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Thanks. Glad you like it

Happy to hear that, I added your project to the asset description. Good luck with your future projects :)

"Commercial use is only allowed when using the assets within a commercial project, not reselling the assets or focusing the project on the assets."
So you can as long as you meet those terms and the base license

Note that this part overrides part of the license:

Commercial use is exceptionally allowed when using these assets within a commercial project, not reselling the assets, not focusing a project around the assets, and not transforming a project from free to commercial as the assets are added, for example, as cosmetic rewards.

So yes, pretty much as long as you don't sell the models or charge money exclusively for viewing them, and as long as the credits are done correctly.

Cool. Thanks for letting me know. Good luck with your project,

The legal details are explained in the license on the page. Good luck with your project, everyone's first game is "bad."

Check the license on the page. I'll link it here too.

Yes, as long as you credit me correctly.

Oui, tant que vous me créditez correctement. (Auto-translated)

You cannot make a project or advertising focused on the assets. You can use them in commercial projects, as long as the money comes from other things in said project. Basically don't make money off my effort, mainly because I don't.


Yes, as long as it's free and you credit it appropriately. 

Sorry I thought this was one of my newer projects where it's made more clear:

Commercial use is exceptionally allowed when using these assets within a commercial project, not reselling the assets, not focusing a project around the assets, and not transforming a project from free to commercial as the assets are added, for example, as cosmetic rewards.

This means you can use them for your mobile game as long as they have no commercial value themselves, which I imagine they won't, and you follow the Creative Commons license's other terms. Hope this clears it up. Good luck with your project, and don't forget to share a link here when it's done if you want to.

Thank you for the kind words. I will try to finish all of them after June starts.

Read the description.

As long as you put my name in the credits. I'll add license info to the site right now. Also feel free to share a link to the project so that everybody can see how the assets look in a real game :)

Very cool and buttery indeed. It could become something interesting with a bit of polish, but it's pretty impressive considering the time limit

This is actually a lot of fun. I love the art and the voice lines. A couple of things in case you have time to fix it before the jam ends:

I can barely see the art even in fullscreen mode. Maybe it would look better on a phone, but you could try to improve the scaling a bit. Still looks good though.

I would like to be able to add ingredients without waiting for the animation to play. There's just no reason to make the player wait for it, design-wise.

All pixels on screen must show no more than 16 different colors (a color is composed of hue, value and saturation) at the same time to meet the limitation. You could add lights but then you'd need a cartoon shader to limit the color palette, in 3D for example.

Don't worry it'll be up in a few minutes. You could join the Discord to get all notifications though


I don't speak German but I think that's the Linux version. The game is not available for Android or iOS, sorry. 

Glad you like them. They're not perfect though, they're pretty old. You can have a look at some newer ones here

No but you can easily animate them in Blender or any other 3d software

Yeah that shouldn't be happening. Thanks for your feedback

Don't know what's causing it then. Sorry

That's weird. What platform are you on?

You can use them for whatever you want other than distribution. Make sure to post a link to your project here as well, and comment if you want any other weapon in particular :)

Lol thanks for your feedback the game definitely needs some balancing and more interesting mechanics but since it's a jam game I won't develop it any further. Thanks for your feedback though



Thanks for your kind words. When we release the first map lighting will be baked. Right now the only map available is the one we use for prototyping and testing.

No. Sorry but we don't have enough budget or time for that. We will focus on delivering a challenging experience in the form of singleplayer gameplay with advanced AI enemies.


Sure. And make sure you post a link here to the game so everyone can see.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I honestly have no idea why it doesn't work for you

I don't know then. Make sure you have enough storage space

I don't know what could be wrong, but I think it's a problem on your side. Maybe try another browser.

Thanks for your feedback. Everything you said is gonna make it into the game sooner or later. I hadn't thought about the zombies,  though. Good idea!

Project Name: Unrivalled

Roles required: Weapon Artist, Hard-Surface Artist, Environment Artist, Texturing Artist, 2D Artist, Concept Artist, Musician or SFX Artist, Playtester, Gameplay Recorder and more.

You can see what the objectives currently are here:

Unrivalled Development Team: a small team assembled by me. Unrivalled is a big project made by an experienced programmer and weapon artist who’s passionate about FPS

Payment: no revenue for anybody on the team. If you contribute, your name will be in the credits. We do this for learning and fun

About Unrivalled: Unrivalled is a multiplayer FPS focused on weapon customization and tactical gameplay.

If you feel like you can be of help (one asset made every week is enough), feel free to drop me a DM with your portfolio. If you wanna learn more or play the alpha (, DM me as well. Thanks in advance!

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I uploaded it this morning. Let me know your thoughts when you try it