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Thank you. Im glad you liked the video.

Thank you for playing our game. I'll try to fix the platforms and give the player more control over the jumping.

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I have a problem I uploaded my game via the  upload game button but for some reason my game is not in the submission feed an d i'm not sure what is going on. Is my game submitted or not. I've seen some posts where others have also had a similar issue.  This is my game that i uploaded please allow my game to also be submitted because of this technical issue.

this is my issue 

me also

I'm Not Sure If my Game Got uploaded I Hit submit and filled out all the information then nothing Happened.. A the game is not in the submission pool. I'm not sure what to do. This is the game I posted for the Jam.

I'm having the Same issue  I uploaded this game  <<< But the game is not being added to the submission pull. I hope It counts as a submission if its not in the entry pool. 

I'm haveing same issue

Ty for commenting the game has a very big map.

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this is our progress so far. The Gameplay is better than the visuals.