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The current plan is to have each Part as a purchasable DLC. We have not yet announced any prices however. Part 2 is in the later stages of development so we will have more information in the coming months!

We would like to submit our game IMMURE!

The Steam version does indeed require the Steam client in order to run the game so as of right now there is no DRM-free version of the game available. So unfortunately if you want it DRM-free you will need to wait for the Jolt release. We have started working on it so it isn't all that far away but we don't have an exact date to provide yet. Once we have one, we will be sure to post about it!

Sorry about that! We used to have an extended demo that was available that really was much longer. However, we removed it after our Kickstarter did not succeed. We decided that we will need to do an episodic release schedule if we are ever to get this game out without proper funding and having such an extended demo goes against what we are now trying to do.

Thanks for giving the demo a go and sharing it!

Thanks for checking it out! Sorry about the bug at the end, you are supposed to have found a way to deal with the smoke before talking to Anne haha I'll log that as an issue!

Hey, sorry about that! It seems to be a problem with Unity itself as another Linux user also reported the problem and even offered a solution that he had found on other Unity games. The problem is that it launches as full-screen and some strange issues occur during the splash screen that causes that. Launch with the following argument and it will solve your issue until we find a more permanent solution.

-screen-fullscreen 0

Glad you enjoyed it :D There are more secrets to be found, if you are willing to give it a shot ;)

Sounds good! Thanks for giving it a go!

Thanks for playing! Be sure to spread the word of our on-going Kickstarter!

Thanks for the interest! Our Kickstarter just went live today if you are interested in showing support or even if you just want to help spread the word!

Thanks for the support! We have high hopes for the Kickstarter!

Building a demo takes a lot of effort (especially if you have no financial backing!) but I definitely think we made the right choice! Our Kickstarter launches on the 15th so if you could help spread the word then that would be great!

Awesome, thanks for giving it a go! Kickstarter is just a few days away, spread the word however you can!

Haha well then be sure to spread the word about our Kickstarter on October 15th! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for giving it go! I can't promise when (or if) it will happen but we are currently trying to implement localization and Russian is one of the languages we want to hit first!

We appreciate you taking the time to give it a go! We also have a Concept Art screen that can be accessed in the main menu under the More button if you are interested in seeing how we iterated/came up with some of our ideas! Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our Kickstarter on October 15th to fund the rest of development!

Awesome, thanks for playing! We would also appreciate any help in spreading the word of our upcoming Kickstarter!

Haha we are just a couple of people who made this in their spare time and have a lot of passion and dedication! Thanks for playing!

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Unfortunately, we do not have a link to hand out due the way that Kickstarter works. In the mean time, I would say just use the link to the IMMURE web page which will contain a link once it goes live:

Wow, thanks a lot! It means a lot to us to hear that you enjoyed it so much!

Thanks for playing! We will certainly try to continue to deliver a great horror experience in the final product!

Wow, great to hear that you enjoyed it so much! We have put a lot of effort into making this project come to life so hearing feedback like yours helps us to know that all of this hard work has been truly worth it!

Of course! In general, we want to make the game accessible to anyone who likes this sort of game so we have worked hard to not just get it on multiple platforms but also have full controller support and plenty of video settings for lower end machines. If we get the resources to do so, we also want to do console releases. Thanks for the support!

Thanks for playing! If you wanted to try and finish it then the demo takes roughly an hour to run through the entire thing. You can also continue from "scenes" that you have unlocked so you don't have to start from the very beginning!

Thanks for playing! Glad to see you enjoyed the game!

Thanks! We are trying to raise awareness of our upcoming Kickstarter which will fund the full version of the game!

Awesome! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for checking it out, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! The key with horror is that it if you can effectively establish proper atmosphere and build tension (while also  managing that tension), you can provide a great horror experience through really any medium!

Thanks! We played with a few different styles and when we tried mixing 3D with 2D we fell in love with how it all came together so we kept it!

Thanks a lot! Always good to hear from people who we met at one of the various conventions we went to as well!

We recently released a demo for our game (entitled IMMURE) which features around an hour of gameplay. If you are interested then you can grab it here on itch:

Studio Name:
Wither Studios, LLC

Name Of Game:

Quick Bio of Game:
IMMURE is a story driven, psychological horror game. Will, the protagonist, has found himself trapped inside a foreboding Mansion with no exit. To escape, he must travel through strange doors which lead into other dimensions, filled with tormented souls. Will must choose to save or destroy these wraiths, in order to discover the truth behind the Mansion along with his own fate.

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete:
The game has been in development for over 3 years. We have a team of 6 who all work in their spare time to on this project. We just recently released a demo which is available here on itch to help raise awareness for our upcoming Kickstarter which is going to launch on October 15th, 2018 with the purpose of having people go full-time so we can complete the full game.

Why you became a game developer in the first place:
Strange question to answer given that Wither is a group of people haha. For me personally (my name is Mike), I got interested in game development when I was in High School (over ten years ago now, man I'm getting old) when I started modding games like Morrowind. I excel at more logic based activities such as programming but I also enjoy expressing my more creative side so game development gives me the ability to do both!

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But is the truth always worth seeking?

Announcing the free demo for IMMURE which is a fully featured release with roughly an hour of gameplay. We hope to raise awareness for our product as we will be launching a Kickstarter on October 15th, 2018 to fund full development for our game!

What is it?
IMMURE is a story driven, psychological horror game. Will, the protagonist, has found himself trapped inside a foreboding Mansion with no exit. To escape, he must travel through strange doors which lead into other dimensions, filled with tormented souls. Will must choose to save or destroy these wraiths, in order to discover the truth behind the Mansion along with his own fate.

Play it here on itch! Visit our website for more information!

Thanks for giving it a go! The blend of 3D and 2D is something that can be difficult to get right (and what is "right" really depends on the game itself). For our game, we put a lot of effort making the two work well together and we would like to think that it ended up working out really well!

Thanks for playing! The demo is just a portion of what the full game will offer, we still have a few things up our sleeves we are saving for the full release ;)

Thanks! We have put a lot of effort into the character designs as well as how they are introduced to maximize the tension/atmosphere/creepiness!

Thanks for giving it a run!

One of the key aspects of the game is a focus on atmosphere and tension. We try not to intentionally include jump scares although through the very nature of the game jump scares can occur but ideally they should only happen after we have either built up to them or as a natural consequence of gameplay! Story in the demo is fairly limited as we instead wanted to give a taste of the overall story while also delivering on a complete narrative (that of the Apartment)! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! We are still looking into the technical issues you were having (we are a small team and do this on the side so progress can be slow at times) but hopefully we resolve it soon!