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(Disclaimer: I was pretty hard on the game, but I think here is a lot good here! Just some improvements to be made!)

Hey there! I got your email this morning and was pretty enthralled by the gifs and screenshots. However once I dug into it a little deeper it felt like there were some pretty jarring inconsistencies with the movement system between cutscene and combat. I wanted nothing more than to be able to jump throughout my playtime and the fact that the ships can fly when out of our control made it even more frustrating. The level continuity felt nonexistent, all of the sections were just platforms in a void, which lent to a minimal feeling of any kind of progression, and the fact that the boss fight uses a behind the back camera with some verticality to the aim, as opposed to the top-down twin-stick design of the rest is a little baffling. The art and music are amazing, and I'm only being so hard on this due to how awesome I think it could be, but in its current state it just feels a little too clunky, slow, disconnected and unfocused. 

As a sufferer of depression myself, it's pretty easy to see where this game is coming from. The minimalism, lack of real control and constant descent are very thematic and do a good  job of representing the feeling of falling into a depressive episode. However, near the end, many of the words ended up flashing by so quickly and nearly off-screen that I missed ms of them. Great work overall though!

Holy hell, this is quite a little gem! It's not often that I see a mechanic that is so versatile and fleshed out! I think the action is fantastic, but the boss fight could use a slightly more zoomed out camera and I think the art style would really benefit with just a little bit more contrast, vibrance and saturation. But overall, I was pretty much floored by the versatility of the right click. Well done!

So this is just damn good. I've always wanted a fast paced magic based first person shooter and you've delivered in spades! I had a couple minor quality of life criticisms at the end concerning audio design, attack tells and audio cues, but this is a damn fine demo!

Hey there! The game looks awesome and I'm excited to play, but I'd consider contacting the itch moderators and requesting some extra upload space on-site. External downloads can turn a lot of people away. Best of luck to you and your team! :)

Really solid stuff here! Most of the mechanics feel great and the level design is awesome! I wish there was a little more audio, better m/kb options and a controls tutorial, but overall, just solid fun!

Overall I really enjoyed my time with this! The thrill of finding and testing new items was a blast (literally) and the combat was pretty satisfying! However, the one thing I think the game needs more than anything else is either hyper armor (inability to be stunned) on attack animations and/or a short period of damage immunity after a damaging stun all of my deaths in game were because of an enemy stunning me and burning down my health bar with little to no chance to react, heal or retaliate. This made most of the deaths feel pretty cheap in an otherwise damn enjoyable experience! Really great work overall!

Thoroughly impressed by this! It reminds me a lot of the pedestrian, but with some added restrictions and challenges in how you're allowed to move the pieces around. On top of that, you managed to pull off a fantastic, unobtrusive, clear and concise tutorial which I really don't see that often. The progression of difficulty builds up really well and never leaves the player at an impasse. You're given everything you need from the start and it's all on the player to move forward from there. While some added sound design and a little more clarity or differentiation in the color scheme could add a bit to the somewhat monotonous art style, that is a very minor concern in how good I think this really is. My only real wish in what could be different would be that you could have the choice to always be zoomed out, control the platforming with WASD/Space and the tile movement with the arrow keys, seeing as the mouse is not used it could add a much smoother flow to the overall experience rather than the start and stop you get with the perspective swapping. Well done!

So, the game certainly has some interesting ideas, especially the keyhole attack mechanic, but in general I found the game pretty unwieldy. It felt like a twin stick game where you weren't allowed to use twin stick controls.

I really love the ideas behind this and the moment to moment gameplay is pretty damn intense and fun, but the game does lack a bit of communication on what the controls and goals are. Because of the I ended up feeling like I hadn't accomplished anything by the end, and was pretty unsure if there was an end.

Hope you find the feedback fair and useful :)

So, I went into this pretty blind but after taking a closer look at the screenshot here it seems like a lot of my criticisms are already in the works! That being said, for a game about movement, you've got a solid foundation but a lot of little things pile up to make it all a but unwieldy.  The sense of momentum is great but it can be hard to change your direction quickly, the air control is really minimal, or at least it feels that way, and the margin of error to attach to rails is really small for how quickly you're always moving. There's some solid stuff here and I'm looking forward to later builds!

So I can see there is a lot going on here, especially for a game made in such a short period, but there is so little communicated to the player that it's not only difficult to understand what you need to be doing, but how you even go about doing it. A simple control menu would have gone miles to improving the overall feel of the game and mitigated a lot for the frustrations I found from just being dropped in. It's impressive in it's scope for such a quickly made game, but the lack of any information on player control feels like a shot in the foot.

Of all the games I've seen from the jam so far, this one definitely has the best visual style of all of them. The inclusion of a short and sweet story was a nice addition too. I found the combat a little underwhelming, but the game was short enough that it never really became an issue. Nice job!

This is pretty awesome! While the melee seems pretty disincentivized due to the throw, it all feels pretty damn good! Clever interpretation of a shooter too!

While this does certainly have the feel of an early iteration of a project, holy hell does it seem to have a lot of potential packed in there! I have never seen such an awesome world warping mechanic like this and the current puzzles feel like an awesome tutorial to a much more complex game, that last level especially. Color me excited to see where this project goes!

So, overall, the game was okay. I feel like I'm being pretty harsh on it, but the core platforming mechanics weren't all that fluid or reliable. This made for a generally frustrating time making my way around the world. The art direction, level and sound design were fantastic and managed to make up for some of it, but the game feels like a lot of nice art assets and sound built around a somewhat dysfunctional platformer. Detailed feedback in the vid.

I'm in love with just how purely fun this is. The wirestrike ability is crazily overpowered, but it's just so satisfying. I did talk a bit about the issues that it ends up causing with the other abilities, but honestly it's all pretty minor. If games are meant to be fun, then this one is fantastic. Detailed feedback at the end of the vid!

While there are some minor hiccups that seem inherent to first person platformers, this was damn fun! The gradual increase in difficulty and addition, or rather informing, of mechanics was smooth and intuitive as well as the fact that the little bit of gunplay only facilitated more platforming mechanics.  My only real qualms are that there are some instances where the requirement of looking in a direction to dash made it really hard to land precisely, and that there seemed to be some hidden mechanics in the boost spheres that would dictate your speed and height. Really fantastic work here!

I really love the art, music and environment, but when it comes down to gameplay it just feels a little on the slow and clunky end. That may have been the goal , but it was enough to effect my overall impression of the game. Pretty solid though!

So I just wasn't sure what the game wanted from me. The atmosphere is pretty good up until the monster, but after that point it all gets a bit tedious. Compounding on that, I had to restart the whole game on every death due to a lack of cursor on the death screen. It might have been some bugs that I ran into, but crossing the door threshold while being chased never triggered anything except the subtitles and led to me being stuck outside with mr monster man puppy-guarding the door. Left feeling confused.

This game, a demo even, is one of the most impressive pieces of work I've played for a long time, and I don't say that lightly. You have manged to pull me into this world in such a short demo and I only want more. The amount of detail in the environment, the attention to news stories and fully voiced dialogue, all plays into the overwhelming sense of mystery and wonder amplified by all of the retro-futuristic technology and the short set pieces that remain fully interactive. The detail in the comic book aesthetic, down to word effects coming off of objects and the visual thought process of unlocking a safe are astounding, both assisting the player and adding to the visualization of the character's mindset. I understand that the original kickstarter was unsuccessful, and for that I'm sorry. But given this demo, I can only picture success once enough people know about it. I wish you, your team and this game the best. Please let me know if there is any way I can help. Voice acting, retweets, anything. This games needs to be a reality.

So, there's a lot of really cool stuff going on here but not all of it feels like it meshes together all that well. The pistol mechanics work just fine, but the fact that the aim is tied to the animation, which lags a bit behind input, can make it feel a little unresponsive. That and the movement system seems completely disconnected from firearm combat since the dodge and fire buttons are bound to the same input. The sword and shield were by far the best flowing of the combat mechanics, allowing switching between movement and combat pretty easily but I never got to test it out as all the enemies were dead by the time I got a hold of it. There's a lot of potential here, but I think a lot of it is going to hinge on the flow of combat. Detailed feedback in the vid!

Not bad! I really liked the idea that you had to get close enough to the enemies before they became both aggressive and vulnerable. But I wasn't quite sure what was up with either the hourglass or curse mechanics. Solid foundation though!

So the complete lack of information on the page i a little weird, but the screenshots are nice! I really love the look of this game, but it still feels like a work in progress (info for the page?). The game looks fantastic but the complete lack of sound design, slightly wonky mechanics and minimal feel to the game make it all feel just a bit off. I can really see this going somewhere awesome, it just doesn't feel finished yet.

So, I completely missed the fact that this is a jam title, and because of that I was a little hard on it. Overall, not a bad experience! The movement feels a little unwieldy but the action is pretty satisfying! Detailed feedback in the vid!

Nice work! The shooting was fun, the puzzle aspects were more in-depth than I was expecting and, due to the projectiles, the combat was a lot more interesting than a lot of other hitscan based side-shooters. Coins were pretty pointless though. Detailed feedback in the vid!


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I really love that this is the suggestion because it's the first thing I tried! :) Though I probably should have set the window size a lot smaller, just threw it into borderless windowed mode which probably hurt more than it helped.

Update: Managed to force it into a 1080p window but it completely broke the game making everything unresponsive. Nothing would respond to any input so I couldn't even get the game going.

Round two. Definitely seemed a bit more frustrating this time around, and a lot of that feels like its due to the lack of incentive to get into combat, lack of defensive options and some of the issues with the fluidity of platforming.

This looks amazing, but can we please get at least Unity's launcher options? It automatically defaults to screen resolution and, in trying to cover the demo for a video, I was getting about 0.77 frames per second. With no resolution or quality settings this might be hard to record for anyone without a 720p monitor. (I'm using 2 1080Ti SLI with a 4k monitor)

Pretty strong start! But there are quite a few little snags throughout. Understanding that this is still a WIP, I can't hold too much against it, but I've left a lot of feedback for later versions! Also, a little timeline at the bottom might be a less intrusive UI to replace what's currently there. Detailed feedback in the vid!

So, I didn't make it very far in honestly. There is so much thrown into your lap right at the very start that it can be hard getting a grip on what is going on and what is available to the player. Even though this is a demo, a tutorial would go a long way in easing that divide. That all being said, I had a ton of fun with what I did figure out. The combat is simple but hectic, the world is beautiful and I was always curious as to what was going to come from off screen. A really solid demo that just needs to inform the player a bit more! Detailed feedback at the end of the vid! Hope it's useful!

Not bad at all! The game's atmosphere is by far the strongest point, but somehow the somewhat repetitive level design plays into that. With so many similar hallways ad so few orienting landmarks, it really makes you feel lost even when in such a small space. I'm not too enthusiastic about the pitch black monster in a dark room, as my first encounter ended up killing me with no warning, and overall the experience would likely be improved with no monster at all. But it's hard to fault much of this as it is still impressive for a jam title. Only that the font was really hard to read. Detailed feedback at the end of the vid! Hope it's helpful!

Done! Thanks for getting back so quickly :)

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Concerning the EULA, do we have permission do make videos on this? 2.a makes it seem like we expressly cannot.

So, not bad at all, but not great either. The amount of detail in the environment and that most everything was intractable was pretty impressive, the voice over was pretty good too. However the demo doesn't really suggest that this will be a puzzle game in any sense of challenging a player, rather a room you can only escape after you've looked everywhere and found the answer. It's kind of a hard distinction to make, but I didn't feel like I solved or earned anything by the end of it. Just that I looked in the right places. Detailed feedback at the end of the vid, I hope it's useful!

Pretty kick-ass atmosphere you have here! There isn't a lot in terms of gameplay to talk about, besides the fact I really wish you could hold two objects at once, and the level design is pretty minimal. Though as this is a jam title, I can't really hold those things against the game. You absolutely nailed the horror and suspense that so many games strive for and it was refreshing to play an indie horror game that focused on that over jumpscares. Really well done, especially considering your time constraints! Detailed feedback at the end of the vid!

The game feels and sounds so much better than the last version! The extra parts are fantastic and the story bits do a lot to sell this little adventure! Fantastic work! Detailed feedback at the end of the vid, as always :)

The atmosphere is really solid, but many of the enemy mechanics are downright frustrating. It's extremely difficult to keep track of the enemies, and while three of the four are just a minor annoyance in your exploration, one resets all progress. So it ends up feeling more like luck than anything else if you get caught. I think some of this could be avoided if you had some sort of defense or a more reliable escape. But again, you really nailed the atmosphere!

Not a bad start! I screwed up by trying to play with a keyboard, a qwerty one no less, and messing up the game audio, but had a good time overall! ran into a few bugs, but I like the direction this is heading. I'll be back for a second episode as well! Detailed feedback at the end of the vid!