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It's a good looking game and it gets it's point across but it isn't all that fun. Maybe it isn't meant to be but with all the visual distortion, high enemy rate of fire and seemingly pinpoint accuracy they have at extreme distances it makes for a more frustrating experience than a meaningful one.  Most times I was dead before I could find who was shooting me and the time I did kill someone I was dead before I could finish reading the blurb.

So happy to get back into this dark and cold creation of yours! While I have no clue how far I made it in these first thirty minutes, I will be doing a full series on it! I assume you can only save if you have a reel in your inventory? So far all the changes are big improvements from the first, the graphics are a lot cleaner, the area is bigger and one hell of a lot more oppressive, the monster is right there from the start and it seems lie you took a few hints from Resident Evil 7 or other games int he same vein. Really looking forward to diving even deeper and freezing my ass off

Ahh, gotcha!

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We had so much fun with this! The art is gorgeous, the action is super heavy and satisfying, just all around great! Really looking forward to the full release!

Downloaded to try it out, not a single button on my keyboard or mouse does anything in game. What am I missing?

Heya! OBS is what's freezing up for me, I seem to have some issues getting it to run with any unreal engine game.  But I am trying run Adobe Character Animator as well, as that's what I use for a facecam, as soon as any Unreal Engine window is up all my other applications start running at about 5 seconds per frame. I don't think it's anything on your end.

This is a lot of fun! I love TD games and the light mechanic is an awesome twist! Trying to do a video on it but when the game window is selected it freeze frames all of my recording software... The recording still runs and captures all the audio, but all the video is frozen. Tried alt-enter for windowed mode but it still did the same. :/

So great to get back into this world of yours! I wanted to get in and check out the new sections and I absolutely loved them! It seems like the Wild West sections have more emphasis on the platforming while the Aztec have more in the way of longer puzzles! I did have some issues in running it well on anything higher than medium, but it's alright as this is still in development! Always looking forward to more!

Just a fantastic game all around. Beautiful visuals, mechanics, music, everything. Well done.

You wanted more, I wanted more, I think everyone wanted more! So here is more! Seriously though, I absolutely love this game! Looking forward to all that is to come of this glorious creation of yours!

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Not sure if there was something I missed but I really liked the atmosphere, pixel graphics and sound design. Super oppressive and eerie! Also not sure if there is a win state, if so I wasn't able to get there! Was this entered on gamejolt for Asylum Jam? I've been covering the jam and didn't see it come up!

I went into this not realizing this was a demo and for that I was a little hard on it. The game is gorgeous, the home feels very lived in and the voice acting is fantastic, though it was difficult for me to tell the difference between Karen and Lisa. The newspapers and other collectibles did a lot to sell the period and the music was fantastic, though I did have to splice one out for copyright issues. I was not aware going in that this also covered mental health and was pleasantly surprised to see that covered as well. My only real criticism is that the dark sections are far more frustrating than they are impactful. I hope in later versions you can find a way to convey what it is you're going for without resorting to pitch black rooms. For reference, I was running everything on medium and textures on high due to very low framerates when running everything on high. I hope you find some use of the feedback and I apologize for coming across so negatively at the end of the video.

Holy hell this is a lot of fun! It feels so fast and heavy, and o I love the body swapping mechanic. The visuals and the music kick ass too! Just an all around fun game. Looking forward to more!

The art style and the music are both awesome, the character and enemy design are adorable and the sense of existential dread is somehow always present. The gameplay itself feels a bit bland though, I would love to see either a tighter focus on the platforming in both fluidity and challenge or more depth to the dual platforming/combat combo. It's all functional, but just not all that satisfying in its current state. I'll keep an eye out for updates!

It's every bit as beautiful as I thought it would be. The demo seems a bit un-optimized  right now and has some framerate issues that might be causing a few other problems. The visuals are stunning, the music is both haunting and lively and I love all the environmental design and enemy models/animations. I'd love to revisit this once it plays a little more fluidly. Rest of my thoughts are at the end of the video!

Really loved playing this! The aesthetic, music and gameplay are all wonderful and the mandatory multiplayer works well even if it a bit restrictive to the audience. We did two episodes on it so look out for the second in two days or so!

Seems like it still needs a bit of polish, but this is a solid foundation! Had a lot of fun playing it!

Just a heads up that your download link doesn't work. I think you either need to directly access the file from the download button or provide the link in a different location. I was able to inspect the element and copy and past the link to the drive file, but I doubt most will try that.

Pretty awesome game you have here! The mechanics are really solid and the gameplay is fun, if not a little slow. The voxel art is pretty most of the time but the halls get a little repetitive. Plus thumping electronic music the whole time!

This absolutely floored me. I had been following it for a while and was really excited to play but I had no clue what to expect. I get that this probably isn't for everyone but the combination of gorgeous dynamic pixel art (3d models with a pixelation mask maybe?) with the interaction of the awesome player influenced music with said environment made for an awesome fifteen minute walk.

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So the art is really gorgeous and the music is strangely relaxing but I find the gameplay to be a little lacking in general. It seems like a ton of effort has gone into the game in total but the game aspect of it has been kind of overlooked. It is a functional platofrmer but in the most basic sense, the combat feels limp, the movement is average and the power-ups are the same. The randomly generated levels are a nice touch but it's icing on an unsatisfying cake. I'll definitely keep up with the development to see what changes come about!

I'm glad my views weren't unfounded then! It's still a really interesting game and I'm glad I got to do a video on it!

Overall I thought this was pretty damn cool! The fixed cam was a little off putting at the beginning but I got used to it pretty quickly, plus the visuals and music are awesome! I didn't really enjoy the portal section though since it seems to punish the player for exploring in a puzzle game, felt a bit off.

Overall I enjoyed this, the music was awesome and the art is beautiful! The platforming sections are pretty good with fast and fluid movement that feels satisfying. But in a few of the motorbike section and rocket sections the projectiles coming from offscreen feel cheap and unfair because of either the momentum and time to redirect in the rocket or the jump arc of the bike. Due to speed of respawn it becomes less of an issue, but I think it needs some tweaks as now it feels as if it's more about luck and repetition. Unless there is a mechanic I missed, which is always a real possibility, it seems to be a contradiction to the advertisement of "A challenging game with no unfair difficulty"

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My bad, didn't think about that!

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I'm not entirely sure if there is a way to beat it, and if so it is beyond me. That being said, it fits into the type of game this is. The Visuals are tight and clean, atmosphere is chilling and unsettling, and the gameplay is enough to make it feel like you're making progress even if you don't know what you're doing. I quite enjoyed it!

Fantastic, short, refined and focused with a somewhat predictable but still enjoyable twist. I've nothing but praise for this, it has interesting graphics, just enough gameplay to keep you involved, and sound design is on point. Fantastic work here.

Had a lot of fun with this! Loved how the inverse SuperHot mechanics led to a much more hectic type of strategy shooter. Well done!

Round two! Not entirely sure what all is going on, but hopefully more will be revealed soon!

Already recorded my second episode on it! Depending on how well the series does episode by episode I may end up doing a full playthrough!

I made an earlier video of the singleplayer and absolutely loved the speed and precision in this, had to do a follow up with some custom mech and a friend! (Audio is on the poor end since my mic isn't meant for two people)

I had no idea what to expect going in, but I can see how someone could lose themselves to this for for dozens of hours. It's a bit bare bones right now, but this is the framework for something really interesting! Fantastic work devs!

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Well... With the inaccessible options menu and lack of QWERTY support this felt like an awesome game was thrown into a blender with wonky physics, unresponsive controls and garnished with poor framerate. Alas, here is my attempt to traverse, via a key-bound controller, this otherwise gorgeous and creepy station.

I sincerely hope this gets an update and patch to fix these issues, this looks like it could be a really amazing indie game. Made even more impressive by the fact it was only made by three people.

Pop up blockers can prevent external links for games on itch from being accessed, might want to tell people to allow pop ups on this page! Hope that helps a bit!

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Seems like the game was designed for an AZERTY keyboard instead of QWERTY

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Home screen options menu is inaccessible, I understand this was made with a azerty keyboard in mind but a swappable control scheme would be awesome. As I can't access the options menu in game I can't change the graphics options and it runs at about 10 fps. Hoping to get an update as I'd love to do a video or two on this!

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This has blown me away so far.  The art is gorgeous, the sound design is haunting, the gameplay is smooth and rewarding.  I'm surprised and a little disappointed that I hadn't heard of this until now! 

Back again for some two player madness! 

We really enjoyed this! For a 40 hour game it's pretty impressive, fast and tense gameplay, a solid and unique premise, overall just great work!