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Thank you for share! This is a good asset, I waiting for your new pack soon (Modern Theme)

This remind me to Elevator Action on NES :) it's very old time for me

But this pack is modern pixel game for who want to make it

Interesting game theme! I'll join in too.

Even though there may not be (or are) prizes, I will definitely enter the game.

Hopefully I can made the game in time XD

Thank you for update in this pack, My project will have many items more

Thanks for sharing! I like the details of it, And I'm thinking about what to use in my game project.

Hi, Please add CC

Yes! Zombie theme

Thank you! Please update more

I love cat! please add more 

thank you!

This is great, Please update your CC or license

Wow, Thank you! Interesting!

Hello, Thank you for asset, I want some car in my game :)

Hello! This pack growing up than I thought! Great job!

Wow, This is great

Thank you, I love cat! Can you update more color?

Thanks for share! Please update more

Beautiful asset, Thanks for share!

Hi! Thank you for share! I will use in my project.

Hi! Get well soon! 

Hello! Thank you for your hard work, I look forward to seeing your new works in the future.

Looking great ! Please update more

I love neon colors but it seem a little dark, That's okay, Thank you

Great Asset! Thank you!

infirmary, teacher's room, swimming pool, gym, football field, etc. lol

Anyway, thanks for sharing :)

Hi, Thank you for share! This asset look great for loading screen.

Thank you, I love shot with gun animation

Hmmm... If it's a visual novel genre, it's probably 8 standard expressions.

normal, sad, angry, embarrassed, happy, scared, sick, wondering

But it's up to you :) I hope to use it in my future projects.

However, Thank you for share.

Great Portraits! I looking forward next update for facial expressions.

Great design!

Great pack! Thank you!

Thank you for arrange them for RPG Maker user like me ! XD

Thank you, This pack may be suitable for my project.

Wow, Thank you , Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

Best support!

Wow! Can you add lights to the police cars? Blue and red lights on the roof of the car.

Yes! I want this !

Wow! This is maybe fit in my games!