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Off Topic:
Can someone please tell me why 'suspended account' text is still visible?  They're promoting porn links FFS.  For those who are absolutely curious (and of legal age) just right click and copy and paste link in a web browser but put a + at the end so that it shows only a preview of where it redirects.

On Topic: 
I love that this game is being promoted just in time for All Hallows Eve again ;)

Having the (loud as heck) music start playing as soon as I load a game's webpage is NOT ok!
Having it then be some HTML5 game that I wasn't aware was an HTML5 game because 'Web' wasn't marked properly is another issue.

HTML5 games on the main website need to be forced to always be CLICK TO PLAY.
I'm starting to regret telling others about or promoting any of these games if the website can't be bothered to put in such a basic consumer-facing feature into their service.

Does buying on provide a free steam key with that purchase?

You can try asking the dev where the save-games are and then download the game via the desktop application again and transfer your save games over, then uninstall the existing non-itch install.

Hello; I'd like to request that devs uploading games to itch be automatically linked to the QuickStart Guide so that they can support their games in the desktop application.  Having to poke each and every dev to do so is a bit troublesome on my end.

If it were me, I'd go so far as to making it mandatory (like how Steam makes compatibility with their client be mandatory for sale), however I understand itch likes to suggest rather than strong-arm so that's up to how admins wanna do it.

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If you all are wanting some content created for the game (stream, YT video), I've read the 'book report edition' blurb and would be interested in doing a writeup in exchange for an key (or even a Steam key, either one is ok).

Please let me know if this interests you; I'd love to introduce the game to my gaming community.

EDIT:  The 'book report' key still requires an initial game purchase.  Oh well :(

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I'm not telling you to ignore it.  I'm telling you to be more productive in how you go about dealing with this issue.
Personally I don't know how/why such downloads are bothering you.  If those users are asking you for support then you just use an automated response that the game is meant for the Windows OS and there is no support for any other operating systems.

This may also be an opportunity for you to consider making a mobile (paid) version of your item and make some money off of it instead.  Turn an annoyance into a profitable venture.

But hey what do I know?  You'd rather sit here complaining about it instead of doing something more productive ;)

EDIT:  You're already using Unity and most of your games don't seem to have any gameplay that would exclude a (paid) mobile port.  Might also help to offer a (Google Translated) arabic version of your store page/blurb so that those visitors actually understand what you're saying.

This is a super cute idea.  Reminds me of an olddd retro game on the Sega Mega Drive (16-bit) back in the day.  Can't remember the name of it but it had a similar 'spin around to avoid obstacles' gimmick.

Cute idea, although that's neither how dialysis works nor how cross-circulation works.

It is a cute original concept despite the odd premise.  Kudos ^_^

This is starting to become more of a racist thread against people you don't like, rather than a productive thread about educating consumers about proper downloads.  How about we be more productive instead?

Perhaps some wording changes on the download page itself regarding items meant only for Windows/Mac/Android or other Operating Systems.

To use a similar analogy, I doubt anyone in this thread knows how to take apart a car engine and put it back together or even how it works in explicit detail, yet we drive cars every single day.  Some people drive a car and just pay someone else to do basic maintenance.

There is such a thing as 'tethering' where someone uses/pretends to be using a mobile user-agent string in order to bypass supposed spying/restrictions on their home internet (or if they are unable to get home internet due to cost or other factors).  It would be foolish to immediately presume malicious intent without significantly more data.

If these downloads are bothering you, then edit your page to make it clear that the downloads are not meant for mobile operating systems.  If these same users are bothering you with support requests for when exe files don't work on mobile, you ignore them.  I feel that would be far more productive then this length 2+ page rant about it.

The subtitle means 'The Eyes of the World'.  Just in case anyone was wondering ;)

You're making fun of people who tend to live in countries so repressive that they can literally be killed by their government for accessing/downloading certain material.

Technological illiteracy there tends to be the fault of the oppressive regime that severely limits access to new information at their whim.

You should focus on more productive endeavors.

I legit never knew that site existed.  Thanks for the info!  <3

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I do so appreciate the correction ~87 days later.  Really nice sleuthing there, chief ;)

Also anyone who links to Wikipedia is someone that has no business discussing things on the internet.  :P
Wikipedia is still complete trash.

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Please consider contacting the 'Blue Maxima Flashpoint' Flash Preservation Project here:

Consider providing an open/permissive license for them to preserve and archive your flash games for posterity <3
Doing so will also reach a much wider audience than!

They have a Discord server linked on that page that you can join.  Tell them you're a game dev interested in contributing your games and they will help with the rest.  ;)

I fully admit my own ignorance of this project prior to someone PMing me about it on my Discord server.  It is absolutely wonderful that a 'sandboxed' archive of flash games/demos and gaming history can be preserved for posterity.  ^_^

The way they preserve games runs them in a contained sandbox and mitigates issues with system-based Flash installs or any Flash malware.

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That feeling when someone completely ignores a post...

Ok so for anyone who wants to just run these WITHOUT installing Flash, here you go:

If I were the dev, I'd have already converted them all to EXE files and included two 7z archives; one with SWF files and one with EXE files so that people can grab the ones they want.

Also one does not assume that people have Flash installed on their system since both Flash and Java have been completely deprecated for about a decade now.  YT and even most pr0n sites stopped using it; those that insist on Flash being installed have seen their userbases drastically shrink.  Adobe has been promoting their AIR system which is the descendent of the old Flash Runtimes.  Those that still require JRE to be installed have suffered a similar decline.  MineCraft was the big one and they started including Java bundled with the game itself as a portable custom version that doesn't require system install.

I've read up on the zip vs 7z thing and it seems uploads are automatically zipped.  I guess I'm asking for alternate downloads in 7z format for those that are on lower-end hardware (such as the ones that typically play flash games).

This post has some great advice; grassroots-style marketing does take longer but can be built-up over time.

Just make sure to follow the rules of whatever forum you post in so that you aren't 'spamming' adverts.

For example, on my Discord server I keep a dedicated channel for self-promotion, referral links, friend codes, and other such bits.  Anyone who just joins up and asks to partner (without having even participated) or tries to spam a link ends up getting booted.

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Looks like I'm ~330 days later but here's a comment for ya =D
For anyone interested, the demo seems to 'work best in Chrome' so just grab a portable version of Chromium and away you go :)

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One last bit I'd like to add:  When trying out test streams for yourself, make note of any issues/workarounds and include them in your 'streamer friendly' instructions when asking streamers to do their thing.

Also include a clear unambiguous 'free use' content license so that there's no issues.

Here's a dev that has a dedicated page with streaming/recording permission.

Streaming & Let’s Play Permissions
With the issue of legal threats being leveled at YouTube and Twitch broadcasters, we want to make sure that we give everyone permission to broadcast Race the Sun.
Flippfly, LLC hereby gives permission to:
– Record and publish video of Race the Sun gameplay along with accompanying sounds and music.
– Monetize said video with advertisements or promotions.
Notes: All of the music in Race the Sun is original and is exclusive to the game. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us! We are happy to provide review copies of Race the Sun to the press and YouTube “Let’s Players”

I'm not generally one to look a (free) gift horse in the mouth but...flash?  Really now?

I understand that porting them to something like HTML5 may take a bit of work, but it would be far better to do than to tell people to grab a SWF player.  This isn't one like DOSBox that is open-source and feature-complete.

You could just convert them to self-contained EXE files (contains the player embedded within that 'just works').  Would take a few minutes at most.

Also with the size of the files, 7-zip may be a good idea to offer as a secondary/alternate download for those on limited bandwidth.

I wish you the best of luck with your Patreon endeavors.

I don't care what your race/sexuality are.  I only care about what you can create and offer for sale to your players/customers.  If you offer it for free then feel free to make whatever you want.  If you're charging money, then a bit of audience research/expecations goes a long way towards a more profitable outcome.

Games have been created by women since the late 80s and early 90s:  King's Quest, Halo series, Bare Knuckle (Streets of Rage) series, and so on.  I only start to care about the person who created it only after they make something worth playing.  Otherwise, if all they succeed in doing is making a waste of time then they deserve no attention or respect for doing so purely by virtue of being born a certain way.

Jim Sterling loves to rail on 'CAAApitalism' as a thing.  Sadly only he seems to call it that but it is still funny ;)
Start off with a plan on how you want to run your business and then do that.  Those who plan to fail are the ones who fail to plan.

There's a site called indieexpo that allows RPG Maker games to be played in the browser.  I absolutely hated it.  It was often buggy, glitchy, broken, and made things a mess and a waste of time.

If a dev can't be bothered to test their game, they cannot expect their players to pay attention to it.

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The single biggest issue in why a game doesn't sell well (from my experience) tends to be a lack of marketing/hype.
There needs to be a person who has made a video on it and plays through the game; uninterrupted.  Not just a trailer but actual gameplay.

Indie devs are expecting streamers/youtubers to do work for free in exchange for a game key when most of them doing it professionally (with larger audiences) will balk at that kind of request.  Kindly don't waste their time.  If you are unable to have a budget for marketing then you end up doing the work instead.

So many indie devs don't bother setting up a website, Discord server, or any sort of presence outside of the store page itself and that does no favors.

The OP (MaxSMoke777) is vastly overestimating the audience that uses & plays VR games.  VR is incredibly niche and you would have a larger audience if your games were on a more widely-available platform instead of a VR-exclusive for specific headset brands.  VR is 0.5% of Steam's total playerbase and that says quite a lot in and of itself.

To be a bit frank, far too many of the responses in this thread seem to be self-deprecating crap (or even worse, blaming customers for not DARING to engage with your VISION) or egotistical rants on the gaming market.

If you are selling things then you need to treat yourself like a business and act accordingly.  Sink or swim; there's no room for floundering too long.  I've actually advised several indie devs on my FreshGaming discord server about a few bits; mostly harsh advice that they either improve upon or give up on.

The sheer sense of entitlement that I see here about devs who have some absurd expectation that money and customers will automagically appear just because they release a game...just wow.  >_>

Kindly temper your expecations accordingly, ok?  Ok.

Marketing 101; maybe only do game dev if you already have a regular full-time job to pay the bills.  Game dev is a hobby up until the point you start making enough money to do it full time.  Going full-time without a safety net is incredibly risky.

This might be useful:

The admin Leafy would need to contact them and get additional info and provide the data for them to respond with accurate pricing strategies.
The 'race to the bottom' in pricing does a disservice for both indie devs and gamers alike.  Gamers can't tell what is 'good' or not based on price alone.  Free games that are fun and amazing (WarFrame) or paid games that are absolute exploitative gamblebox crap (Mortal Kombat 11).

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There's a meme oft-posted and oft-repeated but I feel it is relevant now more than ever before:

Also this article:,39205.html

People can complain about new platforms or they can embrace the market and see it as an opportunity.  If you want casual gamers then throw your hat in the mobile ring.  If you want less competition then go for the console crowd.  If you want to make the best games possible as amazing works of art that will live on for decades to come, go with PC.  ^_^

I'm somewhat more concerned with the unregulated gambling that goes on with impunity in mobile, console, and PC games alike; whether free or paid doesn't seem to matter.  If that type of bullshit can be completely squashed (likely through regulatory means) then the market will naturally contract and things may calm down a bit.

Honestly I feel there's a certain niche that the market has yet to fill.  RPG games that take less than 4 hours to complete, are cross-platform on PC & mobile, and have no additional purchases beyond paying for it initially, and tell a full/complete story without any sequel-baiting bullshit or half-assed endings.

Respect the time of your target audience and you shall reap the bounties within.

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I'd actually like to respond with a bit more detail.

-Borderless Fullscreen-Windowed and just regular 'Windowed' modes are crucial to have.  If there is only exclusive full screen as an option then it can't be streamed easily without hack-y workarounds.

-There should be resolution support up to and including any monitor resolutions supported by the OS/GPU/Display.  There is no excuse.  Anything less is laziness because most (decent) game engines come with that level of support right out of the box.

-If applicable, there should be the following options:

Text customization such as font, size, style (bold/italic/etc), color
An in-game gui method to alter the FOV for any 3D games
Colorblind options for visual elements
Text alternatives for audio elements
Cross-platform support for Win/Mac/Linux-based OSes and possibly mobile devices if applicable

-Browser games typically don't command the type of audience that also watches these YouTubers/Streamers (aka enthusiast/hardcore audience).  You'd honestly be better off putting browser games cross-platform on mobile as well and making money through passive (sensible) adverts; avoid the rapidly-flashing crap please.

-Try to stream the game yourself with OBS (Open Broadcast Studio) and see how well it works.  Having 'streamer friendly' instructions for OBS ready-to-go will also be a nice way for new streamers to jump in and try it out.  ^_^

Zack, I absolutely flipping love you right now <3

I still remember my Apple IIe days playing Math Muncher and Oregon Trail in the computer lab on those incredibly-rare days that we'd be able to use it.  In joining my school's computer club, it was just a way to use the computers more than once every other month lol.  Kinda sad that the computer lab would go unused for days at a time because teachers didn't feel like using it.  :(

I have to say that video games have had the single greatest impact on my life when it comes to learning things through tangential learning.  I would say that I could assist you in coming up with several dozen bits of tangential learning opportunities (with full lesson plans) but I'd need to of course get paid for that.  Not sure if your school's budget permits hiring a consultant ;)

Here's some freebies though:

-Many turn-based 8-bit and 16-bit RPGs in general are typically excellent for vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of the English language.  Check out the Final Fantasy series.  Not perfect but still nice.  I'd highly recommend Final Fantasy 6 in particular.  An entire curriculum could be drawn around the various themes of the game, the characters, the world design, the philosophy of the human condition, the ethics of theft/vandalism against an oppressive totalitiarian force (think 1984 but interactive) and dozens of other topics.

-I learned the word 'anasthetic' from Ninja Gaiden 1 for NES.  Please don't completely discount a game just because of genre or the type of game it is.

-Final advice:  Nearly any (good) game can be a learning opportunity.  Some classic examples are the 'Civilization' series of games.  There's a FLOSS (Free and Libre Open Source Software) clone called 'FreeCiv' which would be excellent for the classroom IMHO.

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Do you have proof of that or are we just supposed to blindly trust you when your blurb literally says 'this is a virus'?

Doki Doki Literature Club did the 'meta' aspect of gaming already and did it far better than this shit.  Threatening users with viruses/malware is not the way to do gaming.

I'm not a fan of malware masquerading as a 'game' that alters or messes with the files on the computer without knowledge/consent.

Reminds me of this shit:

Might be cute to run in a virtual machine, but such a 'game' is still MALWARE and not suitable for the market.

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I'm both amazed and astounded by this game.  It is...something.
The (sole) indie dev working on it obviously has a great deal of talent, skill, and dedication.
Unfortunately, none of those traits translate into the actual game itself.  It is basically 'what if a 10 year old boy made an action game'.
The most positive things I can say about this game are that it has an FOV slider (which actually works) and resolution options (which are janky but also work).

Bikini woman? check.
Big not-Diablo villian with barely-discernible voice acting?  check.
Ultra flashy combos? check.

The game froze whenever I opened the menu while in the game (bound to the M key apparently).
There's no control remapping (wut) or any indication of what controls do what purpose.

This game may be a bit TOO early in development; I'd actually say the dev should consider doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for an actual team to help polish/finish the game.  By my amateur estimates it seems about ~2 years of work to make it a solid indie action game.  Maybe ~1 year or less only if hiring veteran game devs who know what they want to do and how to do it ASAP.

All the trailers and videos in the world won't help; this is the type of game that needs an actual game demo prior to release.

I gave ya'll a blurb.  Absolutely love how creative/amazing it is.  Reminds me of the 'music' based games like Crypt of the Necrodancer. ;)

This is an interesting idea; maybe sketch out something on MSPaint to provide a visual aid for what you're asking to do?
Or if you're skilled in video editing, maybe whip up something in a video and post it on YT?

Leafo, thanks so much for assisting the developer!
As a gamer myself, I also feel much better having the download direct from the servers of the store selling it.

Also be sure to let @Gamerdude developer know about how to use butler and such to make sure their game works correctly with the desktop application :)

The game is fantastic work.  Kudos to you and the entire dev team!  <3
I hope in the future that game devs can unionize so that students looking to get into game dev don't have to do a 'regular' job just to pay bills and can focus on game dev as an actual career.

I'm glad to see that the link was finally taken care of.  It may be worthwhile to just ask itch about hosting the download and provide the purchaser with an download key that they can claim to their account (I believe these are generated and provided automatically to those who buy via

That's a cute point, but if we want to talk 'retro' in that sense, the game would be made to run on Windows 98SE and use the ZIP format that has been around as long.  Almost nobody used RAR once ZIP came along.

You don't know me very well, do ya?
Not taking your bait, princess.


I get what you are saying but I also feel that the design/implementation is on your shoulders rather than that of the website.

The primary focus should be on end-user experience first and foremost.  Multiple-'click to play' things that aren't YT videos are a negative end-user experience.  Even when they are YT videos it can force the page to load much slower than normal.

Consider using a game engine (like GoDoT) that natively supports exporting to HTML5 so you can fully experiment with your ideas standalone prior to making it a 'web app'.