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clay peterson

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im excited!

is a mac build possible? this looks beautiful 

thank you so much!! Gameplay videos make my day/week/life!

you are the world record holder!

1. you're right! I've been meaning to fix that.

2. I could set it up to do that! I'll think about it. I was considering making a website for the game, and I could show the leaderboards there

Can I list you in the credits as a tester? If so, what name should I put down?

best play through yet!! and you didn't even use the shield! hit shift next time :)

ieek !

haha, about that screenshot you posted, I did know that they do that sometimes, I just didn't think anyone would notice ;) thought I could patch it next time. 

this is AWESOME!!!! Maximus with a wizard hat I love it

Oh no!!! I’m going to add an option to skip connection for the next update! Someone else had this problem. Right now it automatically connects to check for updates.

That’s the plant spell upgrade!! It makes them a little cheaper and you can spawn 4!

aw thank you!! :D you like the metal?? I will probably release the soundtrack with the final game :) 

and thanks so much for playing! :D 

4.63??? how the heck??? i'm so curious how you did it! 

wow! i just saw your score on the leaderboards!! that's crazy! you're better than I am haha. and to answer your questions: 

1. time is only tracked during rounds. 

2. spells appear in the order: plant, fire, rocket, shield - with a 10% chance that you'll be offered an upgrade spell instead. 

the spells that have upgrades are lightning and the plant spell. you should do a speed run video!! :)

i made the sound track! 

what is the gate music??

hey! i'm not sure exactly, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, or maybe even a few days from now (hopefully sooner)? other people have been able to log in / create accounts, so i'm not rushing too fast to finish the next update - I want it to include a good number of optimizations :) 

I'm so glad you like it! Arena is for the people!! I'm working on a "stop connecting" feature right now. Thanks for the bug find! 

No worries! I’ll add the option to skip waiting after 5 seconds

the monobleedingedge stuff is because the build uses some features in unity that are "experiemental" 

ok, so I used a web packet tracker and also checked out the player logs, and it seems like everything is in working order on my side. it also could be that this may be a security thing on your computer? maybe it has something to do with me being an unverified developer?

thats what I was thinking, it is unity, it does use unity analytics, which you know, could use google services. turtles all the way down my friend

very strange! I'm also stumped. i'm not using any google services... 

maybe reset your internet? I will add a timeout however

hmm. I just checked, and I logged in just fine. Are you on mac or windows?

Also, v0.8?

Oh shoot! We’re you able to get through? I haven’t heard of that happening yet, I’ll check out the server

oh my gosh!! this is the sweetest video :) I'm honored! Also, version 0.7 is up now! 

i'm so glad you like it!! i'll keep you in mind for the sequel :)

yeah they're all there! you beat the dragon?

omg that was so funny! <3 thank you!! 

Hey Sean! I'd like to submit my hand painted game ARENA! 

you can watch the trailer here:

and you can download it for mac and windows here:

I hope you like it! :D 

please :)))