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The boss never shattered no matter how much I hit him! About combat, it just feels too floaty? It needs more grounding. Sort of more reaction? It feels like I'm swinging at air at all times if that makes sense. Take a look at Wind Waker's combat for an example of what I mean.

Hey mate, tried your game on stream. It REALLY breaks streaming when shadows are on Epic. I have a state of the art gaming laptop and can stream stuff like MHW on max settings no prob so there's some weird thing going on. --- THE GAME IS GOOD. PLS CONTINUE DEVELOPING. DO NOT STOP.  Come over to the stream to talk!

Game works quite well! Checked it out live at . I bugged out at the snake like boss though! Killed it but it never died (health was 0 but game was softlocked).  The game has potential. Graphics are great. Gameplay feels fluid. I do wonder how far you can take it so if you do a new big update with story or new skills or progression, hit me up!

Hey! Checked out your game at The visuals are impressive and the idea is good. Keep it up. I want to see what the final product is like. I played with controllers, had no issue understanding it, I played solo though. I think an Internet connection will be 100% your selling point.

I'll hit you with a follow. I want to see where you take this game. 

Tried your game. Really polished. The Cry SFX get a little bit too repetitive (arraar ararrrararar). If you want to check out a VOD: check out the latest one at about 2 hours 30 minutes.

Add the word UI to the project name, Wood And Paper doesn't describe it! Cheers! 

Windows, the game loaded and started, but the creeps didn't go on the path. For it to crash... I think I clicked around randomly. I couldn't get the buttons to work either.

Hey! Played your game at before I saw the Form. Lol. Welp, in any case, your polish is nice, I like the graphics and movement, the weapon I used most was the Cat (Terry?) and I enjoyed the playthrough. I feel the pace is lost a bit in the "rest" rooms, but that may be a part of the WIP you guys have. Thanks for sharing!

Hey, tried playing this but my clicks don't do anything and I got a crash too :(

Hey! I checked out this demo on stream at ! It's really nice. I love the ART!! IT'S SO GOOD. Comments: 

* Not enough energy text is very different from everything else,

* Attack animation is amazing, missing on the walls on the first section's bottom part. It should be on EVERYTHING.

* Doing down + jump to drop doesn't work with Analog sticks

* Some background sprites get too blended with foreground sprites (like bridges faking being true platforms)

* Are the pills supposed to be bubblegum? They seem off place.

* The combat is very flashy but if it's the core mechanic of the game besides jumping it needs  a liiiiiiiiiitle bit more precision


Nice :D

If you can, drop me a line on the stream when you update :)

Hey! I played this game on stream at ! I liked it. I had a good time playing it for about 10 mins. But by wave 5 I felt the lack of weapon and enemy variety. I'm a very patient player. Thanks for sharing!

Hey! I played the game on stream at, so I like the weight of the hits, and I think you're on the right direction. The complaints I could have are all  based on it being very early access. So thanks for sharing! 

Hey! Played this live at . I am making a TD so I used your level design as research material :) Your 10 gold tower is way too strong man! I finished the whole game just using that. Millions of that one beats anything else. Other than that, pretty enjoyable TD. I wish it were a little bit longer.

Ohhh that's why!

Hey! Played this a tad live on, I think your idea is solid, a combination of the quickness of WarioWare and the objectives of ALTTP. If you want to watch me play it live, come around one day!

Hey! I tried to play this game live on, but it asked for Java Runtime Environment. I installed it and ran it, but then by level 2 it crashed without any error message. The concept looks cool though!

Hey! Played your game live at! I like the physics based concept. I couldn't read a word of the instructions but I figured out if I suck the life out of things, they gain some upward force? Or lose gravity. And if I push life into things, they gain gravity. SO I used that to climb with the stuff around the area! Pretty nice. I'm looking forward to a more complete version.

Hey! I checked this game out on I liked the concept (it's a basic TD concept and I love those), but I felt it lacks a bit of variety. Does the cold tower slow? Is the Lightning tower different from the Fire tower in any way other than graphics and damage/speed? Thanks for sharing !

Reviewed live at: ; very good game. Seems to have a future honestly. 

Very nice game, cute, also the comics 10/10

Interesting experiment.

Hey man. This idea is awesome. Mind if I take my stab at it?

I think you're meant to observe rather than play it. It's a fishbowl.

Great tool. I'm looking for ideas to make games and this has my mind racing!

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I added Zelda Like to the Genre. Please add more so I don't have the bias because of my preferences ! Great tool. *Edit: I'm definitely going to chip in a little bit for this if I get an idea ONE idea that I enjoy. Edit2: Whenever you update - the list repopulates entries I had deleted. I think you should save a list of deleted entries not to repopulate on Update, only on Reset.

Please make this into a real game/Android version. I'd play the HELL out of it.

Awesome, fun game. Platforming at its finest. I think a full release would be KICKASS.