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Yeah, I had a feeling that there was at least one card would win each time but it seems like there is no effective way to determine which that is each time without already having the knowledge. So for a player with no experience of the card being played against it is essentially random chance until you learn all possible card combinations.

Amazing art, sound design, voice acting, dialogue and atmosphere, this was a really pleasant surprise! My only gripes are with the combat system feeling somewhat random or that the player doesn't have enough information to make an informed decision. Without that, though, this really is a work of art!

No worries! Looking forward to trying it out!

Every time. Running DirectX 12 in a PC with Win 10 Pro, 2 Radeon R9 295X2, i7-6700k, 32GB DDR4 RAM

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation
ShaderName: band_shd

D3DXCompile failed - result

at gml_Object_hud_obj_Draw_0

Well, Hell was about as welcoming as I had expected! Round four!!

There is nothing in the Build_Data folder, can't run the game.

Round three. It keeps getting better with no end in sight!

Point and click games aren't usually my style, but the art really caught my eye. Unfortunately a pc update changed my obs settings and I lost the audio, but I was able to restore most of it. Pretty relaxing overall, though I don't think the dialogue animations need to play twice. Made me want to it in a forest with pie and tea on a summer evening, so I'd say I liked it.

Nice music and visuals but the car handles like an air hockey puck and "health" is misspelled.

Looks cool and plays well, only complaint is that your on hand cash amount doesn't show up in the store menu.

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So, it looks really nice but damn is it slow. The animations and movement speed feel like they could be doubled. And I ran into an issue where the game wouldn't recognize that I had more ammo. My inventory was full of p80 magazines but the ammo counter read zero and I couldn't reload. Considering how jittery the enemy AI is it made fighting with only the given machete an insurmountable chore. Made it out of the spawn hangar before giving up with a huge swarm chewing on my bum with pockets full of unusable ammo. Looks like it's got some potential, so I'll keep an eye on it, but right now it feels like wading in frozen molasses.

Round two and I feel bloody, beaten and bruised. How anyone manages the higher difficulties, I don't know. But damn do I love this game!

Well, some good, some not so much. The art, atmosphere and sound design are pretty damn great and the level is generally easy to navigate after getting to know it. Most of my problems are with dead ends and the monster.  Once the lights are out it seems like the monster just makes a b line for you which wouldn't be an issue if there was some way to track it or if it wasn't faster than the player. In my few rounds I couldn't find a way to reliably get away from it which led to the game feeling more about repetition and chance than any sort of real player involvement or skill.

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I'll definitely check out the later versions!

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I have a hard time believing that this is going to PS4, even if it is just a demo. The game has a pretty awesome aesthetic and the music is pretty awesome, assuming you have the rights to it. But the game is all over the place. The controls are okay but the steering feels like it's either a leisurely drift to the next lane or a 720 flatspin into a 3 fatality rollover with no in between. The level design is all over the place, ranging from carefully crafted speedway to a 5 year old's hot wheels track. The jumps never feel good since you're either on a single trajectory or the game takes over and puts you back on track, they don't feel like obstacles as much as they do set pieces. The fact that there are bombs on some of them makes them even more frustrating unless you're some kind of savant who can perfectly calculate the travel time of the car and where each bomb is going to be when you get there. And it's far to easy to just miss one or take a bad angle so you drift off into space, not in a way that feels difficult, but rather unrefined. All this on top of the fact that the constant load/unload of each section completely kills the pace and momentum every 30-45 seconds. It looks cool, but that's about it.

Not sure if it was someone from this team, but a whole bunch of your games were just reposted. I know you are TanforGames, but I've seen a lot of this lately and wanted to be sure it was you.


You were right, this one feels a lot better. The dodge roll and double jump are a huge addition and it really feels like they led to some major improvements in the level design. I cant wait to play more!

I absolutely love the art style and atmosphere but, even understanding that it's unfinished, it's a little obscure for someone who's never played the inspiration. I'm looking forward to some updates though, definitely gonna be following this one. ^_^

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It's no secret that there is some malware here and there on the site, but recently I've come across some really tricky buggers. It would be awesome if there was a "Flag This As Malware" option that would allow others to both see the flag and confirm or deny that it is such. I know moderation can take some time to catch these things so some sort of community effort to crack down on it would be really amazing. Offering some sort of "exterminator" badge on an individuals profile after verified reports or flags could incentivize the process and false accusations could carry some punishment.

Or, we could just prevent comments from being disabled/deleted. Either one works.

I know that this system could be abused so any additional feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I am aware of the general reporting options, failed to make clear that this would be in addition to the ones already present.

This is a really solid foundation! I love the art style and atmosphere you've got going on. The pieces are all unique in both function and form and the rebindable controls feel awesome. I have some pretty detailed feedback in the video and I hop you find it useful!

Will do! Thanks for the quick response!

So the fullscreen is really buggy. It'll auto minimize over and over again. The game also managed to shut down my whole pc and was still running when I booted back up. Never seen anything like it...

So I really love the visual style but the fact that nearly every hit sends the other character flying and they bow to each other every time it makes for a really awkwardly paced fight. Spam attack, catch some air, land, bow, repeat.

I'm disappointed I didn't find this sooner! So much to love here! The art style is fantastic, the stamina and mana management seem really well balanced and the character abilities are fantastic! There are a few little niggles here and there, but nothing inexcusable for a pre-alpha demo. I'm really excited to follow the development and see where this goes! Definitely not my last jaunt in these dungeons.

Cute little adventure here! The platforming isn't great but the game is really carried by the story, art and clever progression. It's a little short but I enjoyed my time with it!

Well, it looks nice. The animations are cool. But there's like two sound effects in it, no music, and the combat is pretty underwhelming. The map fragment won't go away after it pops up and there doesn't  seem to be a way to progress after that.

I was waiting for my co-host to play this, but I couldn't wait any longer. I really love the speed and style of all this, it's absolutely hectic! Detailed feedback at the end of the video. (xPost from gamejolt)

Oh. They looked like floppy disks to me. Made it through the whole game without realizing they were related. Haha!

Fantastic little game you've got here. The visual style and true feeling of suspense are easily the best parts. While the game is short it doesn't overstay its welcome and the difficulty pairs almost perfectly with the length, since there are no checkpoints. The only things I found at fault were the camera angle to some of the walls making the doors hard to find, and the fact that the camera doesn't lead you. It made moving south on the map really difficult. Looking forward to more from your respective teams!

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Really fantastic game you have here! I only wish there was more! Sincerely hope you decide to run with this idea. Pretty easy to see why this won the jam!

There's no unityplayer.dll in the zip, can't run it. :(

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There's an awesome game in here somewhere, but it still needs a trim and some polish. Right now there seems to be some overlapping mechanics and some unclear ones as well. Some are underpowered and others over. I'm curious to see some later versions of the game though. You've managed to find a good feel, even if it is a bit rough around the edges right now.

This is an absolute blast! The cheery and somewhat mischievous music paired with the goofy physics just makes for an all around good time!

The action and combat are pretty satisfying but all of the sfx ripped from Sonic really detract from the experience. They are far too recognizable and they don't fit with the game.

This is absolutely fantastic , and a jam game no less. Though I couldn't bring myself to finish out of frustration, I can see that this is an awesome puzzle game. It's frantic, fast paced and still requires a lot of patience and focus. Well done!