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Closing beta. Thank you everyone who gave feedback.

Open Beta will end soon. The new version is 1.0!

Included updates:

1. Two music themes.
2. Change menu image
3. Change border image
4. Cheating on/off and two extras cheating menus.
5. Tweaked performance tester.
6. Weapons adds sight
7. Mouse out of Window varning.
8. Cow Progress/Quests that unlock fetures like cheating menu.
9. More upgrades and power ups!


Im back with news!

Build 043 released and it includes the following updates.

1. Debug mode with statistics and error gathering. It also enable you to let the game fix any problem it found.
2. Simple menu and startup when playing the game at easy or normal difficulty settings.
3. Step by step upgrade unlocked with easy and normal difficulty settings.
4. Local high score (8, one for each difficulty level)
5. Reworked text info including help text while playing.
6. A game launcher.
7. The game starts in window mode and you can expand to fullscreen. (Easier if you want to play the game while withing for a raid party etc)
8. Lots of bug fixes.

I also prepared for online high score, more power ups, tutorial, option menu and a lot of other nice to have stuff.

Im working on the bugs including one that can lock up the weapons.

To do list:
* High Score (local offline and online)
* Simplify the uppgrades for new players (maybe dont show all 10 skilltrees from the start?)
* Explain the game somewhere. Readme file? (Users who want to know everything)
* Lower the sound by default (even more)
* Esc should pause the game and open a menu. (Use the half pause mode).
* Save file (its half done, need to build the anti cheat).
* The player should get a gun from start or early game
* The green ball (Follow me) is hard to grasp. Make it easier to understand whats happening (Visuals? Lower the cooldown?
* Its hard to play when the half pause is active. Try slowing down SpaceWipe instead of being stuck, maybe also add visual counter?

I have made some improvements after some great feedback. I have tried to make it easier for a new player.


* The game test how fast your computer is tha first time you start up the game and sets the graphics accordingly.

* 6 out of 8 difficulty levels are locked from start and the first ones will send you directly to the level.

* The levels generated are now restricted when you start up the game and get bigger as you complete more levels.

* The menu is a bit more user friendly.


The SpaceWipe achievements is now working correctly.  I have solved a few visual bugs. Feel free to try it out and any feedback is good feedback.

There seem to be a problem with the save files. Update on its way and sorry if you didnt get past the upgrade menu.

The Open Beta has started. Download the game from Itch and try it out.

I have been working a lot with bugs and making the level generator better. There is also a multibonus that at max can send bonuses all over the screen. A problem with the bonuses over the screen is that you cant see the balls so i have also added transperent bonuses (if a ball collides with a bonus the bonus will get transparent for a short period of time).

It took about 12 hours x 2 but new bricks are added and the level generator uses them to create a level for you.

Added in 0.34:

144 new breakable bricks.

22 new shapes.

1 skillpoint.

The level generator has a grid of 555 and together with the 145 bricks its possible to make about 80.000 different levels. There are no preloded patterns at this point but it will be added in the near future.

Manual testning is done and the autopilot is doing the final one live at

To me that sounds pretty importent. Maybe focus on making games for children?


If anyone want to learn or ust watch someone else make games with Clickteam Fusion join my stream or send me a message. Im currently creating MadCowBalls2 (DX-ball inspireded game).

You can find the stream here.

0.32 added a simple level generator. Creating a random level. As i dont want to compete in largest amount of premade level im going to focus on the level generator.

The goal is to make the level generator and what it does look like the levels are premade. I will add premade patterns that it will use to add, delete, uppgrade and downgrade different kind of bricks. Each completed level will also add to complexity and difficulty.

I am also working on bricks in different shapes were the shape is random from a pattern so it easily can be used by the level generator.

Testning is live at

Looks great

Hi fellow developers.

Im Martin Eriksson from Sweden and i love 8 and 16-bit games. I try yo keep the spirit of an old game i like and make a new game around it. SpaceWipe was from the start a combination of Jetpack, Turrican and Megaman. At the moment im trying to make a game with quality enough to put up at steam, itch and other big marketplaces.


If you want to review a brick-breaker game  created with DX-ball 2 in mind you can take a look at MadCowBalls. Im making a sequel and criticism would be great.


A few months ago i got laid off work and moved back home to the family. I have always wanted to create computer games for a living and i have created a few of them alone or together with my wife and friends. I wanted to make this event to a opportunity and to do something different.

Early on i decided i would make a new MadCowBalls  and i would try to put it out on the big marketplaces like steam and The community of Itch is great and being able to look at other indie developers work and struggles both fuels my desire to make a great game and help me with my own issues.

Thank you Itch for hosting what i think is one of the best sites for indie game developers.

madcowballs, spacewipe2, spacewipe3. It is working now but it didnt earlier.  Thank you.

Thank you. It puzzles me that if i search for the exact name madcowballs i got no hit. And if i search for spacewipe i only find my user with 0 projects.


Im new to this site and uploaded some games about 2 weeks ago and they doesnt show when i search for them. I tried sending an email but didnt get any respons. Did i do something wrong? Will they get pushed back in the que if i update them again with new pictures and videos?


Martin Eriksson