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Thanks for playing. I totally understand it's hard to review a game that doesn't appeal to you. So thanks for playing it regardless :)

Still I reccognize the game is in dire need of balancing, so the begin levels aren't too boring and the increase isn't too fast.

All versions have had those bugs, so it just means you were lucky enough not to encounter them. (Or perhaps you didn't get far enough, as they only happen on day 4 and 5?).

I'm planning on adding difficulties, including an Easy one that would hopefully stop losing hearts by misclicks/fast clicks.

And yes, let's both try our best next year. Bug and issue free :D

The lag first started when I could use Mana Chain. But it happened on nearly every map afterwards. Not all the time, and not always that terrible.

Hohoho, it's your secret santa!

* What I liked when I played?
-> I like that your name's on the title screen, it looks professional.
-> The art is great. I also liked the RTP edits you made. And on that note...
-> Your maps are very nice.
-> Nice windowskin
-> That ghost SE is awesome.
-> The characters were a lot of fun and I liked that I could interact with their surroundings.
-> Loved that credit scene.

* What I didn't like?
-> No shutdown option :( It's very handy to have if your player plays on fullscreen
-> It ended so soon :(
-> Laggy during the puzzles. On the plus side I was glad to have no timed puzzles, as the lag would have made it impossible to play.

* Did I complete it?

* Other things the developer needs to know?
-> No title screen music?
-> Why is there a Controls option in the options menu when you can't change them?
-> Would be cool if I could change who was the party leader.
-> No spaces between Age and their actual age in the menu
-> Typo by Azre at the very first puzzle map: we're only at the entrance*
-> Why can't I go up/down the stairs yet in the crypt? (was this explained somewhere?)

I'm happy you'll expand on this. I'm curious about the manor and what else the Duke is hiding there. Looking forward to playing this in the future~ :)

Thanks Xenoneo. Glad you liked it :)

Yes, it's very disappointing indeed. On the positive side, I can start updating the game whenever I want. ^^

Did you actually submit it to the Jam?

After you finished uploading your game, you needed to go to the jam's page and submit it through there.

Hi, sorry for the very late reply!

I think you're talking about the comic book style dialogue? It's one of the options in ccoa's UMS.

Very sorry for the late reply!

Thank you for playing Dreaming Alice and trying again after that puzzle. I'll be fixing the way I programmed it, so hopefully people won't get stuck on it. I'll also try annd make the scenes at the Duchess a bit clearer. Some of the other bugs you mentioned have been fixed in a new version, which I'll be uploading some time next week if everything works out.  :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it so far. I'm planning to remake it, as I want to do the game and the vision I had for it justice.

Hi there, I played your game. Here's my review:

What got me interested:

-> it's Aladdin themed! (Love me some fairytales)

What I liked when I played:
-> The mazes itself
-> I liked that gold and skeletons lighted up. It made going through the mazes a bit easier.

What I didn't like:
-> Starting on a "world map". The map just made little sense to me, I
assume you picked that because you don't have a large piramid tile?
-> The slow walking speed when you reached a certain amount of
money... This was definitely a deal breaker for me. I had collected up
to 1500 golds, so I was "dashing" at a snails' pace. I just threw away
all my money and any of the money that I collected afterwards.
-> No shutdown option anywhere.
-> The music started annoying me after a while.

Did I complete it?:
No, I couldn't find the key to unlock the doors. I was able to bypass
most of them until I got to the final room. At this point, I had played
for 12 minutes.

Other things the developer needs to know:
-> No music after I hit New Game (on the world map)
-> It would be nice if the maps kinda showed where the key is. Or if
there were some actual hints as to where I could find it.

If you ever change some of my grievances (that hard to find key, the slow speed etc.), I'll definitely try again.

Congrats on finishing! :D

Yes, those are intentional. I'll add a fade screen, so it's not that jarring though. 

No currently there's only one ending. I'll add some more endings in the extended version, but the current ending can be considered the "true ending". I was going through a rather difficult period during the IGMC, which is why the true ending feels like a bad ending. I can explain it more if you want, but I'd rather do that in PM.

Thanks for the feedback Dalph. I'll definitely go and check all those tilesets for the passability errors. Font should be fixed in the next version as well. I was planning on giving some sprites an update, so I'll add Chesire cat to that list. 

I'll PM you the answer to the puzzle at RMW as I acn't seem to find a way to post a spoiler here. ^^;

RTP isn't missing, but there is a font missing if you're on Windows 10.  You can download it from here. Just install it and you should be able o play it without any problems.