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Thanks for the video! I added some info to the game to hopefully spare other people from the same fate.

Man, this game is difficult and I had to lookup how to get into the statue room.I kept missing the key. Over all it's pretty good.

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Hey guy's I just released my first game! I made it in only 6 days using the unreal engine. Check it out!

The premise

You have fallen into an underwater cave while scouting for a location to cave dive. Now you are trapped and faced with a megaladon and limited oxygen.

Here's the link

And I made an video announcement

I enjoyed it! 

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What a unique and awesome concept! I loved it! 5 stars!

I had a good time with this! That intro is super tight! 

I enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed the extended version!

I liked it!

I loved it. please make a full game!

Neat atheistic but, too much backtracking for my taste.