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Cool game you got here. The music and art are really nice. The mechanics are cool too -  whip that goes through walls and gun that shoots. Nice enemy types too! It encourages experimentation but the death penalty is too much. It needs checkpoints. I really like to continue playing but the death penalty is rage inducing - back to start! So painful! lol

But thanks for sharing your great game! 

Guys! Play this version!

If you can be detailed with your feedback, please feel free to share. We are still constantly updating this game :-D

Have you tried this updated version with some bug fixes?

More bug fixes are on the way!

play this version -

We are adding more bug fixes 

Thanks for making the game!

i got stuck at the boss where the bunnies did not respawn. Great game you have here, it has a cool survival mechanic resource management gameplay. Great job and the music sounds fitting with a very clean art style. I like how you can upgrade your equipment too. and great job having multiple bosses! I beat the slime, the bug but i got stuck with the bunny boss - they stopped respawning

Keep up the good work!



Thanks for the quick reply!

Is working on a sequel or prequel for another game I am working on or on one of my other game jam games allowed? 

Technically it's a new game but in the same world of previous games that I made. The rules say "Development of the game MUST be started after beginning of the contest." So by that definition, a development of a sequel or prequel sounds like it is okay as long as it has started during the beginning of the contest. I want to make sure this is allowed before I continue.


May we have a link to the subreddit and Lunatic server?

Awww thanks!

Great fun game though. I was really amused by the concept and the sound effects. A game about villains an you have a grandma as the player LOL!

Aaaaa the game restarted before i saw my score! I think it was 4k+

 There's a game over screen with choir music. The victory screen was set on a timer. We should have changed that. But nevertheless we had fun making the game. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the suggestion. We had so much planned for this game but as adults, we didn't have enough time to implement. Thanks for playing :D


One thing you could do do, if it doesn't load on itch, make sure you mention it on your game page and add a comment on your submission page where the game actually works. Once you get it to work on itch page let us know, or just update it there

yea but the police who are heroes are mentioned in the game but they are not in the game, hence mentioning is fine

Feel free also to join our Discord community and you might find people you can work with there -


Your concept sounds very interesting. If you ask the question "Does this game have a hero?" and if the answer is "Yes" in any moment of the game, then most likely the limitation is being broken. So my recommendation is just to call your characters villains, just has different types of villains or agendas.

Also, if you want answers faster, feel free to join and ask any of the staff on discord server:


10/10 best comment :-D

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I got an error saying failed to load Mono. Anyone else getting this error?

Thanks! You're pretty cool too!

It's a semi circle which is a shape. This limitation is tricky because, it did not specify basic shapes but it was also clarified on Discord to not use Complex shapes. But thanks for playing! :-D

thanks for the feedback on controls.. I need to refine it

Interesting game you got here and you got a lot of dialogue in it too, great job! Well use of shapes to create the backgrounds and characters. I think the gameplay needs a little more to it though than just clicking the enemy robot. Also the game crashed on me on web browser lol. But good job on this entry, thanks for sharing!

Interesting entry you got here with backstory. Cute characters too with respect to limitation. Good job. When enemies attack, I would recommend telegraphing - meaning they will do some kind of animation or indicator prior to their attack behavior. You can see this in a lot of Castlevania games. Thanks for sharing!

Pretty good looking game with lots of features. Good job and thanks for sharing. I had a hard time getting out of docking but maybe because i am not used to ship controls. It's cool too that you had a puzzle section.

This is actually pretty fun. Very interesting controls but really simple, I like it! The music fits very well as well. The graphics and animations were really cool too. Great job!

Cool looking characters using basic shapes. You also made a backstory and unlockable abilities. Good job and thanks for sharing.

Great looking game. My 1st  impression was WOW! Great use of theme and limitation to make a cool looking game. The game play was amazing too with 3 heroes with different abilities. Was there a win condition though? Thanks for sharing!

This actually a pretty great concept and the game has soo many features! Different bosses with differenta and multiple attacks, a map stage selection, and very cool music. Great job here! Also well use of theme and limitation.

Great entry. It was interesting and strategic. I wish there was sounds though.

Did you make this game using Flash? I have flash installed but it says "need flash installed" still.

I win! Great job on making a game using a new engine. The procedural generation or random movements make for dynamic gameplay. Good job and thanks for sharing!

I keep crashing into the hostage! LOL! But this is a very interesting concept for shooting. Makes for interesting gameplay. Thanks for sharing!

Press Esc in game to see game controls.

Keyboard Controls:
Space = Jump (triple jump), Glide (in air)
A = Left
D = Right
S = Crouch
W = Look up
Mouse = Aim
Mouse 1 = Shoot/Attack
L Ctrl = Jet pack
T = Switch Weapon
I = Inventory
Tab = Switch Aim view (Mouse/Analog 1/Analog 2)