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This game is as awesome as it is ridiculous. The art style, voice over and music are all fantastic. My qualms come from the lack of tutorial for the keyboard controls and the instant sense of urgency in the game. It took me a while to figure out the KB controls, but once I did it flowed pretty well. I really think that's all the game needs, a practice area wouldn't be bad, but definitely not needed.

I really love the aesthetic of the game and the music is awesome. The platforming is really solid too, I just don't have enough patience to get through them. Great work!

I really love the idea behind this and it was satisfying to learn the mechanics without any explicit tutorial. While I understand it could be difficult to implement music due to the drumming of the gameplay, but the general lack of sound left it all feeling a little empty. Otherwise I had a great time! The puzzles were great, the visuals are fantastic and the idea is just plain funny. Great work!

So, luckily I noticed the first time I tried to record this that the game adjusts to the framerate of recording and ended up playing for about 15 minutes in slo-mo. But after checking back I re-recorded and had a lot better time with it! The music and retro feel are definitely the strongest points to me, as the game feels a little restrictive with the controls provided, the environments (the ones I saw at least) looked really samey, and the game really seems to like to hurt the player for entering rooms. But I think the lack of a save is what turned me off the most. Trying to off 7 bosses in 6 zones on 1 life sounds like a chore, but maybe I just missed something. Still, in going for retro, it's certainly that!

Cool stuff here! While the gameplay is a little lacking in terms of control, mostly aim, it's always really awesome to see devs dig into generally untouched cultures and religions for inspiration for their games. Not another Greek, Roman or Norse fanfic, but a genuine look at the traditions of another culture. So, great work on that front!

This looks awesome, but is there no way to play solo? All I could figure out was attempting to connect to an opponent or creating a local LAN game.

Really fantastic stuff you have here! The art is gorgeous, if not a little minimal for some backgrounds in the demo, and the game itself is a blast! The progression of the powers felt great as well, though I think I got them out of the intended order. Most of my feedback is less criticism and more minor quality of life and flow ideas. Like the number of damage frames on the heavy attack, the flow from movement to attacking and some small things improving the risk-reward of certain actions. Really solid start and beautiful trailer! Best of luck on your Kickstarter!

Cool stuff here! I really loved the level layout near the end and how it really made use of the grapple mechanic! But the combat and environments felt a little lacking. Definitely a good start though!

So I gave it a try, and I really love the concept! But damn is it easy to die. While I understand that this is a demo, and you mentioned in another comment that the final version will have a much easier difficulty curve, I still didn't feel like a lot of the deaths were my fault and I think that has a lot to do with the control. I love the idea of a one button game, but it almost seems like an artificial restriction that's hurting the overall feel, trying to attack but being forced to jump and run to do so makes some of the arenas feel extremely small and having three enemies in back-swing tailing you means if you stop for a moment to attack you get obliterated. Compounding that is the fact that you only have a limited number of playable characters, and I don't even want to know what happens when you run out. I think this concept could go a long way, but as the demo stands, I felt as if I were being punished for deaths that were unavoidable.

I can see your conundrum then. : /

Might be a better fit for a "let us know your thoughts" or "feedback" button in game or post-demo. That way you still get the data you want without it being so intrusive.

This is a really solid start! I loved how all the abilities interacted making the game about strategy more than anything else, but I don't know if they're enough to carry a whole game. Because of the lack of any enemies that sit anywhere between a stationary object and suicide bomber it ends up devolving into just waiting for your cooldowns so you can sleep the next group. Easily the most interesting part was dealing with the four lobbers at once but it made me wish that was the standard as opposed to the exception. The systems in place are solid, but I think they need to compliment something else as opposed to standing alone.

The questionnaire

Looks interesting but the forced popups turned me off immediately

Really awesome and clever stuff here! I haven't seen any other downgrade mechanics like this in recent memory and I love the idea! You keep getting weaker as the game gets harder. Not only that, but the game is gorgeous too. The style looks painted and I don't often see detail like that in a jam title. While I don't think it has a ton of replay value, I still had a blast with it! Great work!

Heeey! Glad to see this here!

Awesome stuff here! I don't usually see this kind of scale of jam titles, but it's really impressive! The magic combo system took me a few tries to learn, but once I got a hold of it, it was fun to experiment with. My only real issue is the way you take damage from the golem's jump attack. Felt like the only way to avoid it was to be far enough away from it, but sometimes I'd spawn right into it. Didn't always feel fair. But with some polish this could be even better than it already is! Great work!

Solid start! I really love the magic and the setting, but I think it would be awesome if there was some more verticality. Also ran into a strange inconsistency with the collectibles, sometimes is bounce off, sometimes I wouldn't, made for some unpredictable interactions.

Overall, a pretty solid start! Most of the pieces are here, but they feel a bit jumbled up. The art is gorgeous, but it doesn't quite feel like it all meshes with the 2d assets and the character models. The sound, music and voice acting are all great, but mixed a little weird. The music and effects were a little loud and the voice a little quiet. The story seems interesting, but I think far too much of it was relegated to the loading screens. Lastly, due to the vast majority of the story being told through text, I don't think there's enough in terms of gameplay or puzzles, while it's not necessarily a bad decision to tell the story via text, I think there needs to be some sort of gameplay loop to counterbalance it. Great start though! Just needs a little bit more polish!

So, the art, animation and music are superb, but the game severely lacks much else. I don't think you can really call the game "story rich" when everything that constitutes a story here is just the player being told to do something. There's so little context or information given out in the pretty large amount of dialogue present that I never felt as if I was understanding anything, but just being ordered around.  It really feels like the game just needs to slow down and take three deep breaths between each scene. The combat was frustrating too, and I don't think it was  because of the mechanics, but rather the lack of sound design and the arena in which it's used. Due to the visual design, the trees are extremely hard to track when you're focusing on the projectiles coming at you, so nearly every death (after the first two) felt cheap due to my inability to move past them. You have a really solid foundation here, it just needs a bit of post-jam love!

So, I raged pretty hard at this game. But I don't think it was because of something intentional. The jump animation requires that you wait a pretty lengthy amount of time before being able to do it again, and since this is a platformer, it completely kills any real sense of flow that you could have when moving through the game, especially the timed sections. Pair that with the fact that you are punished with a room restart from touching the gas, it just makes for a really frustrating time. The art and sound, while minimal, do a good job of creating an off-putting atmosphere though. I'd love to give this another go when the game's platforming is a bit better.

Solid start here but I think the gameplay still has a long way to go! For a prototype this does a great job of showcasing the awesome music and art though, definitely the games strongest point right now. I'm looking forward to seeing how the gameplay evolves from here!

Hey! So the visuals are amazing, and so is the sound design. But what I found frustrating about the demo is that there's nearly no instruction and no context as to what's happening, it leaves everything feeling a bit like it's just random things happening to the player character and because of that, nothing really feels as if it has consequence. Understanding that this is a demo, more of a technical showcase really, somewhat exempts it from that, but at the same time I don't really think it does a great job of communicating what the game is going to be. I'm looking forward to future updates, but as it stands I don't really know what is going on.

Simple, straightforward and fun! I think the games strongest points are its lighting and the music (copyright claimed and blocked in Aus & NZ for anyone else looking to do a vid), as the gameplay kinda slow and predictable, but it all balances pretty well to make a pretty relaxing and fun time. I did have some issues keeping it at a decent framerate, even on the lowest settings, but that's not a huge deal. Nice work!

I have a feeling the end of this was lost on me due to having not played the sequel, but the first two thirds of this was amazing. This is a fantastic example of an atmospheric game that allows the player to scare themselves. I was paranoid the entire time that something was going to happen and the tension just kept building! While the implications of the "lockdown lifted in 5 min" led me to literally wait for 5 min, up until that point it was superb!

Ah, understandable. I was wondering if it was an issue with the engine. What engine is is by the way? I'm not sure if I ever figured that out.

I meant more along the lines of a zipped standalone .exe with the related files instead of any kind of installer, zipped or not.

I noticed that you upload with installers, have you considered using zip files instead? I know I tend to avoid .exe installers for games on itch and gamejolt due to them often hiding malware. I've played your games in the past and trust you as a developer, but I think it might hurt the reception of the games on sites like this.

Awesome stuff here! There doesn't seem to be a lo going on in terms of mechanics, but the game sure does stretch what is there pretty far! The art style is fantastic too, it reminds me of Badlands. Really great work! There did seem to be some minor text errors, but I'm not entirely sure honestly.

Damn good stuff here! I went in expecting kind of a silly little hybrid game without much going on but was pretty surprised to find considerably more in depth mechanics and move to move decision making. This is an amazing example of experimental gaming right here and I'm really glad to have found it!

I really loved the role reversal here! The game manages to stay pretty tense across the whole run-time, but it's short enough that it doesn't wear out its welcome. Though, in trying to see what happens if you lose, I found the one apparent flaw. Still a good time nonetheless!

Hey there! Any news on an updated version? I'm excited to give it another try!

The art and sound are by far the strongest aspects of this for me. The story seems interesting, but I didn't get to see enough of it to make a real judgement on it. My major qualms are the fact that the text is so slow and the menu interactions seem inconsistent (some are Esc, hold E or an Y/N confirmation). But what really killed it for me was the investigation mechanics. In both the environmental and contextual scanning investigative modes I was unable to progress for seemingly missing one piece of evidence. I think being able to piece it together with a bit of missing information or some other way to track down the final piece could be really important in not halting the progression of the story due to the inability to press E on the final arbitrary item. This is an aspect I criticize of a lot of these types of games, so maybe it's just a design choice that I disagree with, but I think it could go a long way. Hope you find this useful :)

Powerful stuff you've made here. I went in expecting something a little dark because of the title, but I wasn't prepared for this. You did a fantastic job of communicating a short but strong story in a really concise, but meaningful, way. While the gameplay was minimal, it was everything it needed to be. Really well done.

Understanding that this an incomplete demo, most of my criticisms fall into the "unfinished but planned" category, a few missing textures, some sound design issues, nothing too bad in general. However, I did have to brute force the safe because I wasn't able to find any info on the second clue. And with the amount of detail in the environment at present, it could honestly do without the text exposition, the environmental storytelling does a fantastic job of communicating what's going on. Hope to see this in later stages of development! Great work so far!