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Though it was fun, there are definitely some downsides

+ The graphics are interesting

+ The weird physics is fun to look at

+ There's a cool effect when you spin around

- There's plenty of falling down, the death/waking up animation takes a long time and it's really irritating when you've fallen more than a couple times.

- The controls aren't easy to use (especially since on my keyboard the action and jump keys are so far apart) though, as another pointed out, that might be because it was play tested with a controller

- The first controls aren't explained (it's x for actions, arrow keys for movement)

- The camera made it hard to jump around, and after I opened the door with the golden key it went vomit-inducing weird and I had to stop

Thanks for the feedback! Added the controls to the description. In the next update I'll add the W-key for jumping besides Z, along with some other tweaks and fixes!