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Thank you so much for taking the time to play my project!, your sprites are incredible and I do have credit scene in place for the end of the game. Yeah I am aware of the bug. I uploaded my latest version bugs and all because I was not sure if I was going to work on it recently. However I am just taking a break from the game and working on my love story atm. I do intend to pick this back up and fix all the errors my lovely friend Elta who has been play testing all my builds and helping me with coding. Its okay, I need feedback about errors etc just in-case I miss them! Thank you for spotting it and telling me anyway!.  It has been a pleasure hearing from you and using your fantastic sprites. I will let you know when the next update is live.  I look forward to hearing from you again once that is uploaded!. Cheers.

Okay the GUI is in its final stages. The version uploaded is very close to the final look of the GUI. All feedback is welcomed. Thank you for playing, hope you like the new look!

I have updated again and will be uploading a new font system as well as the completed GUI. The game is ever changing. I am learning everyday and this project will no doubt end up massive!

Hey I just wanted to say I really love this game. I love the character sprites, and the CG's the music everything. its very well presented and put together and I think i am in love with Maisy already.  I have reallyed enjoy my time with the game. As a fellow Renpy user you have given me so many cool ideas (just transitions like the sliding to the left or right or up etc. I love the opening two songs the most that play in the prologue, I hope there will be a purchasable/downloadable soundtrack! -  In any case I made a video and will feature the game on my tiny channel. I am really looking forward to more from you. Keep up the great work!.  I also have a crush on Jayda ! Dam I will just have to romance both of them lol. Cant wait for more! Stay awesome.

Hi Kizunue. 

Thank you for taking the time to play my early version of my game. Thank you for enjoying the music, for me the music is the main part of the game, since that is the one thing (apart from 1 song) that I am making 100% myself. The English mistakes?, well If i had a talented proof reader or spell checker then it might not be much of an issue.  Your not the first person to tell me about the intro and should be were not was", for me the character thats talking I felt was, well was more appropriate. I knew that it was not the correct way to go about it, however I appreciate the constructive feedback and I will take it under advisement.  I am looking for someone to proof read everything before I finish it, so I am aware that my English is not spot on. Considering the last time I wrote anything story wise I was 13 and I dropped out of school at 16 due to RL circumstances I never went back to learn or improve my English skills. That being said, I am really enjoying writing this story and I am glad that so far at least you are enjoying it. As for the male protagonist Tom and Theo are not really the stars, yes the story is about them, but the real hero and the main protagonist is Ruby. Shes the kick ass hero in my Story.  

Question did you find the bad endings? did you find the path with the letter and the path with the mums backstory?. Just wondering :)

Anyway I am grateful for any and all feedback and I will strive to improve my game and I am working hard on writing chapter 3 now and bringing the story together a bit more.

If you can read through my bad English haha

Thanks again for your time and feedback, i really do appreciate it.



HELLO! Peoples!

Okay, okay I will get right on with it. This is what  I have done.

  • Added further choices and branching narratives to the Theodore's House Chapter.
  • Added a choice with an actual story arc and consequence
  • Added more scenes
  • Added a horror theme song (The evil girls main theme)
  • Customised Sprites
  • Added a Major Horror story arc (gore included) to one of the choices after the living room scene with Ruby.

Further work on the project is on going. I think the playtime is running around 40 mins without discovering the additional endings if you pick the right path (that is).

What I am planning to do:

  • Add additional paths to choices that lead to a cannon ending
  • Add more paths leading to different non cannon endings
  • Adding more mature themes and horror elements the further we go into the twisted VR Girls world.

Chapter 2 Deals with The Evil VR Girl and what happens in that regard.

Chapter 3 Deals with the aftermath of the VR Girl and what happens regarding Toms Dad and The Overseer.

Without giving any spoilers away it is hard to write here what I have planned after this. I only intended to do a basic story. No choices no different endings. HOWEVER. After looking into coding all that, it was not that difficult for me to implement. Considering I have only been using Renpy since the 6th of July.

Given this is a Free to play title and a passion project for me. I am looking to bring someone else in to help me with a few scenes, 2 CG's and one original sprite character. (Toms Dad) 

I am teaching myself to draw however there is only so many hours in the day and between my health and that it will probably be impossible for me to do both unless you want to wait maybe 6 months to a year for me to learn to draw anime haha.

In any case if anyone can help please contact me on twitter. @thefreedyshow

I am about 40% done in terms of story progress so far. I want the game to be just over 2 hours however. It may end up being longer than that If need be. 

I hope to have Chapter 2 all done by the end of next week, scenes. story included.

Thanks for your time!.



aka thefreedyshow


Just a quick update on the progress I have made in a short amount of time.

Theos house part 1 is now done. 2 Bad Endings (You will have to find) and a comical fight scene have been finished.

All paths work as intended and now onto the final part of Theos house as I am now building the paths and the scenes that lead into the major arcs of the game. This build wont be uploaded until I have completed one arc for chapter 2. However if you really want to play the complete House scene with all the endings and  progress then I will upload it for you.

Some changes in 1.1d include

  • UI text changed. Easy to read font has been use instead of the ASH font i was using for all of it. Now that is just for the character names
  • All choices now work as intended
  • 2 Hidden Endings  Work as intended (Bare in mind these are not cannon endings, just based on your actions)
  • Text has been improved (ongoing)
  • more music has been added increasing soundtrack to 11 songs now

This build will be uploaded without the major arcs being done. 

I have LOADS more work to do and more to add. 

This will be the last upload until I have completed chapter 2. 

So there ya go. Thanks for reading.  Please let me know what you think!



Aka Thefreedyshow

Hi there.

I have been busy working on the start of Chapter 2.  However I keep finding things wrong or things that could be improved with Chapter 1. So I will updating the start of the game ongoing until I am happy it is 100% truly done. I am done with the story part of the chapter. But spelling, punctuation and pacing is something that I need to improve.

Having dropped out of school at 13 due to bullying my level of English is not something I am proud of. So if anyone would like to help proof read my text offer improvements I am all ears. 

In any case this is what will be featured in the future updates.

  • Choices
  • Consequences
  • Game overs with various endings from certain routes
  • High stakes from Chapter 2 own wards
  • Characters can die and the story continues

There is not going to be copious amounts of blood and gore etc. Due to my lack of drawing skill there maybe just still scenes implying what has happened and I may Photoshop certain scenes. But a lot will be left up to the imagination. (think that is better). 

This is going to take me a very long time to implement however I do believe that it will be worth it and give my visual novel some much needed impact. 

I must say that my health at times is not the best and I am physically disabled. (story for another day) so I will do my best to work on this when I am able too.

I will update as frequent as I can and I cant wait for you to experience this journey I have in mind for all of you, and myself.

Till the next one.

See ya later!



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My name is Andy aka thefreedyshow

I have a Youtube channel and a soundcloud channel and make music as well as some youtube videos sometimes. However I recently discovered Renpy sunday 30th of June to be precise. I started working on my game "THE VR GIRL" and I have not stopped since then.

I am disabled and cannot walk properly so I am pretty much house bound and cant do much. I have devoted as much time as I can (health permitting) to invest in my project. I have made 2 game trailers 10 original soundtracks and I have recently completed the 1st Chapter of the story. (loads more to go dont worry) and I have always dreamed of making a game with my own music in. Well now I have. I cant draw very well yet I am still practing so I am using free to use sprites and backgrounds to make my games. 
I do everything myself other than that thou.

I am 36 and Live in england. I have met some lovely people on Twitter from the VN community i hope I also meet cool people here too.
My soundtrack from my game will be free for everyone to use in their own games in the future once I have completed my own game. 

Thanks for reading.

Hope to get to know you all!

Bye for now!

Hey guys,  I am brand new around here and just started working on my own game. Its something I have always wanted to do. But I am struggling to get my game noticed in the sea of games that are made!. I make my own music and do everything myself except the sprites for the visual novel I am currently making. If you have a chance to check out my page and download it here : - There is also a trailer on the page too.

I have a Youtube channel as well and not long started again after my first channel was a failure. I will be recording again after this week as I have spent all my spare time on this game, and probably will in the future too. I got big plans for this series! I hope you enjoy it as much as I love making it. Thanks for your time!. Good luck with your projects and games that you play! 



Before you read anymore two very important information here:

  • I am the only producer for this game.  No team. Just me.
  • I have written the story, the characters. Made all the music and sourced everything and edited it in Photoshop.

Updates will be posted here and as often as I can.

Okay let me introduce myself. My name is Andy I am a tiny You-Tuber with a dream of one day working in the games/music/entertainment industry. I am no young egg. I am 36. I am from England UK. 

I started making this project with nothing in mind other than wanting to create something I have dreamed about since I was about 6 Years old.

Funny enough I never knew Renpy existed until I looked Into modding Doki Doki Literature club. Through Renpy and on twitter I have met some wonderful people and made some friends. 

I started this project on the 30th of June 2019.

I will be taking my time as I am learning Renpy and Atom and will eventually learn to build advance features in future projects. For now I just want to tell stories as best as I can and make my music to fit these games that I will make with Renpy.

I have been passionate about games and music all my life. I have been mixing music and making music via PC since i was 13 years old (remember ejay?) 

If you have any questions or just want to ask me about my project then please do. No matter what it is. I will answer you.

Thank you for time and reading this and welcome to TVRG community hub.

I am to make this one of the longest and best running series in Free to play Visual Novels out there.

Kind Regards


1.1 Is now Live. Chapter 1 is done.  Please read Development log for latest news. Thanks!

1.0c Is now available. Chapter 1 is done. Now its just improvements and polishing it all before I start Chapter 2!. 

Awesome!, I honestly cant wait. I will be happy to use them in future projects :)

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Okay 1.0b is available. Read my major update post with the changes I have made. 1.1 Should come either Thursday or Friday. Then Chapter 1 or Part 1 will be done. Its not an episode series. Just that part will be finished. I hope you take the time to check out my work. Thanks for stopping by!

Okay will do!. I cant wait to use her in my story! its already on here as an early demo. I would be honoured if you could check it out. I will message you when your character is in the game. If that is okay? Anyway thanks again, it really is a great sprite!

1.0a is uploaded. With the new text setup and story moving along. Added a new scene at the end of the current demo. It is a W.I.P. Updates will be frequent as well as my Devlogs. Cheers!

This is an awesome sprite, i really like her. I am going to include her in my free to play game. She is just what i was looking for. I cant draw at all. So in order for me to make my projects and future projects I have to rely on these free to use sprites. I will credit you in my credits in the game. Thanks so much for your hard work. Codel is a fantastic design. I wish i could draw like this! haha. Thanks again.

Really great sprites. I look forward to more work from you. I am using this guy in my free to play game. He was just what i was looking for!. Thanks! Keep up the great work.

This is a very early build. There is plenty more to add and I have only completed the 1st chapter. It takes about 7 to 8 mins to read/play if you read at an average speed. Anyway thanks for checking out my brand new game.

I also did all the music for this and coding and design.
Soundtrack will be available after i finish the game.