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Hello! I have a problem with this plugin when no icon is displayed the text scrolls as if there was an icon there. I mean, It leave space for the icon. Is it possible that this doesn't happen?

I have never used the app, I only use the website. That's why I asked you if you were using the website. I think you can download it without any problem from there.
Maybe the app only shows the most recent file, which is actually the Spanish version.

Weird, I just downloaded the English version without a problem.
Are you trying to download it from the itch website? Right? If so, there is nothing else I can do, sorry. 

Are you trying to download it on your phone? the game is for pc only.

I'm working on another game now so I won't do a sequel to this one for the time being and if I did, I'd start from scratch since it was all done in a hurry.
You can see my twitter to know about the new game

Now I'm remaking all the game xD


Thank you!

Hahaha, They are instructions like: go from point A to point B.

Hope I finish repairing the game soon.

Ok, this is too long, don't tell me I made that game for nothing, it's not fair to anyone, someone to answer.

hello, I'm repairing some things in the game so it is not available for now.

 I'm really glad you liked it! thank you for playing it!

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And now what?  the creator of the jam hasn't said a word. When will the decision of the judges be?

Thank you! :D

Good to know, I was reviewing those songs, I'll change them as soon as the jam is over.

Thank you for playing my game! I'm glad you liked it! I see that the background music is missing, did you have a problem with YouTube?

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Are you talking about the title screen in game or the cover to the page?  I made one for the itch page but  for my game is the default one.  The rules say nothing against this.

Thank you!

Thank you so much! 

Thank you! I'm very glad that you liked it! :D 

Very good game, I love puzzle games. But you should lower the difficulty a bit.
I no longer knew what to do in the part of the piano and the circle that changes colors appeared. Then I suddenly press Q and I have the power of wind, I don't know if it was a bug.
The part of the mine and the car also took a while, not because I didn't know what to do,  just because I didn't know where the car will turn, then I understood about the levers directions. 

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Can you add more information about the game and some images of how it looks?

Certainly that angel has some secrets but I didn't have enough time to reveal them xD

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! 


Hello, i'm using Mv
1-According to the rules we can't use science fiction tilesets?  for example, if I want to use a tilset that is in the sci-fi interior , like the bloodstain or the papers on the floor.  I can't use it?  I mean to use the tilesets that have nothing to do with sci-fi or modern objects.

2- When a new project is created there is nothing in the images/pictures folder. Does that mean we can't put any image there even if it's rtp? NO IMAGES IN GAME, RIGHT?

that's all my questions for now, have a good day, I love you all uwu

Just to be sure, parallax (even only using the rtp ) and plugins are not allowed, right? 
no edited graphics. nor created

thanks for playing! :D

Thank you very much for playing the game! 

and for the gameplay I really appreciate it! c:

yep, i'm planning an extended version but I'm still not sure if I tell the story that happens after the game or before the game.  Both are interesting.

Thank you for the video! I'm happy you enjoyed!  :D

Thank you very much for playing! I'm glad you liked it, I loved the gameplay!

It's made with MV

Thanks for playing! And well, I think the instruccions was clear.  The robot tells you what to do step by step. He never says that the wall will push the ball, it tells you where to put it (In the red rectangle) and that you have to press z repeatedly behind it. 

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

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The one who complete the game: 
My favorite:

Others I love: 

Those who couldn't finish the game :c 

If I forget any video, please let me know.

Thanks for playing! That was not a bug, only that you can not touch the ball when it's red because it hurts you. You had very little life and It kill you.That puzzle gives problems to some people, help you with this guide to pass it. the others are easier.
I hope you give it another shot, you don't start the game yet.