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This is awesome! It took me a little but to figure out the whole combo system, but it was really cool once I did! The different paths popping up is a cool way to increase the difficulty too, well done!

Roblaster community · Created a new topic Holy Crap

This is awesome. I had a feeling it was a little inspired by Portal 2's goo mechanics, but seeing the expansion on those ideas was awesome. Everything just works together so well and the puzzles are pretty challenging too. Damn fine work!

This game is so close to being awesome but makes a few missteps. Understanding that it's a jam title makes it a little easier to deal with but there's just so little feedback from the game. First off, the HOLD to interact with a lack of any indicator before the action takes place lead to me assuming something couldn't be interacted with due to the delay. Secondly, the low res filter makes it very difficult to see things from a distance. Because of the bench and blood surrounding it, I'm sure a lot of players will never find the key unless they come back to look at the game page like I did and see the screenshot. Overall, this was amazing in terms of its suspense, atmosphere, pacing and effects but those two choices dragged the whole experience down for me.

So I got about 20 min in and was completely lost. The sound and visual design are pretty damn great, but I couln't for the life of me figure out how I was supposed to figure out mineral composition or even if I was on the right track. That might be my fault, but I really felt like I had exhausted all possible theories.

Holy crap this looks gorgeous. Any chance you're doing press keys? No worries if not, just thought it was worth asking :)

Awesome start! While I'd love to see some alternate abilities and characters, this is a good foundation! I ran into a few issues with the camera, and a bit of a tutorial wouldn't hurt. Still, curious to see where this goes!

Really solid climbing mechanics and animations! The gameplay was a little slow, but it's impressive nonetheless! I do think some more sound and level design could go a long way in the overall atmosphere and polish of the game, but it's a great start!

To anyone sketched out by the installer, like I usually am, it's clean. Checked it myself.

You had a kick ass idea and created an awesome prototype! I was disappointed when it was over so soon! My only real complaints are that the environments get samey pretty quickly and there were a few situations where waiting took a little bit and became frustrating on retrys. But still kick ass nonetheless!

For what's here, it's pretty damn awesome, just wish there was more! It's already got fantastic sound design and pixel art, but I can't speak to any combat or even the story. I hope you don't leave this here, it's a great start!

Really fantastic work! The sound design is really what sold it for me, always being able to hear the enemies, usually before you see them. The story was minimal, but still carried the experience, and the damage was well balanced. It was enough to be stressful when you took damage, but the regenerating health removed any frustration of having to replay the rather large levels. Kick ass light dispersion too. Again, great work!

So, I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to see more of this, but I got too frustrated with the first boss. Using the bombers was too temperamental and the introduction was far too long. Did run into one bug where I was killed during the cutscene too. Loved the art style and movement though!

Really fantastic storytelling yet again. It was a little difficult to understand the progression at times, and I'm still not sure if it was a matter of exhausting the dialogue or making the right choices, but since the game is all about the journey itself, it worked quite well. Great work!

Damn you Cryptic! So fast!

Awesome stuff here! And I really loved the lack of reliance on jumpscares! The atmosphere was fantastic, the visuals were creepy as all hell and the sound design was straight up unsettling. Managed to find all three endings as well. Fantastic work!

Ooooh, SpaceBackyard at it again! Excited to try this!

This is fantasic! The art style is gorgeous and glad me asking questions about the world. The mechanics are quick, fluid and damn fun! It was really interesting in finding that it almost felt wrong to jump face first into enemies and bullets, and overcoming that feeling. Best of luck to you in your pitch! I think this can go a long way :)

Great start here! It took me a little bit to take the time slow seriously and it really changed the game! My only real suggestion is the addition of some more sound design. The music was good but the lack of impact from attacks and the silence in slow mode could definitely be improved. Good work so far!

I had no clue what to expect going into this, and I was really impressed! The only part I didn't really get was the floating face, but other than that, the environments and scenes were damn awesome! It looks like the "error" quality setting joke was misunderstood by some. But this was just a really unique experience! Not sure what the coins were for though. 

Not a bad start! I didn't figure out if there was a way to continue, or even if there is one. But the combat is pretty good! The visual style is nice and the destructible environment is fantastic! I would brighten it up a bit, but that may have been due to dropping the unity launcher quality settings. Keep up the great work!

Awesome to see another game from you! I recognized your art style right away too. This was damn fun to play, the characters feel varied and while it's pretty tough while your getting a hold on the controls it never felt cheap or unfair. The sound design was great on the enemies, but I do think the game could use a little more music. Fantastic work!

This is just pure fun! It took a little bit for me to understand the controls and I don't think I even touched all of them, but the core combat is just so damn fun! I think my only wish is that I could choose my own weapon. But overall the game is really interesting in its combat mechanics, manages to get all information across with a cool low poly style and is unlike most games I've played before. Definitely worth playing! Great work!

Expect a gameplay video of giddy laughter at 11am central tomorrow!

Congrats on the full release! I completely missed the launch :(

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this looks awesome, definitely giving it a try!

Update: I gave it a try, it's awesome.

Oh cool, hadn't heard of that. Learned something new! :)

got it figured out! Not bad, but I think 3d movement could have helped. Was also a little difficult to find all the available screens.

I figured out that I missed the second paper containing EG

I gave this a try as well, but wasn't able to finish. Played the crap out of the piano, but the bookcase didn't open for me. Wonder if it was a bug or if I screwed something else up. :/

Seeing as I didn't read the description, the game was a lot different from what I thought it was going to be, but I still really enjoyed it! I'm not completely sure if I finished it, but it was a fun little adventure! Well done!

I really love what's going on here! I don't think I had enough time to really get ahold of the combat system, but I liked what I saw of it. The art is gorgeous and the animations are really detailed! Though I think I ran into a bug or two in the big spider fight, and reading French is not my forte. Still, great work and I hope to revisit it if there are any updates planned! Even though I know student projects are usually on a tight schedule.

Overall, not bad! I really liked the art direction, the world and enemy designs! While the level didn't do a great job of pointing me in the right direction and the combat was a little underwhelming, I still had a good time with it and could see what you were getting at! Understanding that this is a student project and you were likely working with very limited timescales I think this is pretty damn good! Well done!

Might not be a bad idea to throw in a bit of description or some screenshots. Hard to tell anything form the info here. Noticed it's the same with some of your previous games too

Hey, I remember playing this a good while back, congrats on the full release!

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the focus on simple but engaging platforming and the fantastic silhouette art style! Really makes this one stand out among the other entries I've seen so far!

Short, sweet, beautiful, and sweet again. As someone who struggles with some mental heath issues, agoraphobia included, and has a love of cats, this was just spot on for me and I was really glad to have found it! Well done!

The physics in this are pretty great but it seems pretty broken. I know that it was a 48 hour game, but I can't interact with anything and after opening the first door I just fall out of the ship.

This is a really cool start! I think sound design is going to play a big part in this, so it's hard to say much at this point. I can imagine that hearing the enemies charging up and firing will help with offscreen tracking and lend more atmosphere to it all. I might ease up with the particle effects on the lance when it's in hand. Looking forward to seeing more of this though! Great start!

What a charming little adventure this was! It was fun learning how to fly the ship and then messing around with the environment (maybe throwing myself out the airlock too). Had a great time! Nice Job!

Great start! I've never been a fan of the one hit death, and I do think some attacks need a little bit better telegraphs, but overall the movement is fantastic, the art and music are awesome and it was a blast to play! Awesome work so far!