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To charge to pass a test task, hack the computer. Solve problems and download megabytes of useful information. Discover new skills!

Play Agent 0011

from Russia

Yes. Unity

We are pleased to announce that the game went to Steam!

All the errors that you could see were corrected, in the demo version they are!

We welcome your videos and reviews!

think about it

There is no saving in this part of Hanon.  The game due to the absence of saving and ticking time keeps the player in suspense)

Thank you! I hope, you like it! In any case, even if the game does not like. I would like to hear your opinion about it.

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I wanted to do something simple so it did not take more than 2 months. And I could make it from one to the other. Without hesitation I realized that the most optimal variant is a first person puzzle, since there are no characters, accordingly there is no animation, no complicated UI, little text. The choice of setting did not become a problem, since childhood I have loved Egyptian subjects.

Beginning of work!
To again not swing the big project it was decided to make 4 walls, the entrance to the tomb where we could only look around, squat and zoom in to examine the details. From the beginning I decided to think through all the quests from and to. He made sweeps of walls, put on an approximate ornament and prescribed all the quests.

Then went to 3D. The walls were first sculpted in Zbrush, then retopology, scanning, texturing.

It took 2 months, the game tried to bring to mind, added sounds, came up with a story. But most importantly brought the project to its logical conclusion. Now you look at the game development teams and 90% of people want to do something unimaginable at the level of AAA studios with million-dollar budgets. And more than once ran across stories when I managed to recruit a team of enthusiasts and work 3-4 years together and in the results it still did not lead to anything, the release projects never saw.

If someone has an interest:

Hi  Vo0do0leW, , would like to offer you a puzzle game. I hope you will enjoy.

Hello, I hope you like, a puzzle game. It was done by one person from and to. Do not judge strictly!

Game page:

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After 20 years in search of the mysterious Egyptian artifact of Hanon, you managed to find the entrance, but to get inside you need to solve more than one puzzle. You do not have much time, you are locked in 4 walls and oxygen is running out.

If you find any bugs or have any wishes, write, we will fix everything.

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Updated, fixed bug with exit from the game and a pull-out key.


Через 20 лет в поисках таинственного египетского артефакта Hanon, вам удалось найти вход, но чтобы попасть внутрь вам нужно решить более чем одну загадку. У вас мало времени, вы заперты в 4-х стенах, а кислород заканчивается. Quest room: Hanon - это одна история, состоящая из 3-х игр, увлекательных головоломок, которые заставят вас думать, проявлять заботу и логику. Эта часть первая в серии: самая маленькая и самая короткая. Это небольшое введение в замечательную историю.

Особенности: - Отсутствие каких-либо подсказок. - Одна сеансовая игра, максимальное время - 1,5 часа. - Кислород заканчивается, если вы не решаете головоломку - умрете и начните снова.