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Beautiful sound, Can I use my commercial project ?

Thank you XD

Thank you, I want to use in my project.

Very cute, Thank you

Can you add more sample please ?

Thank you for share.

Thank you so much! I very happy to use in my project

Thank you for share ! Very beautiful set

Beautiful set, Thank you.

Wow,Thank you ! 

I love Final Fantasy style, Thanks for share.

Oh I mean more tileset or object , characters , NPC

Thanks for share,I love it

Hello, Thank you for share.

Hello, Do you have a plan to make more?

Thanks! Looking great!

Hello,No download link ?

Beautiful set,Please make more

Thank you, Please add more !

Thank you

Hi ! con you advice me some tips ? I want to convert from this tileset to pixel tileset images instead.

Thanks for share ! I want to use in my project.

Wow looking great!

Hi! Do you have some emotion animated for characters ? like laugh , angry , injury

Thank you so much, I love pixel.

Thank you for share !

Wow, This is great!

thanks for reply! do you have any plan to release some characters?

thanks for share! look like pokemon style.

thank you very much! I will use in my project XD

I love it,thanks!

thanks for share! can you add attack animation?

Beautiful, thanks!

Thank you for new update, Please add more icons in Modern RPG Pack too.

I'm looking for password but I still not found haha

You demo is great

thanks for share.

Can I use to my commercial project ?

Wow,Thank you!

I love it , thanks!