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Damn ... Thank you, I just realized you can indeed pause the game. I stopped playing because it was way too messy after a while and I didn't have enough time to do what I needed to do.

Though it was fun, there are definitely some downsides

+ The graphics are interesting

+ The weird physics is fun to look at

+ There's a cool effect when you spin around

- There's plenty of falling down, the death/waking up animation takes a long time and it's really irritating when you've fallen more than a couple times.

- The controls aren't easy to use (especially since on my keyboard the action and jump keys are so far apart) though, as another pointed out, that might be because it was play tested with a controller

- The first controls aren't explained (it's x for actions, arrow keys for movement)

- The camera made it hard to jump around, and after I opened the door with the golden key it went vomit-inducing weird and I had to stop

Well singleplayer at least works (and is pretty cool)

As for multiplayer, well I'll have to grab a friend to try it as there aren't many people online now

I always get the error message "You or your opponent disconnected :(" before a match start, even when I select single player.

Just before that, I can't seem to be able to select a bot. And it might be connected, but even in the bot select screen I can still "select" things on the menu even though it doesn't appear .. here's a screenshot so it's more clear:

Oh and I'm on windows 10.

I'd be glad to answer any question if there's missing information to help you debug.

I played with a friend, with xbox controllers, and it was great! 

The cute graphics is already a huge plus for me. The controls are simple enough to get used to easily. 

I really liked the fact that there's always something to do even if only cutting down grass for a coin or two.

My biggest recommendation probably would be to add a story (and obviously more chapters).

Anyway, good job, it was really enjoyable.