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Thanks for share! Please update more

Beautiful asset, Thanks for share!

Hi! Thank you for share! I will use in my project.

Hi! Get well soon! 

Hello! Thank you for your hard work, I look forward to seeing your new works in the future.

Looking great ! Please update more

I love neon colors but it seem a little dark, That's okay, Thank you

Great Asset! Thank you!

infirmary, teacher's room, swimming pool, gym, football field, etc. lol

Anyway, thanks for sharing :)

Hi, Thank you for share! This asset look great for loading screen.

Thank you for share, I looking forward new update!

Thank you, I love shot with gun animation

Hmmm... If it's a visual novel genre, it's probably 8 standard expressions.

normal, sad, angry, embarrassed, happy, scared, sick, wondering

But it's up to you :) I hope to use it in my future projects.

However, Thank you for share.

Great Portraits! I looking forward next update for facial expressions.

Great design!

Great pack! Thank you!

Thank you for arrange them for RPG Maker user like me ! XD

Thank you, I need it :)

Thank you, This pack may be suitable for my project.

Wow, Thank you , Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

Best support!

Wow! Can you add lights to the police cars? Blue and red lights on the roof of the car.

Yes! I want this !

Wow! This is maybe fit in my games!

Thank you for share, Beautiful color

Great background! Thank you for share

Thank you, I want to use in my project.

Thank you for your hard work :) 

Hi, Beautiful pixel! Can i use in my commercial game? please add your CC.

Thank you for share! I want to use in my game, What about CC?

Thank you very much!

ขอบคุณมากครับ เกมต่อไปฝากด้วยน๊าาา (กำลังทำ)

Back to school!

Oh yes! Pizza and Ice cream! thank you :)

I'm sure next update is ice cream truck! XD

Pizza please!! XD

Yes! I can fly!!

Doctor, Nurse , hmm... Oh yes Janitor! XD

Wow! I wonder what is building next :)

Thank you, Please add more set.

Hi! Please take care your health! Get well soon :)