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Thank you for your kind effort in reviewing my game. This game was discontinued completely by me, you are on point with the issues and what it needs to improve though.


UPDATE WITH MORE SETTINGS PLS. Like picture examples for each category. This is the best idea ever aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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You're too used to working with good programmers my friend. Most people won't know what a 'layered asset' even is or won't own Aseprite. Good job on the pack. 

A small recommendation I'd give is have the character animations with zero effects and consistent separations. 

I'm excited for June's update.

Good job on your first game mate.

Great presentation. I think I have a thing for this graphical style...

I think... these are several levels. That being said the game is insanely fun. I went over five levels or so (and I'm a terribly impatient gamer)

One of those "could be a Mario Party minigame" concepts. I like it.

Very very interesting. Paper Mario style, def unbeatable graphics.

Idea is pretty good. I think for the timeframe it's well made.

I liked it. It'd benefit from easier controls/an indication of where the ball is going with my mouse (although I can guess it)

The animations are very nice. I did feel I was going faster. Kudos!

It made me ponder about life somehow. Extra points for that.

Buenisimo muchachos :D

The music is amazing and the whole fight is quite fair. Kudos!

The music is so nice. Good choice. Reminds me of those old timey videos.

Oh my god this wins

The concept omg. This could be a really nice game with more stuff in it.

I think if you can add some abilities like blinking or chain lightning or grenades-explosions, and make the enemies not red balls, this would be preeeeeeeeetty cool!

Really liked the concept. With more polish this could be pretty fun.

Rough! I see potential in it though. More balance and time would make it easier to learn.

Very hard because of the lack of control on the speed of the rotation or any telegraphing by the enemy regarding the tongue position. Other than that, interesting.

You can run using left shift :) The music stopping... I didn't loop it :X

It's a little bit too hard - I died instantly in most of my runs!

I didn't get it. I talked to some people but I couldn't open the houses. I got lost and exploring the town but nothing happened. I must've missed something. I won't rate because I didn't understand it.


You made a Pokemon Dark Souls Survival game? You're nuuuuuts! Good job mate. If it were well balanced it'd be a blast I'm sure.

Uploaded! Thanks

Nice camerawork, good graphics. Is the sword on the fire a DS reference? I thought it'd heal me :P

Cool, I've been wanting to make this sort of minigame for a Mario Party-like game. 

F5 F5 F5. It works! I promise. I'm currently uploading the downloadable version though.

Very very nice concept. I enjoyed the game and would love to see a full release.

Pretty nice honestly. I'd love for more control options to exist, like going backwards or a bit easier aiming and shooting the tongue. I see some potential in it.

Download the itch app, for some reason it won't allow automatic installs there. You may lack a file or something!

You are insane! Making your first game in C++ auto earns you 1 star 

Pretty interesting, the frog having movement limitations tied to the animations is a little bother but otherwise, nice. Good music, good graphics.

I like it, it's bugged on the itch app though you may wanna check it or clarify it on your description

I don't understand what I have to do/how to do it :(

Good concept, could use more level design or better randomization, but it has potential.