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I've never felt so accomplished for crossing a finish line!

Dude, I just finished the second episode and I'm downright impressed by this game. Was this a solo development?

Everything looks good! They really add a lot of nuance to the narrative that I missed in my first episode. I'll add them back in in my next one!

Awesome! I was just sitting down for some recording, perfect timing! I'll give it a once over real quick and let you know that it's good on this end!

No worries at all, I'm always impressed that anyone can turn around, find the issue and fix it. I sometimes have a hard time with WASD, space and a mouse.

Beautiful visuals, oppressive atmosphere and kick ass sound design make this a quick little horror puzzler worth playing

Heya, I hate to be a bother but many, if not most, of the journals and notes are still unreadable. The one that appears to be progression breaking (though that is speculation on my end as there may be another way to progress) is in the area after the sled on the floating platforms near the beach. I've played the updated version and it seems to be identical to the earlier one in which ones can and can't be read.  I don't know if you watched my video on it, but it does show each note and journal and whether they can be read up to that point. I have really enjoyed the game so far and hope to see it to completion. Looking forward to an update :)

for the next episode I'll be sure to run back through the earlier sections to grab those journals!

Heya, I've updated all my drivers, installed the included software and the application won't open. Double click, hourglass, nothing. Any ideas? I'm excited to try this out.

Doing a short series on this now. I've gotta say, I went in not expecting much. But was pleasantly surprised. All of the environments are unique and beautiful, the music choices are gorgeous and really sell the atmosphere and there is an amazing sense of both adventure and dread throughout the world. The story is minimal, but there is enough there to keep you intrigued and invested.

I did have a few issues mechanically though, some of the journals weren't readable and seemingly hindered my progression on the tropical area. Looking forward to finishing this awesome experience you've crafted.

that'd be awesome! I'm glad you're open to feedback I always worry I'll piss someone off. It's a really beautiful game, I look forward to seeing your work in the future!

Again, I think this game is the foundation for something great! just needs some tweaking ^_^

Really love the aesthetic! but my 4k monitor screws with everything. the main menu blacks out 3/4ths of the monitor and only appears in the top left corner, the levels load in fullscreen but the fade in and out mask on level load and death only covers the top left corner, a windowed mode might be a huge help. I'm not sure if there is a cooldown time on firing but no weapon other than the gas fired more than once for me (maybe I just died too quickly). No complaints here, just letting you know what happened on my end, game looks awesome!

I noticed in my video editing that there was a siren that went off before she fired, I think it was hard to hear over the music in the moment

best. review. ever.

Unless I've completely missed something I don't think this could be called a game as much as a tech showcase. The environment is beautiful and creepy, and the atmosphere made me think something was going to happen the  whole time, but nothing did. searched every room, took pictures of everything, pressed every button possible and nothing happened.

Art style is beautiful, music is awesome, character, level and enemy designs are cool, and weapons are fun. But the game doesn't really feel fair, it's fun in sections where you cant fall off anything and the attacks feel avoidable but extended fall-to-death sections where you have to replay the full level to get back and enemy attacks that fill the play area with little to no warning makes the game frustrating. Giving better restart points and or doing away with the lives system as well as adding better indicators to certain attacks (first boss, machine gun spray) would go a long way from making this an okay game to an amazing game. Overall it is a start to an fantastic action platformer! Video tomorrow.

This is a fantastic little physics based adventure! I love the momentum, the character
sprites and all the different challenges the characters have. Also Thumper for life!!

This is awesome! I really love that you've turned a shooter into a puzzle! It forced me to slow down and take my time, yet in a very hectic and focused way. Well done! (Seeing the screenshots make me think there was something weird about my footage, incomplete boundary boxes)

Overall I was quite impressed. The mechanics, environment, conveyance, atmosphere and puzzles were fantastic. The animations were okay but the voices seemed like everyone was trying too hard. Definitely worth a play! More in depth constructive criticism at around 27:00 in the video!

I was floored by the demo, the amount of concentration it takes to stay alive is brutal but engaging. The art style is awesome, the combat is well paced and tense, and the reload mechanic is awesome. The only thing I think it needs is a little more ambient sound when not in combat to make the world feel a little more active.

I really enjoyed this, if enjoyed is the right word... It's creepy and opressive as all hell, you've nailed the atmosphere perfectly.

I really loved the art style and music, it's a gorgeous game with a unique look. I think the combat needs a bit of refinement but it's a damn good demo.

Fantastic little game you have here! It's hectic, fast and fun! There were a few little graphical issues when the camera clipped through the environment and a few framerate drops, but that might have been my recording software.

Not a bad little shooter but why rip the song "BFG Division" right out of Doom?

Just wow. It's fast, action packed and it looks damn good. Looking forward to the full game! 

Again, really loved this. Fast, frantic and fun, even if bandicam lowered the framerate to the point of permanent slow-mo.

Beautiful lowpoly style, awesome atmosphere and just a dash of exposition. Pretty damn good, just wish there was more of it!

This game does so much with so little! I'm really impressed that you could make such an effective horror experience with what is essentially only audio! 

I really enjoyed this demo! It captures a lot of the feel and nostalgia of old school 3d platformers while still having a unique identity of its own. 

I had wanted to play this on my channel for a while and finally got a request for it! It's as much fun as I thought it would be! (And a bit harder)

I really enjoyed this concept. Don't think I've ever played anything like it, it's beautiful, strange, engaging and thought provoking. A great idea and a fun experience!

A lot of nostalgia packed into a fun and adorable little puzzle platfomer. I really liked it! The music was super upbeat, the characters were cute, the story was a little goofy and the dungeons were just the right amount of challenging! Great work!

Seriously couldn't stop giggling to myself with how satisfying the combat is!

we are all our own biggest critic, it took me a long time to actually start making videos for the same reasons. I hope that my playthrough sheds enough of an outside perspective for you to see the game beyond your own. 

Video out tomorrow at 11am Central. The summary, it's fun as all hell but it doesn't have a lot of staying power. If there were some way to progress, earn better parts etc. I can see this being a mini masterpiece. Full thoughts and criticisms in the video. Music would be nice too but this is a fantastic foundation for a great game.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, sound design and visuals. I'm sure if I missed anything, but the ending left me wondering what was really going on here...

Bummer that this is two player only, looks interesting but I can't even try it without a second controller.

I really like the aesthetic of the game, a sort of dirty retro, but the visual effect, blur, noise and bloom, makes the construction menu impossible to read on high res screens, I can only tell there are boxes with text in them. I can't speak for other window sizes though.  I've added a screenshot for reference. Hoping to get the full experience!


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here it is! Again, really well done ^_^