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When I click Install it just downloads the installer to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\super-win-the-game\ and when I click Launch it just opens that folder in Windows Explorer.

I've run the installer myself and it installs the game and it's playable but the itch launcher (and thus Playnite, which is what I primarily use) have no knowledge of the actual install location for the game and I don't see a way to manually override the action for the Launch button in the itch launcher.

This may be more so a problem with the itch launcher / process but not sure where else to post about this issue.

Is this a local multiplayer game?

Very much looking forward to a release when it happens. The demo was one of the most fun games our family has played and we're craving more. :D

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This game is EXCELLENT and great for families. We played with all the kids from agents 5-13 and we all had fun. Great graphics and gameplay. Love that co-op is a fully shared model with teamwork and shared upgrades and not the style where the first to the loot gets it. All for the greater good and teaches good values about community.

Really looking forward to a full release!

Mojave 10.14.6, Xbox One bluetooth controller. Tested controller via and it also works for Steam but does not seem to work in Hard Code.

AMAZING game by the way! Love the aesthetic and gameplay. Will be donating for sure!