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Glad you liked it, remember it's never bad to tell your friends.

A game where you fight the GODS themselves! in the quest for the truth.
A hard game to be sure, do you think your up for the challenge?

link -


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is it possible to put the patreon button?

thank you so much!

I tried to embed a patreon link button to my page in the editor which resulted in this problem

When i try to remove it I find that it is invisible in the editor and cannot be selected and removed either.

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if you like my games, and would like to see more
support here

support her
sorry if this is the wrong place for this

how about mine, its an old style undertale-like, the name is "key of truth" ?

i'm not sure if this is your thing, but you might like it.

a screen shot

a screen shot
if you like real time combt?

thanks you, hahaha!!

thanks, i thought i was going crazy

"KEY OF TRUTH"  is my second game after ANTINY.
 the game has graphics that some of you may have known, there in the style of 1980s adventure games, with a touch of undertales battle system.

as for the story, you beat monsters and to get the "KEY OF TRUTH" or not... who knows....

here's a screen shot

oh, i hope its fair...

what is it then?, or is that a secret?

dose anyone think its weird that some devlogs  can have 5 likes but another devlog can have 1, but another one has 0(and thats the one on top?)  whats up with that?

mine is a 1980s style pc game with the battle system of underatle

and thanks!

Here's mine!

and the link! -

your welcome

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thank you so much ;-)

i liked the video, and good luck on you next.

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how about  "(insert user name here) co"?

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here's mine! have fun

thank you MasonJason :-).


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here's the trailer.

and good luck with that series = )

glad you liked it mostly : D, and i will do better next time.


hey you have text

hmm.. kinda looks better than the 'super mario bros' great job though