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always happy to hear that! Despite it looking like another trash rpgmaker porn game I put a lot of work into it xD it still makes me laugh to replay it. If you have any requests for the sequel it's almost done!

Bro the bar tiles are so cool

100% understandable man. It's quality. Never sell yourself short!

hahaha time to make something weird and not an RPG using RPG maker

Awesome as always!


It looks great! The effort is clear!!

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Staying Afloat - TTRPG

Staying Afloat, A TTRPG (Early Access)

Staying Afloat is a Solarpunk Tabletop Role Playing Game (or TTRPG) about the resilience of mankind in the face of tragedy. Choose your Generation, decide on your Mutations, and work to make what is left of the world a better place.

Stay Afloat contains the following:

  • Tactical, grid based combat
  • Unique Generational Trait System
  • Various Mutations due to the radiation of the world
  • Alternate historical timelines
  • Rich, detailed world-building
  • Relaxed, optimistic gameplay. No classes or min-maxing here unless you really want to.
  • Over 100 pages and 44k words of mechanics, example missions, and everything you need to start your next Solarpunk Adventure!

A Ocean-based Solarpunk Setting

It has been predicted multiple times with various degrees of accuracy by a multitude of people. The global apocalypse. The downfall of humanity. How the Earth would take its revenge for our trespasses. And yet none of them quite got it right. They expected sea levels to rise, yes, but by an estimated 100 meters in 4 years’ time? Did they foresee the billions of refugees desperate to escape a war-torn world that happened on such a scale no one could escape it?  They didn't. And now it is time, 20 years later, while the world works towards a more sustainable future, for your party to Stay Afloat.

In depth alternate histories/worldbuilding

Our system ties worldbuilding DIRECTLY into character creation. No need to stress about how your OC fits in the greater world, their own AGE provides them with a generational backstory. Want to make a veteran character in their late 20s? The vengeful ghost generation fits that exact specification, and provides you with example character traits, shared experiences, and mutation level.

Example Characters Provided

Have a hard time starting most tabletops? Not to worry, we got you covered with 4 example characters premade to work as a base for you. Will you be the flirtatious Quinn Avery? Or the bright eyed young barmaid Aurora Romeo? You decide.

*Please note this game was created in 4 weeks for the Hope Jam and is in active development, hence the sale!! Buy it now at a discount and receive free updates!

Now for more pictures!!

I used to burn myself out trying to do too many updates too often. Just do your best :)

This is such a unique concept!! And the art is cool as hell!! Great job man!

Awesome as always man!

epic as always!!

Go for it!

I've followed you since your Apple Pie days! Happy to hear your game is successful and good luck with steaam!

Keep it up its so good!!!

wow!! plays really great!

As someone trying their best to learn gb studio this is so cool!! 0 idea how you did this, but if you ever want to collab let me know!

I am so excited for this!!



Again its awesome!

amazing as always man!!

haha I meant the Mexican holiday 

Love it!!

Oooh! The candles remind me of day of the dead!

whoops sorry about that error! I've completely updated the game and have a huge commercial release coming! Thank you for letting me know about the bug and I hope you enjoy the game that's coming!


Always so excited to see new grass items!!!

sounds awesome!!

Words cannot describe how pumped i am to use this in RPGMAKER!!

This truly is incredible


Firefighter minigames!!!

ooo I like the doors

I think the fire truck is coming along well!


This is awesome again!

These are going to be so cool

Has anyone made a huge game with these yet? Its so cool

Again this is very cool