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Well done, the idea and mechanics work correctly. Maybe add more visuals and sounds and don't overwhelm the player with so much things at a time

I like the idea and the fact that you did different art for each level. The controls feel a little unresponsive and when dying I would add some animation to give feedback to the player. Overall good job!

Good game, even though trying to fullscreen it is harder than the game itself

Cro-mazing game

Great game! Graphics are simple but still good and controls are very easy and the game is general is difficult enough to keep you playing for some time. Nice job!

Good game, I like the graphics and SFX

Good game. Nice job

Ha ha weird but funny to play

You should do a webGL build so that everyone can playtest it

Ha ha thanks I don't know why you get that try to run it in another browser

Nice game, Good job!

What tools did you use to make the game?

I know I mean if he does any future version of it

Great game buddy!

Too hard to win. Maybe decrease the enemies' speed

I have no idea of why does it happen sorry. Must be a resolution thing. Try fullscreen or in another computer

Really? Try it again

Thaks for your feedback! Please rate it if you like it

Thank you! I just had it written in my brainstorming page and I saw it and realise it was perfect to close up the game :)

Great idea!It's a very good game. Good luck in the jam

Great idea, it really fits the theme. Maybe you could improve the audio and game feel

Nice game! But the physics when flinging stuff feel weird

Single player mode please!!!

Great game! I really like the art style, the map may be too small but the rest of the game is very nice. Good job!

Thanks for your feedback! I will consider your ideas, and I will for sure add more bosses, enemies and maybe even modes.

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Thanks for your feedback! Right now this game's development is paused because I am working in my last game, but you can follow me so that you  know when I update it because of devlogs. Anyway, I am happy to hear you enjoyed the game and please feel free to check out my other games and comment on any of them.

Thanks for your feedback! I know the enemies and the gamelay right now is very static, but please know that I've made this game in three days, so you can for sure check the game page every few days and you'll find new stuff. Thanks again!

I will, as soon as possible, please consider this is just the first version and I just worked on it for a couple of days. Maybe you can come back in one week and see what I have changed. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I will soon add more types of enemies and weapons since this is just the version that I got completing the Blackthornprod tutorial.

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Thank you for your feedback! I am already trying to solve that errors. For the screen size try putting it into fullscreen if you cannot see, because it depends on your computer's screen I think, and for the weapon picking up I am afraid I am going to have to completely remake that part of my code, so maybe it won't be fixed for a few days. Thanks again and see you in the Discord :)

Nice game! Maybe in the future you could add more art. Good luck in the jam anyway

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Really like the story telling in the game. Good job!

The game idea and the artwork are fine, but there are some problems like the game feel or the fact that you can win even if you are dead.

Nicegame! It reminds me to snake but still it is kind of addictive. Good job!

Good  game. I like the simple art, but the game idea is not too original.

I really like the game idea! It is very addictive. Maybe you should focus on the artwork, but in general good job!

Good game! Maybe you could improve the mix of 2D and 3D or just remove it, because it is confusing. Great sound effects and mechanics.

It feels kinda weird, maybe add WASD to the controls and shoot with the mouse. Anyway, good job!

It is a great game! Maybe add one more dash or some type of pickup.

Thank you for your comment! I know the art is bad, but I did not have time to do much more. The SFX are mainly make with my mic - hitting a metallic box of mentos with scissors is the enemy hit :)