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The good ol' (and free) Blender. Although I'm not very good at modelling cause I started like a month ago :)

Little spoiler of what's coming... ^^

Thanks a lot for pointing out those bugs, I believe the white box thingy is because of the Mac version and I don't get the ZIS to shoot forever but the others are something I'll have to look at

Hope the Mac bugs solve automatically in the next build I make

No I just forgot to iclude it in the build :) It'll be available today with two new weapons. The FPS sounds cool!

Sounds good! What genre?

Sorry I forgot. It's up now. Btw if you join my server you'll see a screenshot of the cool gun that I just modelled for tomorrow's update. And you'll also get the chance to get your ideas into the game!

Thanks dude! I'm gonna publish another update in about five minutes with a new map and the progression system working, so stay tuned!

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Hey! I just uploaded a new version with a lot of interesting stuff, feel free to check it out :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It really means a lot. I actually spent only about five days on it but working full time. I'll definitely tweak some of the stats of the enemies and weapons as soon as I get back from Sweden this Saturday,  and I'd love to get some feedback from you again

Hi! I just added a Linux version so that you can check it out. Can't wait to get feedback from you! I also added a new gun that's really fun to use ;)

I just uploaded a Mac build. Sorry about the other ones you were right they're only for Windows

Yeah you're both right, I forgot to import the Mac and Linux modules for this update. I'll upload a complete version asap

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I think it's the same. Jut google it to find out idk

Download the folder, right click and hit extract, then open it and look for an exe file. Can't wait to hear your feedback :)

Congratulations on this game dude! I really like the visuals and you intrduced a lot of interesting mechanics. Don't forget to rate other submissions :)

Starting to play around with 3D in Unity. Using a few external assets 

Thanks for your feedback!

Yet another game about pluto

Cool concept, though it could have more content

Visuals could be improved

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Lol the gameplay is amazing considering you made it in one week. Congratulations mate!

Visuals are quite good, gameplay is kinda boring

This is the 3d planet defender I've played today lol

Ha ha the graphics are cool good job!

Nice artstyle. The gameplay reminds me of something I've played before

Nice little  game Noa! I'd remove the fullscreen button because it overlaps with the Unity's button. I'm looking forward to watching the Making of video

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate your honesty!


Thanks a lot for your feedback, I'll have all of that in mind! :

Thanks for your feedback, I'm sorry to hear you couldn't go past the first level. I will definitely tweak the difficulty of the game later

Sorry, just fixed it

Hi! I'm glad to hear that. The rules are on the jam's description. Basically, include no NSFW content and use only assets and code made during the jam. You can team up with other devs but don't forget to give credit to them though.

Amazing game!I got 246 points :)


Thanks for the feedback, I did everything but the main music. The collisions in this game are weird and I get a lot of feedback about them with different opinions. I think it's just a matter of getting used to them

Thanks for your feedback. I have gotten a lot of critics about the jumping and round colliders, but actually without them you wouldn't be able to climb back onto some platforms and would have to restart. Anyway, I'll probably make a post-jam version and see how people reacts to square colliders

Thanks for your feedback! I'll take it into account

Thanks for the feeback! :)

Don't worry man. Congratulations on your first jam. It is actually a creative game