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Lol thanks for your feedback the game definitely needs some balancing and more interesting mechanics but since it's a jam game I won't develop it any further. Thanks for your feedback though



Thanks for your kind words. When we release the first map lighting will be baked. Right now the only map available is the one we use for prototyping and testing.

No. Sorry but we don't have enough budget or time for that. We will focus on delivering a challenging experience in the form of singleplayer gameplay with advanced AI enemies.


Sure. And make sure you post a link here to the game so everyone can see.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I honestly have no idea why it doesn't work for you

I don't know then. Make sure you have enough storage space

I don't know what could be wrong, but I think it's a problem on your side. Maybe try another browser.

Thanks for your feedback. Everything you said is gonna make it into the game sooner or later. I hadn't thought about the zombies,  though. Good idea!

Project Name: Unrivalled

Roles required: Weapon Artist, Hard-Surface Artist, Environment Artist, Texturing Artist, 2D Artist, Concept Artist, Musician or SFX Artist, Playtester, Gameplay Recorder and more.

You can see what the objectives currently are here:

Unrivalled Development Team: a small team assembled by me. Unrivalled is a big project made by an experienced programmer and weapon artist who’s passionate about FPS

Payment: no revenue for anybody on the team. If you contribute, your name will be in the credits. We do this for learning and fun

About Unrivalled: Unrivalled is a multiplayer FPS focused on weapon customization and tactical gameplay.

If you feel like you can be of help (one asset made every week is enough), feel free to drop me a DM with your portfolio. If you wanna learn more or play the alpha (, DM me as well. Thanks in advance!

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I uploaded it this morning. Let me know your thoughts when you try it

Thanks for your feedback! Those things are fixed now. The yellow cube is a test for a ladder mechanic.

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Oh yeah I forgot you're a Mac user. I'll upload one ASAP (Edit: nvm I have to update Unity, maybe tomorrow)

No, just set the quality to really low

Could you please make a white version of them since in most games they are white?

Thanks man!

Thanks! It was my first time trying Unity's Blend Trees


Great! I understand Portuguese, I'm Spanish. I'll keep an eye on your game

Sure mate! And don't hesitate to send me some picks or a link when you release it. Good luck!

Hey Scan. I've recently started a new game project that I think is great content for YT and I'm trying to get some content creators involved. Here is the link in case you are interested:

It worked. I feel so dumb I spent the whole mroning trying to extract them one by one. Thanks again anyways!

Great ideas, but you should consider joining my Discord because that's where I look when I'm trying to find new ideas

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Hi there! Half of the files are empty, I only got like 3 videos in total. Could you try to upload them in a .zip via Drive?

Thanks very much, you could have just uploaded toDrive though

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Could you just get some gamepplay with every unit from like good angles and send it to me without editing? That would be really helpful. I'd do it myself but my computer is a potato. I can edit videos but not record them. I could put you in the credits. Thanks

Would you do a trailer for my game for free? That sounds too good

I have recently published a game and I was wondering whether any of you who has a YouTube account with a decent amount of subs (more than 500) and nice recording equipment would be interested  in helping me grow my player base by making a few gameplay videos. My game is a free battle simulator (which opens many possibilities for videos) and you can find it here: Please leave me a comment or email me ( if interested. Even though the game is free you could get a reward like a mention in the credits or a special unit of your choice and you'd definitely be featured on my game's page. Thanks in advance!

Thanks! I actually hadn't thought about sci-fi factions so thanks for the idea :) Stay tuned!

Will do. Thanks for playing!

Amazing job mate!

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Textures are not included because I didn't make any. The 2nd image is just a result of environment reflections. 

Congratulations Noa!

YouTube is full of great free tutorials I never spent a euro on learning

Lol. It was my first game. Really bad. But thanks! :)

Thanks! After I finish giving it the final details I'll start working on a map set on the desert with more verticality and urban combat

Just fixed the bug with the corpse