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I went in having only seen the screenshots and this pretty much blew me away. It's simple, focused, calming challenging and just genuinely beautiful. Plus the sense of progression you have throughout keeps things interesting the whole time. I did have a few criticisms regarding the camera and some minor audio and visual touches, but this is great work! (x-post from gamejolt)

I really want to like this game. 

The atmosphere, art, music and mechanics are really cool but the controls are pain awful. It's like they were designed for a single eight fingered left hand. 

With custom keybindings or the controls I suggested in the video, this could be amazing. But as it is, it's like trying to play piano in oven mitts.

I think the overall meaning is pretty clear, but I wasn't quite sure what the game wanted to be. (I don't usually read the blurbs) But I had a nice relaxing time and was afforded the opportunity to talk about something I love. 

While quite brief, this is a hell of a lot of fun! The dungeon crawler rhythm mash up works really well! But damn, I felt like I really had to focus to stay on beat! I'd love to see this with some gradually expanded mechanics and situations! Well done!

Beyond Darkness community · Created a new topic Qwerty?

Download is working and the game runs just fine! Really glad to see that. But there doesn't appear to be any rebinding options for QWERTY keyboards. Usually I'd just swap the layout via windows, but the use of more than wasd makes it really difficult for anyone not used to the AZERTY layout.

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Interesting stuff here! I like the concept of a mash-up between tower defense and a twin stick shooter! I gave quite a bit of feedback regarding the mechanics, layout and sound design, but it's all only based off playing the first level. Curious to see where this goes!

(Also got two copyright claims for the music for anyone else who might be making a video!)

This game looks fantastic for a jam title, the cloth physics and the voice acting are a nice touch, but the gameplay itself leaves a lot to be desired. I get that it's mostly a short story experience, but I spent way too much time just wandering around the small space looking for whatever made my reticle pop up so I could progress the experience. Overall, looks good, interesting story, but not all that fun to play.

I don't play a lot of games like this, but it felt like something along the lines of Darkest Dungeon. The voice acting and artwork are astounding and leave a solid first impression, but I don't think I've seen enough of the combat to have a real opinion on it. I had a damn good time playing the demo!

Round three! I feel like I made some real progress in this episode, mostly because of the increasing complexity of the puzzles. Two quick suggestions though, it seemed like some of the sewer buttons had false indicators as to whether they were involved with unlocking the door. Some differentiation between the two types would have curbed some frustration. Second is that atmospheric tension does need a payoff every once in a while or it starts to lose its potency. It doesn't need to be a jumpscare, but something small can go a long way to keeping that sense of dread. If the whole game builds and builds and builds but never climaxes with its scares, the player can start to realize this and just begin to disregard the tension. Still having a great time though!

Yeah! You go, FP!

Round two! I'm still pretty damn impressed by the ability of the atmosphere to create tension, I keep expecting a jumpscare, but nothing ever comes. The constantly building stress never has some payoff or resolution and it just gets better and better because of it! I was even a little worries that the funky VHS sections would end up being a bit of a waste of time, but that third one... shit. Really loving it so far and again, already ready for more! (I just cant take that much in one sitting)

If the intention of the combat is to force the player into using abilities, you've done that quite well! Maybe just adding an "F" keybinding for the last ability could add that tiny bit more of having all four abilities. I know I was quite harsh on a lot of the little mechanics and the overall game feel, but all of that comes from having no idea of what the developer intentions are. If the standard combat is meant just to be a way to keep enemies off you until your cooldowns are finished, it works pretty well. But having a short directional dash bound to space or something could have done a bit to mitigate that feeling of a lack of control.

I know most student projects don't get updated after release due to how busy students are, so no worries on that front. For students, most of my feedback is just so they have a rough idea of what an end user might think when playing so they can take that information forward into their next project.

First off, the artwork is downright beautiful. the high-res pixel art and how coloful and detailed it all is is just a feast for the eyes. There ended up being a lot more dialogue in the game than I was expecting, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it did eat up a sizable chunk of the playtime and there were a few translation errors, most of which looked like improper synonyms. But hey, I speak no French, so who am I to criticize your English? My only real complaint was that the combat was a little frustrating but it's hard to pin down just why. I think it had to do with the short attack range, the sheer number of enemies and the dash on the third swing of the combo. It never quite felt like I was completely in control of my character and like I got hit way more often than I should have. The abilities and health regen for kills made up a lot of ground in the overall feeling, but it still was a little more frustrating than fun. Overall, it's still impressive work and not bad by any means, just trying to give a little feedback :)

I'm not usually into these micromanagement sims, but this one managed to capture me. I think it was the mix of the cyberpunk aesthetic and the idea of it being only kids. I don't think I got a lot done in the demo, mainly because I was learning the ropes, but it seems like you've got a pretty solid set of systems here. I'm genuinely curious how the story will play out through the campaign.


So far, pretty damn solid. I feel like I haven't really gotten into the meat of the game yet, but you've already manged to sell the environment and setting. The short descriptions on most objects does a lot to fill in the detail in the world and make it feel more alive. The black and white aesthetic works pretty well, but I do worry it may become somewhat of a hindrance later on and some unobtrusive button prompts might help as well, a few time I've been halted simply for not knowing something was intractable. I am looking forward to more though! Thanks for reaching out!

This is a really interesting hybrid game! While the combat doesn't really feel like more than a glorified quicktimme event, it does a good job of changing up the pace and flow of the game. While I did have some dificulty in the second fight due to not realizing it was building directly off the first and the lack of visual indicators for the resource based abilities, it falt pretty good oncec I got the hang of it. The story seems interesting enough, but you've fallen into on of the most annoying story/gameplay conflicts in gaming, beating an enemy and losing in a cutscene. I haped about this a bit in the video and think the game would be vastly improved by the omission of that. Overall, a pretty solid showing for a hybrid genre game and something I don't usually play that much.

Pop up blockers can prevent the redirect to google drive, and drive has to zip them first. But the games don't work anyway. They seem to have been uploaded incorrectly.

Can't get this to run either. C'mon ArtFX, three games across two engines and not a single one will run, seemingly due to the way they were packed and uploaded. Don't you teach this stuff?

Thank you! I'm actually trying to put some of it all into practice right now with another indie dev. Originally joined as a voice for the game, but am now helping direct the game. Hopefully I can put my money where my mouth is and deliver something on par with all the criticisms I give! 

It took me a bit to figure out due to the camera rotation, but I enjoyed what I played of it! The isometric nature is much less of a problem with the camera and the art really works with it. Sure there still needs to be some more involved tutorials, but it's a solid start! Well done!

And last, but unfortunately least, Rhinaway. Personally, this is the worst of the bunch. Fat Elvis vs some Rhinos sounds like a goofy concept, but I found it strange that the rhinos were as fast or faster than the player making the platforming the only option. This ended up turning the whole game into a "The Floor Is Lava" situation where the only real choice is to stay off the ground or die a horny death.

I think this one was my overall favorite of the bunch. The contrast between the cooking and killing was hilarious and changed up the pace enough that it was really engaging. Only qualms are that you can't do a partial reload!

First off, the music is kickass! The visual style and art are a little underwhelming, but they communicate everything that they need to! I had two minor issues overall. First was that the boss kind of encouraged cheesing it, which I most definitely did, and that the ricochet itself seemed like a missed opportunity for the player to be stealthy. I talk about it quite a bit in the video.

Round two! A Quadruple feature this time! Of all four, this one felt like the closest to an outright rage game, and I think since it was the last one I touched on in the video I found it even more frustrating. The art and music are great, I just think it needs a checkpoint or two! (Maybe it has them and I just never reached them)

Ooooooh... I had no idea the camera was movable. Whoops.

I really like the idea behind this but I felt like I had to break the game a few times and restart before understanding what it wanted from me. The in game text is far too small and was impossible to read on the Rift, particularly on the note under the bread. It took me three restarts to figure out the little stick was a file, but once you're out of the cell it drops drastically in difficulty. The lever puzzle and finding all the lanterns was a breeze. Though I had no idea where to even start with the safe. I still don't know if it was based on audio clues on the dial, the underlined numbers in the environment or something else. Again, the text on the dial was unreadable in the Rift, I could only tell something was written there and they might have been numbers.

I really like the aesthetic and atmosphere, but I'm unsure of how I feel on the visual design. The isometric nature of the pillars makes discerning depth extremely difficult. I managed to get a few pillars stuck as well due to the fact that they can overlap with one another and the raise control is bound to the same input as move. Ended up not being able to pass the second puzzle.

Win 10 Pro, Asus X99, Intel i7 6800k, 32Gb RAM, 2 Nvidia 1080Ti, directx 12. Anything else you need? Didn't appear to be a crash log.

Both this and Beyond Darkness seem to be missing some files, I can't get either to run.

Both this and Lohaka seem to be missing some files, I can't get either to run.

Bioside community · Replied to IGAD in Videos!

Despite all the little issues, I still had a damn good time with it! Personally the two biggest issues were the incorrect tutorial order and the weapon wheel. I only noticed in editing that there were icons for the guns but the wheel itself never stayed vidible long enough for accurate selection. It did feel like I was fighting that system the whole time.

And these are exactly the kind of games I make videos for! I love seeing both indie and student projects at a lot of different stages of development. Theses so much more interesting stuff happening here than in big budget games.

Bioside community · Created a new topic Videos!

From what I can tell so far, the mechanics are really solid. The flight takes a second to get used to, but it feels natural pretty quickly. It was a little strange that the gun tutorial was after the first combat though. I also seem to have broken some stuff in the gun tutorial. Wasn't sure how to progress after that (or if there is progression after that. But if there is, let me know and I'll get back in there! Great work!

Worked perfectly!

I would suggest both direct uploads to itch.io and zipping the whole game before upload. Pop up blockers can prevent the google drive redirect and the unzipped files have to be zipped by drive before download, this is a really long process. Itch moderators can be contacted for additional upload space.

I would suggest both direct uploads to itch.io and zipping the whole game before upload. Pop up blockers can prevent the google drive redirect and the unzipped files have to be zipped by drive before download, this is a really long process. Itch moderators can be contacted for additional upload space.

Bioside community · Created a new topic VR Issues

Heya, game looks awesome, but I loaded it up into steamvr and launched. game ran just fine but neither the headset nor the controllers were tracked on screen. It seemed like I could guide myself with the direction of the right touch, but the lack of headset tracking made it extremely disorienting. I'd love to do a video on this, how else can I go about setup?

Seems like I'm getting a crash on launch. White window pops up and disappears, then nothing.

While the game was rather brief and wasn't much more than a walking simulator, you really nailed the atmosphere! I found the Philippine mythology pretty intriguing, as it's not something often seen in this medium, but I found the focus on the details of the protagonist a bit strange. Not because of who or what they were but because of how little their overall role in the game was. Most of what was going on was explained by text dumps and it almost felt like the protagonist's story was irrelevant to the game. Overall, I had a good time and enjoyed it. More feedback at the end of the video! 

You've absolutely nailed the art style and really managed to evoke some nostalgia for retro metroidvainias, more castlevania than anything else, but I see the inspiration from both. The upgrade and ability progression is fantastic and it really lent a sense of momentum to the demo. However, I did find the combat system somewhat stale due to the fixed angles and lack of air control, these might be personal preference, but I talk about it extensively at the end of the episode. The strangest thing to me was the music choice though. There were some instances where it was okay, but others where it didn't fit at all. Smooth jazz doesn't really fit in an undead filled cavern... But the whole package looks pretty promising! Well done!