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I cant see anything.

can't play it was infected 

You did a stellar job bro! One small bug I found is if you call the elevator and back out into the previous room it won't lent you call the elevator again. 

Slendie needs to be a little more formidable and you probably already know about the performance issues with unity. 

Here's my review 

about 15 minutes

My play through I'll post a review tomorrow

Here's my review 

Here's my play-through

It's good. 

I couldn't beat it =/

Only 4 days!? Noice.

I got murdered

Is spookers.

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I cranked so hard and got so far but, in the end it didn't even maaaaAAAaaatteeer. 

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Cake for you

Top notch production. Really hard though. 

The puzzles confused and enraged me.


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It had good environmental story telling and a clear and concise story, albeit a sad one. I had some performance issues at the end.

Thanks for playing! I'll be adding improvements soon and  I'll add a tutorial requiring you to kick! 

Thanks, something about it made it feel so...familiar.

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It was top notch. I loved the humor!

Short and fun I like it!

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You have AI pathing issues, the controls completely crapped out for me during the end and you have a lot of z fighting and lighting issues. The intro was pretty good, but the game play got stale quick.

It has the Simpsons in it. So, I guess that's the appeal?

The sound, presentation and controls were all well done,but it's really hard. I died 24 times in 12 minutes.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks to this game, I won at life. GAME OF THE YEAR!!!

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I wasn't sure what I was supposed to-do and froze my nips off! I found a flare-gun, a watch, and a suitcase. Was I close?

Thank you for your video. You can expect changes next month!

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Hello Everyone, I played SpyMaster it was Simple and challenging.

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I recorded some. I hope you like it!

Sorry about that. I'm a lefty! Check out the new prototype it has a lot of changes.

Man this  was a tough game. I found myself doing a lot of jumps blind. It needs to be pushed a bit graphically, I died at least once because I couldn't tell my character from the level. 

It's a fun concept and the style is good!  The platforming is a little lacking though, I found myself coming up short on my jumps.

If you have a game that you feel like was under-viewed or maybe just overlooked  please share it! I'm going to be doing some lets plays this weekend and I want to boost people that really need it, so if you have a gem of a game that was just overlooked  please share it here!