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I submitted before the deadline, why is my entry not listed?

A topic by Akusan created Nov 30, 2018 Views: 788 Replies: 25
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I submitted this game before the deadline -

But I do not see it on the entries list. May I know why?

Did you actually submit it to the Jam?

After you finished uploading your game, you needed to go to the jam's page and submit it through there.

I submitted via the Submit button which had an upload then uploaded the game

Sounds like a technical issue with Itch. Is it possible to still get my game added to the list of entries?

Admin (3 edits)

Hello, I'm an admin. There are no known issues with our submission system, and we had no downtime during the submission period. The submission time is very strict, if you miss it by 1 second then your submission will not be allowed.

I checked the upload dates & times for your project, and I see that the files you have uploaded were uploaded after the submission deadline for the jam, so my guess is that you missed the deadline. This jam is configured to block new files from being uploaded after the submission deadline, so even if you had a submission page up, your files would not have been able to be added.


I don't think they view it as a technical issue. I think it should be fixed or the screen should be modified. The idea seems to be "You don't have a project, you can create one here and then come back and submit." But they don't make that clear.

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will they still allow my project to be submitted still ? 

I wish that was mentioned on the rules. We were so busy working on our game.


this is my issue 

I am sorry to hear that you have the same issue. Please let me know what you find out as the resolution and I will let you know also if I find anything out


Looks like Degika responded here but unfortunately doesn't sound like they will allow our entries to be submitted

You might just get pointed to contest rule 2 and be out of luck:
"Games MUST be submitted by the deadline (Midnight PST, November, 29th 2018). NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED! Make sure not to submit last minute to avoid missing the deadline." (source:

Essentially, it's your sole responsibility to leave plenty of time for the upload and then making sure it got submitted correctly in case of issues like failed uploads, dropped connections, or even unclear instructions in Itchio itself.

It can feel harsh, especially after spending a long time on an entry, but there has to be a cut off.


Well many are new to, i feel it could have been explain in the FAQ since many might ask this question.

Also, we hit Submit button before the deadline and followed the standard itch game submission. So technically we submitted the game before the deadline and it was not last minute. It was not our fault that the submit button did not work as intended or there was a technical issue that itch did not work as intended. This should have been clarified better like literally explaining to check "Entries" and search for your entry.  


This. We can't be responsible for checking every single entry that people claim they put through but didn't go through. It is up to the submitter to familiarize themselves with the system and leave themselves plenty of time to submit in case of errors.

The deadline is a hard deadline for a reason.

That is kind of the problem here... because we submitted games on many game jams before so we are familiar with how itch game jams work. So it was quite the surprise and caught a lot of us off guard that the submission system for this jam is different and even if it was mentioned in the rules, it was very vague and not specific enough. It may have been mentioned on Discord but a lot of us were busy working on our game. We submitted before the deadline, followed the rules, submitted the way we submitted on previous game jams, but apparently we got a hoodwinked because of some different systems or settings in place, and not to mention finding out if there is an error is not as easy as it sounds since there is no error message or anything nor any messages of successful submission. It is just disappointing after working so hard and being so stressed. 

Thanks for responding.

I'll admit that I have not submitted any games to game jams before. How did the submission process for IGMC differ?


Uploading a new game via the submit button did not automatically enter you into the contest. I thought it was normal, but apparently it wasn't.

When you upload via the submit button on itch, the upload process also is part of the submission - normally. But i heard that since IGMC is larger scale and higher stakes there was some modifications (code it think) to this jam which may have affected the submission process, but unfortunately some of us found out too late and the time was up. The rules did not specify the actual process of making sure how the game was submitted and it gave instructions that we thought we understood from previous itch game jam submission process (i did 26+ game jams for fun, this is the only game jam that did this to me - which was not fun because i stayed up till 3AM and couldn't sleep for 3 more hours to alleviate the stress, even more LOL!). I enjoyed making my game with my team. I am just disappointed that it wasn't listed on the entries for me to share to my friends and team.

Thanks again for the reply. I am pretty sure you are busy especially with this high stakes jam, so I appreciate that you take the time to reply.

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It is a bit vague wether or not you can still edit your game after submitting it. 

This has lead to me waiting until the very last hours to submit my game. I could easily see this going wrong!


And yes, lots of it went wrong! lol


Hey, sorry this was confusing. This jam blocks new files from being adding to your project page only during the submission time. You can submit early and continue to upload files up until the submission deadline is over.


I made a game without a download file early in the process and then uploaded the files before the deadline.  I made sure I had a game in there once I saw you could do that after the first day or so.  Maybe take that approach next time?

Yup, sounds like we are forced to do something like that. Too bad your brilliant strategy is not mentioned anywhere in the rules but instead learned through terrible experiences like this. Thanks for sharing your great idea!

It's not a brilliant strategy or anything, and I am not trying to throw salt in your wound.   Just trying to give you ideas for the next time.


I know. I am not being sarcastic. I am just saying thanks for the great idea and i learned the hard painful way.