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Wireless controllers require a bit of work in getting Windows to acknowledge that they are plugged in.  Make sure you go to your game controller control panel in Windows and that all the buttons and axis are detected properly.  If not, then the issue is on your end with your setup.

Wired controllers are always superior in nearly every single way plus you never have to worry about changing batteries in the middle of an intense fight ;)

The yellow background on this game page makes most of the text illegible; please change the text to a darker color or change the background to some more subdued hues instead of neon-colored retina-burning 80s glory.

Confirmed the game is now working in the desktop application!  Thanks!  ^_^

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That is quite unfortunate.  I will not bother playing/installing games that are incompatible with the itchio desktop application.
If you'd like to consider making the exe file compatible, please consider reading this developer guide on how to begin the process and expand your audience a bit more.

Best of luck to the devs for all the work they do.  Cheers!

EDIT:  I was able to get that '' HTML5 file to install/run in the desktop application.  Might want to put a note on the main game page for those using the itchio desktop application that they should install that file instead of the exe one.

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I'm curious about one thing; in the itchio desktop application there is a file called 'some' that I'm not sure about.  What is it for?  It has the HTML5 logo so I'm presuming it is related to the game listed here.

Also the exe gives me an error about 'not packaged in a way that is compatible' with the itchio desktop application.

Thank you for keeping the retro-feelings alive!  <3

Much love from FreshGaming and the entire retro/emulation/gamepreservation communities :)

Unable to download/install this game via the itchio desktop application.

Please reference this guide on how to enable it for your game.

Unable to download/install via the itchio desktop application.

Please reference this guide for instructions on how to enable it for your game.

This main directory link for the itch documentation should be more easily findable/accessible.  How about directly linking it from the FAQ or even a dedicated link between 'FAQ' and 'BLOG' at the bottom of the website?  Or maybe between 'Directory' and 'Terms'?

I've had several game developers mention to me that they have no idea how the itchio desktop application works nor do they know how to make their games compatible with it so that their games can be installed/managed easier by their users.

There is a useful guide for itchio creators that should help you out.

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Unable to download/install this game via the itchio desktop application.

Please reference this guide on how to enable it for your game.

The 'extra' version is not able to be installed/managed via the itchio desktop application; please fix this issue.

If you were wondering, here's a quick clip that TeamFourStar did in DBZ Abridged that parodies 90s computers and WinRAR is part of a later punchline in that same episode.

That fixed the issue!  Thanks so much!  Game is installing now :)

This is how it appears from within the itchio desktop application.  No 'install' capability.  Please remedy this issue.

This reminds me quite a bit of CrossCode <3

This game is not able to be downloaded/installed at all from within the itchio desktop application.  Please fix this issue!  Thanks!

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I'm using the itch desktop application.

I'm getting a LONGGGGG wait due to 'computing space requirements'.  Is this normal?  I know this is an older game but maybe the dev can consider re-compressing the game using 7-zip instead of the RAR format.  I get the whole 'WinRAR haha meme' thing but let's save the jokes for the game itself, hmm? :)

Ok after waiting about ~5 minutes it seems to be stuck in a loop of 'computing space requirements' and unable to proceed.  Please consider fixing this issue; thanks!

Who the hell uses RAR anymore?  :P

Since Frank didn't seem to want to link their YT channel, I'll link it here for them.  Seems to upload regularly and they have a decent voice to listen to.  Having a cat on camera is just a bonus!  :)

Best of luck to Frank and all the indie devs to get the exposure their games deserve!  Much love to all!

Maybe the admin can consider linking to the developer documents that recommend using 'butler' as the open-source command-line tool for itch uploads and that the file size limits are increased to 50 GB when doing so.

Disclaimer:  I am NOT a lawyer and NOT suitable to render any kind of actual legal advice.  Seriously go talk to a REAL lawyer as soon as possible about your concerns.

You may need to get some legal assistance in filing a legal claim of copyright on your work (depending on the country you live in; something which you still haven't mentioned).  You can put the original date of authorship based upon the date the original art was completed.  In the USA, even if you don't register something for a copyright then you still have full copyright over the art in question.

There's a special case of 'work for hire' but I'm not privy to the details of the agreement between you two.

That said I wish you the best of luck in getting your situation sorted and to obtain compensation for the work you have completed.

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Oh dear; well thought I'd update people on the status of 'Sean' and their little YouTube thing.

Unfortunately it seems this may have just been a shameless selfish ploy to exploit indie devs that are desperate for ANY kind of exposure.  Get some free keys/games and use them (and their game footage) for resales and/or other purposes.

The YT channel in question linked by the OP earlier.  It has 3 videos with the last video being made around mid-October.  The OP hasn't posted for over a month and hasn't made any new videos in several months.  RIP :(

On the bright side, I'd like to take this opportunity to self-promote a bit and hopefully improve this situation.  I'm a strong supporter of great indie developers that put attention & care into their games.  I'm not Jim Sterling to waste my time with asset flips or other trash.  I'm the admin of the FreshGaming Discord community that seeks to grown and maintain a community for gaming that has fair moderation without arbitrary BS.  Every person (including admins) has to follow the posted rules.  That's how I work.

I've been looking into reinvigorating my semi-dormant Twitch streaming and YouTube video accounts.  Had many poor experiences with both due to copyright trolls so if indie devs here really want exposure then perhaps I can get some good quality content as well.

If anyone here is interested in getting some promotion for their game they should follow a few bits of advice on the state of YT/streaming for those not aware of things.  This'll be a bit 'wall of text' because formatting is silly on these forums.

  • You're gonna need to self-promote in addition to asking people to play & make videos on the game.
  • Most major YT people need to be paid for their work as 'free games' are so plentiful and they get so many offers that they have to refuse nearly all non-paid work.
  • The YT DMCA abuse by trolls and jerks has upset and driven off many content creators.  Those that left (once again) only typically do videos in return for compensation.
  • Some notable YTers I know who might be into trying out indie games are Skylent, Fevir, TheLazyPeon, and OrangeHatter.  Though Orange Hatter uploads once a month at best, the rest of them upload fairly regularly.  If you aren't afraid of super-harsh criticism then you can try poking Jim Sterling and SidAlpha.  As for others, I have either not seen their content or I haven't seen them take particular interest in indie/unknown games.
  • The thing about KNOWN games is that doing a video on something like WarFrame is GUARANTEED interest & views & analytics & channel promotion.  We all have limited time to play games (let alone make them) or keep track of the hundreds of thousands of games on PC and mobile that are flooding the markets.
  • Please think carefully on why someone should spend limited time to play/promote your game.  Think of the time involved in creating, editing, and uploading a video to YT.  Take that into consideration when negotiating compensation.  If you are unable to provide compensation then be up-front about it.  Pretty simple hopefully.

Now if anyone reading that wall is still not running away then feel free to get in touch with me exclusively via Discord.  I want to weed out potential scammers and Discord provides me the control to do proper moderation on my terms.

When joining my Discord server, please identify yourself by your developer studio/name/game and that you are responding to my itchio posting.  You will also be able to check out my Discord profile and see the links to my YT/Twitch/Twitter/etc.  I'm hesistant to post them all here as I'd like to avoid spammers.

Keep in mind that those new to Discord (or the server) might need to wait ~10 minutes before being able to chat and/or send DMs.  So don't be alarmed when you join and see the timer.  Just wait it out; it is there to deter spammers.

If anyone is willing to proceed in chatting with me on Discord, then we can hash out requirements, compensation, and so on.  I am interested in nearly all types of games but I'm a fairly harsh critic when it comes to technical issues.  Feel free to check my Steam reviews to get an idea of my review style.

Thank you to anyone & everyone who managed to read the entire post and make it this far.  You are AWESOME!  As a special treat, when joining my server please PM me with the code 'pancakefire101' for a special surprise :)

The safest way to play those games right now is running them in a standalone sandboxed barebones minimalistic browser process.

If I want to play those types of games I just download the SWF files and run them in a Virtual Machine ;)

Link the game.  Provide your hardware/software specs.  Give us some details on your software environment and what you're actually trying to do.

If this is happening with EVERY game on itchio then the issue is with your system setup.  You'd wanna consult an IRL techie about that.

That log isn't really useful and only looks like part of the logs.  Might wanna post the full logs to somewhere like Pastebin (as an unlisted nonpublic link) and then only provide itchio support techs with the link to that information.

You could try poking Amazon and/or Google for a Cloud Server.  Game saves are typically under 500 kilobytes in size (usually under 1 MB for most games on here) and the itch devs can even put some limits on the save game file size if needed; make game devs compress their saves before uploading and uncompress them after download (maybe using native 7-zip libraries).

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As a heads up, devs can use formats such as OGG Vorbis to compress audio (completely FOSS & patent-free forever!) with widespread easy native library support on multiple platforms (even mobile!).

For standard file compression, I'd highly recommend the 7-zip format compression using LZMA2.  I'll link the settings I use here; provides a nice balance between compression speed and compression size.  I tested using a variety of files and these settings are the ones I've found to work the best for me on a slightly-older desktop PC build.  My Steam Profile has my hardware specs for those who are curious.

As an extra bonus, the 7-zip format is also fully FOSS and also has native libraries for a variety of platforms :)

Looks like xkcd strikes again!  Much love and best wishes to the dev :)

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At the bottom of this very page, there is 'directory' which has several links to only show games with various licenses.  :)

Technically under the GPL3 the person releasing a compiled binary can require that you contact them and (for free or a fee) receive a copy of the current version of the source code via physical mail and/or digitally via a private download link.

It is good/common practice for GPL'd software to have an online repository link accessible to anyone without having to ask permission from the developers first.  However LEGALLY speaking they only have to make it available 'upon request' for anyone that asks.  I suggest contacting the devs of these projects directly in addition to the forum post you've already made here.

GPL software itself is a bit of a thorny issue and also has mandatory requirements like putting a header in EVERY source code file to identify it as being GPL'd code.

Many open-source licenses permit free redistribution.  Some require attribution and others don't even have that requirement.

Whether they require it or not, linking to the original project AND original project's license on the main game page is a good idea :)

Keep the FOSS alive <3

Just a quick update on this.  Have had many indie devs not understand how claiming works.  There's also some confusing languages about 'not always being on sale' under the Creator 'Quality Guidelines'.

Would appreciate an official blog post and/or FAQ update that explains how claiming works and how to make a free/paid/sale game claimable on the developer side of things.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

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For an HTML5 game, it should be able to load within a certain amount of time (even on slow connections).  This isn't NewGrounds where every game has a several-minute loading bar (or longer).

If folders are being counted as 'files' then that may be a bug in the system.  However for now it may be useful to offer a downloadable option in the interim.

I feel that instead of a 'number of files' limit that itchio just have a 'file size' limit for HTML5 games and devs offer a download option for larger projects.

Set a price for the game (like $1 USD or any other amount) then provide it at 100% discount.

At that point, the 'paid' game should have an option in the developer settings to make it claimable unless you explicitly disable it.

Set a price for the game (like $1 USD or any other amount) then provide it at 100% discount.

At that point, the 'paid' game should have an option in the developer settings to make it claimable unless you explicitly disable it.

Set a price for the game (like $1 USD or any other amount) then provide it at 100% discount.

At that point, the 'paid' game should have an option in the developer settings to make it claimable unless you explicitly disable it.

Please make this game claimable so it can be added to collection, thanks!

Please make this claimable so that it is added to collection, thanks!

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Please make this claimable so that it is added to collection, thanks!

Steam now allows fully-adult content so there's no need for a separate Steam uncensor patch.  Might want to consider updating the Steam version with the uncensored stuff if you haven't already done so.

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There a specific reason the dev doesn't permit 'claiming' this game?  Why was it disabled?

This issue prevents people using the itchio desktop app from installing/playing the game!