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Not bad! I like the idea behind it but I don't think it goes far enough. Going there might be a post jam version with a little better feel and some expanded evolution options!

So, the game is a lot of fun when you're actually playing it, but there is so much down time with nothing to do it's like 1/3 fun sim game and 2/3 screen saver. The farming game is really great, the art style and music are fantastic and the wiring is both funny and educational. But I literally went and played another game while this ran in the background because there was so little to do after a certain point. If that gets patched up, this could be great, but as it is now, there's too much time with nothing to do.

Taking a look at the updated alpha! You really patched up a lot of the issues I saw last time! most of my suggestions this time around are a lot less severe and more a matter of personal taste, so take them however you want!

Not bad! I think it suffers a little from the lack of context and the pacing, but the art, animations and sound design are all spot on! Detailed feedback at the end of the vid!

Round two! I went from feeling as if I might have been a little under-powered to a god among mortals in the span of about ten minutes. Threw in some fun voices as well! Hope you find the feedback useful! :)

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There isn't a lot in terms of gameplay, as far as I could tell at least, but the game really makes up for it in focusing on the environment, atmosphere and sound design. Found footage is easily my favorite subgenre of horror and you did a fantastic job of capturing that! I'd love to see a sequel to this!

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While there isn't a lot of gameplay to talk about, this was one of the most interesting experiences I have had in a long time. The concept took a little bit of time to wrap my head around and the interfaces are a little underwhelming, but there is something so inherently satisfying about watching your AI grow into something moderately competent. I don't know much about neural networks, genetic algorithms or machine learning (I'm a microbiologist by trade) but I really felt like I learned something today! Thank you for this gem.

Really solid stuff you've got here! The art direction is awesome, the action works pretty well and the events of the dungeon always keep you on your toes! While it does feel a little lacking in mechanical depth for solo play, I'm sure it really shines in co-op!

I really like a lot of what's goin on here but something doesn't feel right and I suspect it has to do with the  movement and perception of depth, full details at the end of the vid!

Pretty solid start here! The giant hands are awesome and satisfying to use and the controls feel just about right, the delay after a slam adds some decision making and the difficulty progression works up nicely. Some issues I saw though, its way too easy to cheese the energy pillar by placing both hand over it and alternating slams. nobody can touch it and you could probably run that for hours with no issue. I think some way to prevent or incentivize this play style would go a long way. Lastly, is its really disappointing that the awesome shock wave doesn't do anything. It would be awesome if there was a stun effect for any enemy caught in the wave.  Now I'm just improvising, but maybe give the player a choice between a shock wave punch and an open hand slap that's a little faster or covers a larger area but doesn't cause the shock wave, it would add a little more depth on the player's end. Overall, really enjoyable but not a ton of replay value.

Press the download button on the game's page.

Plenty, just found the combat really strange.

Who ever thought poo could be so cute? This is pretty damn hard though, no joke on that front. I think most of it has to do with the fact that the swim height isn't very high and it can be hard to get back off the ground. Still fun though!

Pt 2!There really is a whole lot of game here! Some parts were pretty unclear and I ended up figuring them out by what felt like chance, but overall still damn good! (Also screwed up the audio, sorry bout that...)

So I went ahead and played both games and while neither was good, each had stronger parts. The second definitely had better art assets and environmental design but the first was a better shooter due to the gun selection and more plentiful ammo. However, neither did a good job of incentivizing combat and the sound design was pretty bad. In each game there ended up being an effect that played literally the whole time and damn was it annoying. If these are your first attempts in making games, they're solid starts, but I'd highly suggest learning a different engine.

IMMURE community · Created a new topic Videos and Feedback!

So this was one of the few 2d horror games that really managed to grab my attention and for that reason alone, I'm impressed. The storytelling is gripping and curiosity inducing, the moment to moment gameplay is tense and it all just wraps up into a nice horrifying package. There were some strange technical issues where in one room, the Safe Room, the game started hogging literally all of my GPU resources, definitely something worth looking into. Looking forward to more!

I just hope you found the feedback useful!

So the art style and sound design are gorgeous and haunting but the gameplay itself is clumsy at best and downright frustrating at worst. The amount of time between attempts is far too long do to the drawn out sting on death, having to repeatedly look at whatever objects are a the beginning of the room and the general slow pace of the game. Adding on top of all that, there is far too much trial and error gameplay and the instant death with a long wait to retry plays into how frustrating that becomes. It seems like there is an interesting story here and, again, that art and sound are fantastic, but there's a lot of little things that make the game tedious that are holding it all back. 

Had to check out the update! The atmosphere is still amazing and I love this super low-res pixel art but I still felt there were some issues holding the whole thing back. You have to investigate every. single. object. This gets really tedious really quickly and kills curiosity because you're checking everything not because you want to, but because you have to. Second is that it can be hard to tell what's what in certian areas due to a lack of contrast between wall, floor and door. Some areas are really well designed and are easy to navigate, but others not so much. Lastly is the combat, it's still far too clunky for its own good. By the end of the video I felt like I needed to go back to an area with enemies in it but had no desire to do so due to how slow, unresponsive and inaccurate the combat is. Detailed feedback at the end of the video. I know I was hard on it, but only because I can see this being awesome!

Not bad at all! The twin stick mechanics were really solid and the story was interesting enough, but the whole AI-coop idea feels a little lost on me. It starts out so aggressively that you can literally do nothing and still progress and by the end you're dragging him along like an escort mission. It makes sense from a story standpoint, but detracts more than it adds in a gameplay sense. You've got some awesome mechanics on display, but they all feel like they're bowing to the story. Overall, not bad!

So I really love the art style, sound design and the intro cinematic, but after that I really feel like I was thrown into the deep end of chasm of confusion. I don't think the tutorial takes enough time to really help the player understand what is going on or how to handle themselves when they move on from it and because of that I felt as if I was being punished for not understanding, as opposed to my mistakes. I don't feel like I represented the game, as it's supposed to be played, very well, but I also don't feel like the game taught me how play it at a basic level.

This is a really innovative little adventure! It's not perfect by any means, as there's a lot of constraints and somewhat arbitrary progression, but it's a solid start! Detailed feed back at the end of the vid!

Same here

While I couldn't figure out how to finish the game, this was able to evoke some really powerful stuff with me. The gorgeous art direction, great music, interesting world and freeing mechanics managed to create a really well rounded experience while not being all that difficult.  I would love to know what or if there is a real ending and if so, how to go about it, because I want to see how it ends but I just couldn't figure it out!

This was just a joy to play. It's so nice to see a game that's as fun to move around in as it is to explore! There were a few hiccups here and there when it came to learning the controls and mechanics, but after that it was just fun! I'd love to know more aobut his world though! What happened to the town, where is everyone, what are the fish and what am I? Hope to see more from you all in the future!

This was pretty impressive! The mechanics and tutorials felt really natural and the puzzles had a fantastic progression to them! The story was interesting, but not perfectly integrated, and the music and art were gorgeous! Save for a few iffy animations, mostly due the speed of them, this was just downright awesome! More detailed thoughts at the end of the vid, great work!

I really love the idea but something just feels a little off about it. Maybe the energy system and maybe the aim. It was definitely weird learning how to play, but it felt okay after a few tries. Mostly that I couldn't hit a damn thing, so that might just be on me...

Easily one of my favorites of the jam so far. It feels freaky at first, but as soon as you feel like you're getting the hang of it, everything changes! It does a great job of keeping the gameplay fresh through the runtime, but I might have hit a bug at the end. Really solid work!

I feel like I completely missed something, the idea is a solid one but, as far as I got, it goes literally nowhere. and being able to re-ask the questions seems to defeat the purpose. I think I just didn't get it.

This was a lot more fun than I was expecting it to be! Wile the camera is a real issue, it didn't take long to learn the systems and it was pretty satisfying clearing an area!

Awesome idea, but I had a little trouble understanding which hallway our friend would go through. Really solid entry though!

A lot faster and more hectic than I thought it'd be, but damn is it fun!

So I really love the art and level design, but there's just not a whole lot of gameplay. I wish there was more agency on the players end and that it didn't take so long to get around. It feels like a really solid foundation to a great game that just doen't have all its mechanics yet.

While it's not very polished or balanced and is more than a bit buggy, it's still pretty damn funny and gets everything across that it's trying to! one of my favorites so far!

I took me way too long to figure out that the last castle needed to die. A health bar would have gone a long way, as I thought I was just waiting for all my units to leave the map. It's an interesting concept and is interesting once you learn all the mechanics, but I only figured everything out as soon as the game was over.

I really like the idea behind all this, but there's too little added to make up for what missing. The art is gorgeous and the movement is interesting, but when it comes to moving through small and precise areas with a one hit kill, it feels a lot more based on luck than anything. I think a lot of it has to do with how cluttered the screen can get and how much movement there is at any one time. It all has some serious potential, but as it is it just feels like there's too much luck involved.

The concept is almost there! Right now the most survivable playstyle, like ZipCreator said, is to run around the outside. There isn't a lot of incentive to stic in the middle of all of them and the movement doesn't quite allow for enough reaction time to always dodge bullets reliably, not bad at all though!

While it definitely fits the theme, I do wish it was a tiny bit less restrictive! Regardless, this was my favorite of the bunch so far! Really cute and hectic! Well done!

Pretty solid for a jam title and some damn unique mechanics, I don't know if they're all in benefit of the gameplay but certainly not like anything I've seen. You mentioned that I had missed some stuff, so to anyone going in: use the melee and the mines!