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I would use 'AntiMicro' instead of Joy2Key as AntiMicro is open-sourced and more secure.  You know exactly how it works and that it isn't doing anything shady in the background.  Also has Linux support!

There are also a few presets, including one that I contributed for Guild Wars 2 :)
Check out the presets and then adjust for your needs.  If you still need further assistance, I can help you out live via Discord.  I've got a link in my itch profile.

Thank you very much.  The link to the source code (or this information) really should be posted publicly in a more accessible fashion, however this suffices as far as license requirements.

GZDoom GPLv3 Requires Source Code Release

I haven't seen any links or information (or even a proper website) to ask for or obtain the source code.

Under the terms of GPLv3, I am requesting public access to the source code as required under the terms of the GZDoom license. Please post the public link to the full source code, preferably with build instructions and dependencies specified in as much detail as possible.

I find it disappointing that someone making a mod built on open-source code would not only commercialize it but fail to properly release source code that the license requires.

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You responded 16 days ago (as of me posting this) and the issue has yet to be fixed.  Very odd.

I specifically use the desktop application only because I can 'sandbox' whatever I download much easier in order to protect my computer from potential shady stuff in many games (bitcoin miners, etc).

Not accusing you of anything at all, just expressing why I will wait instead of just downloading/installing manually.  I'd prefer a version compatible with the official desktop application.

Unable to install via application
Please fix this issue, tyvm.

Dev, please post the file hash checksums for the game and files if you could (maybe on pastebin).  There will always be a way (this is the internet) but those of us who want to avoid malware can more easily do so by checking hashes.  Tyvm.

When you create your own game idea and your own IP without riding on the coattails of the Castlevania series, then you can have as much ego and hubris as you like.  Until then, kindly check yourself.

What you've made is nothing more than the equivalent of a fan game for Castlevania (changing things here and there to avoid legal issues).  I'd argue that rom mods/hacks made by far more talented individuals/teams have a greater precedent for this style of gameplay while also including original compositions superior to whatever you have offered in your demos.

When you're coding in 68k assembly language, then come talk to me about gamedev.

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Kill your darlings.

Often it takes an outside influence to let a game dev know what to improve upon.
If they don't want any opinions or offers of help then they should probably have turned off comments.  Just sayin.
I've seen them respond to others (multiple times) claiming the music is ok to them and they aren't interested in any help for it.  That's the primary reason I went with the tone that I chose.  Harsh yet polite.  Even perhaps a bit of cynical deprecation, if you will.

Dev has made it crystal-clear they don't want to put out the flaming dumpster-fire they have for 'music' and would rather have things 'their way' to the detriment of the entire project than to reflect and realize they may want to improve things if they want to sell the final product to a willing audience.

Wish em the best and hope that the final product, whenever it is ready, has a musical composition worthy of the gameplay.  If not, at least it can make for some funny meme videos by the ones far worse than I am at completely tearing things apart.

I'm going to go throw money at Curse of the Moon 2 since I didn't realize it existed.  I'd rather go get something that has good music than an amateur project that is inferior to most rom hacks of the genre.

Inferior music will harm the entire project.  Please put aside your own ego/hubris and admit that to yourself for the sake of this project and future ones.  The only way you grow is to fall down, make mistakes, and get right back up.

If you keep repeating the same thing, then you will come up with the same results.

I am in touch with a fantastic freelance music composer willing to contribute some amazing musical tracks if you feel like adding in a proper composer to your team.  They are currently on another project that is wrapping up and I could convince them to help you instead of immediately moving on to other work.

I would prefer they get paid for their work, but if you two want to talk and hash out financial details then that's up to you.  If interested in this offer just reply to me and I'll post my Discord details so we can set it up.  If not interested, then I wish you luck in this endeavor.

We already have Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon as far as throwbacks go, but fan endeavors like this help everyone enjoy a bit of 'Transylvania' in their lives.

You're also way overdue for a new/updated demo or some kind of release by now.  Been about 5+ months.

A 'Demo' is an incomplete game, but if you want to use 'Trial' or 'Prologue' instead then you are welcome to do so.  The issue with 'Prologue' is that it is implied to be prior to the events of the 'main' game and thus it may confuse some users.  Trial is another alternative to Demo if you want to go that route.

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My Translation:  This is really good!  For the moment I don't have much experience with making games, especially in GODOT, but I will donate what I can and give credit to you.  Thanks!

Google Translate: It's very good, at the moment I don't have much experience with games and I want to make one, also in godot, rest assured that I will donate as much as I can and give you credits.  Thanks!

You are fantastic!  Thank you for the release!

Who the hell downvoted this?  Srsly.

Thanks for reporting the bug.  Mac Gaming is uncommon but you all still deserve to have some great indie games to play :)

Your artwork is lovely and has an awesome aesthetic/style!  Major kudos!

I'd like to request that you call this a 'Demo' until you get a v1.0 'full release' just so that people are aware of what this is and how things work.

I understand many tech-saavy people may realize any version number prior to v1.0 is a 'buggy' game that isn't complete, however this is not clearly communicated to the wider and more mainstream audience.

Due to the platform being mainstream now (especially after the Fruit Lawyers tried to throw it under the bus), it may be worthwhile to consider the name change for now to just add 'Demo' to the title.

Aside from the sycophants in here who keep downvoting me, there is a clear and distinct difference between the examples you provide and what you are actually doing.

If you take a picture of a painting in a museum (provided you can not get caught doing so and they don't seize your phone/camera) then they will either force you to delete it and/or take you to court for copyright infringement if you attempt to repost it anywhere online.  I don't know what museums you've been to but the ones here in the DC Metro Area ( are SUPER strict when it comes to that.  They will call US Federal Police on you if you were to do something like that.  Prominent signs warn against it (constantly) so anyone caught doing so is treated as a guilty party.

GameFAQs provided one of the earliest internet sources for video game box art in a small resolution that would count as 'fair use'.  Most importantly though they did so in a non-commercial way (not even adverts on the website back then, to my knowledge).

Modding games is 'copyright infringement' in a way.  Absolutely.  However, again (under fair use) they are always done non-commercially.  Zero profit.  Anyone attempting otherwise gets VERY quickly dismantled by lawyers.

Do you see the pattern here?  Just compiling these is not much of an issue but charging money for stuff you didn't create (at all) in violation of the ACTUAL copyrights of others just makes you a terrible person.

No amount of downvoting sycophants will stop me from calling it like it is.  This isn't bloody Reddit.

Learn to live with your mistakes, learn to move on and grow/improve from it.  We can't just hit 'undo' on every mistake we make in life.
Yes you posted X things or you felt X way, but people are not static statues and they can grow and change over time.

I wish you all the best.  I'd appreciate it if whoever downvoted me also learned to grow up lmao.

FYI: You can't sell something that contains copyrighted work of others and then go 'use it at your own risk'.  That's not how books work.

Yeah I am pretty sure that IGN and GameFAQs and other websites would love to know that someone like you is attempting to commercially-profit from their copyrighted content.  Guarantee they will be more than happy to DMCA this out of existence along with your other 'books'.

This is a terribly gross and misleading way to rip people off.  First two pages kinda said it all.

March 2021 EDIT:  I refuse to censor or alter any of my posts just because you dislike what I have said.  I have been polite and refrained from breaking any rules so you gotta clean up the mess you made by yourself.

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Chocolatey works on Windows and is FLOSS (Free and Libre Open Source Software) and it the primary method I personally use for updating and installing various programs.  I've migrated nearly all of my usual programs to open-source alternatives.  The ones that aren't open source are games (and game launchers) as well as storefront applications like Steam.  So about 95% open-source system here (not counting the Windows OS of course).


Hello, the Kickstarter version of the game here on itch is still being updated weekly or so.  Is this intended?

The OST is sold seperately on their website if you JUST want that.  There's issues with licensing and distribution that tie their hands and prevent them from offering it here separately even if you purchased the game.

That said, the 'Dazed Edition' includes the OST within the game download itself.  If you really want to, just grab the game and then copy the OST to another directory for your playlist :)

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The game now has subtitles and in multiple languages!
(English, German, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese)

Enjoy and rejoice!  ^_^

This game reminds me a lot of Cosmic Star Heroine <3

And also on Steam if you want :P

But I really love the ideas and concept.  I'm a big fan of the lovely pixel art <3

I've got a few influencers on my Discord server who might want to give the game a go so I'll ask em if they wanna make a video on the demo :)

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Matt I love your games!
I grabbed the older ones off of your personal website (that you have hosted) and greatly enjoyed EBF 3 (though mostly played it offline on my laptop).  Do consider a 'bundle pack' of all your games all together for like $25 or something because collectors love that stuff!  I know some of the older games are a bit of a pain to turn into self-contained EXE files but it can be done (I've actually done that already for my own personal use; it just embeds the flash file within a small SWF player).

Just stick a note that the games older than EBF3 aren't fully supported and let that be it.  I hope that my Steam forum suggestion about native controller support for your games may become a reality sometime :)

EDIT:  If it is possible to buy the game DRM-free here on itch and also get a Steam key with purchase that would be amazing!  I have many friends who want to play via Steam (for achievements mainly) and I want to be able to also play it on Steam while having this version as well.

Try using 'Firefox Portable' from PortableApps or another website of your choice.  That'll isolate any system issues and should permit you to load up the game.

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Consider this a crash course on why 'hotlinking' is bad and why you should feel bad that as a 'game developer' you think it is ok to use that as standard practice.

There's a way to embed it properly or host it yourself as a fallback.  It isn't itch's job to permit hotlinks from their CDN for you or anyone else.

Also iframes within iframes within iframes is such a screwed-up system that you might be learning gamedev for browsers from some book made for Internet Explorer 6 back in 1999.  Time for you to learn HTML5 and the proper way to do game embeds from the itch platform.

You are not a 'developer' you are a plagiarist and a coward.  Don't try to hide behind the 'but i'm a developer too look at my EXPERIENCE' garbage.

Attribution is REQUIRED for anything linked to or used.  Your website(s) do the absolute bare minimum they can get away with because you know most indie devs will either not know or not care to file DMCA takedowns on every web portal that plagiarizes a hosted version of their game.

Web portals are trash and always have been malware-ridden stains on the internet.  Gamers use Steam, GoG, itch, and other distribution stores to play games instead.  If people want plagiarized spyware-encumbered "free" games, they realize that those have almost all moved to mobile (the new dumping ground unfortunately).

Speak for yourself and never presume to speak for other devs.  Plagiarism is one of the biggest problems still infesting the internet.

Then of course Reddit was one of the most prominent places to find promotions for G2A/Kinguin/etc key-reseller sites that engage in rampant wholesale criminal activity and theft that DIRECTLY impacts indie devs by putting the devs on the hook for massive chargeback fees!

It wasn't until some prominent YouTubers got the word out (most notably TotalBiscuit) that awareness finally got people to stop seeing those types of key-reseller sites as anything but illegitimate trash.

This is hardly the place to defend such a grotesque mockery of a website on the internet.
Reddit is filled with trash and they (unfortunately) outnumber the handful of decent people on the site.
Reddit 'free game' subreddits often promote ASF (afk automatic farming of Steam cards on multiple accounts without acually playing games) and thereby directly promote a culture of hoarding games without actually playing them (or exploiting the systems for profit above all else).

It is the very worst of 'min-max' gamer culture combined with the very worst people on the internet.
I stand by my statement when I proclaim that Reddit is trash.  Having a tiny handful of diamonds inside a steaming mountain of filth doesn't make the filth any less filthy.

The dev needs promo but they don't need Reddit trash spewing on their game page.  Just play the game or bugger off because there are no trading cards or achievements or other crap to exploit here.

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Your Discord link is broken.  Please post a Discord invite link. 

It should look something like this:

Shameless plug; that's the one for my community server ;)

They're Reddit trash that flood into game pages looking for freebies.  They don't actually play anything they grab and just hoard it.  They care not for the devs behind the games or actually helping them out.

I'm gonna give this a quick go and help the devs out how I can.  Gotta offset the trash with a great deal of positivity :)

GTFO, Reddit trash.  Go home, you're drunk :P

Chiming in to support this project (and the free giveaway) with my heartfelt kudos to the devs and all those involved :)

Do be mindful that as soon as you start charging money for access to the game (regardless of how it is done) then it goes from demo/testing into full release.  If you want to do paid Early Access then you should be prepared for the full brunt of criticism.

If you actually want to test the game rather than do Early Access preordering, then perhaps a closed beta testing period would help out more.

I'm always supportive of great indie devs, but I also want to protect the consumer from potential pitfalls.  I try to steer people towards supporting awesome games that are either completed or have a free demo and need some crowdfunding boost to get funded/completed.

Since there were no links provided; I will oblige.


Blog (last update Nov 2018):

I totally get that devs wanna dig down and get things done, but an occasional post (maybe once a month) wouldn't hurt.

CrossCode is another game that took years to fully create but the devs stayed in touch every step of the way (usually once a month or sometimes more often).  :)

There has been little to no dev posting over here in months.  Is this game still alive?

I haven't seen an update here since Oct 2019.  Is this project still alive?

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Not required; you can 'install' the game using the desktop application/launcher.  :)

This method lets you play it offline without a standard web browser :)