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I submitted game hours ago, still not showing up on submissions page

A topic by CaptainSmack created Nov 30, 2018 Views: 166 Replies: 10
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I created a new account (CaptainSmack), uploaded the game (it's called BFE), but it's still not showing up as an entry. I have no idea what to do. Deadline's just over 2 hours away, can someone please help me?

did you check the submission feed?

You mean at ? If so, yes, it's not there.

Oh, you're talking about at ... it's not showing up there either.

I think I read once that new accounts can't participate in jams until some time ...I'm not sure. You can't yet? 

Still nothing. The game shows up on my account, but not in the contest. Can anyone confirm whether or not new accounts can't enter contests?

Are you sure your game is "published" and not "draft"?
Can I see it?

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I'm not sure what you mean. If you do a search where it says "Search for games or creators" for "BFE", it shows up in the search results. Does it look right to you?

EDIT: Just looked on my dashboard, says it's "Published".

OK, it's showing up now. Not sure why, but problem seems to be solved. Thanks!

I'm haveing same issue

I had a somewhat opposite issue, my game isn't showing on the submission feed but it IS in the entries page. Bit weird, but hopefully these are more just issues on our own interfaces :)