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thanks for checking out our game.

I'm glad you liked the animation 

Thanks! That was the goal to have cute characters

Thanks! I'm glad you like my art :-D

Pretty fun game. Great art, good music. Also very polished. great job! It gets pretty easy staying on bottom left or right corner with a lot of patience.

great video but I was sad that our game was not even mentioned or clip shown

thanks! I'll check it out


Game made for android. Explore procedurally generated maps on Adventure mode. Controls: Tap on an element and tap on terrain to create trees, fire, or water. Tap on enemies and destroy them with the right element. 

This is game is a work in progress. Puzzle rooms will be added in the future, enhanced graphics, better navigation, improved optimization, etc. We are working on a anroid market version, your feedback is appreciated. Thank you and have fun!

Thanks for the feedback! This is great inspiration to make better multiplayer games for future game jams.

thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

I really love the mechanic of this game, it was fun but the gameplay needs some adjusting. But for a game jam to make an RTS that works with unique mechanics, you guys did a great job! 

I really like the concept of it and this game looks really fun to play with others. But the controls kinda ruined it for me. Why not space bar for jump? Is it possible to have controller options?

Great game, great job! it looks very well polished, complete with tutorials, menu, summon selections. 

I am impressed that you beat single player. I can't even reach the boss on some multiplayer games ha! But I would be more than glad to play multiplayer with you.

Download Eunid.zip and have fun playing with your friends.

we kind of added that kind of message in this game that you can beat the game and reach the boss solo but it's harder just like in real life. Even this multiplayer game is hard to accomplish solo, which is why it's great if you can summon other players which lead to the theme "You need someone else". I'd be glad to play this game with you on multiplayer. Just hit me up when you're online and I am too. 

Thanks for the feedback!

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This game is actually emulating the hardships of life that you have to deal when going solo, which is why "You need someone else!" (Eunid: Summon Els).

Well hit me up, let's play this game together. We added a boss fight, 4 player multiplayer and a huge level Akusan#3507. Let's have fun and make better games in the future :-D

Should be press Enter to switch from Intro -> Title -> Lobby

where will the announcement be done and how will the winners be contacted? Is there a discord server for this jam?

thanks! We worked really hard on this game

I still can't play this game. I keep getting "Windows cannot access the specified, path, device, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item". Even when running on admin mode.

I admit, this game actually made me jump. Nice sounds too. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it! That was the goal we worked so hard to accomplish

thanks man! Glad you liked it. Our artist worked really hard on the art and our musician committed so much with the music

Great job. Nice to see Blender made game. What's the number sequence of the puzzle?

I was hoping for a Game with an Ouija board and some scary stuff. Good job with your game man.

Great looking game! This is the best looking game I played so far (next to Fade lol).  The music is fun and the voice overs are amusing too. Great job guys!

Nice gift after opening the chest :-)

Slime Adventure has really good music and (cheerful) halloween  feel. But sounds like it's missing some sound effects. Good job with the game! I wish there were more checkpoints though. 

glad you like it!

Great well-polished fun game you guys made. Great job!

This game reminds me of Color Switch  http://poki.com/en/g/color-switch

very original game. I have never played anything like this before. It's too complicated unfortunately. I think if certain cues are given like glowing/blinking dials/panels indicating something to the player to adjust that setting would help.

unfortunately, I did work mostly on the multiplayer.  A did learn a lot in the process though.

Great game. It makes me want to play more even made me want to try again. But it's frustrating that I have to wait a long time for stuff to get built or repairs. Troops are too slow. Maybe have structures lift off instead of having to build another collecting station. But definitely a great game for a niche that loves RTS and want to see one in the game jam.  Lots of potential in this game. Great work!

Please play the latest version NebulaDream_0.1.rar

Thanks for your feedback. If you destroy all the enemies, the win condition should have been triggered, hence, the scene change bug fix update. We had too many features we wish we could implement but not enough time nor resources to implement them. We will update this game in the future to address those other bug fixes. Once again, thanks playing.