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I want to play your under-viewed games!

A topic by xAnnihil4ti0nx created Dec 01, 2018 Views: 648 Replies: 14
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If you have a game that you feel like was under-viewed or maybe just overlooked  please share it! I'm going to be doing some lets plays this weekend and I want to boost people that really need it, so if you have a gem of a game that was just overlooked  please share it here! 

I'm making Gunkid 99, a fast-paced, 2D arena-shooter inspired by SuperCrateBox. It is a arcadey game with a strong emphasis on getting a Highscore.
A lets play would be awesome as it lets me see how others are actually playing my game. The demo is pretty extensive, give it a try if you like :)

Game page:

If you like to play RPG's with good stories here are my two games for you. The free demos cover the first hour of gameplay, for more DM me at and I'll send you a free download key. Many thanks and have fun!

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I recently finished a free platformer called Parallel Universe, it has unique concept that gives it a style all it's own.

Try this game out. I think my front page isn't attractive :( But i think my game is a gem.

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please give me feedback to this game

So I recently made a village simulator with farming, fishing fighting, forging, flirting, you name it!! Considering the literal hundreds of other entries made I doubt I'll get many views,  it being my first publically shared game I'm interested in any and all feedback so I can keep making games that'll make people smile!!

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I recorded some. I hope you like it!

How about my game?

Hi xAnnihil4ti0nx, 

Please check out the demo for my game, Horace!

Horace is a story-driven, pixel platform adventure about a small robot on a big adventure. Think cinematic cutscenes but with little pixel guys,all tied together with traversal challenges that will test your brain as much as your abilities! The demo will showcase approx. 2 hours of game play as it branches out into the more metroidvania style later in the demo!

Would be great to hear your feedback! And be sure to share your YouTube channel so we can all check it out.

Since Frank didn't seem to want to link their YT channel, I'll link it here for them.  Seems to upload regularly and they have a decent voice to listen to.  Having a cat on camera is just a bonus!  :)

Best of luck to Frank and all the indie devs to get the exposure their games deserve!  Much love to all!

Hi, I just released my first game Miko's Adventures a couple of days ago right here :

Miko’s Adventures Is a cute Adventure 2d platform-puzzle game where you play as Miko .

Hope you enjoy playing it :)

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My simple game. Its HTML5 so no downloading necessary!

I really don't know what your preferences are, and if you like 3D or 2D games, but these are my personal favorites which aren't that popular. This guy makes awesome RPG Maker games.

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