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Thank you for your comments man.

Level 1 >> i dont want to people know directly so i gave a couple of hints on jumping and then, the character can only dodging the enemy because (he) doesnt have a weapon. after the first level, there should be an event. For this event, people are being taught to strike enemy infront but doesnt give a clear answer how to use another weapon like throw a knives, using a pulse or fidget spinner.

so all of the possible controls are 

  • left, right and down
  • w for jumping
  • r for attacking
  • f for using a sub-weapon
  • esc for game menu

Level 2 >> this is the level that makes people turn off because, it has a jumpscare, limited view, and dis-oriented music (I got dizzy hearing this music so i give u guys to mute it) how to mute it? after you already in this level go to game-menu and press M (i also gave a hints on how to do this but, that hints are used the jumpscare)

Level 3 >> start to introduce an annoying enemy and strong enemy. the hardest enemy that i make is goragona the medusa. She has complicated AI-system that i make itself for this level

Level 4 >> its the end of game branches. this game has two endings. i dont want to give any opinion but, its supposed to be very secret

This project under-went nearly 2 years itself because i am a noob at making a game. 

  1. Unfortunately, this game doesnt have save system because, for its too complicated so if you get game-over it really is over. i guess its an old-school nightmare difficulty. 
  2. There was no moving platform event though, it is a platformer game yes as i said from the beginning i am still noob at making a game

I think i did put the screenshot about this game. For this onward, i have many option that i want to make :

  1.  Learning game development about android << i dont have a concept for now but, maybe the simple game from now on
  2.  Learning 3D fps game << I have a concept about this game. It is about survival 1 vs 4
  3.  Making a simple RPG game << I have a concept too about this game. The battle system of this game is turn-based battle with rock-paper-scissor style and its about computer system

For now, i just want to make a game that I can get paid.

its an a okay....

Song is too epic and not fitted with this game

the game was okay and i dont have any other comment

the game is an okay. the only thing you need is powerup : triple shoot, invincibility, machine gun, or something you can imagine it

oh and it needs audio too

Well then, here goes nothin'

Can i submit my game that was already finished from last month?

your welcome man! maybe adding a new level with a different background will be nice i think

what about the bullet can 

  1. penetrate against enemy
  2. ricochet against wall and/or maybe ricochet against enemy too.

thats my idea about improvement

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What can i say man? this game is really goddamn good

  1. Fanatic is a machine gun of disappointing
  2. Evoker is godmode
  3. Endemic is shotgun style
  4. Rover is double damage

the only thing downside is no background music :( . it should be like alien shooter >.<

i have an idea why not make some class are melee that is only attack at very close range?

What about boss every some level? its nice to have them too

i will say this game have much potential. I had played your other game its not much close as this one 

The game-play is really okay just need a couple of fix

  1.  Player move at sonic speed
  2. Enemy move at snail pace speed

the visual are what does this about, man. thats my criticism

  1. visually appealing
  2. Does this game under development? it seems have many unfinished stage
  3. I would say the game is an ok

its good game...

Hello guys another game from me and heres the screenshot for it

Heres the link to my game

how about me? >>

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Okay! now thats a lotta fun. Still challenging even high level shield

game was too hard....

ahahahaha...... EXPOSED as fak.....

cmon, Melon Gaming gives your objection to that...

Yes, so the free version could make a game like that? wow! unlike me. i made my game myself from pure java

sorry man! i cant help you more than that :(

what about powerUp maybe pig have more chance to survive from getting hit by spider not the spike

Game was fine, simple and good.

i will be looking forward to that. update man....

I think game always need RNG for many things. Its a good measurement too for increase your coding knowledge

well done! you did it. I dont have any more words to congratulate u....

good job then!

owh! glad to hear you can work that out...

i had seen about puzzlescript and it was html5 libraries. So i do have a bit knowledge about html5. Basically you need to use Math.floor() to round up the Math.Random() so the codes it looks like this

Math.random() //<< it returns double number from 0 - 1. example 0.189281, 0.83823, 0.90823879, 0.49874965

Math.floor(Math.random() * 10);  //<< return a number 0 - 9

function getRndInteger(min, max) {
  return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1) ) + min;
} //<< this return an int number with threshold

i found it at this place

what about class that can access random() or something like that or you maybe can use time if time were even do this or time were odd do that? you can do rng by yourself doing that but thats predictable

game was fine. it might be needs a power-up RNG for clear the mine faster

How about my game?

My pixel art skill is below average. if i want to help how can i help it? Maybe i can help you with some idea...