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Mini Jam 11th edition has begun!


This means that no text, or Images containing text will be allowed in game. Find other methods to teach your players how to play. This Limitation applies to the description of your game as well.

At first i was like... "Oh an unfinished game"... then "i was like oh simple mechanics runner" then after hitting enemies that actually follow a rhythm, then i was like "ohhhhhh that's so cool!"

Great job on an interesting fun cool game! Caught me by surprise and made me smile. Roller coaster of emotions haha! I don't get why you have a businessman, rats and birds though

We are glad you enjoyed this experience. ^_^

You're the 2nd person aside from my wife who had a hard time with this game lol.

Great game! Very amusing animations.

Thanks! glad you liked it!


Great concept and fun game. Great visuals and looks very polished. But maybe you can increase the time and make the starting points clearer

I think you need to show controls and how it's played. Maybe the web version is just bugged

thanks for the tip! I have those in mind for other levels where they could be on single screen. The scaling and rotating will also be moved to other levels or depends on the platforms.

I am still baffled with unity physics that sometimes the collider doesn't work properly.. maybe I should use a backup collider inside? Still need to figure this one out

Thanks! I am working on adding more levels!

Thanks for the feedback! Gives me some new ideas :-D

weird... i got stuck and couldn't go any further

Yup, i had little time to work on it. I'll make it less confusing and more levels. 

Yes, it is actually the 1st game i worked alone in such a long time. But thanks for testing and giving feedback. I am going to work on more polish for this game and more levels :-D

Interesting take on stealth but have to stay in the light. So Stealth but you can't stay in the shadows. Good job on your entry!

For those who want to play browser version with sounds:

Enjoy! :-D

I played all the games you listed. It's great to see all different ideas on the concept

Pretty fun game. I got pretty far and died. Interesting concept and cute art. The music is eerie. good job!

good idea with conveyors moving player. was just too hard for me. but you have game play that made me want to try it over and over lol. good job!

I am actually pretty impressed how you made a lot of elements in the game to make each level different with only jump controls. The minimalistic simple design looks cool too. Great job on your entry!

Pretty cool concept and interesting gameplay. Good job!

Looks like i can go out of the borders and stay alive longer. I think showing what the controls are would help. Thanks for sharing your interesting take on twin stick shooter

Thanks for the quick response. I am planning to make more levels which is why i am  looking for more feedback. Had some more in mind but wasn't able to add it to the game for now. Thanks also for sharing these games.

thanks! That's is what I am planning to do

Interesting concept. I was curious to see what a bullet hell game without enemies was like. So you are your worst enemy! Also what's the keyboard for? there's a pic on upper right for keyboard controls but looks like you can play game with just mouse

Thanks for the feedback. I will balance the later levels and take what you said in consideration.

Thanks for the feedback! I will keep those in mind when making more levels.

Thanks for trying out the game. What other games had this concept?

Lol, the description of this game made me laugh.

W, D = Left, Right
Mouse 1 = Torch ON
Mouse wheel = scroll through intensities
1, 2, 3, 4 = change intensity

Thanks! Glad you liked it ^__^

we were going for a wtf moment. It made me laugh the 1st time I saw it happened so I wanted to give others the same experience. Thanks for the feedback!

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Had to submit a game breaking bug fix on RePsyKill_BigFix01.rar

Edit: Another Game breaking bug fix to remove collision bug that prevents player from progressing further

thanks for checking out our game.

I'm glad you liked the animation 

Thanks! That was the goal to have cute characters

Thanks! I'm glad you like my art :-D

Pretty fun game. Great art, good music. Also very polished. great job! It gets pretty easy staying on bottom left or right corner with a lot of patience.

great video but I was sad that our game was not even mentioned or clip shown