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hey you updated the price to $0, not 8 like your other packs, just a heads up.

This was awesome, thank you! Every time I see someone enjoy one of my games it adds years to my life! I think I may xpand on this one a bit in the future. Likely not a commercial release, but still!

Duel league badges, anyone?

Good afternoon my viewers! Please enjoy this sneak peak and update! After some feedback on the battle system, it's been decided that wins will be rewarded with a badge (seem familiar to anyone?) These badges unlock a bonus area!

This potentially may be my next commercial title. It's gotten such great feedback even  now... I'm really looking forward to expanding this series thanks to kind comments like this :D

Damn. Im afraid this is something I can't test on my end. If it helps, the browser version is the same and can be played (though not as easily) through the phone.

Ugh it took a long time but the game has been fixed! Thank you for your patience.

Ugh it took a long time but the game has been fixed! Thank you for your patience.

Ugh it took a long time but the game has been fixed! Thank you for your patience.

Ugh it took a long time but the game has been fixed! Thank you for your patience.

Ugh it took a long time but the game has been fixed! Thank you for your patience.

Ugh it took a long time but the game has been fixed! Thank you for your patience.

Ugh it took a long time but the game has been fixed! Thank you for your patience.

I apologize for my lateness, but would like to add a positive game for LGBT fans of the bundle: No Country for Straight People

Character Spotlight: Magic Dyke

 Paid Charm Training: Magic Dyke, the drag king

Notable Quote:  Nah, player I'm a drag king, they call me Magic Dyke.

Good Dialogue Training:  You put on fake facial hair, learned the words to a new song, and lipsynced for your life. 

A fun easter egg for my Drag Race fans.

Character Spotlight: Senora Sesenta y Nueve

Free Intelligence Training: Senora sesenta y nueve (though no one is really sure if this is her actual name)

Notable Quote: "If you're willing to put in the energy I'll teach you all you need to know"

Good Dialogue Training:  Class started with a live demonstration and led to a private one in the teacher's lounge. Teachers stared as you desperately attempted to remember more than 4 colors in spanish. 

As a latina I'm finding it fun to make such an over the top spanish woman who wants her college students to fuc- speak spanish to her. For knowledge.

Character Spotlight: Ms. Tres

Paid Intelligence Training: Ms. Tres. The dominatrix who teaches at the local college.

Notable Quote: " Do you want to get taught a lesson that you'll feel for days after?"

Best Training Dialogue:  Ms. Tres brought in an assistant teacher today. You had a tough time with them both at once, but they said you've made great progress. 

Good Training Dialogue:  Ms. Tres used the good ropes for her good boy today while whispering all the course material into your ears. 

Ok Training Dialogue:  Miss tres has a very dominant approach to her teaching, and she punished your inattention severely.

Character Spotlight: Cassy the insane Soccer Mom!

 Cassy here will be the paid strength trainer!  This insane soccer mom took over Srg. Frog's post through grit, determination, and being batshit crazy.  

Paid Strength Training: Cassy the Soccer mom (a character with custom art!)


Best Training Dialogue: You lifted her up and down in fast succession on your dick while she yelled at you through her bullhorn, your arms are now jacked and your ears have almost regained all hearing.

A new poll is open to the public right now on the types of items people want to see in game, we already have a few votes in  so be sure to either comment here or vote there to have your opinion counted!

Some items already created for this game:

-"new"? Condom


-Sappho's Beanie

-Jake's Weiner

-Rushed Anime Breakfast


I love making people's random ideas come true, so I'm always open to vague  suggestions!

no thank you! I was very impressed by it! All of these entries are so well done it's blowing my mind.

I just wanted to say that I was actually laid off when coronavirus hit my state and being able to do this jam really helped me keep my mind off it a bit. So it was wonderful to have something a bit magical during this time. I got to make a battle system I'm happy with for once, too!! 

This was such an incredible game and the end fight was fantastic!!

This was fucking hilarious and I loved every moment of it.

"oh look something cooler is happening over there" lol

I really love this, the music and theme fit so well. It felt like a fully realized game and I loved it!

Happy to see you liked it!

Got it!!! I'll be sure to consider this in the future! This is my first serious entry having a battle system though. I typically make more simulation or visual novel type games, but if it gets traction I can revisit it later..

I greatly appreciate this level of feedback. We decided to keep the level of difficulty a bit high to encourage players to fight all available villains to unlock the skill and gain the gold to buy needed items in the shop. I do worry that the game was a bit too difficult in the end though. I will say though I'm, did you also fight the optional zombie in the arcade? It was meant to be a bonus so you can gain the best skill. 

I'm happy that the story elements shines through as we had many conversations about them. This was a labor of love and I'm overjoyed that even with its faults it can be enjoyed by people!

I love long-form feedback so thank you so much!

We're glad! :)

Thank you very much for so much feedback! 

Hahaha I know!! Drawing the sprites for the battles took so much of the jam time! It's definitely something we would change if we ever made a more complete version. 

I'm glad you enjoyed our short experience! A lot of love was put into this project.

Replying to this friend to announce this game has been finished!

Hahaha it was definitely one of the best things I've experienced in game development!

My game has officially been released! I hope you all enjoy it!

Why thank you!! Keep an eye out maybe in a year or two I can expand it!

Ah that means so much!! I'm so happy you loved the game so much! I plan to try to expand the game in maybe a year or so while I work on other ideas. After I learn some more, I like to fix up older games.

Damn.  Are you playing the browser version

sorry everyone I'm having a bit of an issue replicating it, I do know restarting the game is known to help people. Time is a bit crunched while I try to finish my other titles and find new employment in these stressful times, but I am so happy everyone seems to care so much about this game!

It all looks so cool!!!

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Just throughout the jam! The art can be found for purchase here:

It doesn't include the custom made character sprite and face, or the battlers though. Those are custom.

It may help to add that the game itself only has 2 cutscenes and 3 battlers. Rpgs aren't my specialty (if its not obvious with the other games I've made). But I wanted to challenge myself with something new)

I'm thinking I enjoy this one better!