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Issues Submitting Project

A topic by futrchamp created Nov 29, 2018 Views: 159 Replies: 4
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Hi! My team has had a wonderful time putting together our IGMC project for this year. We ran into a small problem, though, in adding our project as a submission to the jam. The project is published (publicly) under our studio account at and playtesters have been able to download and run the game, but none of us have been able to add the game to the pool of IGMC 2018 entries from any of our accounts - clicking "Submit your project" at prompts us to create a new game. With the deadline only a few hours away, what's our best bet at making sure we're officially in the jam? Thanks in advance to anyone who can share information about the issue.

Thanks for letting us know. I guess you made it now?

I'm Not Sure If my Game Got uploaded I Hit submit and filled out all the information then nothing Happened.. A the game is not in the submission pool. I'm not sure what to do. This is the game I posted for the Jam.

Yes, thankfully another member of our team got it sorted in time. Thank you!

I'm having the Same issue  I uploaded this game  <<< But the game is not being added to the submission pull. I hope It counts as a submission if its not in the entry pool.