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I have decided to do a slightly early release on Steam. You can now download the game from the link below

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Excited to announce DEFENDER 3D coming to Itch on November 1st 2018

DEFENDER 3D is a remake of the classic Williams DEFENDER from 1981 with a new modern feel. DEFENDE 3D also allows for you to make your own ship and have me (the developer) add it to the game on a monthly vote basis. Top voted for ships  will be added each month.

Quick Pitch:

Blast and battle your way though wave after wave of aliens and bosses in this remake of the classic 80s game Defender. A seriously challenging game that lets you select a ship to suit your play style from super fast fighters to heavy bombers.

The color and art style used in Defender 3D are reminiscent of the newspaper articles and feared space ships landings of the American Mid west in the 1950s. The game play is tuned to perfection with flowing fast paced, edge of your seat action.

Dont get too used to who you are battling as new bosses and alien crafts will replace the current enemies on a monthly basis!

There are no hand outs here. You need to earn every reward!
Some more images:

Check out the ITCH page right here

and the main website here

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I think you would really like my new title DEFENDER 3D which is coming to itch and Steam on the 1st of November. Hook me up and ill send you a few Steam Keys

On the release of Defender 3D you will be able to build your own ship in your favourite 3D modelling platform and have it added to the game for the rest of the world to play!

This includes all alien ships, motherships and player ships.

Interested? Get in touch here for more details!

Hi Fellowplayer. I am interested in this :) here is a link to my game on steam

When you buy the game here on Itch, you will get a key to use at Steam. This will give you access to Linx and any future updates.

As the title says. I cant find my own game in the store or through anywhere on the site! I type Linx Battle Arena in the browse section and cant find anything there for my game? Any help would be great.

Follow the development of Linx Battle Arena as I take it from concept to full-on, online third person shooter, and a single player, mission based Rogue Like Survival shooter. Run, Shoot, Drive, Survive. Linx Battle Arena takes the third person survival shooter in a new direction with fast paced action based matches where you will constantly be aware of how vulnerable you are.

Multiplayer is pure PVP. No teams, just you versus everyone else in a fight to the death.

In every match, you will start off with a single handgun with 5 bullets and only 50% health.

Linx Battle Arena is still under development and I am looking to the community to guide the direction of the game. Use the forums  on Steam to give me feedback so that the game you want is the end product that I will produce.



Find cash boxes across the arenas to buy guns and health. You can only ever carry 1 gun and 1 clip so you will always be vulnerable to a quick attack and so will your enemies so arena domination will not come easily.


No cash boxes needed for weapons here, just get to the Gun Stations to get your next weapon. Each time you run out of ammo, the gun station will give you a new random gun. This could put you back to the Mk7 Gillan Pistol or if luck is on your side you might get the V3 Plasma Launcher. Health stations are positioned around the arenas so get cash boxes to survive. 

  Single Player Openworld Rogue Like Survival (under development - due 2nd quarter 2018)

Based around the open world map of Teriach Island, you will take on missions in rogue like scenarios, trying to achieve your goals while constantly being hunted down by the guardians of Teriach Island: The Sentinels.

You will start with 1 hand gun, 5 bullets and half health. It is up to you to gather cash, load up new guns and fight to own Teriach Island. Complete the missions and gain the prestigious Steam Achievements. Multiple missions types will be announced on release of the Single Player DLC.

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I am very happy to announce the ALPHA Release of Teriach Island.


Download and play right now for free.

1 gun, 1 mag, limited health.

I have taken the survival game in a new direction with this fast paced third person shooter. Earn money to get new guns and see how long you can survive against your fellow players and the devious Sentinels.

Set up your own games or play in public games.

Account Scores are saved online for bragging rights.

Jump in now for free!


Great Amos thanks for letting me know! I though i was going crazy :)

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As you can see from the screenshot below, I have no option to select how many people can play my game at one time? When I look at the game details preview, it says it single player! its not! How do I change it ?

honestly I do not see that in MetaData ?

hi all - how do I change Player count. My game page currently says Single player but my game is online multiplayer ??