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Some strong Overcooked energy here, I like how it was split into two phases, struggle to build the car, then struggle to drive the car haha. I also liked that although my trash car could drive, it was gimped by having the wheels placed off kilter.
I can image this idea working pretty well if fleshed out. An Overcooked-like where you travel the racing scene, building cars then racing them. Different vehicle types, obstacles in the various workshops, some customization options so if you want a fast but hard to handle car you can, could scope creep this idea big time!

Go for it :) no copyrights to worry about

Oh wow that's interesting, I've never seen that before.

The fonts are available as free to use online, are embedded in the project and were originally sourced from The links can be found on the game page. 

We're super hyped that our little game got picked up by speed runners Bloupeuh & Senen for AGDQ - Awesome Games Done Quick, a speed running charity event.

If ya wanna come watch along it'll be live at or shortly :D. It's been a great event and they've already raised over 1.5 million dollars :O!

Our game Handshakes is a simple sokoban puzzler where you have to control two hands towards each other so that they can, you guessed it, shake hands :D. Push boxes, press buttons and even cut off your own hand to achieve your handshakey goal!

Hope some of you make it over to AGDQ and soak up the event and see some awesome games done quickly :D

The Enhanced Version will have a level editor :) we're excited to see what others can come up with!

Thanks for your detailed comment, recommendations and wishlist! All very much appreciated :D. The rotation block is something we've got planned, it's a tricky mechanic but I agree, it will open up a plethora of puzzle potential


Thanks for playing! Here's a visual tip for ya :) get to this point and you're nearly there

A visual tip for ya :)


We're thankful for your kind words :>

😊 that's what we hope for

Thanks a bunch!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

🤯 the puzzle you got stuck on is one of my favs :>

Thanks for the kind words, we're glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the suggestion, that's definitely something we'll be doing :)

Next time I'm near some people who're shaking hands, I'm reaching in to become the glorious third hand. What a beautiful sight that would be.

Thats awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to play and stream our game :)

I've never really been that into text adventures, but this here is something special, having audio reinforce the environment makes it so much more immersive and interesting. I think the glow worms could have used maybe a little bit more explanation / tutorial, but the idea is quite interesting, and I think there's a lot more you could do with it too, maybe fishing & you gotta reel in and stop reeling at the right times, a maze with directional audio helping guide you, trying to sneak by someone and timing footsteps to thunder. It's great that the music grows and changes with the situation too, all smoothly, no sudden janks, it's all really smooth, which I'm a big fan of. The crispness of the UI is something that stands out for me too, as someone already pointed out, having up to repeat the last command and maybe tab for autocomplete would be good but since the game is short and sweet those QoL things aren't too amiss. Really cool stuff!


27 is a good number! If you decide to give it another try, we've included a skip  button in the menu if you'd like to see the last remaining levels :)

Sorry about that! We've just released an update that rewords that button so that others can hopefully avoid losing their progress too.

That's awesome! Thanks for taking the time to promote it :D

Now that's a nasty and beautiful looking bug!

Hmm, my guess is that you clicked on one of those buttons to the left? They're normally supposed to be hidden.

If I'm wrong, would you mind telling me how you created this masterpiece? xD

Oh dang, sorry about the unclear wording on the button, I'll patch that up soon so that no one else falls into that trap.

Probably a bit late now, but pressing R will restart a level, pressing E will undo a move.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, glad to hear we're not the only ones who see the mechanical potential of the game :D. You're not wrong about it being challenging making the puzzles. The rotating panel idea is a great one that in hindsight I feel surprised we hadn't thought of it, it's now in the idea pool, thanks!

Handshakes 3D is an cool idea! Something for the future perhaps 🤔

Thanks! A steam release is on the horizon :>

Much appreciation for the points ^_^, nice work finishing em all!

Hey puzzlers!

We're doing a little promotion of our puzzle game Handshakes.

Handshakes is a simple, keyboard controlled sokoban puzzler where you must guide two hands through various obstacles, so that they may enjoy one of life's finest pleasures, the warm embrace of a firm handshake. The game is aimed at a more casual puzzler audience so the puzzles won't break your brain but they'll certainly stretch it.

Here's a little preview:


We created Handshakes a while back for the Lost Relic Game Jam and, after placing top in Game Design and receiving a bunch of really positive feedback, we decided to expand upon the game.

We never posted a release announcement, so we thought that it's a good time to do so since we just released a big update for the game, bringing it out of it's "game jam-y" form.

You can check it out here:


We also want to express our thanks to the itch community. We're really happy with the reception that Handshakes has received so far and we're excited to expand upon the game in the future. We've started work on a full version of the game, inspired by the likes of Baba is You, and we intend on updating this version as development continues on the full version, we want to turn Handshakes into a journey full of Handshaking goodness!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our game, we hope you have a great day packed to the brim with fulfilling Handshakes!

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts! We're hoping to create a nice sense of progression in the enhanced version, the current plan is to have themed areas which will introduce new mechanics, characters, environments and music. We think there's still a lot to explore with this idea mechanically, we'll see how far we can take it! :)

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts :). We didn't want anyone to get too stuck on the puzzles, so your comment fits really well with our aim!


Thanks for sharing your kind words and your criticism! We're working on an updated version of the game and we'll definitely look into balancing the difficulty curve as best we can.

Thank you! I'm a big fan of the music too :D

Thank you! We're currently working on a full version of Handshakes :D

The poor hand(s) :'(. The Handshakers seem alright though ;)