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So, I really like the concept behind this, funky music, surreal landscape, vibrant colors and crazy gravity, but, like my character more than once, it fell a little short. It definitely feels like a prototype and likely benefits from being named such. The landscape, while beautiful, lacked any visual depth which made platforming really difficult, and, though I didn't spend all that much time with it, if seemed like I needed to suicide in order to get back for another go each time, which was really strange to me. But I very well could have missed something. The gravity mechanics, though the transitions were a bit jarring, worked really well and definitely carried the game farther than I thought it'd go. For 72 hours, nice work!

Of the triple feature, this one I had the most skepticism about but it ended up being my favorite. A simple story driven puzzle adventure through an art museum with some goofy characters and situations, it ended up winning me over just from the amount of content compared to the other two and its rushed charm that bled through into the final release. I really enjoyed it and hope you enjoy the video.

Triple feature for the game jam! So, understanding that this is meant for VR and I played without it, I liked the concept. Admittedly the controls were a little weird for M/Kb, but they worked. The visual and sound design were beautiful, albeit minimal (though that's the jam theme) but I found the gameplay to be a little confusing at the start and it left me thinking that I didn't quite understand it by the end. But for 72 hours, great work!

Alright, so. I was pretty hard on the game in the video, but only because I see some potential here.

There's a lot going on in terms of ideas and mechanics and some conflict while others just feel unfinished, so understanding that this is still an early build of the game brings me some hope that this game will grow a lot.

First off is the health regen/living realm combo. It makes damage trivial given you have the patience to just wait it out, but it comes at the expense of the games pacing. There's nothing to do in the living realm so you just kinda sit on your thumbs until you're healed. Maybe it should take up a resource or cut off your regen to be in the living realm, but as it is it just makes you wait.

Second is the combat. It feels like you're aiming towards a hack and slash, but there's no flow. Adding some sort of combo, or string of animations that had some sort of stun or knock back that would prevent enemies from doing damage. Which follows into my next point, the movement speed is pretty slow and it's near impossible to avoid damage.

I think the game has a great visual flair and the realm switching is awesome, but the game itself lacks a lot. It's got some potential, but a long way to go to get there. I hope to revisit this in later versions and see what's changed!

Not bad at all! It felt more unique than anything else, and I think mostly because of the visual design. The voice work and sound were pretty good but the 2d sprites in 3d space was a little distracting to me. Overall it was really well paced, the puzzles hit a decent balance and the story was compelling enough to want to continue. Well done!

Some really fantastic stuff here. The story is compelling, the artwork is gorgeous, the music is fantastic and the voice work is amazing. The fact that all this was assembled in under two weeks only compounds all that.

I usually have some distaste for point and click adventures, but this really manages to avoid one of my biggest issues with them, and that's the logic behind it all. There were only three times I really got stuck and two were because, I think, I didn't realize items could be combined. 

This is a work to be proud of, well done.

So I really loved the simplicity and speed of the gameplay, the visuals and audio. But the game, for me at least, falls a little flat in its communication. The first boss was easy enough to figure out, and the lives system was in no way prohibitive to learning the boss. 

However the second boss was my last due to these factors. It took me a while to figure out that, first, you needed to hurt the tail, and I lost a few lives trying to figure out how to get the weapons below me. But I still have no clue what to do with the second stage. Due to the time it takes to not only kill the first boss, dispatch of the first stage and have another attempt at stage two I was extremely discouraged from continuing attempts. I get that the lives mode lends some overall tension to the fights, but it's my opinion that the bosses should be more a test of skill in doing and avoiding damage than it should be trying to figure it out and the lives system multiplied this issue for me.

Overall, for a five year old project, it holds up quite well and if I hadn't been told that, I'd have guessed it was new.

Replied to SelfPC in MySelf comments

I did screw up the recording and lost all the audio. I hope I did a decent job splicing it all back in. You've made quite the game here, even for as simple as it is to play. Well done.

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Going in I suspected that this was going to be a game that was about a powerfull experience, not a powerful game. Boy was I wrong. In under 48 hours you manged to build a game that successfully communicated the realities, as far as I'm aware, of living with these disabilities via the mechanics. Detailed feedback at the end of the video. Well done. 

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Unfortunately I was unable to progress post the elevator, though I saw some others were able. But from what I saw, I liked most most of it. The visual design and atmosphere are outstanding, even if the music is a little cheesey and betrays some of the feel. I can't speak to most of the mechanics as I never made it far enough, but I love how streamlined the crafting system is. The monster design is fantastic, even if a bit rough right now, but the capture sequence needs to be either more or less scripted, as it is right now the animation and teleportation are a little awkward. The interaction trigger boxes seem all over the place too. Though with all the issues there are I can see how great this is going to be already. Detailed feedback at the end of the video. Keep up the great work!

Shoot me a message when there's a less buggy version and I'll gladly take a second look!

First off, it's absolutely gorgeous and the swappable color palates make it even more so. The constricting mechanic is fantastic and really fun to use, waving in and out of bullets while trying to bind foes. The shooting does feel really awkward though. I had a hard time switching gears mentally from strafe firing to standard and back. My biggest issues were some lack of communication. Sometimes, mainly with the sprint and boss levels, it felt like I was thrown into a new game without any explanation of the rules. It feels like a game I really need to sit down and get acquainted with, as if first impessions aren't enough to really get a handle on what's going on. I like it, but I feel like I need to get to know it better before I can judge it.

Apologies for my lack of clarity. I saw since the game appears to be described as a vr experience I was wondering if the demo listed here requires an oculus rift headset or other vr peripherals in order to play.

Some screenshots would be cool!

Does the demo require a headset to play?

Replied to Mahich in Excive comments

Hahaha, yeah. My process is usually just to look at screenshots, download and play. It keeps the playthough as blind as possible and lets the game speak for itself, but it can cause issues when there are controls that aren't explained in-game. Ah well, still excited to revisit this after some updates!

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Alright, so I love a lot of what's going on on here and there's some I don't. The music kicks ass, the art style is awesome and the control feels great, not so fast I feel like I'm flying but faster than a brisk jog. I think the color could use a little more contrast or differentiation in palette.

One issue I noticed came from the sights. To start, it feels like the center dot reticle is only a vague estimation of the bullet's potential hit area, almost like the real reticle is a lot bigger, and if anything besides an enemy is in that cone it registers a no-hit. That or the scenery has much bigger hitboxes than the sprites let on.

Lastly is the health/damage, this feels like the biggest one. If I remember correctly, a lot of old 3d shooters with 2d sprites used medium speed projectiles instead of hitscan weapons. The scarcity of health and the nature of hitscan weapons made progress feel more like a gamble than any real increase in skill. This came down mostly to damage not really being avoidable in certain situations. Since the audio and visual cues for incoming damage are in, or extremely close to, the same frame damage is dealt, the only way to avoid damage is avoid like of sight, which is an issue when you need to do the shooties too. There were a few situations where I'd pop around a corner where I knew an enemy was, kill them as quickly as possible and still take damage because the AI decided to fire and doesn't seem to miss.

Now all that wouldn't be an issue in a more modern game with the magic reassembling flesh of today's super-soldier protagonists with regenerating health, but if health is a fixed pickup or rare drop, it NEEDS to be the player's fault every time damage is taken, otherwise it's just up to chance.

Now maybe I didn't spend enough time with the game to really get a feel for it, or I've some misconceptions on the mechanics, but I'm only being so nitpicky because I really love the base game this is building on. I hope you find this all fair and useful, and best of luck in the res of development! I look forward to seeing what comes of this!

So I spent my whole time with the game feeling like I didn't understand what I was supposed to be working towards. I'm unsure if it's in any way related to the fact that the game is designed more for VR, but I left just kinda confused. Detailed feedback is at the end of the video.

So to start out, I love the art, the music, the action and the over the top nature of the whole thing. It feels like, once it's polished, it's gonna be a tight, fast, chaotic and downright fun time. There are quite a few issues as it is right now though.

I understand this is an early access/demo/pre alpha build so non of this is criticism, just feedback. 

First off, the balance seems like it's all over the place, on normal there were very few times where the combat felt challenging due to the enormous arsenal (which I think is likely just to show them all off in the demo) and the final boss was a huuuuge spike in difficulty.

Second is the feel. The game appears to want some really tight platforming with the moving elevators and cliffs and all that, but the characters feel extremely floaty and like they have a little too much momentum. The combo made for some situations where I felt like I'd just keep sliding off an edge after I had ceased input. The ninja class was a lot worse in those aspects due to her extreme mobility, but she was still damn fun  to play.

Third is level design, I, again, get that this is a demo, but no part of it made me think this was a metroidvania, there seemed to be a few alternate paths but there were no ability unlocks that allowed for access to new areas connecting to old ones.

Lastly, the classes. I really like them. They feel unique and suit differing playstyles. My issues arise from balancing a nonlinear game with multiple classes, especially ones with different movement abilities. The heavy class felt more fun to play overall because blowing sh*t up with big guns is awesome, but the ninja felt like I could just walk past the whole level with my dash since it seems like killing enemies isn't mandatory.

I'm sore there's more I could say, and more that I did say in the video, but don't let this make you think I disliked the game. I had a blast! But most of the praise is reserved for the video. I hope you enjoy.

(And keep me in the loop on potential voice roles, I'd love to work with you)

Sweet! Glad to hear that.

Is the demo playable without a headset and motion controllers?

Replied to TonyNowak in Videos!

Man, I'm sorry. I think it must be something on my end at this point. I made it to the corrupted morning and coudn't clock in to progress. I really want to see how this ends for myself but I think your game just doesn't like me. The added fact you have to start over each time makes the problems doubly frustrating but I think I have to resign myself to not finishing this one.

Replied to TonyNowak in Videos!

That art looks awesome! Keep me in the loop on that one! I'll let you know when the new video in Tie is up!

For a first attempt this is some great work! I'll give you a follow to keep up with anything you might release in the future. Also, do you have a dev-branded twitter account for Jellyfish Ink? I keep up with a lot of devs that way and it's a great way for me to notify them about videos I've done on their games.

Glad you found it useful! I was worried I might have been a bit harsh.

Replied to TonyNowak in Videos!

Awesome! I was just looking for something to play for tomorrow!

So, I have to say right out of the gate I didn't spend all that much time with Luminous. I wanted to, but it felt like the game was fighting me.

The art and music are gorgeous, I love the high contrast pixel art, the color cycling in "luminous" form and the character designs are on point, endearing for the player and the sprite, and offputtingly creepy for the enemies.

My issues start to arise with the platforming and controls. The combination of run, jump and luminous is fine occasionally, but when you have to make a triple button press your second most basic form of movement it gets tiring very quickly. Secondly is the character momentum. The character feels a little loose, like when you stop pressing the input and when they stop moving are only loosely attached. With the sheer speed of luminous form and how small a lot of the platforms are, it made for a lot of falls that didn't really feel like my fault. It wouldn't be a huge issue, but since some of the movement is tied to a finite resource that is required pretty often it quickly snowballs into a larger problem. Third is our little friend the sprite, he talks wayyyy too much. Tutorials are fine, but repeating the same tutorial after each death makes my ire for him grow pretty quick.

Lastly is the combat. A single sword swing is okay if the enemies are designed to work in tandem with it, but the only ones I came across bum rushed me like a meth head on a black Friday sale. Since the movement system has no real defensive capabilities and the sword swing isn't fast enough to keep them at bay, nearly all of the damage I received did not feel like it could have been avoided outside of jest waiting and cheesing the enemies. Adding a block or dodge would have gone a long way to mitigating this issue. I speak in more detail on it at the end of the video.

I think you're onto something here, but it definitely needs some tweaks, extra mechanics or rebalancing to be something great. 

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Overall, color me pretty impressed. For a unity game it looks pretty damn good and the lighting and fog are fantastic. The level design really shines in the later level but is somewhat bland in the early areas. I'm not sure if one of my favorite parts was entirely intentional, given the early jumpscare and how quickly you get a weapon the tension of something happening had me on edge for so long. my biggest issue is that the weapons felt like I was swinging cardboard and the gun felt like an airsoft gun. So in short: awesome atmosohere, the body swap was awesome, level design was hit and miss, combat wasn't great. For an early buold, well done!

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Yeah, I understand that the starter weapon isn't meant to feel all that powerful, but unless many of the later weapons have either a homing ability to make enemies above or below the plane of fire or a much larger area of effect, I can't see there being many situations where a gun would ever be more useful than a melee hit and run tactic. Using a resource to do damage vs free damage, albeit with higher risk of damage, to me seems to favor the latter in most situations simply because there is no aim. As cluttered, cramped and vertical as many of the levels are, using a resource free attack that won't miss simply due to a incline seems like the favorable choice.

As for the dash, I don't think it was tutorialized all that well. I think putting the player in a safe situation where they're forced to use it would drive home that it's an important mechanic, because once I moved on from that section, and the fact that it was a directional input combo and not a dedicated button, I completely forgot about it.

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So I'm somewhat torn on my thoughts here. First off, I'm glad I played and had been looking forward to trying Redo out while I was on my short break from videos. The atmosphere, art and design are astounding. The post-apocalyptic bio-mechanical feel reminded me a bit of Giger and Beksinski and I thought it worked really well overall. However, I found the movement and combat to dissatisfying at best and frustrating at worst. The guns feel utterly useless against two thirds of the enemies I encountered due to the dissipation of the projectile, the lack of aim and the height of some of the enemies, be that floating over the line of sight or sitting below it. The energy shield was nice but it could only block projectile attacks and since the grenades were tied to the same input as the healing, I never swapped over to them. Understanding that I likely did not find every unlockable ability I can't say if my suggestions are valid. Using the d-pad to swap items and binding a directional dodge to the triggers could really improve the flow of combat and given that the draw weapon button already locks the player in place, using the left stick for 45/90 degree aiming would be a huge improvement as well. It seems there has been some inspiration taken from dark souls in the looping level design and checkpoint system but it seems, to me, to clash harshly with the resource based ammo and healing system. I feel like it would be pretty east to accidentally soft lock yourself into an area with no currency, ammo or health due to the systems that are in place right now. Overall it doesn't really seem like a metroidvainia right now, more a resource management survival and exploration game and that may have affected my expectations and overall impressions. I think giving some clearer tells to the environmental hazards and tweaking this resource based survival system into a more souls-like exploration, learning and mastering system with lighter restrictions on starting resources but heavier restrictions on pickups could go a long way to inporving the overall feel of the game. All of this is first impression, subjective feedback, so please take it all with a grain of salt. If it doesn't align with what you want the game to be, that is completely fine and I'll still be more than interested to see what becomes of it! All the best and good luck to ya!

So, I love the art and the music but damn does it get chaotic fast. I know this is just a demo but the pairing of the somewhat odd focus fire mechanic that slows your movement and the huge number of large projectiles I found it difficult to avoid damage a lot of the time, especially since it ramps up so quickly. Maybe the different classes are going to have somewhat tweaked abilities but when I think of a shmup game I usually think of smaller objects on screen with high mobility and a focus on continuing fire while avoiding projectiles and picking up power ups to kill the increasingly difficult enemies faster. Holding fire to swap back to a spread shot feels really unintuitive and somewhat frustrating. I like the risk/reward mechanic of brushing projectiles for extra charge but the immunity mechanic feels strange as well. If it were balanced differently as to being more powerful but really difficult to charge I think it'd feel more rewarding to use rather than a necessity to build charge asap just to stay alive.

The visuals are really nice but the controls are pretty unwieldy. The auto centering camera is really frustrating when you're trying to look around, the right stick sensitivity is crazy high making it hard to aim or point yourself in the right direction, and the player model takes up a pretty decent portion of the screen while aiming.

So I really love the feel and look of the game, very '90s. But one notable aspect of that era was the the slow projectile speed of weapons making damage very manageable if you were paying attention. I got wrecked over and over on the first level of this since it seems like the enemy projectiles maybe have a thee or four frame travel time with pinpoint tracking, effectively making them hitscan. It doesn't pair well with the current health system. Awesome name though! ^_^

Overall, color me pretty impressed. The lighting, levels and 3d assets are all beautiful, the music is fantastic and the animations were great as well. For the most part the puzzles were pretty good, only got stuck once, but I think the lack of options ends up hurting the game a bit more than it should have. Some graphics options would go a long way and the game really needs some anti-aliasing, at times it got pretty noticeable.

There's a pop up for a Google Drive download link likely being blocked, there's also a download over on gamejolt.

You unknowingly captured one of my pastimes in game form and that's amazing! It has a few, what I thought to be, minor issues, but overall I quite enjoyed my time with it! The page here mentions that you can look around while aiming and that wasn't something that I picked up on while in the game and was one of my bigger criticisms that it was difficult to see where the sight was going when it went offscreen, and since I was unaware of it I can't really speak to its efficacy. As for the art and atmosphere, you absolutely nailed it! Glorious glowing neon space ship and grey metal galore! Maybe a little too much bloom in places but it was never distracting. The level design was pretty solid and did a good job of teaching the basics up until the last level, which I understand was supposed to be the final challenge, but it didn't end up drawing my attention in the right places which led to some frustrations in "where the hell am I going and what am I doing to get there?" It was only for a single level, but it was a substantial amount of the playtime. With some expansion on the established concepts, a bit more visual refinement and tweaking the later level design I can see this being somehting truly fantastic! But as it is, it's still pretty damn great!

*Spoilers* My framerate dipped a bit around the basement torch and outside and there appeared to be a slight tearing around some of the objects that I couldn't tell if it was intentional or not.

I''m really surprised I missed this one! For a story driven walking simulator, I was not expecting some of the bits that came later and they served as a really great change of pace. Though I don't know if I'd call this a horror game. Sure there are some startling transitions and the contextual use of the voices can be a bit unnerving, I didn't think any part was scary. It all came across as a reasonable representation of grief, depression, anger, denial, etc. The gameplay was a little underwhelming and lacked some player direction at times, but it more than served its purpose. The story and narrative design are definitely what carried it. Overall, great work!

I feel like I've seen these assets before, are they from something else?

I'm all for this no jumpscare approach to horror games! I did find the environment to be a little lacking, but I understand that it plays into the level generation, at least I think the walled doors were radomly generated... The story, music, sound design and artwork were all fantastic though! The inclusion of the silhouette/moth cloud was a nice touch too!