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Rrally fantastic puzzler you have here. The portal/reality switching mechanic is solid, though can have a few issues when near other objects. And the different realities are all so distinct and have such a great feel. I didn't make it far enough to see the fifth one, so I can't speak to the late game, but opening up some of the areas would have been nice, always a bit claustrophobic. Great work overall!

Kein Problem! Mein Deutsch ist nicht fantastisch, aber ich weiß genug, um dich ein wenig zu verstehen

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auf Englisch  <3

This game is in development and is being further developed day by day. It's going to be a psychological horror game set on a blood planet. It's raining blood, the atmosphere is blood red, water ... is blood! Download it if you are interested! : D

This game is and will be completely free! In this beta, you can't do much. The game is still being worked on every day and will change very soon! :D

@ReallyCoalFire, coalfiregames@gmail, CoalFire#4052, any of them is fine

I played the first bit to get a feel for it and not spoil anything beyond launch, you've really managed to capture a sense of awe and anticipation. I honestly got butterflies in my stomach walking up. The environment is a little minimal at this point but I can see what you're going for and with time it'll be great. I'd love to talk with you about the game but cant seem to find any social media or other contact for you. Are all the characters voiced by the same person? I can't quite tell.


I think the most frustrating bit is how trying to slowly walk off an edge will often  send you flying. I understand that the way around it is to jump to inch your way over an edge, but in the beginning it just seems a bit counter-intuitive. I think it has to do with the acceleration, or lack thereof, of the character. Not sure if that's fully intentional or just a side effect of the movement system.

Well, I couldn't bring myself to keep trying the first level. It is hard, but I think I just don't understand the mechanics. But it was the game literally telling me "Fuck You" every time I died that made not want to keep going. To each their own I suppose.

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Not bad at all! I really like the geometry based puzzles and the voice acting is great. I ran into an issue where the voice would cut off and start the next piece of dialogue if you beat the room too quickly and the game does not capture your cursor. On a single monitor this likely wont be an issue but with my second monitor to the right of my primary I had to turn left exclusively to prevent clicking out of the game. Some of the lighting is a bit intense as well, mostly that large orange indoor lights. Pretty solid foundation!

Oh god, it's Sexy Hiking and Getting Over It but with rockets. Nice work for a 4 hour jam!

After a quick play, it would be nice if there was a bit more visual feedback when doing damage or some sort of indicator of enemy health, since you're working with a stream of water. There isn't a lot of weight behind the weapon, kinda feels like you're hunting a yeti with a hairdryer. There also doesn't seem to be a reliable way of avoiding damage, especially with the dog enemies. With so little health I felt like I had to stay out of range of my weapon to avoid getting hit.  And the music, the repeated chunky synth, starts to grate after a while, a little variety or a longer loop would be nice. Hope this doesn't come across poorly, just a bit of feedback from my brief time in the game.

Pretty kick ass movement system you've got here, I'm exited to see where this goes!

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Per request of a viewer I went back in and got all the endings as well as doing a quick replay of the whole game. It seems some of my earlier criticisms were unfounded and I'm happy to say that. Great work you two! (still think the jumpscares need some tweaking)

Overall I'm pretty impressed by this. I know it's still a demo and all that but there is a pretty huge amount of stats, attributes and the like from the start. I worry that it's going to replace some depth that may be possible with the combat mechanics but as a demo it stands up really well. I'd love to see some more directional attacks when it comes to combat so all of the depth isn't relegated to the menu screens. Other than that, a bit of story would be nice but this is all a really solid foundation!

I'm glad you found the feedback useful. Though when I say random I meant more along the lines of trial and error, is there any way to determine which eye plant grants the eye before you try? Otherwise it is a trial end error experience that punishes the player for trying. Unless you resort to save scumming then you're going to be forced to use a finite resource in order to counteract each failed guess until you guess correctly.

This is crazy fun, especially with a second player. Had no idea there was a friendly fire mechanic and it really added a lot to the goofiness. We missed a lot of the story but that didn't stop us from having a grand ol' time! Looking forward to later builds!

Overall I really love the art style, music and sound design. The puzzles are alright, though some do seem to rely a bit to heavily on random choice or chance. I'm curious to see end at least and see if there is anything to the story. The jumpscares, however, are some of the cheapest I've ever seen in a game. No build up, no context, no visual or environmental triggers. Just a face with a loud noise out of nowhere. Seeing the quality of the rest of the game, I'd expect better.

I just wish it wasn't so short! You really nailed the audio design and I liked the not-quite-voxel art style. Hoping to see more from you two!

Looks cool but the ability icons are directly from Overwatch's Genji's Dash and Reflect. Not sure if they belong to them or anything.

This was a pretty fun little experience! The music and art are beautiful and most of the puzzles strike a good balance between figuring out the solution and actually doing it. The timed sections work pretty well and it all manages to tug your heartstrings with little more than an arm wiggle at a window. Not a fan of the binky lasers though...

This looks awesome, but after downloading and running the installer exe I get three folders non of which seem to contain any further instructions nor the game itself. I have tried running the few exe files that the folders contain but the ones that do appear to be related to the game show the UDK/UE3 splash and proceed to hang my whole desktop forcing a restart. Am I missing something?

The final stretch. Sad to see it go so soon. Question to the composer, was there any inspiration from the Heavy Rain track Painful Memories? The song at the end really reminded me of it. Overall, great work! Can't wait to see where the full game goes!

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With a few refinements this is going to be an amazing game. Right now it's pretty damn fun, the premise is awesome and goofy, the music kicks ass and the visuals are cool, for the most part the controls are satisfying and the slow motion adds quite a bit to the weight of the attacks. Problems are the player has too little air control to reliably dodge any projectiles and the attacks sometimes fall victim to wonky collisions. If all that gets worked out I'll definitely be back for more, but right now quite a bit feels chance based. I know this is a demo but it shows a lot of potential, great work so far!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the video!

I really should have tried playing with a a gamepad, it might have mitigated a lot of the smaller issues with the camera and movement interactions.

The pacing of the game is great overall, it makes clear at the very beginning that it's going to be a slower paced experience. As for the crouching, maybe a single obstacle where the player is forced to crouch, maybe early in the cave, could have gone a long way to mitigating the frustrations of thee boat section.

With the boat, the slow rate is perfect for a single trip but not for anything more than that. There already exists a point on the path that could be used for a closer respawn, the rock outcropping that I attempted to jump off onto. It would allow the boat section to remain largely unchanged but remove a considerable part of the retread to the spotlight section.

As for my feedback in general, were there any parts I was flat out wrong or mistaken in? I have no formal training in any sort of game design or production and always worry that my criticisms are either unreasonable or unfounded.

I was wondering if the SOMA reference was intentional or coincidental ^_^

Save for the wee hangup on the boat, I was pretty impressed by this. The gameplay is minimal but it's more about exploring and figuring out the situation. The ambient music and lighting works perfectly with the large open areas and the ruins, plus the mix of ancient ad futuristic tech is always welcome. Thanks for replying to my older posts so the video didn't end horribly. <3

Besides a single late game hangup, this is astounding work for a jam title. The on-rails camera gives some truly amazing shots of the beautiful open levels, the lighting, fog and ambient soundtrack lend a lot of atmosphere and the strange mix of ancient and futuristic technology create a sense of mystery. I do wish the story was a bit more fleshed out but in it's current state allows for some rampant speculation. There are a few minor issues but most can be overlooked due to the time frame. Fantastic work!

I have re-recorded the end of the episode after realizing that I am a complete dumbass. Thank you for your response, it would have sucked to have a rant based off of me missing a simple mechanic unduly criticizing your game. I'll change my rating accordingly.

I did not... thought that I had pressed just about everything on keyboard and never saw a crouch animation

Heya, so I just finished recording a video for this and was really impressed at the beginning, aside from some instances getting caught on the rock geometry, but the boat section was one of the more frustrating experiences I've had in a game. I'll admit I was not all that kind in my criticisms at the end but wanted to ask what the correct way to go about it was. There didn't seem to be a place where one could reasonably hide from the second searchlight besides behind the far side of the cabin, but I was never able to get over there without falling off.

Round two! I'm loving digging further into this, the town is a lovely space and the scene up to the church on the hill was absolutely beautiful. Not to mention all the backstory we're starting to get on Anderson. Love it!

I am truly unsure of what it is I have stumbled upon here... But I like it.

Extremely impressed by this so far! The art style and music are just wonderful and the writing is really compelling. I was a little worried about what the game was going to be at first but it fell pretty quickly into a nice rhythm. I'm excited to see more already! 

Seems like this has a lot of cool stuff going for it. Love the visuals, the pixel art and monochrome fit really well together and the music is awesome! Only criticism I have is that the enemies have no telegraph so getting in close to do damage always felt like a gamble if I was going to get hit or not.

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It is commentary on mass shootings

I can try to do this in order to hide my next comment

Please feel free to watch the video, I'd rather not spoil it for anyone who has yet to play, and wishes to, and reads the comments.

In terms of gameplay there isn't a  lot going on here, but that's alright! It tells a fun little interactive story that really does manage to make you feel involved as the forest is reborn. The models are a little all over the place and the puzzle bits are all essentially a quick round of Simon says but the music is beautiful and there's just enough story to get you invested!

Oh I got it, just left it vague for anyone who either wants to play or watch the video.

So, considering the blurb on both this page and the title screen of the game I knew that this was going to cover something serious. But I didn't know it was going to be this serious. I like that it isn't completely in your face about it either, just a bit of commentary about the usual, and frankly absurd, reaction that is normally attributed to it. Clean, simple, well executed and it gets its point across. well done.