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Hey randomphantom - thanks for your feedback!  I replied on my page but guess you won't get the notification there, so I'll copy paste the bit about the music since you ask the question here too ;)

I used FMA for the music, no software involved :p  http://freemusicarchive.org/mu...  

The author is professor cliq, I really like his music and his tunes can be used with attribution.  Also... listen to "Bust this Bust that" from him, that's the music from... Flop Rocket!!! :)

@randomphantom, thanks for your comment!!!  I used FMA for the music, no software :p  http://freemusicarchive.org/mu...  

I copied from the best: Listen to "Bust this Bust that" from the same artist, that's the music from... Flop Rocket :)

Not sure what you mean by the controls - do you mean the middle button to shoot is awkwardly placed?  I kinda crammed the controls per player together on three adjacent keys, because the game is meant to be played three people on the same keyboard - as a result it's best to keep the space for each hand tight!  In single player you can play with the mouse, which gives you a bit more precision.

I like the placeholder art - nice touch, even if you don't have the graphics for it yet, better to have something out there than nothing at all ;)  Nice change to the rest of the action games out there (seems most of us followed BS's advice :p ).  One nag: different tunes for each level would have been a nice touch.

And good job with your video review stream btw - the BS community is awesome thanks to chaps going the extra mile like you!!  Thumbs up!

Cool concept!  My only nag is there is little reason to attack enemies, it's just as easy to dodge them especially when shooting them cost you life!  But overall good execution.

Great music!  I like the graphics too.  Reading your game page you've only been into game making 6 weeks so good job, this is quite a finished product you have here under 48hrs!

Thanks for the feedback both!  Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

No problemo!  Always nice to see people the extra mile with their submissions :)  By the way I fixed that problem you reported on my caterpillar game (levels not resetting).  Thanks to raising it, as it was off my radar - it didn't show on my laptop but occurred on other setups.  This was down to a technicality with game maker and surfaces.  One bug down!

As mentioned on Discord - love the graphics!  Music is pretty cool too.  In terms of the game difficulty:  there's a steep learning curve to figure out how to defeat the IA.  At first the game very frustrating, because the bombs are fast, change course mid-air and basically are unavoidable when they get too close.  

Then you learn to snipe them one at a time from afar, and backtrack the hell out of the way back to the left whilst shooting frantically.  Once you got that technique going, the game becomes somewhat easy but still requires you to execute every step perfectly whilst not falling in the holes.  

Overall - fun game, I like the panic that comes when backing away from bombs.   The difficulty could probably be better balanced, but I guess this might be intentional:  I guess you guys wanted to make the game sort of  Flappy Birds meets Dark Souls? ;)

The top down view reminded me of gauntlet!  I'm behind merlin4's comments - some more visual feedback on hitting enemies / enemies pushed back on hit + player slides forward when swinging the hammer would give the combat more momentum.

I like the fact there are multiple enemy types to spice things a bit.  Have you thought of adding more hammers to choose from for the player?  some with longer reach, slower but more powerful etc.  I think it'd add some more variety to the combat.

Simple but efficient!  Love that you went sailing in the middle of the jam, was it for inspiration?  Are you a pirate too? ;)  

Probably needs a bit more polish - the game is certainly fun but overall I feel the game doesn't quite feel challenging enough.  More pirates / more points to progress through the levels quicker might do the trick!

I think you're off to a good start!  I like the splash screen - reading the comments you didn't spend much time on the art, so thumbs up for producing something that cool.  

I think there's room for improvement for the platformer mechanics - I think some acceleration / deceleration would give it a nicer feel.  Check out that post by Zack Bell - he's my go-to reference for any game making programming!  https://zackbellgames.com/2014...

Music is sweet too!

Haha, I love that you just end up killing yourself if you jam the shoot button!  An amazingly fun & complex game - love the mechanics.  Go gun ho and end up in bullet hell.  Go stealth and have a hard time dodging things around.  Brilliant & unique!  Art style is simple but neat, visually impactful, and the game is nicely polished.  Transitions between  circles is super smooth.

Some criticism now, because someone has to! :)  The music is moody which suits the game, but I'm not too keen on the sound effects.  Maybe they sound too arcady if that makes sense, it's hard to explain why but I feel they are a bit off!  Also the levels don't seem random either, which impacts reputability (not that I was able to finish the game!!).

But overall - this is a gem of a jam game.  Bravo for coming up with the concept and polishing it off under 48 hours!  If there were winners in this jam, I think it'd be a gold medal for you ;)

Fun shooter!  I'd have more screenshake on shooting though ;)

I like the music!  Is that you playing the guitar? If I had time to do music for my game I would have - although I play poorly! ;)

Nice work!

Oh and the pixel art - like it too!  The chainmail effect is nicely done on these tiny little enemies, the style reminds me of Pixel Kingdom!

AWESOME MUSIC!!!! Really good fit for the game.  Also love the delay + inertia of the hammer!  Gives it a nice bone-crushing feeling!  Good job!

Reminded me of eltea's Nacho-Burger Gradient VR ;)  I didn't expect a 3D game at all (there are no screenshots on the page) so pleasant surprise!

Fun!  I like the turret mechanics.  Game felt polished, good choice of music.  Good work!

Loads to implement in 48hrs, even the trailer is polished!  Good work ;)

Fun little game, Cannabalt meets Flappy Birds ;)

Can't test it as I don't have any VR equipment, but the video certainly looks fun, really good for a 48 hours jam!  I also like the Wilhelm scream at the end, and the green screen superposition so we can correlate movements in the real & virtual world ;) 

Loved it!  Simple physics mechanic, fun to play.  Nagging elk bossing rodents around.  Trivia.  That jam game's got it all ;)

Cool little game, the "shooting costs you life" is an interesting mechanic (another jammer implemented this - Electric Leech by Jmation).  If you are still tweaking the game, I feel some basic animations / shadows under monster+player could increase immersion a bit.  And some screen shake on shooting, don't we all love screen shake ;)

@eltea that's a weird bug, just seen it on the BIT3MUP broadcast (https://www.youtube.com/channe...)!  This doesn't happen on my computer, no idea what causes it.  Looks like the surface does not reset for an unknown reason, which is strange as it's a new surface object every time and not persisted through rooms & restarts.

As a hot fix I've re-uploaded the game, I clear the surface everytime the room starts now - hopefully this will fix it...   but I have no way to test it!

What's you windows version?  I tested this on windows 7 & 10.

Nice little polished game!  I like the cables hanging in front of the sprites, and the mechanic of mixing your life + ammunition is interesting!  One little nag:  the collision detection is a bit too sensitive and it's easy to get stuck going around obstacles.

Cool little game!  Simple but efficient art style.  I like the wall jump!  It's probably per design, but I'm not too keen on using the arrows to shoot though as enemies come to you diagonally so it can be a bit fiddly to aim.  Mouse aim would have made it a bit easier for clumsy players like me ;)

Like it!  One tiny complaint:  I actually really really liked the black & white minimalistic cartoony look you had on that first gif on twitter, but I guess that was the prototype!    Although in terms on weirdness the funky colours for the final version definitely wins you stars ;)


Thanks a bunch for the comment @eltea!!!  Yes still tweaking the game, it's not too time consuming and I've been getting very constructive feedback, yours included!  

I made the splashes bigger and also made them more "square" (before the width was bigger than the height) so that the direction you're attacking from doesn't matter.  Hopefully this makes things a little less clunky.

For the balancing - agreed it's easy to camp in a corner.  I wrote the game solo with no one to play test with, so that's useful feedback ;)  The bigger splash hopefully will help.  That's also why I have the hats mechanics - some (like the sniper) will give players the edge and able to push out campers from their position.  It also encourages players to move around as they spawn randomly on the map.

For your last comment - reset level when restarting - not 100% sure what you mean? 

Like the cheerios look of the game ;)  Crunch!!!

BTW - I fixed some of the gameplay mechanics & now what controls to use show up in game for that melty caterpillar game you commented on Monday, maybe give it another go if you have a chance and let me know what you think!! https://itch.io/jam/bscotch100...

Hey @Rhornbeck, sorry for spamming your game's page - not sure how else to message you ;)  Melty caterpilar game is patched again if you want to give it another go!  I think I nailed it this time, at least I hope :p

Ooooooooooooooh my bad!  I had fixed it for multiplayer only, forgot about the single player mode!! This is fixed now.   I'm not 100% sure what you mean by no damage is dealt, but I suspect you're referring to the cocoons?  Once captured other caterpillars can slowly turn them back to white and get a chance to steal them.

To be on the safe side, I've added some more visual return on hitting targets + screenshake, hopefully this will give players a lot more clarity on the game mechanics ;)

Completely different take on the Melty Caterpillar theme (I got that theme too!)  Interesting concept - maybe not enough meltiness, but fun ;)

Cracking game!  Love the silliness and goriness.  One criticism: it's a bit too easy to chain head-butt brains out by jamming the attack key.  Although the most satisfying thing in the game is: chain head-butt brains out by jamming the attack key :p  It's a tough one!!! :)

Maybe too easy now, I won 1st time round by jamming the fire button!  Maybe a third rat unit would diversify gameplay a bit, like a shaman that shields the cup bearers from a distance and require a bit of precision sniping to get rid of?  Cool concept regardless!  Liking the cute graphics ;)  

Nice game!  Love the fact you can throw those crunchy pirates in the air, they're gonna need a bigger boat ;)

Couple of suggestions:  allow the shark to kill the pirates on boats or even mid-air to promote aerobatics, and multi-kills for extra points - these would diversify gameplay a bit  and make the game even more fun ;)

Cool little game!  Love the graphics & music, good job producing this in 72 hours!

Since BS allow us to spend extra time polishing, I spent a hour re-balancing the game a bit - you can now shoot at cocoons to slowly turn them back into neutral colour (and then steal them!!!!! :) )  

Should make multiplayer a bit more strategic!!!

Like the mushroom mechanic, nice little platformer!

FYI I've added an alternative colour mode for you for that Melt'Them All caterpillar game. The code to figure out which colour your caterpillar sits on is a bit ropy, so I can't have players pick their colour unfortunately.   Hopefully I got the colours right!!! ;)

Hey @Rhornbeck , thanks for the feedback!  I implemented a colour blind mode so your friends don't have the edge in multi player mode ;)   If you re-download the executable, in the main menu I added a "funky colour mode" button, you should see an instant change when you click on it.  Enjoy!!!

I like the siamese coster brothers! ;)

"depth = -y;" on all the character assets would help with perspective otherwise!