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These are really nicely made thank you so much!

I was wondering if you were planning on making Mature Male Sprites as well?

There is a free VN I'm making where one of the characters is a Male School Teacher so I'm on the look out for sprites to use for his character.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hey Scaredy Cattoo,

Thank you so much for playing my game!
I'm glad you enjoyed it and that you liked the animations and the story :D
My team and I had a lot of fun working on this project and can't wait to make more content for you and everyone to enjoy \(^o^)/
-Little Missy Otome

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Hi Cami-sama,

Thank you so much for playing my game!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it :D 

No worries about posting about my game on your blog that's totally okay :)

You had some really good points about the game, especially  in terms of the unexplained questions.

I deliberately made the game that way as my team and I are developing a 'sequel' to 'Won't You Stay?' that will hopefully answer those questions so stay tuned for that ;) and thanks for the follow!

-Little Missy Otome

I've just released a new build for the game that now includes Bonus Content for fans who enjoyed playing the game! (Version 4.0)

Be sure to check it out when you get the chance :D


Won't You Stay? Game Page

-Little Missy Otome


Thank you so much for playing my game!

My team and I DID put alot of heart into this project and it's nice to have someone who recognises that so thank you so much <3

I'm also really happy that you enjoyed the animated sprites and voice acting!

Also, I DO think you missed an ending as in the 'Alternate Ending' for the game, the one who brings the 'Pure Child' IS revealed so play through the game again and select the choices you haven't picked yet. I'm sure you'll be able to get that end and find out ;)

If you'd like to get notified for when I post new content, I suggest following me on :D


-Little Missy Otome

Replied to your email :)

Sent you an email :)


Thanks for playing my game!

I'm glad you enjoyed :D

My Sprite artist will be happy to know that you loved Emily's design!

I'm happy you liked my voice acting for Emily and Blair as well and thank you so much for the advice for the game tags!

If you'd like to see more content, I suggest following me here on to get notified for my new released games :)


-Little Missy Otome

Hey, thanks for playing my game!

I'm happy you enjoyed it :D

I'm glad you particularly liked the voice acting as well!

I made sure to have the whole game voiced to really bring out the horrific experience of the story and the game ;)

Stay tuned for more content!

-Little Missy Otome 

Hey guys,

A week ago, I uploaded the Demo Version of My Psychological Horror Visual Novel Game 'Won't you Stay?' and after just one week, I managed to put together and finish making the FULL Version of the game!

A Teaser Trailer for The Game

You can play the game here: Game Page

Let's Players and Streamers are welcome to stream the game on their channels. All I ask is that you link back to the game page and post a link to your video in the comments section of the game page. Thank you!


-Little Missy Otome

Hey, thank you so much! 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the follow!

My team and I worked really hard on it and had a lot of fun making it :D

The game will be receiving a later update to include extra content so stay tuned for that!

I look forward to making more games for you and everyone to enjoy :D

-Little Missy Otome

Is there an alternative way that I can contact you instead, like Discord or Email?


My team and I just finished making the 'Full Version' of  our "Psychological Horror" Visual Novel Game "Won't You Stay?" 

If you want to review our game it's 'FREE TO PLAY' and all I ask is that you post a link to the review in the comments section below the game page.

You can download the game here:


-Little Missy Otome

Hey guys,

My team and I have finally released the demo for our Psychological Horror Visual Novel Game "Won't You Stay?"

Here's a teaser trailer for the game

You can play the demo here:

Won't You Stay Demo Game

Interview with Yobob Games!

Thank you for your interest in my game!

If you would like to get notified for when the demo and full game is released, I would suggest following me on


~ Little Missy Otome

Thank you for the amazing opportunity! I am honored to be a part of this project :D

I have had the privilege of working with Nick before, having him voice one of the characters in My Audio Drama Project "What is Love?" (Refer to Episode 2)

I am happy  to be working with him again, this time for his project, where  I will be voicing one of the characters in his game! 

I have had the priviledge to work with Jonathon again, and have him voice Steven once more in my Audio Drama Series "What is Love?" after voicing Steven in my first ever Visual Novel "Kidnapped!!!"

Jonathon takes pride in his work and has an amazing talent to perfectly voice any character he is assigned to.

He is extremely punctual when delivering his lines, is easy to direct and is always open to suggestions on how to deliver his lines for his character.

If you are looking for a Male Voice Actor who is talented, funny, easy to talk to, and an overall wonderful person to work with, then Jonathon is your guy!

I highly recommend working with him! You will be in for a treat!  

-Little Missy Otome

Hello Everyone!

I'm so excited to announce that Episode 1 for My Audio Drama "What is Love?" has been released!

You can view the episode by clicking on the link shown here on my page :)

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Latest game I voice acted in :D

Aislin's Story "The Blood Trials" by OwlNestStudios-Voiced Aislin

Latest game I voice acted in :D

Visual Novel RPG Game "Em-a-Zurvival" by Yobob - Voiced Em-a-Li

Updated SoundCloud links ^_^;

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Update for conditions for work:

1. I am happy to work on Projects for FREE as long as you do not intend to sell your Project.

2. If you intend to sell your project, to be fair, because you are gaining a profit from my work, I must be commissioned. 

*I accept payment through revenue share via a fixed one-time commission and I am happy to accept any commission within your budget.

*For audiobook recordings, I will need to be commissioned $1 per line for the lines you need me to record. 
(This is mainly because audio books can vary from 100-10,000 words and it may take longer to record and edit my vocals as I'll be reading paragraphs instead of lines.)
(Plus there is a higher risk that my work could go unused if the author decides to change platform to tell their story, so I would rather be paid accordingly for my time and effort.) 

If you have any questions, comment below.


-Little Missy Otome®

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Hello Everyone!

I am currently looking for more projects to voice act in.

My Experience:

Projects that I've Voice Acted in/Currently Voice Acting in include:

*Visual Novel RPG Game "Em-a-Li" by Yobob - Voiced Em-a-Li

*Commercial 3D Platform First Person Horror Survival Game "No Face Club" by Choppy Pine - Voiced Main Character Clara

*(Demo Available)(Currently voicing in) First Person Horror Survival Game "Aislin's Story" by OwlNestStudios - Voicing Main Character Aislin

*Dynalar Advanced Body Mods Commercial by Madqueen - Did Commercial Voice Over

Projects I would love to be a part of/have experience VA in include


*Short Original Animation Videos


*Audio Books

My Vocal Range varies from Squeaky Voiced Creature/Child to Teenager/Young Adult/Adult 

You can listen to the many voices I can do in my Demo Reel below

More on My SoundCloud

(Please read conditions for work below, before contacting me)

If you would like to work with me, you can reach me @



Discord: Little Missy Otome#5903

*Please note: If it is a paid gig, I will only be accepting commissions from people who are 18 and above. 

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

-Little Missy Otome

Sent you an email :)

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Progress update:

*All Voice Lines for each character have been recorded and put into the game

*Story for beta, demo and full version written and completed

*5 songs finished 

*6/10 character designs finished 

*Sprites in the works

*CGs in design stage

*GUI in the works

*Programming (finished, just need to add images)

*Still looking for a Background Artist

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Hey guys!

I'm looking for someone to help make the backgrounds for my Upcoming FREE High School Romance Visual Novel Game Called "What is Love?

Here are some Screenshots of the Game's Progress so far! (The Backgrounds are blurred for Copyright reasons as they are not mine, and are only temporary as I need someone to create ORIGINAL BACKGROUNDS for the game!)

I already have a Character Designer, Sprite & CG Artist, Voice Actors and a Composer working on the Game with me, the only last element we need to complete this game and bring it to life, is to have a Background Artist to draw the backgrounds!

I will be able to provide references and details about each background to help in the design process :)

Everyone on the team is currently volunteering but will be paid through Revenue-Share (when the game receives donations from Patreons and the Public)

I have already Launched a Patreon Page for the Project and the Game has been Advertised on My Facebook Page, Deviantart, Twitter and in The Discord Community Servers that I am a part of :D

If any of you are interested in making 2D Background Artwork for My Game you can contact me via

Email: (Please provide links to your portfolio below or send them to my email)


Discord: Little Missy Otome#5903 

Thank you!

-Little Missy Otome

Follow The Game's Progress Via Twitter

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Added Game Screen Shots To The Game Page!

Backgrounds are temporary, as I am STILL LOOKING FOR A BACKGROUND ARTIST who would be willing to work through REVENUE SHARE to HELP MAKE THE  BACKGROUNDS for My Game. 

Patreon's Who Support Me for $3 or More Will Get "Video Recordings" of "In Game Previews" via My Private Discord Community Server and Will Also Get The Chance To Hear What The Characters in The Game Sound Like!

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What is Love? is a Romance Visual Novel Otome Game, that tells the story of a 16 year old song writer and musician; named Natania Jones; who goes through her last two years of high school struggling to find her real self; the person that she really wants to be.

When she encounters a heartbreaking incident with her first love, Natania becomes jaded with love and this effects not only her life, but her passion for music as well. 

After the incident, Natania decides to focus on just her school work, and getting through high school, but EVERYTHING changes after "The Most Popular Boy in School" asks Natania for a favor, that may just help her rekindle her passion for her music and perhaps persuade her to give "Love" a second chance.

The Player's Choices Determine Natania's fate.

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Progress updated as of November 2019

-Story for Beta, Demo and Full Version has been written and finished

-Voice Lines have ALL been recorded

-Game Logo has been updated (as seen above)

-Character Designs for 4 characters have been completed (Patreons get to see what these characters look like from sketches to full color!)

-Background Designs in the Works! (Patreons will get to see these designs from sketches to full color!)

-Poster for the game is in the Works (Patreons will get to see the process of the poster from sketches to full color!)

-Soundtrack is still in the works with 5 songs finished (Patreons will get a preview of what each track sounds like!)

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Where the game will be uploaded!

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Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to announce that My Current Team and I have finally launched a Patreon Page for Our Upcoming High School Romance Visual Novel"What is Love?" It will be FREE to Play!

Those are just SOME of the Rewards that you can get!

Here are MORE Rewards :D

-Patreons who support Me for $5 or More will be featured in Game Credits and ANY Social Media Promotions for The Game

-In Game Previews (via Discord Community Server)

-Cast Bloopers

-Wallpapers to Download to Your Desktop

-Concept Artwork (Behind The Scenes Look)

-Digital Artbook

-Meet the Cast & Crew

-Early Access to Game Builds and Soundtrack before everyone else!

-Special Discord Nicknames like "LMO Made Me LMAO" 

-Personal Thank You Messages From Me Featuring YOUR Name via Digital Artbook


Consider becoming one of our Patreons today and accompanying us on the journey of the creation of the Game, from before its released, to after its finished :D

So, what are you waiting for? Let's make wonderful memories together \(^o^)/

-Little Missy Otome

Hey BlueWitch, I sent you a message on Discord :)

Sent you a friend request :D

I will be closed for service until further notice