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Thanks for posting this, very interesting read!  I really enjoyed your game, happy to see you made it to the top 10!  Can't wait to see the Coster brothers having a go at it in their playthrough video ;)

I also wrote a postmortem - it's not on itch but directly on my website if you fancy the read!  https://hotchpotch.games/shenanijam-postmortem

Thanks!  Yup I kept the jam version quite hard, but working on an "official" version which I'll roll out once the jam rating period is over.  The new version has two difficulty modes, in the easier mode the bomb moves slower and is easier to avoid, but still adds a bit of time pressure so player can't camp in a corner indefinitely ;)

Thanks!  That twitter button was a last minute addition, it's a bit ropy but makes up for the game not having a leader board :)

Thanks, much appreciated!  Yup, fixing bugs,  polishing the game off & working on an Android port.  My plan is to keep the gameplay lean and simple as it is now, but any suggestions are welcome ;)

Haha thanks!  Sorry I like my games a bit challenging!  Although I try my best to make sure that they are hard, but not unfair ;)

Thanks, much appreciated!  Yup there are a few bugs & the game needs a bit of extra love, I'm planning to work a bit more on it after the jam.  Bat outfit should come up randomly, but the calculation is a bit ropy & random so it might take a few times before it appears!

Thanks for the feedback, I'll have a look at tuning this down.  Last thing I want is people to be sick on their keyboard ;)

Thanks!  Yup I'm debating porting to Android, although I tested on a tablet and it's a bit fiddly with touch control.  Need to give it some more thought!

Poofs, temporary changing the enemies to white when they get hit + some screenshake would definitely add some juice ;)

If you haven't watched it yet, this is my go-to video for any platformer/shooter design - definitely recommended!

Cute artwork & music!

Thanks!  Once you reach floor 50 you get access to yellow/blue/green backgrounds for a bit more variety.  I'm currently working to see if I can get this to work nicely on touchscreen.  If I can pull this off I' m definitely thinking of an Android version!

Haha, thanks!  Yeah the game is pretty much balanced to enrage players :)

Haha nice one, I enjoyed the watch!  Good job unlocking the bat outfit, you're nearly there unlocking the spider! ;)

Cool concept!  Love them' physics games!

Nice look & feel!  The menus are awesome - very polished game!

Nice up close camera, gives the game a good claustrophobic feel!!!

Haha, 20 GR18 build ;)

Those poor keyboards!  I recently played Track And Field at an arcade museum, you can't beat the physicality of these smahin' button games ;)

Haha, you got to defend that bun!!!  Theme of the game reminds me of BS' Burger Tower Defence, minus bears, plus cheese!!!

Haha, love the music!

Haha, so much space debris drifting around earth!  What software was used for the art?  Love it, reminds me of BS' very own Eric Hibbeler style!

Haha, this idea cam from the podcast actually!  Many episodes ago Sam highlighted how they figured out camera shake worked by not only shaking on the x & y axis, but also with the camera angle.  Hopefully I haven't overdone it! :)

Thanks, it came really naturally after I decided to go for the 3-bit colour palette achievement!  Closest game inspiration is probably the Swindle, which has much better graphics but similar black/mono-chromatic atmosphere and wall jumping.

Thanks!  Soundtrack was done quickly using Garage Band loops on my iPad.  Particularly loved that bass loop and pretty much built the song around it :)

Nice work doing this all just over 24hrs!

Novel!  Like the music, very.. spacey :)

Yoah, cool mechanic!!  I wrote a game before where you shoot to move (https://mitron.itch.io/holey-suit) but really like your concept - not only you move by shooting, but also build stuff as you go along! Food for thoughts ;)

Nice retro name!  Very polished, and definitely nailed the GameBoy jam achievement!

Yoah, is that a machine gun or a Gatling :)

Haha, who doesn't like a aiming in-dart camera!

Thanks, much appreciated!!!  It's all about the timing with these snipers.  Although the flying bombs make sure you don't take your sweet time!  ;)

And yes the proc gen might throw a few curve balls at the player every so and then - I'm a big fan of Vlambeer games & trying to keep players on their toes with a above-average difficulty :)

Nice work!  Love the art - that worm would make edmund mc millen proud!!!

Love the art!  Cheddar Cha Cha!

Very nice concept!  Between Lemmings and Crypt of the Necromancer ;)  Enjoyed this, good job! 

Left click not right click to throw a bomb, but it's ok I figured it pretty quickly ;)

Wow, I wasn't expecting that level of polish in a jam game!  Love the Limbo atmosphere.  Fantastic job!!

Psychedelic!!!  Love the graphics and the retro palette!  Not 100% sure what I am meant to do in-game though???  Any tips?

Like the visuals!  I like the concept of keeping the fire alive by trying not to consume everything down to the sand - although in practice I wasn't very good at it!

Enjoyed this a lot!  Good choice of music, cool concept.  A click counter - and as LordCloud suggests, set a limit - would make it an ever better puzzler!

Sooooooooo cute!  First time I hear of pico8, will check this out!  Great submission!