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This is an interesting idea; maybe sketch out something on MSPaint to provide a visual aid for what you're asking to do?
Or if you're skilled in video editing, maybe whip up something in a video and post it on YT?

Leafo, thanks so much for assisting the developer!
As a gamer myself, I also feel much better having the download direct from the servers of the store selling it.

Also be sure to let @Gamerdude developer know about how to use butler and such to make sure their game works correctly with the desktop application :)

The game is fantastic work.  Kudos to you and the entire dev team!  <3
I hope in the future that game devs can unionize so that students looking to get into game dev don't have to do a 'regular' job just to pay bills and can focus on game dev as an actual career.

I'm glad to see that the link was finally taken care of.  It may be worthwhile to just ask itch about hosting the download and provide the purchaser with an download key that they can claim to their account (I believe these are generated and provided automatically to those who buy via

That's a cute point, but if we want to talk 'retro' in that sense, the game would be made to run on Windows 98SE and use the ZIP format that has been around as long.  Almost nobody used RAR once ZIP came along.

You don't know me very well, do ya?
Not taking your bait, princess.


I get what you are saying but I also feel that the design/implementation is on your shoulders rather than that of the website.

The primary focus should be on end-user experience first and foremost.  Multiple-'click to play' things that aren't YT videos are a negative end-user experience.  Even when they are YT videos it can force the page to load much slower than normal.

Consider using a game engine (like GoDoT) that natively supports exporting to HTML5 so you can fully experiment with your ideas standalone prior to making it a 'web app'.

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Nazis are not people.  They are lower than cockroaches.  They are the punching bags of society and rightly deserve every bit of scorn, spew, and spite thrown in their fucking faces.

That said, if any protected groups get discriminated against, throw a report and the mods will take care of things.

If you really need to know a protected status: age, race, gender, religion, skin color, orientation, etc etc...

EDIT:  Nazis advocate for the violent overthrow of govt and therefore get branded as 'terrorists' so yeah they have no human rights.  :P

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Did you read the blurb?  This is a student project made in a few months.  They didn't have time (or any budget at all) to polish things up or make it more interesting/engaging.  They just did a quick fun idea and managed to make a respectable prototype.

There's a saying about throwing stones from within glass houses...students should be encouraged and provided with useful and respectful constructive feedback precisely because they're still learning and making the useful mistakes NOW so they don't repeat them later on.

As someone with moderate modding and game design experience, the 'switching' mechanic could likely be traced back to some early computer and/or 8-bit games.  That said, there's nothing inherantly wrong with reusing a mechanic in a different game.  There are all the games that use 'cinematic slo-mo' ever since the Matrix movies did it.  Those movies in turn were inspired by Asian kung-fu movies and cinema as well as Ghost in the Shell (the anime not the terrible western bastardized movie).

It would be far more effective to distill and precisely pinpoint which aspects of the game are objectively poor versus subjectively poor.  Then, weigh those against the time/budget considerations of a student team working on this as a group project (and juggling other studies/assignments/projects at the same time) as well as the freeware price point.  One has to be somewhat more amenable to students and freeware, IMHO.

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I get what you mean, but I don't feel this specific forum is the right place to criticize their YT video.  Wouldn't that be better served on their Discord server (if they have one) and/or tweeting at them via Twitter and/or making a comment on the YT video itself?

You come across as super-aggressive and a bit whiney.

Please do remember that criticism is an art rather than an exact science.  Tact, grace, skill, and truthfulness.  Everyone tries to do it and only a few actually succeed at it.  Most just end up being entertaining (James Rolfe of AVGN) and others either fade into obscurity or sell out (boogie2988, Skylent, TheLazyPeon, HiveLeader, etc) to make sponsored advertorial videos (while simultaneously running a Patreon!) about crappy mobile games that everyone will forget ever existed in less than a week

You seem to like pixel art and such so how about focusing on rephrasing your words in a way that is constructive rather than destructive.  It is a skill that takes time and practice.  I'm sure you will improve over time.

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I'm a bit torn on this.  Developers should have the right to moderate their forums as they see fit, however outright fully-deleting a post (instead of just hiding it or at least quoting the original in your response) just reeks of censorship.

I don't accuse the dev or anyone else of censorship but some terrible 'developers' aka asset flippers on Steam are really horrible people who feel entitled to get money for the crap they excrete upon Steam.  Some of them have tried it on itch (one in particular just literally changed lighting colors around and calls it a different 'game' and charges another price altogether) but of course people smell BS a lot more often here.

I've been poking at Temmie's posts and it reads like a laundry list of random spew from someone who's too immature to know how to talk to actual PEOPLE (these are actual indie devs; people making the actual game; they are not faceless corporations or people with PR departments or any of that executive crap).  I spew at corporations all the time.  Corporations are faceless soulless legal constructs without feelings.  But indie devs are actual people so we all should do our best to treat them as such.

If people are having issues with the game, follow the proper support procedure or (at your discretion) feel free to refund it, post your (negative) criticism and the issues you experienced.  That's the right of a consumer.  However it is the developer's right in turn to respond to said criticism if they feel it is inaccurate and are willing to back up those statements with some actual data.

While I personally would've left the post as-is (or at the minimum quoted it in full and archived it prior to deletion to mitigate claims of 'censorship'), I can get why the dev wants to moderate things like they do.  This is their 'home' on for their game; not really a Steam store page to spew uncontested in a review ;)

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Speaking of copycats, YOU are a disgrace for abusing that name to get attention since it is the same name as Temmie Chang; the awesome creator behind Escaped Chasm and artist behind Undertale (and other Toby Fox games).  You are not a cat; you're just a cowardly pussy :P

So regarding your actual accusations against this dev (for no good reason); it is time to refute that trash.  Broken Reality on Steam is some random game that isn't even an RPG.  So no.  Not related whatsoever; also not sure where the fuck you said it was on GoG because GoG has ZERO games matching that name whatsoever; they actually curate games and (to my knowledge) even high-quality RPGMaker games like SkyBorn (and other Dancing Dragon games) don't get on GoG.

Sometimes games have similar names (just look at any mobile app store) and it is unfortunate but that's how it goes sometimes.  Not every indie dev can afford to file trademarks for every game project they create that may end up being an unprofitable dud.

You may be thinking of the game Beyond Reality which is a nice RPGMaker game with a sci-fi theme.  Still not related to this game in any way and doesn't even look similar to it at all.  Also different name :P

Now you could say another  game uses similar RPGMaker assets to this game.  That game very much earns the 'horror' tag.  Not for the faint of heart or very-young kids.

Many/most RPGMaker games are garbage.  There are a few that are not that way.  This is one of the latter and I would hope a FREE GAME wouldn't get this kind of shit thrown at the dev. 

I'm the first person to call out shady/lazy/horrible game devs that abuse their players and just asset-flip to scam players of their money.  This developer DOES NOT deserve shit from YOU or ANYONE ELSE!  This is a free game!  Play it or ignore it!  If you want to criticize then be constructive; otherwise just kindly stfu and bugger off!

Do you use Stripe?  Have you ever purchased from the Humble Store?

I get that everyone trusts/loves PayPal for some stupid reason but PayPal is anything but a pal; more like the backstabbing bastard that regularly rips off people, freezes accounts without notice/consent, and engages in widescale massive money-fraud on a near-daily basis with near-impunity to consequences.  There's a reason eBay and PayPal aren't exactly best buddies anymore.  Do an internet search if you want to waste a few dozen hours lol. actually requires people to pay for things instead of taking a Steam 'dump' on the games industry.  Steam permits users that are exploiting loopholes in the law and using 3rd party programs to farm digital cards and collectibles to resell on the market to scammers who then drive up the prices and sell them back for a profit and use them to engage in criminal fraud and rip off indie devs and gamers alike.  Plenty of YT videos on it too.

If you don't want to use your card online for whatever reason then that's up to you, but never believe that any corporation (especially Valve) ever have your best interests at heart.  We as customers are nothing but worthless cattle to them; to be milked dry and then spied on and analyzed for additional 'recurrent user spending' revenue.

Yeah I'm a bit bitter ;)
Back in the day we handed our allowance cash money to the person behind the counter and got the game thing in a nice package.  Nobody could ever take it away from us.  We OWNED the cartridge.  <3

To whomever downvoted this thread, please stop.  You are not helping; you are just being a dumbledork muggle.

This game (and technically every video game) is a work of art.  Art can be interpreted and criticized if the recipient desires to do so.  The primary way an artist improves is via constructive criticism and growth from adapting and learning from their experiences.

I get the criticism you're trying to convey, however your method of conveyance is inefficient and difficult to parse.  My interpretation of your post makes me believe that you seem like you want to change the storyline itself to something more relatable to your personal desires.  Unfortunately, that is not how art works.  The personal desires/experiences of the creator always find some small way to make it into the final release.  One does not alter/void the artist's creativity for the creativity within our own minds.

It is one thing to request accessibility (FOV slider, colorblind options, font changing, etc) and QoL improvements (gamepad support, WASD support, etc) but it is another to ask that the entire storyline and premise of the story itself be catered to your specific preference.

RPGMaker can be obtained dirt-cheap during sales and humble bundles, but often it is better to use something like GoDoT that comes with an 'RPGMaker style' prepackaged series of plugins (there's one for the Unity Engine as well) that will allow you to create your own game just the way you want with the storyline you want.  If that is what you'd like to do then I'd highly encourage and support that method of artistic creativity.  :)

Need to bump this thread back up; seems to have been buried under the usual types of threads.
I've been following Temmie and many others back from 'before they were famous' ;)
Much love to you Temmie!  Please feel free to reach out to your wonderful fans and enjoy the positivity <3
Many of us (myself included) have RPGMaker experience and wouldn't mind dropping hints and tips on improving this game and future games.  Small bits like proper WASD support, gamepad support, etc ;)

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You know it has been 2+ hours now since I revelaed that you inadvertently put the entire download/dropbox direct-link for your game that you're supposed to be selling.  You haven't even seen or responded to my comment yet on the day that you're releasing and selling the game.  What are you doing?

What kind of dev would do a game release and not be checking all the social media and website and comments and everything?
I know about timezones and all that; time the release during the start of your (work) day so that you can monitor all the things and be able to respond quickly to things like this.


It doesn't bother me at all; just kinda makes me chuckle.
I still hope a few kind souls actually bother to pay for the game instead of d/ling it for free.

It isn't 'piracy' if you fucked up ;)

The Sacred Stone community · Created a new topic OMG <3
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I love this so much; it is goofy and silly and low-budget and janky animations but SOOOO much <3
The trailers alone are pure glorious entertainment.  Awesome!  ^_^

That said, it may be in your best interest to remove the dropbox link and put it inside a text file or something that comes with the purchase ;)

Also might be useful to put a password on the file if you haven't already done so.  Honestly I'd recommend re-compressing the files in 7-zip format instead of RAR format.  RAR is proprietary/patent trash and it doesn't even compress as well as 7-zip does.

Here's a quick image of the settings I use for 7-zip.  You can search '7-zip portable' and grab it from portableapps if you don't want to install it.

I wish you the best of luck with your game and hope you make lots of sales/money to make a sequel!  ^_^

Looks like someone watched that MegaMan sequelitis ;)
Shut up and take my money!  <3

I appreciate the dev being clear that the demo is free and the full game requires payment.  The aesthetic for this game is quite interesting and appeals to my retro-love sensibilities :)


You are way out of line.  I'm not the only one that feels this way.

Constructive criticism is as much a part of art as the art itself.

I wanted to give some love to the dev here.  Great game aesthetic and classic style!

For those interested in the original, it is freeware so give it a go.  :)

Unlike you, I have the guts to actually respond to someone properly instead of your passive-aggressive spew.

I'm 100% certain that this developer is a sane rational adult that does not suffer a severe mental breakdown because someone had a minor critique on their method of game delivery.  Your infantilization of the game dev is an insult to their creativity and intelligence.

I'm not a fan of episodic games for a variety of reasons.  I've made that clear and also made clear my opinion/preference on a fully-completed game delivery system.

As the consumer, it absolutely is my right to provide constructive feedback either to the developer and/or to other potential consumers.  Reviews, critique, and feedback are the very reason that game devs are able to grow and improve themselves over time.  To deny them of such things is a disservice to them and the medium of gaming as an art form.

My post was both for the developer and for any others who may have similar feelings but not want to post because of spew from those like you who want to attack and degrade the value of criqitue.

Over my time playing PC games, I have only ever learned to trust actually playing the game (or a demo) rather than relying on system requirements.  The requirements are ok for my machine, however sometimes developers may require certain dependencies (or install certain things) that may conflict with other software on my system.

I am glad that AMD equivalents have been provided for GPUs, however I would like to see the same for CPUs.  Intel and Nvidia are not the only two relevant hardware companies in the PC marketplace.  AMD's Ryzen CPUs provide an amazing price/performance ratio for those willing to include them in system builds.

I will keep an eye on this game and check it out if/when a demo/trial of some sort is available.

I kindly appreciate your time and patience in responding to my post.  Thanks :)

Hello!  Are you interested in providing a demo or perhaps a time-limited trial of sorts?  I'd like to make sure the game works on my system (performance-wise) before dropping the money on it.

Perhaps a redeem key on that is auto-revoked after a certain amount of time.  Not sure how it would work.  A demo may be easier to do :)

Get a YouTuber with a nice singing voice to sing a parody version of it with a simple FruityLoops bit of music in the background ;)

Nice title: 

This dawg is da shizzle, fo rizzle, yo! ^_^

Their advice is good also; kudos :)

I'll throw in some 'love and support' as well.  Loving the aesthetic and characters/story.  If the creator has a Discord server then do feel free to share the link :)

Another dev abusing the system:
No, your RPG Maker default-RTP asset game would never sell for $32+ USD on any marketplace anywhere EVER.

Falsifying the original price to show a 90% 'discount' is not something that should be tolerated as it is an abuse of the marketplace and willfull/malicious misleading of potential players/customers.

Garbage like this:

You've got 4+ games that are clones of each other with a different color filter.  Can this kind of blatant shameless asset flipper trash be thrown off of itch already?  I don't feel this marketplace should end up like Steam with letting anyone put up anything with no rules.

I'm amazed and humbled by the fantastic work you've done here.  Major kudos and well wishes of success for your fantastic project!

While I'm not personally a 'walking simulator' fan, I can appreciate the deep discounted-price (currently barely over $1 USD) as well as the generous demo you've provided.

I'll poke a few of my Linux-OS-gamer friends and point em at this.  :)

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The game is (currently) less than $7 USD.  If you cannot afford to pay that (or don't want to do so) then either wait for a sale (either here or Steam) or play something else in the meantime.  There are several freeware and open-source racing games you can play in the meantime.

There are currently 18 comments on this game (including my own) and HALF of them (9 comments) are from you.  Please would you kindly stop spamming the dev and demanding the game to be free.  The mobile market has tons of free trash to play if you're bored.

I'm all in support of grabbing Denuvo-removed versions of major games as a giant middle finger to major publishers, but this game/developer deserve your support if you want to see more great racing games from them!

Those who pirate DRM-free games from indie devs are the main reason we get so many devs considering putting DRM in their games on this marketplace.  I'd love for itch to remain as DRM-free as GoG.  If you like it, buy it.  If not, there are some open-source and freeware racing games you can play instead.

I'm understandably disappointed by the removal of Xinput controller support.  When you add it back in, I'll give your newest demo a good solid playthrough.

I'm super happy for this.  Be sure you update your tags to include 'English' language ;)

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Please reconsider that stance; a very clear 'no malware' rule needs to be put in place, including ATTEMPTS at POTENTIAL malware-like activity.  For a recent example, please reference current events regarding Epic Games Store launcher using malware-like activity to illegally-access & weak-encrypt information from Steam friendslist in a pathetic attempt to acquire information without explicit permission.

In addition any developer that does this AT ALL (whether later-removed or not) needs to be permanently banned from the store with prejudice.  I understand that is currently dev-focused, however in the case of malware and/or malware-like activity, there should be no tolerance of such on the platform.

I'd love to promote more as a legitimate storefront if such basic consumer-protections were put in place.  An 'unconditional' refund system equal to or better than the Steam Refund System (2 hours or 14 days, whichever comes first) would also be nice.

The projects should not just be flagged, they should be auto-removed.

The 'developers' of the projects should also be flagged & a perma-ban should be issued if they are found to have violated the anti-malware rules.  If a developer has a legitimate concern then they should bring it up PRIOR to uploading.  For example, I personally developed & submitted (on the Nexus Mods website) a self-created utility for a video game that was created utilizing the 'trainer' EXE creation functionality of Cheat Engine (an open source program).  I manually requested a whitelisting and explained how the utility was made and why it was being flagged.  After review, my request was manually approved and the entire process was done with little fuss.

If a website for mods can manage a certain level of professionalism, then I'm certain that my expectation for the platform is to do far better than that!

Aion Online.  Spell (and skill) combo system that works.  Basically you start with a 'basic' attack that triggers a secondary or tertiary attack depending on the class and you have a few seconds to choose which one to do.  This way, you have your '3 hit combo' with a big skill at the end.  You could experiment with an RNG chance of the 3rd skill triggering (and thus making them more powerful) but I'd prefer you avoid that RNG route.  It is easy/cheap/lazy and it invites frustration rather than reward.  The player won due to luck rather than skill, basically.

Personally as a player, I feel that having a combo system would be nice to have.  Set up custom combos that roll into each other (TERA did a custom combo system really well) smoothly.  Basically classify everything as Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.  Which 'starter' Level 1 card would determine which 'path' you follow for Level 2; in turn which Level 2 skill you choose determines which Level 3 card you end up using/casting.

Example?  L1 Fireball into L2 Ice Lance into L3 Toxic Bomb.  Different elements but really flexible for the situation.

The promo trailer music is awesome!  Mind posting info on the artist and how to listen to their other work?  :)

(1 edit)

Please consider adding a 'no cryptocurrency miner' rule to game dev uploads.  Classify them as the malware they are and protect the end-user.  Let's not have become a dumping ground for malwareisms like Steam.

I don't feel that ANY user wants to have any kind of cryptocurrency miner software touching any part of the game whatsoever.  There are some projects wherein standard normal game activities generate 'game currency' as a cryptotoken to identify that unique content and allow players to resell it.  THAT type of thing does NOT require any cryptocurrency miner software on the end-user side; all of it is cloud/serverside with validation.

EDIT:  Speaking with a few game devs (and many gamers); nearly all of them feel that any dev even attempting to get away with putting any kind of miner/malware in their releases should be banned from permanently; first offense or otherwise.

My dream is to make a spiritual homage to Rygar since most of the stuff is Greco-Roman mythology and hence public domain ;)