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Thanks I give you the link
I'm looking forward for your recommendation either here or link me to a .txt

Thanks again.


I would also like to help with proofreading, but I am unable to access your game. I clicked the link and clicked Download Now, and I've been watching an infinite "Loading" animation ever since. 

Sorry to hear it.

That's weird. I managed to start the download. 
Tell me what system you're using (PC or Mac) so I'll upload the game on google drive.

I'm on a Mac (OS X 10.13.6) and tried downloading in both Safari and Chrome with no luck. Thanks

There it is.

I downloaded it but couldn't unzip the file.  : (


Now I really don't know what going on. I'll try to reupload the file.

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Hi VideaVice, For some reason when I tried to download your game, it said that your page couldn't be found :( Edit: Nevermind it shows the page, but now it's just loading endlessly :(