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Good demo. Maybe tweak the body proportions of the character sprites(especially the males), using bases could be useful in that case.
But overall the game story is intriguing, the GUI is well thought out and the music is great. It's like playing through a 80's movies. Keep it up.


Just a little info, please. If I buy this game do I get the complete version or is it an incomplete product?

I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Also, yes I made all the art.
Good luck on finding the other endings.

Thanks for playing.

If you are into visual novels it'd be cool to play my lite psychological horror VN 

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If you guys are into visual novels it'd be cool to play my lite psychological horror VN 

 I'll make the correction soon. Thanks for your hard work.

It seems that everything that can go wrong in one's life is happening to me right now so it might take some time  til I come back at you.
I will look the corrections. I can't wait how many embarrassing thing I left in the script  .
Thanks for helping.   

Now I really don't know what going on. I'll try to reupload the file.


I uploaded the game elsewhere

Mac -

PC -

Let me know if it works.


I uploaded the game elsewhere

Mac -

PC -

Let me know if it works.

There it is.

Sorry to hear it.

That's weird. I managed to start the download. 
Tell me what system you're using (PC or Mac) so I'll upload the game on google drive.

Thanks I give you the link
I'm looking forward for your recommendation either here or link me to a .txt

Thanks again.

I don't have a discord account. Is that a problem?
If not I give you the link to the KN. I made it available for PC and Mac.

I thought you could share the correction on a .txt or here in the comments.
Anyway, let's see if you can even open it at first. :)

Thanks for your time.

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I'm making a kinetic novel right now and I was wondering if I could get at least three members of this community to proofread my game. 

It's a less than 30 min long conversation so you'll be back to your respective lives pretty quick. And of course, you'll be credited for your efforts.

Drop your names in the comments if you're interested. 


Follow the instructions provided in that thread.
That should do the trick.
Good luck.

Good game but you should archive your files don't let the players have access to the assets.

Why Kellyanne, Melania, Tiffany speech bubbles have no background? I could not read her dialogue.

But overall that looks like a funny game. :)

Also what engine did you use to make this game? Looks interesting.

No problem and good luck with your other projects :)


I don't know if you planned it already based on the actual Belle updates but i think it'd be cool to turn some of the backgrounds and/or objets into gifs. The artwork is amazing looking (I really love the style). It reminds me of a webcomic I read entitled "Bicycle Boy" and with the animation provided by a .gif picture the whole thing will look more lively. Anyway, keep up the good work. :)