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It was fun. I couldn't make the last jump though.

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It had good environmental story telling and a clear and concise story, albeit a sad one. I had some performance issues at the end.

Thanks for playing! I'll be adding improvements soon and  I'll add a tutorial requiring you to kick! 

Thanks, something about it made it feel so...familiar.

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It was top notch. I loved the humor!

Short and fun I like it!

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You have AI pathing issues, the controls completely crapped out for me during the end and you have a lot of z fighting and lighting issues. The intro was pretty good, but the game play got stale quick.

It has the Simpsons in it. So, I guess that's the appeal?

The sound, presentation and controls were all well done,but it's really hard. I died 24 times in 12 minutes.

It has good atmosphere and I enjoyed myself but, I wasn't able to find the key in order to progress and I got eaten by a guardian even though I put my torch away and was hidden.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks to this game, I won at life. GAME OF THE YEAR!!!

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I wasn't sure what I was supposed to-do and froze my nips off! I found a flare-gun, a watch, and a suitcase. Was I close?

Thank you for your video. You can expect changes next month!

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Hello Everyone, I played SpyMaster it was Simple and challenging.

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I recorded some. I hope you like it!

I normally just mute music for lets plays. I've had the composer for the music just upload their soundtrack to their YouTube channel and then I have to take down my video. Take a look at  One Hand Clapping, a bunch of people work on the game and the one ass-hat hack of a composer uploads their shit sound track and tries to monetize it, get basically zero revenue and kills every small time Youtuber out there. It's a shame really. 

Sorry about that. I'm a lefty! Check out the new prototype it has a lot of changes.

Man this  was a tough game. I found myself doing a lot of jumps blind. It needs to be pushed a bit graphically, I died at least once because I couldn't tell my character from the level. 

This is a dark and moody game. I feel like I only really just scraped the surface of this game.

It's a fun concept and the style is good!  The platforming is a little lacking though, I found myself coming up short on my jumps.

If you have a game that you feel like was under-viewed or maybe just overlooked  please share it! I'm going to be doing some lets plays this weekend and I want to boost people that really need it, so if you have a gem of a game that was just overlooked  please share it here! 

Hello Everyone!, 

 I am Frank and i thought I'd share some of my process for creating my characters for my games. In this video I create my elf character for Shotgun Santa.

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The zombies killed me in one hit and I had to reset my mouse sensitivity after every death. 

It was fun for the first few minutes but just not much here to keep me playing. It seemed like the smaller minions wouldn't die sometimes.

Your drop box download didn't work with my ad-blockers.So,  Just FYI!

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There was fun to be had. I liked your monsters they were unique. It is a bit too dark and navigation was difficult. A compass would have been handy! 

It was an enjoyable experience, though it was very short and, had some graphical and performance issues.

Thanks for the video! I added some info to the game to hopefully spare other people from the same fate.

Man, this game is difficult and I had to lookup how to get into the statue room.I kept missing the key. Over all it's pretty good.

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Hey guy's I just released my first game! I made it in only 6 days using the unreal engine. Check it out!

The premise

You have fallen into an underwater cave while scouting for a location to cave dive. Now you are trapped and faced with a megaladon and limited oxygen.

Here's the link

And I made an video announcement

I enjoyed it! 

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What a unique and awesome concept! I loved it! 5 stars!

I had a good time with this! That intro is super tight! 

I enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed the extended version!

I liked it!

I loved it. please make a full game!

Neat atheistic but, too much backtracking for my taste.