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It slows down a bit too much behind the player. Snaps back a bit too fast because of it

I like the overall feel of it. It actually "feels like a game" if that makes sense. A Jam entry usually feels like a prototype. It is too hard at some points, death isn't fun while the player isn't invested in the game, and the camera is definitely a problem, but it's fixable. Pretty nice little game.

I appreciate your comment though. This game was and is still a passion project, but since it really didn't get much attention I stopped development. 

Thank you. I do agree this game has lots of potential! There's actually a range indicator when you click towers though!

Yes, I play Rocket League (first example that came to mind) in all max settings. No issues with any game in general but yours with my setup. 

Got a, i7 8750, 2060 RTX, 32 GB RAM game runs poorly. Probably wanna check that out. I play most games in Ultra, even newer ones.

This is my favorite genre of indie games, turn based tile based roguelikes. Thanks for making a good one!

Very interesting premise. Played a few levels, good spin on a solo kind of card game.

Statics are always wrong :)

I stream every other day at 4-8 pm EST. Lately I've been streaming a bit less due to personal stuff but I'm usually there.

Thanks for the feedback. I might hire a designer to help with the UI, it seems like everyone hates it! Lol

Thanks for the feedback, Min26. I think I saw your name on my stream today. I've thought about your ideas before and while they are good - I don't know a way to solve those issues. The deck theming, definitely, special towers, more elements, definitely too. But a lot of those things require new models, effects, and ideas beyond the starter idea! I'm definitely open to hearing more suggestions from you, or basically if you have deeper thoughts about those ideas I will try to implement them. 

Hey DillonRegi! Well the playerbase was zero when the bundle was released. It's now a stable 10+ concurrent users. The downloads have grown from 30 to 1100+ and views are quadruple that. Also I had about 19 collections for the game before the bundle, it is now at 350+. It's safe to say this has improved the odds of me working on the game's systems a lot.

Thanks Willsama! I hope you find the game fun and enjoy all the games in the bundle!

Hey everyone! Please post your feedback here. I want to update this project but since I didn't get much feedback when I released I was very lost as to what to do. 

Thank you.

Thanks for your comment Shepp, I'm in another project right now but all your points are noted. Great feedback mate!

(1 edit) I'd be honored to help. 

Thank you SO much!!

Thanks for the review. Very much agreed with all points. My idea was or is to make the world way more interactable - add animals moving around, or even let ALL the levels be playable (so you see other humans in your same "game world" playing the other levels you're not in, and you can help them with your towers and cards instead of moving your level around).

Hey Jester. Thanks for the feedback. If you feel the game isn't worth it for 5 USD, then I recommend you don't purchase it! That's why I released a full-feature demo . Not trying to scam anyone here.

I'd love some suggestions of constructive criticism about the game so I can improve it towards something you think is better.

Have a good day.

Hey! I'm glad to announce Deck Defenders is out.  

It's a Tower Defense game in which you use cards to upgrade your towers!

Please check it out! I will give a few keys to those who are interested, send me a private message :)

Amazing game, attention to detail, everything is great. Good job on WitchWay!

♥ Thanks for the comment mate.

Oh my god this game has to win

Played your game on stream: check the vod at  1 h: 20 ish.

Yes as said in the description you cannot run it unless it's in my Unity editor because of the twitch connection tool I'm using. Please come by the stream to try it! It's a stream Chat game! 

Checked it at, check vod at 1h:45m ish

I played your game on stream for a few minutes and rated. Timestamp on VOD should be about 11 minutes 

The boss never shattered no matter how much I hit him! About combat, it just feels too floaty? It needs more grounding. Sort of more reaction? It feels like I'm swinging at air at all times if that makes sense. Take a look at Wind Waker's combat for an example of what I mean.

Game works quite well! Checked it out live at . I bugged out at the snake like boss though! Killed it but it never died (health was 0 but game was softlocked).  The game has potential. Graphics are great. Gameplay feels fluid. I do wonder how far you can take it so if you do a new big update with story or new skills or progression, hit me up!

Hey! Checked out your game at The visuals are impressive and the idea is good. Keep it up. I want to see what the final product is like. I played with controllers, had no issue understanding it, I played solo though. I think an Internet connection will be 100% your selling point.

I'll hit you with a follow. I want to see where you take this game. 

Tried your game. Really polished. The Cry SFX get a little bit too repetitive (arraar ararrrararar). If you want to check out a VOD: check out the latest one at about 2 hours 30 minutes.

Windows, the game loaded and started, but the creeps didn't go on the path. For it to crash... I think I clicked around randomly. I couldn't get the buttons to work either.

Hey! Played your game at before I saw the Form. Lol. Welp, in any case, your polish is nice, I like the graphics and movement, the weapon I used most was the Cat (Terry?) and I enjoyed the playthrough. I feel the pace is lost a bit in the "rest" rooms, but that may be a part of the WIP you guys have. Thanks for sharing!

Hey, tried playing this but my clicks don't do anything and I got a crash too :(

Hey! I checked out this demo on stream at ! It's really nice. I love the ART!! IT'S SO GOOD. Comments: 

* Not enough energy text is very different from everything else,

* Attack animation is amazing, missing on the walls on the first section's bottom part. It should be on EVERYTHING.

* Doing down + jump to drop doesn't work with Analog sticks

* Some background sprites get too blended with foreground sprites (like bridges faking being true platforms)

* Are the pills supposed to be bubblegum? They seem off place.

* The combat is very flashy but if it's the core mechanic of the game besides jumping it needs  a liiiiiiiiiitle bit more precision


Nice :D