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Hey there! Pretty good Start here with the mechanics and player customization! I did make a few suggestions to improve the overall feel and complexity of the game, hope you find it useful :) Best of luck on your Kickstarter!

And just a heads up, the background processes that are in this folder are extremely suspicious as well as the analytics dll. I'm not sure what you need them for, but I'd highly suggest removing them.

Fantastic demo! The pixel art is awesome, the enemy variety is impressive and the sound design hits hard! There was a huge difference in difficulty in the boss fight depending on what weapon I ended up, so I made some suggestions to mitigate that, but still, overall a damn solid demo!

This is the cutest mass murder I've ever been a part of.

The music and art are great and the concept is hilarious, but the brutality of the platforming is beyond evil. Starts out way too difficult and the given control just isn't enough to make it feel challenging, just frustrating. Especially since it requites pixel perfect movements and forces redos of infuriatingly long sections. I'd tone it down considerably and make it fun first, hard second.

This was a hell of a lot of fun and I see why it won an award for the degree of polish in the amount of time you had. Really well done!

So, first off I want to say that the game is downright gorgeous. The world design and art direction are top notch and make the world feel alive and unique. However, the gameplay drove me off very early on due to the way that player interaction met the world design. The maze was a rough starting point due to the fact that it's extremely difficult to tell what way you're supposed to be going due to the lack of reference points in the spherical play areas and second was the difficulty in determining what choices to make from the shortsightedness of the horizon being so close to the player. This ended up feeling like a walking sim based entirely on chance rather than a puzzle game, and the second world only reinforced all the same issues with its keyhunting. Again, I love the world you've created, I just don't think it meshes well with the gameplay provided.

Really brilliant storytelling right here, I loved the depth of the stories within stories! I had a few framerate issues in the larger area and the lack of resolution and window options was sorely missed, but it was a minor detraction to an otherwise wonderful experience!

Fantastic work! I wasn't able to access the last puzzle due to an invisible wall, but the rest were great! Everything in the game, save for the controls, was communicated with no text or dialogue, and managed to be thought provoking without being too difficult. Really great job!

Support for Vive and/or Rift?

So, I have to start off by saying that this is some really impressive mechanical and audio design. Since the whole game hinges on sound it was important that you nailed that, and you did! The echolocation was fantastic as well with the pulsating and breath mechanics. However, I found it extraordinarily difficult to figure out where I was supposed to be going and there wasn't any real sense of progression. Adding on top of that, there was very little respite for the tension the game is so amazing at building, because of this I became burnt out pretty quickly as there was never really a time set aside to calm down, collect yourself and enjoy the world. With a few tweaks the game could see some massive improvements in overall feel, communication and effectiveness, but as it is, it's still damn impressive!

Fantastic atmosphere, creepy visuals and great escalation of puzzle mechanics and complexity. Fantastic work!

Hey there! This was an absolute blast! I did end up kinda breaking it by figuring out that you could spam the slowmo key for basically permanent slowmo. My only real complaint about it is the timer in the middle of the enemies, but other than that this was superb!

Ah, missed that, my bad!

Hey GPHOBIA, if you remove the "&" from your links you can embed the video directly onto itch to show the thumbnail and let it play from your comment like this:

Hope that helps :)

Isn't this the survival shooter tutorial for Unity?

Great start! The combat mechanics are really satisfying ant the art style is awesome! The level design did start to get a bit repetitive even in the short demo and the lack of explanations on the pickups had me curious as to what they did, but this is still an awesome start!

I've contacted itch directly about the spam, I'll let you know what they say.

Not a bad start, you absolutely nailed the audio design! However, I don't think the game does a good enough job of communicating the player goal and the environment really lacks any decent points of reference or landmarks to figure out where you are. With a few changes this can be awesome, but is currently a little frustrating. Keep it up! 

You rock :)

The ragdoll is too damn funny. Kinda reminds me of Turbo Dismount

I completely understand that student deadlines can have a massive impact on the final product and I should have been a little more conscientious of that in my feedback :)

I definitely missed the "hardcore challenge" part of the description. This is pretty solid work for a solo student dev and there's a lot it does right! However, the constant mechanic switching paired with two sources of health damage, one constant and the other from enemies, led to a lot of frustration. I think if the two had not been linked, or there was a more reliable way to avoid damage, it would have felt a bit better. But still, great work overall!

Just an FYI, you can contact the itch mods for more space to upload if you need it. The mega link is asking me to download an extra app to get to the file which I'd rather not do.

Not a bad start, a lot of the mechanics are really solid, but it doesn't quite feel fleshed out yet. The lack of ambient audio kinda deadens the whole experience and a few of the puzzle and damage elements were a little difficult to figure out. Definitely a great foundation though!

Hello again! I got into the game and gave it a try, the core wave based section is pretty good, but I had to try it without having completed the tutorial. Either the skybox or the emissive materials on the gun is triggering Unreal's adaptive lighting and making the tutorial pitch black. I was only able to see the ammo counter and text a lot of the time I was in there. I'd suggest adding a ceiling and some lighting in there so that you can see what you're doing and learn the mechanics of the game :)

Solid start! A lot of the mechanics already in place are looking good, if not a little rough around the edges. And I have a feeling that rebindable controls will end up mitigating a few of the problems I felt I had with what's currently in place. However, I don't think it's a great idea to put the objective behind an enemy spawn point, especially when respawns are so quick. The one match my team won seemed like sheer luck rather than anything else. That all being said, this is in great shape for a prototype!

So, this demo absolutely blew me away. It managed to effectively communicate its goals, where to go and what to do simply through level and audio design, consistently rewarded player curiosity with challenges and progression all wrapped up nicely in a gorgeous and huge world. My only real criticisms at this point are that it can be a little difficult to determine if a jump is out of range, but my stubbornness won out on this point, and the indoor control swap was jarring and unintuitive. But both of those were minor issues in an otherwise astounding game that shines in its simplicity and seeming effortlessness. Amazing work, I cannot wait to see the later developments of this title. Even if I have no idea how to pronounce it.

Keep up the good work Killer, I just keep reporting the spam comments.

Hey there! The screenshots look awesome, but it looks like there's an issue with the download. Itch is saying the file size is 0 and attempting to extract it shows an error saying it's corrupt.

I just finished recording an episode on this, but I can't contain my enthusiasm. This is amazing and I have so many questions.

Not a bad demo! There were definitely some strong and weak points, but overall a pretty solid start. There were a few times where I felt as if I were completely at the liberty of the physics engine, frustratingly so, to the point where it didn't feel like it was a matter of skill or understanding, but just of luck. If those can be ironed out this might be really amazing! Keep up the good work!

There were definitely some highs and lows through my playtime, but overall I enjoyed it. Had a few problems understanding what the puzzles wanted from me and the first section, walking and taking, was probably the weakest. But it finished strong! Great practice, keep up the good work!

So, as a start, not great, not terrible. You're definitely on to something here, but there's a lot of little problems that stack up quickly. I managed to break the game in the first minute or so due to stacking ui elements, the voice lines are really difficult to understand even with subtitles and it was impossible for me to tell if interactions were not triggering or if it was just something I couldn't interact with. It feels like I was a bit harsh on the game, but I sincerely hope that the video and feedback are useful to you :)

Not a bad game considering the size of your team and the short time you had to assemble it! I ran into what looked like some bugs, weird load times and some optimization issues, but nothing that was game breaking. Great work!

This is a really great start! Not without some pretty major issues, but a solid foundation nonetheless. The visuals are fantastic, but the animations are a little clunky, the combat is satisfying, but lacks a good flow to them and the mechanics are solid, but the camera still needs a lot of work. As with Humanity Is Dead, the game shows quite a bit of promise, but I'm looking forward to seeing a more highly polished version. Great work so far!

This is a solid start and the idea of a fatal desync is really cool! I do think the game needs to work on its difficulty curve a bit, but being a prototype, it's a great foundation!

Ah, alright, I just wanted to check :) Great work on everything else!

Sure thing!