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awesome!! My fiance deals with chronic pain and sometimes it's just best to take a long break, all your followers will still be here when you post an update!

your health comes first! Happy to hear you got something that should be helping your wrist in the future!

Again looks amazing! take the whole week or 2 if you need, your health comes first!

Oh my gosh and they can have the hat now!!!

Those skeletons genuinely look incredible

Perfect, ties it all together!!

Very excited to use this

Oh perfect for the construction worker character!

Ah yes another place tagged by the burn gang

I didn't think I'd ever see grafitti in your style but it looks nice!!

I love the pigeon his name is Phillip now. On a more serious note I appreciate the signs those are very useful and the fountain could easily be used for a park or city area which is perfect!

Oh my gosh I love that sign!!!

same to you!

I am going to make the coolest Street corner with these!!

Little things like this really add to the immersion of these kinds of places. Awesome!!

Oh thats awesome!!! Garage sales!!!

It's the little things like the condo intercoms that do it for me. Things we as gamedevs would otherwise forget. Incredible.


Ahhh these are amazing limezu!!!

You are so talented it's insane I am so excited for this!! Time to keep working on that script for the village sim!

I'm glad you liked my game! To play the full version you can purchase it for just 1$!

This looks awesome!

This is amazing!!


This honestly has been a daily little excitement for me ever since I found this back LAST Halloween. Thanks for all the work and this is just... this is incredible. You changed the game. So many people can now affordable make more modern games. I don't know if you ever watched Naruto but in the words of Rock Lee "I will be a genius of hard work" and you have made it!

These look amazing!

(1 edit)

that's incredible!! Thank you, I really appreciate this

-edit- looking at this is incredible, you're a real genius. I can't wait to implement this in a new game!

hello there, I heard you once had this game, but not encrypted? Is there any way I could get ahold of them or an explanation of how you pulled this off in rmmv? Thank you!

Ice cream shop????? YESS

O_O love this!!!

O_O where was this tileset 4 years ago when I made my first game lol

Cozy fishing looks amazing!!!

Happy bday!

Pretty pumped to make a club scene with these!!


Your work is honestly incredible. Thank you for all of this its inspiring me to get back into gamedev.

These are adorable I love them!!!

This is just fantastic I can't wait to make some new characters

you plan to also make EXTERIORS????? Oh my goodness

The amount of work done here is incredible. As a small dev, just thank you.