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And as soon as you said that, YT did shut down the trailer.  I'd recommend posting it to another video hosting website that permits 18+ material.

That's what my desktop app says about this game.  Was it a claimable thing before going free or is there something I missed?  It seems that I can only get the 'Lite' version (even though it is downloadable by everyone now) rather than the 'Full' version.
I'm asking for a release history overview, not begging for a free game.  That's all :)

This 'project' is a violation of all libretro and related software licensing including the non-commercial licenses of relevant emulator cores.  Under NO circumstances is this kind of thing permitted to be done with bundling the emulator with the ROM file (even a ROM you created) to be sold or distributed together.

Devs can either make a proper PC version or distribute ONLY the ROM file itself without the emulator.  That's on them.  They didn't make the emulator so they don't get to bundle it either.

Please consider adding in something on the game page to VERY CLEARLY STATE that this is an unofficial fan game and not an official release.  Thanks!

Also as a bonus, link to the official GalaxyTrail profile and/or Freedom Planet 2 page on (or their website).

I know free is free, but it was originally $3 USD so if they feel it is worth a price at all then the developer should be willing to handle some critique.

That feeling when a dev doesn't feel like putting in the effort to just make a puzzle platformer so they make it an 'autorunner' instead like some terrible mobile game.

What a shame honestly.  Great ideas with terrible execution.

The visual aesthetic is great, however the sound effects are a bit too 'Atari' which doesn't fit the 8-bit graphics IMHO.  Needs more 'NES' sounds instead of 'Atari' ones.  There also isn't any music and I feel that detracts from the experience.

The intro was a bit confusing (not sure when you are able to take control) but I'll chalk that up to a personal thing on my end.

TLDR: Needs some chiptune-style 8-bit music and sound effects that sync with the visual aesthetic.  I know they wanted to make an 'autorunner' but even by the (low) standards of that genre I don't feel it works well outside of the mobile space.

I'm inclined to believe there's no Steam key option available for those who obtained the game during the free promotion, likely by design.  I would appreciate an update to the main game page to let people know that the Steam key is only available to those who paid for the game.  Thanks so much for the temporary free giveaway and I look forward to my playthrough :)

You state the following on the game page above:

!!!Free Steam Key!!!

Yet there is no information on how to acquire/redeem such key.  Please provide this information to your audience.

Since this poster failed to list it, here's the source:

Original Author: Trevor Slocum

I think editing the second 'room' may be in order.  This may be a 'joke' game that is purposefully designed to waste time and cannot be completed.  Fortunately it is open-source so I await a release made to increase the default/base speed of the controlled creature as well as removing/modifying an obstacle in the second room that prevents completion.

Kinda wished they removed the hot pink and nearly-illegible text but if that's what they think 90s nostalgia is then who am I to worry about it.  Would've just preferred they watched an episode of 'Saved by the Bell' to learn what the old retro style really was like.  This just feels like a cheap/lazy imitation compared to the days of yesteryear.  I do appreciate the creator removing the spinning floppy disk nonsense at least.

But as for the game itself, no complaints.  Will put it on my to-play list once I dig through my backlog a bit.

Got it on Steam; thanks for the release Matt!

I think you've forgotten you're on my Discord server.  I checked in here after a month(ish) and I'm pretty terrible about logging into stuff outside of Discord and Steam.

I'm happy to hear that you've found some enjoyment in working on teams.  There are 'jam' style teams that work on a variety of projects but most of those (that I know of) primarily need people who are either highly-technical (can do specialized coding) or are otherwise passionate about a specific thing (like Phantasy Star series or something) enough to learn about it and help whenever possible.  People with multiple-language proficiencies (reading/speaking/writing) in English and other languages are also highly-desirable.

All that said, working with a team sounds fantastic and my Discord server (as mentioned before) has a gamedev channel where you can ask any gamedevs if they're in need of people and what skills they have a use for.  It isn't all volunteer work either as many/most positions can be paid if you meet the qualifications.  I've also mentioned you could assist with stuff like game testing for alpha/beta games in development and learn about the process more from experts in the field (sorta an unpaid internship but without the typical demand on your time).  Personally had to step back a bit from doing that on a few games I'd signed up previously to test due to hardware limitations and my computer being close to burning out one of these days.  Gotta replace things before it happens but hardware shortages are still a thing in many parts of the USA.

If you ever feel like you want to take a break to do something else, please don't hesitate to ask either on my server or any indiedev type community.  If you're looking for paid positions then who you know is more important than what you know.  Networking is key!

I'm not sure if you've already got some music for the game in mind, but you may want to get in touch with 'SpaghettiLord1010#2985' on my Discord and see if any of their public free music might suit the ambiance of your game.

They're also a gamedev and have struggled with getting noticed online.  Making a career-shift to audio engineering was a really fantastic move for them :)

Do what you feel works for you and as always if you require help don't be afraid to ask for it.  Advice, tips, links, etc.  One thing I learned as an adult is that a 'real' adult is someone who isn't afraid to ask for help when needed.  Trying to do everything solo is a recipe for burnout.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences and challenges with doing gamedev.  You are an inspiration to others even if you may not realize it at this moment.  :)
I wish you the best of good fortune in succeeding in what you wanna do.  I've personally found keeping a regular schedule helps a great deal with many things including keeping good health.

A good bit of advice from Josh Strife Hayes (fantastic content creator): "Make being healthy the easiest and laziest option possible.  Set things up so that doing the healthy things requires the least amount of effort."  He gave an example of setting it up so that he always has vitamin bottle ready on the counter when he gets up in the morning or he won't bother to take them, etc.

Does this game allow for rebinding the controls?

Hello.  I have only one request: for the sake of game preservation/posterity please allow this demo to remain up even after the final/full game is released (and/or a different demo is created).  It is fantastic to see the progression of a game from early days to the final build.  :)

Ok I know you meant to evoke 90s nostalgia with this background but the rapidly-spinning floppy disks are a bit much.  Request slower/no rotation if possible.  Thanks!

Sometimes it helps to set a 'development roadmap' of sorts, a generalized/yearly one and then set SMART goals (specific measurable achievable realistic timely) by the week and if you want to do a further breakdown by day (or even by hour) you can do that.  Set yourself to 8 hour or 10/12 hour workdays depending on how you feel about it and your general activity levels.  A creative mind works best when it is well-rested, rejuvenated, hydrated, nourished, etc.

We can always wait as long as it takes for something to get done.  The update videos are lovely and I'm happy you decided to release them :)

If you like, one way to possibly do things is to have a 'partial'/trial old version (maybe stopping at a certain point) be your free demo/trial with the revamped/main version being the paid one.  There are many paid games on itch that do the same thing on the same page.

I see a great deal of 'inspiration' from certain cultures regarding the font/lettering choices and some of the artwork.  Looks wonderful :)

Old but gold!  Kupo!  :)

Also perhaps some more 'splatter' options including dark purple :)

I'd like to request the inclusion of another alternate font option (if possible) called 'Lexend Deca' that is also designed to be much easier to read for many people.


License:  Open Font License (use for any purpose but no warranty given)

Thank you for the kind words.  I didn't mean to just jump into things but I dislike when innocent game devs are falsely accused of malice when they use an open-source project that gets false-flagged by terrible antivirus vendors.  Unfortunately there are many malicious (and ignorant) game devs out there who take advantage of PC and mobile gamers alike and attempt to surreptiously install trojans, spyware, malware, and/or crypto miner software.  The worst I've seen is as I mentioned there are games that attempt to install malware/spyware and claim it is an 'anti cheat' kernel driver.

Although I'm not 100% certain as to ways to mitigate this, there's a few helpful links I found doing a quick search on it:

VirusTotal is not foolproof, nor does it update/configure each antivirus for optimal effectiveness.  There's a correlation between how much money can be made (selling the data to security researchers and companies for example) and the bandwidth/scanning costs associated with doing things 'for free'.  It is a moving target, basically.

As always if anyone gets detections in whatever antivirus/antimalware you use, please be kind enough to at least ask the game developer the what and whys before throwing accusations.  If you are tech-saavy or know someone who is tech-saavy and possibly check network traffic with wireshark or through other methods, then you have a bit more to go on than gut feeling.

If any gamedev comes across this, just know that RenPy is an open-source toolkit for game developers to make visual novel games.  There is no malware involved.  Always get RenPy from the official website:
That's the DOT ORG  domain, not .com or .net or anything else.  When in doubt, search using a reliable search engine (I use and then go to the website through that link instead of typing it in directly.

(1 edit)

This is what is called a 'false positive', especially when literally every other antivirus in the list says it is ok.  RenPy games are often false-flagged due to being 'exe packed'.  If you look at the notes it says 'contains elf' and 'contains pe' which point to why it was flagged.  Most antimalware vendors have white-flagged RenPy stuff because they know that it isn't malicious (RenPy being an open-source project) so they know how it works.

If you bothered to throw it into a VM and monitor traffic with wireshark or otherwise ask other trusted techie people before throwing around accusations, then you would look far less foolish here.

Speaking of foolish, repeating what some people from Reddit have (falsely) claimed means you're taking the flak for their bad information.  Again don't believe everything you read.

You can state factually 'I scanned this in Virustotal both exe and zip and some detections came up so I dunno seems sus can anyone verify'.  That means you're concerned over the potential for malware but aren't making accusations without proof.

I've literally called out a certain ported-from-mobile Steam PC release as malware due to a kernel-level spyware driver they install using powershell scripts and claim it as 'anti cheat' (for an offline single-player experience).  Then before I had the opportunity to post a detailed technical breakdown (that I was working on), ReddiTrash and others felt free to plagiarize my work instead (taking credit for the discovery for clicks/karma).

Be vigilant but also be ready to prove what you state.  Since the dev has been active here it is an easy case of 'hey what is this' type of deal.  The dev can mitigate this in some ways since RenPy is open-source and certain features can be enabled/disabled to avoid most false detections.  However, doing so may lead to a much larger file size and a drop in optimization/performance so the tradeoff may not be worthwhile.

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Elodain, the level of arrogance and entitlement in your comment is beyond words.  Holy cow.
Don't believe everything you read online.  The only way something is 'free' is if the gamedev themselves puts it for free on the official store page, not what some 3rd party website claims.  If you want to complain about inaccuracies, go to that website and yell at them instead of the gamedev!

I'm one of those who missed out on the free deal, but despite that I don't demand or expect it to be free just because I asked.  I'll wait for a sale or play something else as there are plenty of games out there to enjoy.

I kinda wanted to do this via DM/PM, but no such system exists on the platform to my knowledge.  I am on the Discord network (linked in my profile) if you prefer to use that method of contact.  Fortunately it supports e-mail signups (no phone # required) and browser-based access (so no download or apps required to use it).  I'm considering a shift to a self-hosted 'Matrix' instance (basically Discord but open-source and self-hosted) in the future once other aspects of my life fall into place.

Lengthy blurb out of the way, yes I'd appreciate if you could send me a key (an itch key and/or Steam key) privately so that I can give the game a good shake and promote it on my Discord server and to other networks that I participate in.

I'd also like to chime in here in agreement with the person you replied to.  It takes a great deal of fortitude and courage to come out and admit these kinds of things, especially to strangers on the internet.  I admire and appreciate the work you have done and continue to do.  I will do what I can on my end to help you out as a cheerleader if nothing else :)

Because every average user who isn't tech-saavy runs everything inside a sandbox/VM or even knows what a VM is.  You can literally run malware in a VM but that doesn't mean we don't need to acknowledge the presence of said malware in the first place.

OpenJDK is not trivial or 'easy' to access, install, or use outside of GNU/Linux-based operating systems.  Unless you want to link to downloads or write an entire guide on the topic, this doesn't solve the issue at hand.

Also telling users to 'just Google it' doesn't help.

Might wanna do a search before refusing accurate factual information:

A well-known issue that, as I've stated before, I'm old enough to have been around for quite some time.  There are ways to 'opt out' but none of that should be 'opted in' by default.  That's why Steam (for PC Gaming) was so beloved: it bypassed and prevented that nonsense (for the most part) from being auto-installed to affect the rest of the system.

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I appreciate and respect your amazing fantastic work with a variety of Freelancer mods, Why485.
That said, they should still follow the licenses of the code they use.  I titled this thread 'PLEASE' attribute because I am not sure if the code they are using REQUIRES attribution or not.  It is just a nice gesture.
It becomes plagiarism when people claim the work of others as their own.  A simple attribution in the docs/credits is all that would be needed.  Code that is open-sourced can still be plagiarized if the license is not followed.
They are using open-sourced code yet said code doesn't require them to release changes to the code or open-source any parts of it themselves.  Their project here is completely closed-source despite benefiting from the open-source community so the LEAST they could do is attribute the work of others whose code they used.  That's all I ask.

I'd appreciate if the devs could upload it to and maybe link to it so people can appreciate/access it easier.

Although I missed the free giveaway, I am appreciative of all the work you've done as well as your passion and dedication.
That said, take care of yourself first so that you're still around to enjoy the fruits of your work!

Also don't feel the need to fit an arbitrary word count.  If you remove conjunctions then the word count drops far quicker before the reader realizes how empty it is.  Quality > Quantity.

Seems Slippy the Toad got suckered into paying for WinZip, whoops!
Here, try this!

Free, Libre, Open-Source Software.  Enjoy!

If true, this is really awesome to hear.  I would still appreciate if the Underspace dev could attribute Why485 for their contributions.

Your project isn't open-sourced, but you seem to be using the code from another creator who already did the heavy-lifting for camera movement and other bits:

While they are awesome and MIT-licensed their code, it is still kinda sus to slap your name on it wholesale without crediting the people whose work/code you used.  Plagiarism isn't a good look, please at least credit the work of someone who is responsible for your underlying flight code/tech. :P

Thank you for the kind response; I appreciate that you attributed Why485 on the Github at least
I wasn't aware of Underspace until you mentioned it so I'll poke them as well.

Your project isn't open-sourced, but you seem to be using the code from another creator who already did the heavy-lifting for camera movement and other bits:

While they are awesome and MIT-licensed their code, it is still kinda sus to slap your name on it wholesale without crediting the people whose work/code you used.

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I would use 'AntiMicro' instead of Joy2Key as AntiMicro is open-sourced and more secure.  You know exactly how it works and that it isn't doing anything shady in the background.  Also has Linux support!

There are also a few presets, including one that I contributed for Guild Wars 2 :)
Check out the presets and then adjust for your needs.  If you still need further assistance, I can help you out live via Discord.  I've got a link in my itch profile.