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Hey, thanks for the feedback! I've been thinking about the starting deck too, and my rationale for a very vanilla deck is to incentivize players to pick up more cards either from rewards or the merchant. I'll keep an eye on it though, certainly could change in the future!

Thanks Daryl ;)

Hey thanks for trying it out even though it's not your type of game haha.

Hey thanks for the feedback! Yea, there will definitely be more stuff added on (enemies variety, things to interact with that will affect the grid etc.) as I continue development.

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Thanks for playing! Watched your video, good feedback, really appreciate it :)

Hi! Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback, really appreciate it! :)

Haha, I could have communicated that better for sure. Now I know what to improve on, so thank you :)

Ah yes, I see. You have a relic that allows you to burn a card in exchange for drawing another card. The thing is you DON'T always have to burn a card, you can just not burn anything. I probably should communicate that better though.

Hey thanks for playing! Yeah, once you have a unit die it might be really difficult to overcome the odds, I'm still trying to find the balance there. What do you mean by ended up with all your cards in the discard pile though? Cards in discard pile will shuffle back into your draw-pile.

Noted, thanks for the bug report!

Yea, Slay the Spire is a huge inspiration, I wouldn't have made this game at all if not for STS. Thanks for playing!

Glad you like it, thanks for the feedback!

Yes! The demo is for windows. Sry bout the lack of indication I forgot to tick the checkbox.

Game page with Demo.

Hello everyone, I'm currently making Sigil of the Magi, a game that combines roguelike deck-building with turn-based tactics combat.
My main sources of inspiration are Slay the Spire and Into the Breach, as well as the more old-school tactics games such as Fire emblem and Advance wars.

You control a party of three champions and traverse through procedurally generated maps, encountering battles and events along the way. Every encounter offers an opportunity to build up your deck of cards - which are essentially skills unique to each champion. Every champion has their own unique pool of cards and can only play a card that is theirs. By working together a party can pull off powerful combos that would not have been possible to achieve with just one champion.

A typical gameplay loop consists of winning a battle and drafting a new card into your deck.

This is still a very early demo and many elements are yet to be finalized. Which is why I'm here seeking feedback! Please play the demo and let me know what you think :)


Hi all! After more than 5 months in early-access Gunkid 99 is finally ready for FULL RELEASE!
It costs $5.99 and there is currently a launch-week discount of 20%.

GUNKID 99 is a fast-paced, 2D arena-shooter that will seriously challenge your skills and reflexes.  Inspired by Super Crate Box and old-school arcade games, the goal of the game is to earn as high a score as you can by collecting weapon drops throughout a run (and thereby changing your weapon in the process). Gunkid 99 is all about entering a flow-state as you forget about everything but chasing that new high-score.


Unlock a large variety of weapons as you progress through the game. 

Craft your own unique play-style and develop crazy combos with the numerous weapons and abilities at your disposal!

You can also find me on -

Gunkid 99 has exited First-Access and is now officially released!!

You'd also get a free Steam-key when you purchase Gunkid 99 on Itch.

Thank you! :)

Update v0.3.0 - Final world, World-5!!

After more than a year of development, we've finally arrived at the end-game!

World-5 will be the last and final 'World' in Gunkid 99. Rather than having a new theme, World-5 will mash-up everything you've seen thus far to create the most unique and challenging stages yet.

Because the difficulty has been upped significantly for this final 'World', the pacing will need to be adjusted accordingly. As such, there will only be four stages instead of the usual seven.

Here we have the bounce-pads originally of World-4 implanted into World-2's lava stage. Needless to say, bouncing around in a lava-filled stage is not safest of activity so players will have to pay extra caution to the environment!

Environmental hazards are not the only things that have been mashed up. Enemies too are no longer restricted to their original worlds, so be on the lookout for some unusual combinations as enemies from the four different worlds come together.

In this particular stage, the laser-traps of World-4 have also leveled up into an 'extreme edition', with every inch of the stage being reachable by lasers. Certain attack-patterns (like the one above) will force players to utilize the dodge-roll or get hit!

A new enemy?!

Previously, the rule has always been that players will need to collect a certain number of weapons before they can clear a stage and progress to the next one. Well, this rule has been upended in World-5 so get ready for a surprise... ;)

Steam Leaderboards has also been implemented!  (only available for Steam version, of course)  Pit yourself against other players and compete for the high score! You can try it out now in the demo on Steam.

Each stage will have its own leaderboard, with 'Normal' and 'Equipped' modes having separate leaderboards. This is where customization comes into play, especially for the 'Equipped' mode. You can equip yourself with weapons and items that will take advantage of each stage's unique layout and enemies combinations to get the highest score possible.

I genuinely believe that this is what will drive replayability (of course you can also have fun overcoming your own scores) and hopefully you guys will have a blast competing on the Leaderboards :)

Gunkid 99 is currently on 15% discount for the Lunar New Year sale here.  You can also join the Discord group for updates. There's currently very few people in the group and honestly not a lot going on but hopefully that will change once the game launches and players start to discuss strategies.

I'm finally nearing the end of development. All that is left now is to tie up loose ends and make sure that the game is bug-free. Release date to be announced soon!

I probably should upgrade too. After this game perhaps, I didn't want to switch engines mid-production.

Thanks! I made this using Gamemaker studio 1.4

Update v0.2.0 - World 4 is here!


World 4 is robot/tech themed. Expect a much higher difficulty, even the environment is out to get you! Some stages can be rather tricky(but fun!) to navigate, like the bouncing pad below:


Make use of the pad to overcome the height and traverse the stage quicker. Your survival might depend on it. Even the enemies of World 4 have a few tricks up their sleeves.


The happy flying-bot looks deceptively slow at first glance, but with each hit it takes, it becomes faster (and angrier). You can't really tell from this gif but at its fastest the flying-bot is even faster than the player, making it the fastest enemy in the game.


The Shield-bot has a sturdy shield that makes it difficult to deal with head-on. However it is pretty weak if you can bypass its shield.

And of course, with a new World comes new weapons!


A big ass weapon that is both melee and long-ranged.


These bubble bullets may be weak, but they can linger around the stage and act as traps for approaching enemies. Set them up properly and they can easily overwhelm any enemy.

And many more weapons I shall leave to you to discover yourself ;)
As always, feedback will be greatly appreciated! You can reach me here or on Discord.

Ah ok, I see I see. Thanks for all the details, I think I understand better now.

Thanks again for the feedback! :)

Thank you for the feedback!
I've got some questions of my own too, if you can answer them that would be really helpful for me :)

- Difficulty is a tricky thing to balance, more so for me because I've played the game to death. Would you say World 3 is too easy partly because you've gotten better as you play? Or is it just WAY too easy for you? Also, did you equip any items that helped reduced the difficulty? I have an inkling that Stage 1-7 might be too difficult, I'd definite adjust that.

- Regarding running out of ammo, did you realize that the crosshair is different depending on whether there is ammo? When ammo is at 0 the crosshair changes to the thin version. Since you had trouble with running out of ammo I assume the crosshair was not effective at all in catching your attention?

Hi there!
The 'R' key is a developer's shortcut. I forgot to turn it off in the latest update, sorry bout that! The music layering itself is also because of the shortcut key. Select Restart from the pause menu for a proper reset and the music should go back to normal.

Thanks for pointing it out! I've just uploaded a new version, the 'R' key should be disabled now. Please do not hesitate to comment again if you have more feedback :)

Minor Uodate v0.1.5

Patch notes:

- Getting injured is now a LOT more obvious. New hit sound has been added, injured animation is also slightly longer. An error which used to cancel out the injured animation if the player gets hit while in the air has been fixed.

- The Bazooka will still one-hit-kill all enemy types but its  damage has been lowered. The previous damage figure was so high that even if you equipped multiple items that lower damage, it will still decimate everything.

- The Item, "First-Aid" now takes 40 seconds to activate instead of the previous 90.

- The Item, "Health gain" now takes 100 seconds to activate instead of the previous 120.

I'm making Gunkid 99, a fast-paced, 2D arena-shooter inspired by SuperCrateBox. It is a arcadey game with a strong emphasis on getting a Highscore.
A lets play would be awesome as it lets me see how others are actually playing my game. The demo is pretty extensive, give it a try if you like :)

Game page:

Update v0.1.4

- Added sound effects to Spikes trap.

- Added sound effects when countdown timer goes below 3.

- Added a little segment to the tutorial stage. Hopefully this will make people more aware of the usefulness of dodge-roll.


I have been hard at work on making new content. Here's a sneak peek at World 4:



World 4 is not quite done yet as there are still lot of things left to do (new weapons and items unlock etc). Hopefully I'd be able to get this big content update out in the middle of December so stay tuned!

P.S. consider joining Gunkid 99's Discord server if you want to follow along with the development process.

Made some changes to the Crosshair so that you can tell at a glance when you're out of ammo. Also makes it less likely to lose sight of the crosshair amidst the chaos.

Fine-tuned some numbers to get a smoother, more natural variable jump height. I have to say the movement system has improved quite a bit the past few weeks following players' feedback. Shows the importance of having others play your game.


Thanks for playing! :D

Hey thanks!  I'll look forward to it :)

Today's update has mostly to do with the movement system, particularly when it comes to falling through platforms. I've made it almost effortless to drop down from platforms, and as a result I think the movement flows much better now.

Patch Note:
- Pressing down will now let you drop down from platforms. A new checkbox called 'Down Lock' has been added in the Key-bindings menu, enabling this will stop you from being able to drop down from platforms with just the down button. You'd have to press 'Down + Jump' (the previous method) or double-tap 'Down' instead.

- You can now also drop down from platforms while doing a dodge-roll by pressing down. (or the other buttons combination mentioned above) Basically anything to do with moving through platforms is now smoother than before.

- Camera issue for certain monitor resolutions have been fixed. (If you still have problems, please feedback to me!)

- Minor hit-box adjustments.

- Slightly better path-finding for Flying Slime.


The flying Slime's path-finding is a simple mp_potential_step_object* function and thankfully tweaking the mp_potential_settings* led to a much better overall result.
(gamemaker functions)

- Fixed a bug where the game icon doesn't appear on the taskbar when you ctrl-tap out of the game.
This is I think a known bug in Studio 1.4 that happens only when a game launches straight into fullscreen. A simple fix is just to run the game in windowed mode for a step or two before going into fullscreen. Once the game icon can be seen on the taskbar it won't disappear again, so you can safely enter and exit fullscreen as and when you want to.

Today's update is all making the controller/gamepad more precise and intuitive.

Patch notes

- Performing a jump from a platform might have made you drop down from it instead because of pressing ever-so-slightly down on the analogue-stick. That is fixed now, only more obvious down-push will be registered by the left analogue stick.

- Aim-assist is now more precise and snaps easily from one target to another.

- Engaging in Free-aim gives you a slower but finer control over the Crosshair.

- Aim-assist can now also be turned off if you so chooses!

Minor Patch
- Fixed an issue where keyboard is locked whenever a controller/gamepad is detected as being connected, even if you are not actually using said controller. Now the controls will automatically switch to either controller or mouse+keyboard depending on which you last use.


Gunkid 99 is now available exclusively on for FIRST ACCESS!

What is First Access? It's functionally the same as Early Access, except that it's only available here on

So why not have early access on Steam then? Well, early access is not what it once used to be, these days an early access release on Steam is more comparable to a full release. If I release the game on Steam now as is it will very likely be buried immediately.

If you get Gunkid 99 on Itch now, you WILL still receive a Steam key once the game is ready for release on Steam! (you can wishlist it on Steam to be notified of full release)

The game is available now for USD$4.99, with a 10% discount until 21st Oct.

I also just made a discord channel, come chat!

Social Media Discord:

Gunkid 99 is now available on for FIRST ACCESS!

Game Page:

Gunkid 99 is a fast-paced, 2d arena-shooter that is all about getting that HIGH SCORE. Primarily inspired by Super Crate Box, the goal of the game is to earn as high a score as you can by collecting weapon drops throughout a run (and thereby changing your weapon in the process). There's numerous weapons and items to choose from and you can customize your abilities and develop unique play-styles that play to your strength.


Gunkid 99 will be for sale exclusively on Itch during First Access for $4.99 with a launch discount of 10% until 21st Oct. (First Access is functionally the same as early access, just that it is not yet available on Steam)

Buyers will get a Steam code once the game is ready for full release.

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Feel free to write any feedback or suggestions here :)

You can also contact me through these other channels below

Hi all!

If you encounter any bugs while playing, please submit them here. Being more specific would be really helpful.

Thank you! :)


I'm making Gunkid 99, a fast-paced, 2D arena-shooter inspired by SuperCrateBox. It is very arcadey and there is a strong emphasis on getting a Highscore.

Game page:

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Hi there! A  significant portion of my wishlish on Steam came from Brazil, so it'd be really great if you could cover my game :)

I'm making Gunkid 99, a fast-paced, 2D arena-shooter inspired by SuperCrateBox. It is very arcadey and there is a strong emphasis on getting a Highscore.

There's plenty of action going on so it might be something that's suitable for your channel.

Game page: