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Videos and Feedback!

A topic by CoalFire created Sep 11, 2018 Views: 81 Replies: 2
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So this was one of the few 2d horror games that really managed to grab my attention and for that reason alone, I'm impressed. The storytelling is gripping and curiosity inducing, the moment to moment gameplay is tense and it all just wraps up into a nice horrifying package. There were some strange technical issues where in one room, the Safe Room, the game started hogging literally all of my GPU resources, definitely something worth looking into. Looking forward to more!

Pt 2!There really is a whole lot of game here! Some parts were pretty unclear and I ended up figuring them out by what felt like chance, but overall still damn good! (Also screwed up the audio, sorry bout that...)


Thanks for playing! We are still looking into the technical issues you were having (we are a small team and do this on the side so progress can be slow at times) but hopefully we resolve it soon!