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Yes! This animation will add to my worker NPC :)

Thank you very much, This will help me to creating the world

That's OK! I need more fund to hire you XD

So I will contact to you if I ready ok ?

I know this hard to make animation, But this is great update

Now I making some zombies games and need to more used more weapon like axe ,  sword , bow and arrows

This will be great if you can add them XD

Hi , Thank you

Nice art, thank you

Wow, this is great details and beautiful

Have a nice vacation and safe :)

Look scary, thank you

This is summer theme XD

Wow thank you

Thank you, this is great for my project

Hi, do you will add more soon ?

Thank you, please add more

I love paintings because almost asset not have it or some less

The best asset !

Yes, I think more decoration or some NPC will be great!

Thank you , Please add more

Wow! I want to rating your asset 100 stars! but only limited 5 stars only XD

Look interesting !

I very excited to see next update XD

Next maybe Samurai , Ronin , Ninja, Kunoichi XD

Please take care your health

Thank you

Looking great ! Thank you

Thank you

Thank you very much

I love the corner for kids!

Thank you for share

Hi this is include some kids NPC yet ?

Hi ! Very beautiful, thanks for share.

This hospital will be big and bigger everyday !

Please add some medicine object like capsule , tablet , syringe

I love animated flame

Next maybe NPC Doctor , Nurse , Patient , Janitor

Yes ! waiting for some horror object XD

Thank you for your hard work, I very excited for new update.

Hello, How can I use this voices in commercial project?

beautiful girls ! I want to use this pack but I don't have a free time to make it.

Wow, next maybe SWAT team, police car , police NPC XD

Thank you for share, I want to use !