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I put it in the F.A.Q. file, but I guess it's kinda buried. Sorry!

That puzzle's a bit tricky - here's the solution

You can also email me if you have more questions. :D

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Ahhh, that's an -old- joke from Catie's forum. There was an Irish user who used to brag constantly about himself, so we started saying that eating potatoes turned him superhuman.

Anyway, thanks for playing! :P

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Maybe I'll try writing a guide at some point. In the meantime, here's where to find the Rare NES Games. (There's actually only six of them).

Firstly, thank you so, SO much for all the kind words. I wish I could say how much they mean. <3

It's pretty hard to market a game about an old internet meme, but I'll keep trying to think of something! Also, you're not the first one to mention the slow beginning. It's one of several lessons I'll keep in mind, if I ever do make another game.

As for the riddle, it's hard to give a hint without spoiling it, so I'll just put the solution here. :P
Also, if you need help  finding the 7th key sibling, here's where to look.

There's plenty more to find, and I hope you'll see it all! Thanks again. :D

(Oh, and as for Catie, I wish I had news. the last time I talked to her was back in January, around the time she left Twitter. I'm sure she's doing fine, but I miss her too).

Ooh, exciting! Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy!

Agh, just when I was starting to think I’d finally fixed everything. What a strange bug, though. Thanks for the report! I’ll try to get it patched this weekend.

I'm glad that helped!

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Ah, I genuinely wasn't aware there were issues with WinRAR.

Thanks for the heads-up. Here's a link to a .7z version while I get things sorted out. :D


So, this isn't exactly a 'new' release - it's been on the site since September - but I wanted to get the bugs ironed out before I started sharing it around.

BoxxyQuest is a satirical fantasy RPG inspired by, and made with the help of, actress Catie Wayne, whose videos went viral about a decade ago. It started out as a silly gag project, but spiraled into a truly epic, unforgettable adventure. Experience the internet it a way you've never seen it before!

You can find it here, if you're interested!

Well, if you're interested...

It's a lengthy satirical RPG made with the help of actress/memestress Catie "Boxxy" Wayne.
I'd be thrilled if you gave it a try!

If you're okay with self-promotion, then I think BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm fits what you're looking for. It's a satirical fantasy RPG, (made in RPGM), but with some platformer and horror elements. It's quite lengthy (30+ hours), and the quality is as high as I could possibly make it. :P

I hope it suits you!