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Hey really awesome job with the text generator, its really nice, there is an export function that saves the Meta dictionary as json, with this i just have to  re import that data back in to not have to read again? also is just that one export file enough or do i also have to export dictionary A and B? 

awesome thanks for the update!

whats the status of evie update?

thanks for the quick reply, can't wait for the slasher pack =)

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Hey quick question, can we modify some of the sprites In the pack if we plan  on  using it for a game?

thank you for play the game and giving good feedback i appreciate it .

thanks for playing, and i'm sorry to hear that it got bugged, yeah there are tons of bugs, i did not have enough time to fix them all so it is what it is, i will fix them at some point try and fix and explore the possibilities.    

great job on the game. it was really fun

thanks for playing, you had really good feedback

yeah the tongue was very buggy and i did not have much time left, so i put in a restart button just in case.  thanks for playing

this game is good. very polished, the art is awesome  

yeah that wall jump got me, if i didn't come back and read the comments i would have been so lost.

this game is so cool!!!! the effects being control by the turns is mind boggling awesome! really good game!!!

i agree that ghost rocks!

awesome game,the sound effects mixed very well with the juiciness, it made me feel really good when i cleared the stage! 

i would die everytime i clicked start, the sound effects were on point though 

ohh man this game was so cool, i love the retro 8 bit graphics, and the game felt really good, awesome work 

i really liked the graphics and the effects, the explosions and dash was pretty awesome, the controls were hard for me, that made the game very challenging. still it was pretty awesome 

this game was pretty unique and challenging, there was alot going one very early. once i understood the mechanics the game was still pretty hard, but all in all a great experience and very interesting mix  mechanics great work 

this game was pretty interesting, i love that big dude that beat me senseless with the drum stick  ! 

this game is pretty cool, i wish i had it on my phone, level 2 kicks it up a notch and really took some time for me to get right. this is great work love the art also! 

man this game is so challenging, its really cool, it will take hours to master it. really awesome job

this game was pretty interesting, the puzzle were really nice, i also enjoyed the graphics, awesome job 

this game is pretty cool, the sound was good!

this game is great, i really enjoyed the controls, the music was also pretty awesome, great work 

a quick way to duplicate blocks and maintain the same properties (scale, color, etc...) like copy paste? or duplicate

hey buddy, i have started work on this game jam if you are interested?  let me know and ill send you an email with the details 

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that's awesome how much training data did evie have to read before it could produce that sonnet? also was that written using construct 2?

that is really awesome! great work

this game was very fun, something i really liked was the timing aspect of it, not just did you have to position the springs correctly but you had to time it correctly. it was a good concept, one criticism is that the guac would bounce so fast,  but i guess that added to the challenge, all in all a great game

very awesome concept, the game was very fun to play and unique, great job

very awesome game, very fun and well polished 

hey are you still interested in doing some music/sfx? i'm making a western shooter,  here you can find a gif of some of the game play to get a feel if you want to be a part of it? http://piranha305.tumblr.com/p...

still looking for a pixel artist / animator and or teammate to work together, i started a basic prototype of a western defense like shooting game  with my crappy art, if any one wants to team up,  contact me armandoalonso1@gmail.com  or on twitter @piranha_305 check out of gif of the project here https://twitter.com/piranha_30... 

looking for anybody who would want to team up, i'm looking to use construct 2 or 3

discord is fine sent you request

yeah if you want to team up, i'm down.

looking for a teammate, i have some experience with unity and a bit less experience with game maker. i'm pretty good at coding (c#) but i am really bad at art

Nice pixel art... the throne looks awesome