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My start off gaming channel =)

A topic by Grimbag created 57 days ago Views: 189 Replies: 13
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Hello everyone, I am a new channel who will be doing let's plays. The channel name is Sequester Gaming and as the name Sequester implies, will be trying to do small games that have little to no coverage. Just started all this up maybe a week or so ago but excited to be doing what I love =D have any suggestions msg me them! ALWAYS looking forward to trying a game =) also I am currently working alone on my channel and with kids a wife and a full time job I don't have exactly time for thumbnails and all sorts of stuff so sorry about that one x.x the channel can be found here


Can you play and show mine?

There is a free demo, or I can send you a key for full version, if you promise to post a let's play.

Sorry I apparently did NOT turn on notifications for my phone on this site.....Yah for sure!! gonna download it now

Have a look at    there are some games of mine. The paid ones have a demo (you can play the first hour for free) and I can send you free download keys for the full versions if you are interested. The video is of my last one (only a prototype for now, and still under construction). Have fun!


Having fun with youtube is great but can be a grind to get traction,  Dont get disheartened,  try and work to a regular video schedule and be yourself but crank it up a notch,  be exited and passionate but genuine.  If you look at my channel I am working to a consistency. 

Get yourself tubebuddy browser plugin and learn how to use it,  write engaging titles,  keep a consistent image,   install grammarly if grammar and spelling are issues as it will help.   

I have a youtube group on,  its worth getting a account to start our on and post your videos and gaming updates there linking it to your twitter account. 

Most importantly,  have fun.

BTW,  mine is at

Cool! Niche games and no screaming.

I have created quite a diverse palette of 2D indie games over the last few years. Maybe you'll find a game for your taste.

I'll be watching you(r channel) Grimbag! :) After I go play some The Price to Pay.

Here's a demo for an action-platformer game I'm working on. It's not super weird or crazy, but it's got quite a bit of visual and musical variety and focuses on tight, fast-placed gameplay that would hopefully be fun to watch. There're also cutscenes full of classic cartoon humor and a protagonist who's basically Squidward fused with Waluigi, so it has that going for it too.

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here's the trailer.

and good luck with that series = )

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 I have subscribed your channel. Very amazing and lots of fun inside there. Can you sub mine channel? Although its not so much fun on here, But I made some tutorials and skills on my channel. Hopes you like it~



Your channel seems plenty fine and sure =D I subbed ya


Thanks Bro. Very grateful !!


I might check out some of these