of his junk even when he is covered! that's some dedication right there!  the game is interesting, it has lots of potential for the right audience!  

the art style is good, and the idea is interesting, it gets to the point where you always die, it seems like your choice don't really matter at the end.

The art is really good, like how angry the bear gets when he throws his shield

ohh man this idea is awesome!!! great game!

this was a pretty good idea! i kept shooting all the block for like 5 min until i realized it was tetris, then i when i found out you could dash into the blocks to move them, it was so cool! great job

very cool game and concept!

i'm not really sure how to play? nobody wants to do anything because i was an incompetent king who could not fill out the form correctly =(

really challenging, good puzzles.