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IMMURE Прохождение | Инди хоррор от создателя Sally Face | "Страшные игры - Хоррор!"

A topic by MatrixEnzo created Oct 08, 2018 Views: 516 Replies: 2
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Великолепная игра!


Thanks for giving it go! I can't promise when (or if) it will happen but we are currently trying to implement localization and Russian is one of the languages we want to hit first!

Thousands of Russian-speaking players will be very grateful to you for good localization! I am a real fan of the game Sally Faith, and I want to note a very high level of localization quality in this game, and this contributed to a detailed study of the plot of the game! At the moment I have collected absolutely all the achievements in the game about Sally. As a person who does not speak English very well (unfortunately), I came across an unbreakable "language barrier" that prevented me from exploring the game world in detail. In spite of this, I got both a good and a bad ending in the demo version, but most of the plot and various theories remained inaccessible to me, as well as for many players and viewers of my channel. We will be very grateful to you for high-quality localization in the future, from myself I can promise any informational support and PR of your game, everything that will be in my modest forces!