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Thank you very much for the review, I'm very happy :)

Actually, I designed many scenes and maps to explore, including various parts of the story.

But in the end, it had to be cut because the deadline was expired before submission.

Your feedback is valuable to me.

I will try to improve it in the next project.

Thank you for playing again.

Hi, Thank you for share!

I love pixel :)


I just played your game look interesting, I love your idea and concept.

Some level harder than I thought (Or I thinking too much)

This game is puzzle and small adventures feature!

Colorful graphics and cute characters!

Good luck with your project.


Thank you  for your feedback.

I'm sorry that there aren't many options in the plot, I'll take this feedback into further improvements in the next project.

Thank you again :)


Thank you for your playing!

I apologize for the grammar my english is not good, But I will try harder in next project.

For black screen bug, I already fixed it and reupload, You will  found new link in my description pages, Because I can't reupload to itch until game jam event was ended.

Your feedback is very valuable to me :)

Thank you again.

Thank you again for playing and your feedback!

Actually, I wanted to put the end credits instead, but I remember the deadline for the project was approaching.

And there are still a lot of game bugs, That's why it has to be put Game Over Screen.

But don't worry! I'll put the end credits in place of that scene soon.

Your feedback is very valuable to me. I will try to do better in the next project.

Thank you very much :)

Hello again!

I already fixed some black screen bug, Now I think you can play to finish the game.

You can found new link download here

Sorry, I can't reupload in during IGMC2022 event.

Thank you for support :)


First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for the feedback, it made me very happy and proud to have made it.

Next, I sincerely apologize for causing any errors in the game, I will immediately check and fix it.

If you find any further errors or have suggestions please recommend, I will improve it in next projects.

Thank you for playing!

Next update, I wonder maybe the lion, tiger, wolf XD

I wonder what is next update, maybe canoe XD

This place to catch a shark XD

เห็นครับคนไทยด้วยกันสู้ๆ (เกมผมยังทำไม่เสร็จ)

Thank you

Hi, I want to asking someting

Is the score judged by the images used? I mean scored between RTP images and custom images (include asset from other store too) using.

Since RPG Maker MZ release, You can use same size tileset from MV for use MZ but one thing only Tileset B maybe problem in first spot I don't know why.

But don't worry about other section tileset because all working except Tileset B only.

So you don't worry :) I think some dev need to manual arrange them before use on own games

I tested on RPG Maker MZ Ver.1.5.0

This is great!

Wow, I can sleep in my car !!!

Wow, Picnic time !!!

Yes  yes yes !! Auto car wash service !

Thank you :)

Car wash and some store too :)

My bus can drift !!!

Looking great and smooth! Thank you

Yes! I can go to school again !!! (Ambulance and Fire truck plz)

Wow, Thank you

Wow, I can picnic too !!

I love cat :)

Wow, This is the great

Now I have bus stop in my game !!

This is great pixel! Do you have any plan to make more?

Wow, This is cool !

No download button ?

Wow, This is great pixel!

Hi, Thank you for demo, I very enjoy it

This is I want! Shopping street XD

Hi, Thank you for share

You can searching how to manage a tileset in youtube or other RPG Maker forums,

First you need to input your tileset images at location img/tilesets in your project folder

Second you need to manage your tileset in MZ at tileset tab in database

I hope this will be guide to you :)

PS. You can use MV tileset into MZ too because same size and same scale

Hi, This is great pixel, I love it

Hi, Can I use for commercial games?

Wow, Nice pixel! Do you have any plan translate to english ?

Hi!, I wish you get well soon! Take care your health