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wow! i just saw your score on the leaderboards!! that's crazy! you're better than I am haha. and to answer your questions: 

1. time is only tracked during rounds. 

2. spells appear in the order: plant, fire, rocket, shield - with a 10% chance that you'll be offered an upgrade spell instead. 

the spells that have upgrades are lightning and the plant spell. you should do a speed run video!! :)

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Just took it down again to even lower! I am really loving this game :) I will make a video of me trying to beat my PB. And thank you for that explanation, now I can reset the round quickly if I don't get the opening offers I want. (my new PB had an opening store of plant and lighting upgrade which is optimal for me)

4.63??? how the heck??? i'm so curious how you did it! 

I recorded a speed run with a finish time of 4.05m

Can I list you in the credits as a tester? If so, what name should I put down?

Yeah totally! KingArthur is fine thanks.

and thanks so much for playing! :D