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this is really great! please make more expansions to this tiny ranger set!!!

This game was sooo good! 

Thanks for trying out the game, I really appreciate it. i had so many upgrade idea and no time to add them, so i went kind of basic on the upgrades 

Thank you for playing my game, yea, the later levels might have some issues... those last few hours i definitely missed stuff and cut corners, but thanks for playing  

that third level, it got me... i swear if its the last thing i do, i will touch that flag! 👍👍

best game i have played so far! really awesome, that poison swamp and captcha code really hit me hard!

that gun animation is sweet, the game feel is top notch. 👍👍

This was a really cool idea, got major Kirby vibes playing this. also reminds of me of those hamster youtube video where they stuff a ton of food in their mouth .. 🐹👍

This is a really good concept, the art is fantastic.  

I have not laughed so hard in a  while, this was great!

woah, when it got to level three and you had 2 paths, this thing got serious! great game!

lol, i made an invincible pattern, that hero never stood a chance!

This concept is really good! 👍

This was pretty clever idea. having to move the archer in such a way to hit other unit was a very interesting mechanic. in the end the healer got me... this was really solid 👍

👍👍👍👍 most satisfying game I played so far

This was really fun, very challenging. those shooting eye ball blocks got me good! the game was very polished

The art and cutscenes were really cool, and you nailed the whole cartoon villain vibe.  the game play was solid, the side scrolling was a bit too slow with would just have me waiting while the scrolling caught up. 

Very cool game,  I missed the part where you have to repair the torrent with E, so I thought it was glitched, but it was me... it was very fun!

Does the access key contain Fantasy Dreamworld extras - Blacksmith! by ELV Games (

This is really awesome, the birds flying in the sky are crazy! great vibes

thank you so much! you are the best, do you have a patreon?

ohh man if you could include those it would be so awesome!

The assets are really nice, is there a plan to include the card image as well? only the icon and spell animation is included but the not card image?

wow! this game is so chaotic, I love it, I really like the sound of running ppl over! it's kind of satisfying in a oops type of way! the art work is great! really good!

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this game was pretty awesome, i really enjoyed the idea of building you own dungeon, then having to traverse it, it gives the game a kind of puzzle element, and has tons of potential. the bullet and chain mechanic was interesting, but sometimes it was hard to see the enemy bullet, because the bright blue was overpowering their bullets, maybe i just need to get good !  this was a fun game 

this is a neat idea! but it's very difficult. you can't move fast enough to catch all the meteors

lol this game was a bit sad! a unique experience, one feedback i have would be to make the options available when the users clicks or something, it feels like the text was very slow, especially when playing the game I few times.

wow that's a ton of level!  there were some times i would start a level and the guy would fall instantly without giving me the chance to put chains, but it only happens a few times, alsothere were some pretty good puzzles there! great job

this was an original take on the theme, it was also quite fun

the game was really well made, it had good polish/feedback/the puzzle design was good, and i really enjoyed the art style!

The pixel art is really nice! the words seemed like they were moving to fast, and maybe the cursor was too small, which it made pretty difficult to form sentences, it was a pretty interesting concept tho!  

thanks I definitely plan on working on a mobile version of the game, thanks for playing!

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very nice, the game was fun, well-polished, the music/atmosphere was perfect! i really enjoyed playing, wish there was more levels!