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Fair enough, if anyone did use a bot on our game to make us feel like we had a chance, that's a shady little shame lol, but ah well. Excited to see the rest of the results :)

I'm a bit disturbed that my game had 15 ratings yesterday morning, but now that results are out it only has 9?

Thank you for your comment! It's so easy when developing to see all the things you wish you could have improved on so thank you for seeing potential in our work! Hopefully we will get the chance to continue working on the game and bring it up to where we'd like it to be :)

I was enjoying it quite a bit! The story is set up nicely, clearly narrative skill shown. I seemed to have a bit of a bug though, I got the dagger at the end of the tutorial but it never showed up in my items, so I bought another one at the market, but then when I got down to the skeletons it wasn't there again! So even on easy I'm having particular difficulty, though I realise that I may be using the UI wrongly somehow haha. It's got a lot of good feeling in it though, nice sense of humour shown but it doesn't become ubiquitous, and I think there's some room for potentially some UX development, choosing the starting position is a bit finicky for me, but once the fight begins it gets much more fluid. I enjoyed it though :) I'll definitely come back to it and see if I can keep those daggers haha

I had a somewhat opposite issue, my game isn't showing on the submission feed but it IS in the entries page. Bit weird, but hopefully these are more just issues on our own interfaces :)

I'll be daring and follow up. I'm Tomos, I'm from Birmingham in the UK, studying a MA in game dev at BCU's Gamer Camp. I'm actually from a theatre background as a Lighting Designer, but after some soul searching I decided to make the move over to digital art. I'm still essentially a lighting designer beyond anything else, but I've applied for the environment art brief as it obviously has close ties and I'm fascinated by the whole PBR textures and such now, and how it affects the way we can do lighting in games to ramp up the atmosphere even more. That's me I guess...