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Sigil of the Magi demo (seeking feedback!)

A topic by Yongjustyong created 96 days ago Views: 95
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Game page with Demo.

Hello everyone, I'm currently making Sigil of the Magi, a game that combines roguelike deck-building with turn-based tactics combat.
My main sources of inspiration are Slay the Spire and Into the Breach, as well as the more old-school tactics games such as Fire emblem and Advance wars.

You control a party of three champions and traverse through procedurally generated maps, encountering battles and events along the way. Every encounter offers an opportunity to build up your deck of cards - which are essentially skills unique to each champion. Every champion has their own unique pool of cards and can only play a card that is theirs. By working together a party can pull off powerful combos that would not have been possible to achieve with just one champion.

A typical gameplay loop consists of winning a battle and drafting a new card into your deck.

This is still a very early demo and many elements are yet to be finalized. Which is why I'm here seeking feedback! Please play the demo and let me know what you think :)

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