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I want to play your games!

A topic by seanrugg created Oct 08, 2018 Views: 2,350 Replies: 47
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Hello everyone. For a long time I've wanted to find a way to be a bit more involved in the indie game world. So I started a youtube series where I play Indie games. At the moment I've got a series called Let's Role where I play indie rpg games. I'm really enjoying making them and the response to it has been really nice. So now I'm thinking I wanna do more. More games and more genre's.

Some of the games I find randomly but I also want you to send me links to your games so I can play them. 

One more thing. Some games are long, especially RPG games. So although I want to continue the format of playing lots of games for short periods of time. I'm also considering doing some live streaming so more time can be dedicated to a single game. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in, and then I will do it.




Hi Sean,

I have two RPG-games for you. Benjamin of Blackstone Edge  is a classical coming-of-age tale in which you play as a 17-year-old farm boy in a medieval/fantasy setting. After many adventures and hard choices, if all goes well, you'll end up as the new king. The game has 2 main branches, different ends and many sidequests.

In Moonstone Deep, also an RPG, you can enjoy interesting tales, play detective and solve a hideous crime, fight deadly enemies, solve intriguing puzzles, play minigames, win/lose your money at gambling, loot, trade, open a bank account and much more. Tough choices await you and three possible ends: happy end, bad end, and permadeath. You start in the rich mining village of Moonstone Deep and play as Ryan Manolesta, a thief.

Both games have a FREE demo (the first hour of gameplay), try it out! If you like them, send me an email at and I'll send you free download codes. In the game pages you will find screenshots and videos. Have fun!

Many thanks for offering us this opportunity! Take care.

Corvo Rosso

Thanks for sending these over! The demos will be perfect for the Let's Role series so I'll be sure to check them out.

Many thanks, Sean, feel free to DM me if you have questions!

Take care!


Hey Sean,

I'm keen to see more people give a try at my latest game Jump Jolt!  Not a RPG, but it's silly, frantic, and short play time :)

Hope you give it a try and enjoy it.  Feedback would be much appreciated too!




try this one.. just finished it for a jam...

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I think you would really like my new title DEFENDER 3D which is coming to itch and Steam on the 1st of November. Hook me up and ill send you a few Steam Keys


if you like memes and jokes then this game might be for you


If you are into visual novels it'd be cool to play my lite psychological horror VN 


None of my games are RPGs so probably won't be of interest to you, but just wanted to say thanks for supporting the indie gaming scene! :-)


The plan is to start some more series of different genre indie games, so I want ALL THE INDIE GAMES! So please do feel free to send over yours!

Well in that case here are three free games to be going on with! :-)


Retro arcade:

Turn-based strategy:

Thanks for the opportunity! :-)



Hello cocmodeadgamer


Hello, My game not ready to release, maybe hope soon.

Thanks for support indie games.

Hey Sean,

we just released a new Pre-Alpha build for our upcoming game HyperParasite:

HyperParasite on

The game is a relentless twin-stick shooter/brawler with rogue-lite mechanics set in the roaring 80s.

We thought you might find it interesting.

Nucleo-Tech is a unique top-down shooter experience where you play as Marcus Leo, the vengeful CEO of Nucleo-Tech, as you take revenge on your sworn enemies using deadly and powerful weaponry.

Wreak havoc on your foes and leave none standing in this epic top down shooter!


-Full single-player experience

-12 action packed missions

-4 different boards

-Multiple gun unlocks

-Multiple outfit unlocks

-Multiple upgrades

-Create boards with Creativeplayer

If you enjoy Nucleo-Tech please be sure to let us know. Follow us here on itch. Like us on Facebook and Twitter at Divided By Zero Laboratories. Don't like Nucleo-Tech? No problem, just let us know what we can do to make better games for you. Email us at 

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Hi Sean,

I released a demo for my passion project, Horace, just over a month ago. It's a story driven, platform game about a small robot on a big adventure. Would really appreciate you checking it out.

Itch page:



Retro Dev, a game about "Game Dev Struggles".

Retro Dev is a platformer, rage, adventure game. Each level has a different sound track and each level represents a struggle or other parts of Game Dev.

There is a charismatic "Narrator Guy" who helps you in your journey, he is your tutor, critic and your friend :)


Hi , I have two games to recommend to you. Both are FREE TO PLAY! DO SEND ME A LINK ONCE YOU HAVE DONE A VIDEO ON IT! 

Studio Name: Game Magician Name of Game:Amerak RPG: The Food Magician

Quick Bio of Game: If playing 2D rpg games with a twist of questions is the thing for you. You should really try out Amerak Rpg: The Food Magician! Questions are asking general food, nutrition and health questions. Discover hidden power ups and treasures in objects. 

Amerak  Rpg: The Food  Magician:


Studio Name: Game Magician Name of Game: Emerak 2: Test your English

If you love Art, Music and Language, then you may want to want to learn and test your English skills at Emerak 2. With relaxing art and music, you will calm your mind and find fun working out the answers to English questions.  You can play this in the browser! 

Emerak 2:

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete: The game was in development for a week and is complete. Games are generally short, 5-10minutes game. The purpose is to educate on the respective subjects.

Why you became a game developer in the first place: For a hobby. I always wanted to create games but didnt have the time. Finally i have time this year. And I created the games for education. 

Eat Humans is An attempt at a pseudo realistic"What if" Dinosaur Survival Game, where you play as the Dinosaur

still Alpha but I am working diligently on it ....

free to play windows PC game needs 1.5 gigs of space

be an Honor to have you check it out.


Hey :) This is my first ever game that i have made! It's not an rpg but it's kinda different than the others.  It's short, fun and frustrating at the same time! It's not as polished as the other games so i understand if you arent interested into it! Thanks!

You can find it here:

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their games so far. I've put all your games into a document that I will slowly get through. I'll be recording more videos soon and I may start some kind of stream. I'll post links here when I do!



Not sure if you are still looking for games or not. I'll post just in case you are.

This is my first published game, it is a brutal hard platformer that would probably work well for your short playtime format -- though it might be shorter than what you are looking for.

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Hello Sean, not sure if you are still looking for more games to play, but we recently finished a story based platforming puzzle game that we would love to have you try!

This is the trailer for our game where you play as a character who has the ability to change wavelengths and phase through surfaces. This creates strange puzzles that definitely take some getting used to.

Would love it if you gave it a try.




Hey guys! I have a games that i want to announce to

you might find interesting to play this game. Thank you!


Hey Sean

I've just post my first game and I would love some feedback.  It's just a prototype and more features will be added. So for now it won't take more than 15 mins to get the overall idea of this game.

In this game you are a sword fighter and you can challenge enemies in different scenes and level up and upgrade your weapon.

Hope you can enjoy it.

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Hi I am a Game developer of 3D rpg third person games! Pls download my game! It is free --->


Well, if you're interested...

It's a lengthy satirical RPG made with the help of actress/memestress Catie "Boxxy" Wayne.
I'd be thrilled if you gave it a try!


Old post is old but I'd like to give a personal endorsement for BoxxyQuest.  Love it so much <3




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Oh dear; well thought I'd update people on the status of 'Sean' and their little YouTube thing.

Unfortunately it seems this may have just been a shameless selfish ploy to exploit indie devs that are desperate for ANY kind of exposure.  Get some free keys/games and use them (and their game footage) for resales and/or other purposes.

The YT channel in question linked by the OP earlier.  It has 3 videos with the last video being made around mid-October.  The OP hasn't posted for over a month and hasn't made any new videos in several months.  RIP :(

On the bright side, I'd like to take this opportunity to self-promote a bit and hopefully improve this situation.  I'm a strong supporter of great indie developers that put attention & care into their games.  I'm not Jim Sterling to waste my time with asset flips or other trash.  I'm the admin of the FreshGaming Discord community that seeks to grown and maintain a community for gaming that has fair moderation without arbitrary BS.  Every person (including admins) has to follow the posted rules.  That's how I work.

I've been looking into reinvigorating my semi-dormant Twitch streaming and YouTube video accounts.  Had many poor experiences with both due to copyright trolls so if indie devs here really want exposure then perhaps I can get some good quality content as well.

If anyone here is interested in getting some promotion for their game they should follow a few bits of advice on the state of YT/streaming for those not aware of things.  This'll be a bit 'wall of text' because formatting is silly on these forums.

  • You're gonna need to self-promote in addition to asking people to play & make videos on the game.
  • Most major YT people need to be paid for their work as 'free games' are so plentiful and they get so many offers that they have to refuse nearly all non-paid work.
  • The YT DMCA abuse by trolls and jerks has upset and driven off many content creators.  Those that left (once again) only typically do videos in return for compensation.
  • Some notable YTers I know who might be into trying out indie games are Skylent, Fevir, TheLazyPeon, and OrangeHatter.  Though Orange Hatter uploads once a month at best, the rest of them upload fairly regularly.  If you aren't afraid of super-harsh criticism then you can try poking Jim Sterling and SidAlpha.  As for others, I have either not seen their content or I haven't seen them take particular interest in indie/unknown games.
  • The thing about KNOWN games is that doing a video on something like WarFrame is GUARANTEED interest & views & analytics & channel promotion.  We all have limited time to play games (let alone make them) or keep track of the hundreds of thousands of games on PC and mobile that are flooding the markets.
  • Please think carefully on why someone should spend limited time to play/promote your game.  Think of the time involved in creating, editing, and uploading a video to YT.  Take that into consideration when negotiating compensation.  If you are unable to provide compensation then be up-front about it.  Pretty simple hopefully.

Now if anyone reading that wall is still not running away then feel free to get in touch with me exclusively via Discord.  I want to weed out potential scammers and Discord provides me the control to do proper moderation on my terms.

When joining my Discord server, please identify yourself by your developer studio/name/game and that you are responding to my itchio posting.  You will also be able to check out my Discord profile and see the links to my YT/Twitch/Twitter/etc.  I'm hesistant to post them all here as I'd like to avoid spammers.

Keep in mind that those new to Discord (or the server) might need to wait ~10 minutes before being able to chat and/or send DMs.  So don't be alarmed when you join and see the timer.  Just wait it out; it is there to deter spammers.

If anyone is willing to proceed in chatting with me on Discord, then we can hash out requirements, compensation, and so on.  I am interested in nearly all types of games but I'm a fairly harsh critic when it comes to technical issues.  Feel free to check my Steam reviews to get an idea of my review style.

Thank you to anyone & everyone who managed to read the entire post and make it this far.  You are AWESOME!  As a special treat, when joining my server please PM me with the code 'pancakefire101' for a special surprise :)


I am the only person who knows where your daughter is. She only has a limited supply of air, Jeff, and if you want to get her back, you'll have to play a game.

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Hello all! Sorry for not updating sooner! 

I am continuing to add all your games to my growing list. I just haven't had time to make any videos.

The current plan is to continue to make videos like on the youtube channel but stream them live on Twitch. This cuts out the need to edit/upload etc so I should be able to make content more often.

A quick response to DaedalusMachina. I understand the suspicion but I can confirm I have not had any free games or free keys or done any kind of reselling of anything.  Like you said in your post "Think of the time involved in creating, editing, and uploading a video to YT." I have a full time job and a family plus a handful of other personal projects. Anyway despite those excuses I will trrrryyyyy to make more stuff soon.

No one needs to send me any keys as I will buy your games when I get around to playing them. Just a link to the store page is enough.



Fast placed game I've just made, just for fun


eyy give us all ya games

Hey everyone! We are going live on twitch. If you want us to play  your game send us it in the chat!

If ya have an android feel free to give this one a shot!  It's not listed on itch, but I do have other games. Good luck Sean!

Hey everyone, later today we will be streaming your games on twitch! I'll start streaming some time between 9-10pm uk time. Send us your games during the stream and we will play them live!

Hi seanrugg, I just released my first game Miko's Adventures a couple of days ago right here :

Hope you enjoy playing it :)

Hey Scan. I've recently started a new game project that I think is great content for YT and I'm trying to get some content creators involved. Here is the link in case you are interested:

Hey Sean! I'd like to submit my hand painted game ARENA! 

you can watch the trailer here:

and you can download it for mac and windows here:

I hope you like it! :D 

i'm not sure if this is your thing, but you might like it.

a screen shot

a screen shot
if you like real time combt?

Give ours a go if you are up to it.

Hi Sean,

I made my first game in Unity. Other games will follow.

I just wanted to post a quick update here. Really appreciate that people are still sending their games over.  I'm not really doing the youtube thing anymore but what I am doing is streaming fairly regularly on Twitch. So be sure to follow and join me as I play your games live!

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