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Amazing job mate!

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Textures are not included because I didn't make any. The 2nd image is just a result of environment reflections. 

Congratulations Noa!

YouTube is full of great free tutorials I never spent a euro on learning

Lol. It was my first game. Really bad. But thanks! :)

Thanks! After I finish giving it the final details I'll start working on a map set on the desert with more verticality and urban combat

Just fixed the bug with the corpse

Thanks you for your feedback! I wasn't awar of the player death glitch and I'll take into account all of your comments

I'm not good. If you could give and me your Discord tag I could message you and tell you more about it :)

Lol it's anice little game although I died right when the fight started :) The UI could use some improvements

I'd say try making a .zip file because not everyone has .rar extractor

Cool game! You could add more feedback and UI before final submission because it took me some time to realize how to move and play

Sure, it was a jam game and I didn't have time to complete it but thanks for your feedback anyways :)

Yeah you can check them out in the jam description

No I think I deleted it 2 days ago sorry


Graphics are awesome. You could try adding shadows and speeding up the walking anims so that it doesn't look like he's sliding. Other than that really cool

Noice!! x3

Yes it did

Thanks for your feedback! I'll definitely work on fixing the bugs and the chat. You can actually chat in the in-game menu before you spawn

I actually saw you when I was running it in the inspector, just that it started lagging :)

Thanks! Yeah I'll focus on this now because Stormbringer already had a lot of content, but see it as an online mode of Stormbringer instead of a standalone game. Thanks for your feedback!

Created rooms appear as a button, but normally there are none

Just added it

Thanks mate!

Idk cause it takes a lot of time to switch platforms

Maybe when it's more developed

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I'll take all of it into account. You can join my Discord if you wanna have a deeper conversation

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Thanks! I really liked vehicles in Ravenfield so maybe I take a few ideas from there. But remember it's an alpha version

The good ol' (and free) Blender. Although I'm not very good at modelling cause I started like a month ago :)

Little spoiler of what's coming... ^^

Thanks a lot for pointing out those bugs, I believe the white box thingy is because of the Mac version and I don't get the ZIS to shoot forever but the others are something I'll have to look at

Hope the Mac bugs solve automatically in the next build I make

No I just forgot to iclude it in the build :) It'll be available today with two new weapons. The FPS sounds cool!

Sounds good! What genre?

Sorry I forgot. It's up now. Btw if you join my server you'll see a screenshot of the cool gun that I just modelled for tomorrow's update. And you'll also get the chance to get your ideas into the game!

Thanks dude! I'm gonna publish another update in about five minutes with a new map and the progression system working, so stay tuned!

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Hey! I just uploaded a new version with a lot of interesting stuff, feel free to check it out :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It really means a lot. I actually spent only about five days on it but working full time. I'll definitely tweak some of the stats of the enemies and weapons as soon as I get back from Sweden this Saturday,  and I'd love to get some feedback from you again

Hi! I just added a Linux version so that you can check it out. Can't wait to get feedback from you! I also added a new gun that's really fun to use ;)

I just uploaded a Mac build. Sorry about the other ones you were right they're only for Windows

Yeah you're both right, I forgot to import the Mac and Linux modules for this update. I'll upload a complete version asap