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Thanks for the info.. I need to update that. try to restart level and try again for now

I will fix it later

yup just vote for the limitation you like and maybe discuss on discord and hope for the best 

No text will definitely make devs more creative especially with story theme. Most of the limitations can stretch one's imagination 😄

What's a sabre punk?

Very well polished game. Great job! The art, animations, and sounds are great too.

You put a lot of thought and lore in this game. It's always cool to see games that people put a lot of effort in. Everyone can tell that there are huge plans for this game. Good job. 

Thanks! :D 

I am surprised someone played my game. Glad it's you haha!

What do you mean spawn unlimited tiles? What you could do is use dynamic scene loading. It will appear as unlimited but it will load sections at a time, better for RAM but more work for processors

Strictly 3 color. You can ask more detailed questions at

Thanks! :D

haha that's my plan! Just kidding!

It's funny how controls on web browser can do that

This game looks like it has a lot of planned things going on. There's an actual dialogue system and story. It was confusing at 1st to figure out clicking on the character but you gave nice hints to start the gameplay, good job. But it got confusing again when the funny looking cows started to move and then later the game crashed on the part with hey (i did not even know if i was playing it right lol). I also wish there was sounds.

Thanks for sharing your entry. It has a lot of promise. I am sure you have a great idea here :-D

Very simple game with a really cute art style. The idea was great! I like the thought of duel or show down, dodging bullets and shooting. But I wish you added more mechanics like moving or changing places, more ways to outsmart the enemy than just waiting for them to make a mistake. It got pretty boring waiting for the enemy to get hit. I killed the frog boss lol. Thanks for sharing your entry :-D

Nice entry you got, it even has a win condition and cool retro looking UI. It has some really cool looking retro art and the feel of the game plays really well just like classic Castlevania game. Although I think it needs a more unique core mechanic.

LOL i got stabbed multiple times and a frog killed me!

When you upload via the submit button on itch, the upload process also is part of the submission - normally. But i heard that since IGMC is larger scale and higher stakes there was some modifications (code it think) to this jam which may have affected the submission process, but unfortunately some of us found out too late and the time was up. The rules did not specify the actual process of making sure how the game was submitted and it gave instructions that we thought we understood from previous itch game jam submission process (i did 26+ game jams for fun, this is the only game jam that did this to me - which was not fun because i stayed up till 3AM and couldn't sleep for 3 more hours to alleviate the stress, even more LOL!). I enjoyed making my game with my team. I am just disappointed that it wasn't listed on the entries for me to share to my friends and team.

Thanks again for the reply. I am pretty sure you are busy especially with this high stakes jam, so I appreciate that you take the time to reply.

I know. I am not being sarcastic. I am just saying thanks for the great idea and i learned the hard painful way.

Yup, sounds like we are forced to do something like that. Too bad your brilliant strategy is not mentioned anywhere in the rules but instead learned through terrible experiences like this. Thanks for sharing your great idea!

Looks like Degika responded here but unfortunately doesn't sound like they will allow our entries to be submitted

And yes, lots of it went wrong! lol

That is kind of the problem here... because we submitted games on many game jams before so we are familiar with how itch game jams work. So it was quite the surprise and caught a lot of us off guard that the submission system for this jam is different and even if it was mentioned in the rules, it was very vague and not specific enough. It may have been mentioned on Discord but a lot of us were busy working on our game. We submitted before the deadline, followed the rules, submitted the way we submitted on previous game jams, but apparently we got a hoodwinked because of some different systems or settings in place, and not to mention finding out if there is an error is not as easy as it sounds since there is no error message or anything nor any messages of successful submission. It is just disappointing after working so hard and being so stressed. 

Thanks for responding.

Also, we hit Submit button before the deadline and followed the standard itch game submission. So technically we submitted the game before the deadline and it was not last minute. It was not our fault that the submit button did not work as intended or there was a technical issue that itch did not work as intended. This should have been clarified better like literally explaining to check "Entries" and search for your entry.  

I am sorry to hear that you have the same issue. Please let me know what you find out as the resolution and I will let you know also if I find anything out

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will they still allow my project to be submitted still ? 

I wish that was mentioned on the rules. We were so busy working on our game.

Sounds like a technical issue with Itch. Is it possible to still get my game added to the list of entries?

I submitted via the Submit button which had an upload then uploaded the game

I submitted this game before the deadline -

But I do not see it on the entries list. May I know why?

Very intriguing game! The music and atmosphere is really good. I don't get what I need to do though. I light my torch and try to find more wood and my inventory keeps getting filled even if i have space. Also i don't know how to keep the bonfire alive.

Thanks for sharing your game!  It's amazing how you can make something well polished in a short amount of time.

Cool game you got here. The music and art are really nice. The mechanics are cool too -  whip that goes through walls and gun that shoots. Nice enemy types too! It encourages experimentation but the death penalty is too much. It needs checkpoints. I really like to continue playing but the death penalty is rage inducing - back to start! So painful! lol

But thanks for sharing your great game! 

Guys! Play this version!

If you can be detailed with your feedback, please feel free to share. We are still constantly updating this game :-D

Have you tried this updated version with some bug fixes?

More bug fixes are on the way!

play this version -

We are adding more bug fixes 

Thanks for making the game!

i got stuck at the boss where the bunnies did not respawn. Great game you have here, it has a cool survival mechanic resource management gameplay. Great job and the music sounds fitting with a very clean art style. I like how you can upgrade your equipment too. and great job having multiple bosses! I beat the slime, the bug but i got stuck with the bunny boss - they stopped respawning

Keep up the good work!



Thanks for the quick reply!

Is working on a sequel or prequel for another game I am working on or on one of my other game jam games allowed? 

Technically it's a new game but in the same world of previous games that I made. The rules say "Development of the game MUST be started after beginning of the contest." So by that definition, a development of a sequel or prequel sounds like it is okay as long as it has started during the beginning of the contest. I want to make sure this is allowed before I continue.


May we have a link to the subreddit and Lunatic server?

Awww thanks!