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Sorry I didn't see this one before but it works best with Construct 3.  The v2 update is for Construct 3 only.   I haven't upgraded the C2 version yet. 

If you're using construct 3 go to the downloads and get your new template version 2 projects with lots of fixes and features!  

Are you using Construct 2 or Construct 3?

OK it took a while but Version 2 for Construct 3 is done.  If  you have the template you can download the new projects for C3.   They come with a mouse-lock plugin built-in.   Also textured floors and ceilings and much much more. 

You can increase the "rays" variable, but you'll have to do some other tweaks to make it all look right.   In the C2 version it starts to get bogged down faster with more rays.   I'm working on an update now that fixes the horizontal fish-eye and updates how objects are rendered along with some other fixes / features like textured floors and ceilings (using the Mode7 effect plugin).   It needs some clean up so that you should be able to increase the resolution with just one variable and have everything else kinda fall in line. 

They're the same number of rays (256) and in the newer version we should just be able to increase that by increasing the global "rays" variable.   The ratio can be whatever you want with a few tweaks.   I'm actually sitting down to work on it now thanks!



Sure!  Just forward me the scirra confirmation email for your purchase.


Put your questions here if you have any!  

Thanks!  Me too!  Still working on the sound.  

OK I got to the sign that says "this sign is trying to entice you to spend money on it" and I can't get it to do anything beyond that...

The Pinball Wizard has been brought to justice!

Sometimes when I kill all the things the doors still don't open...

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For some reason for me the "full screen" button is gone.  You really can't play it not full screen because then the mouse wheel scrolls the page instead of zooming in and out.

EDIT:  It's back.  Wonder what happened?

EDIT AGAIN:  OK I just made it only run in full screen so no "fullscreen button sometimes" bug

Also there seems to be a really intermittent bug where if you destroy 2 of the junkers, you win.  It's supposed to be 4.  Sometimes rarely, a space monster *can* destroy a junker by itself.  This doesn't happen often so I left that in.  

Ugh that bug is vexing... Lots of times when you destroy one it blows up other ones too for no apparent reason.

OK I think I got it..  It doesn't seem to do that now.

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Thanks!  Doing that now actually :)

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To make your own ray-casting game in #Construct2 I took a lot of the work off your hands with this template available at the Scirra store.


I like it!   Great idea!

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I made the game and I barely ever got to floor 12!  So this is great feedback.   In the newer versions the faction mechanic is much more pronounced.  You get EP for "team kills" and they follow you better.  Also the lower levels are balanced better, you can swap armor and stuff. 

And right away since that version I got rid of the annoying long zoom out and the spin is a lot faster in the beginning.  Coats are always on even numbered levels except the grey coat which it will always give you a new one somewhere on the next level with a grey altar if yours runs out.

To make a more complete game I am working on an end goal related to each faction.

Thanks for playing!

Hotfix coat was going into the weapons slot sometimes.  I think this fixes it...


Bug fix release:

  • Weird teleport-switching places with spider when in web. 
  • Grey coats went in the wrong hud spot and couldn't be moved (might still be there)
  • Hold and Web effects now work properly (I think)


  • Less time between runs
  • Can now discard coats (except the grey coat)
  • Friendly monsters no longer block the player
  • 1/2 Experience points for friendly monster kills! You get ep for their kills
  • Some combat sounds
  • Got rid of unused sounds
  • Faster beginning spin
  • Weird bug where it sometimes gives you a sword at the beginning?  Left in.

View the dev log here:

My more general gamedev blog here:

Play the game:

I made a complete game in 7 days and really happy with the results.  
Still there is a lot more I want to add and I'm updating it  about every week.   It was a great and really intense experience.  

It was EPIC.   Check out my entry in this year's 7 day Roguelike Challenge:  Turncoat Tomb 

Ananias Roguelike community · Created a new topic Hi there!

I bought this for my android and I love it. Once I actually missed my bus stop from work by a whole town because I was so into it. You owe me uber fare! haha! Great game :)

Hey Fellow c2 er love the look.