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Im trying to run your game as quickly as possible (currently a 6.37). That run I got was because I got lighting upgrade as the upgrade offered after flame. Most times I have played this, fire is followed up with shield upgrade. I was wondering if you could tell me the probability of getting what upgrades after what amount of time. Also, is the time only in battle time or is it the entire run through including idle time like running around the arena and buying upgrades?

wow! i just saw your score on the leaderboards!! that's crazy! you're better than I am haha. and to answer your questions: 

1. time is only tracked during rounds. 

2. spells appear in the order: plant, fire, rocket, shield - with a 10% chance that you'll be offered an upgrade spell instead. 

the spells that have upgrades are lightning and the plant spell. you should do a speed run video!! :)

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Just took it down again to even lower! I am really loving this game :) I will make a video of me trying to beat my PB. And thank you for that explanation, now I can reset the round quickly if I don't get the opening offers I want. (my new PB had an opening store of plant and lighting upgrade which is optimal for me)

4.63??? how the heck??? i'm so curious how you did it! 

I recorded a speed run with a finish time of 4.05m

Can I list you in the credits as a tester? If so, what name should I put down?

Yeah totally! KingArthur is fine thanks.

and thanks so much for playing! :D