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Nice relaxing short game. It's pretty satisfying mowing all the grass. I was drawn in by the Jim's Mowing inspired picture.  Been living in Germany for a few years now and haven't seen old Jim in a long whiles, nice bit of nostalgia xD. 

When you say browser based do you mean a game written in HTML/JavaScript?

I suppose you could obfuscate your secret code a bit to prevent people easily using it. 

I'm not too sure about environmental variables though sorry.

Oh wow, I wish I'd heard of Dreamlo before! It seems really nice and easy to use, probably had I known about it I wouldn't have bothered making QDLB lol

I would say the only advantage is that the scores from your game are stored on your own server (which QDLB guides you through setting up for free).

Hey folks I posted this in the Brackeys game jam and I thought I'd post it here too since this jam is coming up :).

 I've been working on putting together an online leaderboard guide and package. 

It's small and ideal for future game jams.

I've wanted to give something back to the game dev community. Hopefully some people find use for it.

You can find it here.

Have fun in the jam!

Hey folks, over this past week I've been working on putting together an online leaderboard guide and package. 

It's small and ideal for future game jams.

I've wanted to give something back to the game dev community. Hopefully some people find use for it.

You can find it here.

Haven't had much attention on my teams game, would love some more ratings and feedback :)

Hey Woots, thanks for offering. Would love a rating :)

I love the art style in this game. It was fun to play, fun to explore and the collection aspect is pretty addictive. Really great work :)

Damnn dude xD

Really neat little game! It's pretty addictive, simpe and fun and loving those trippy background visuals!

Yeah don't worry about what you make, just have fun making SOMETHING :)


Yeah true, that could work quite well where the coffee maker can just use the keyboard and the social distancer can use the mouse. Something for the future maybe :)

Nice little game, it gets really hectic xD. I found it was too hard to concentrate on keeping everyone distanced so I just went hard trying to make as many coffees as I could. Good fun, nice work :)

This is pretty cool. I read through the code before I played it. It's nice to read someone else's code that I can actually understand. Simple and nifty. Did you build the engine and then build the game? Or build the engine to fit the game as you went?

Cool idea you got here, nice and simple to understand and pretty tricky to get right too! Nice work :)

I think this game looks pretty cool and the idea has some potential but it seemed like all I had to do was hold down space to progress, until I got the yellow pickup and then the ship directly after hit me before I could hit it, but if I can't dodge then I'm not really sure what to do. 

Hmm I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to be doing. I tried a few times but wasn't able to get past 5 days. I liked the way the students came in at the start of the class though, that was quite funny. I think a bit of explaination would have helped here though.

I wasn't really sure what was going on, which I guess goes with the theme of being out of control. The detection didn't really seem to work, I was usually able to to just walk right past the enemies without invisibility on. I think the idea you were going for was a pretty good one, that your trusty tools might not be so trusty after all.. but I think the execution needs some work. 

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Nice simple idea that's well executed! Nice work :) - Edit: Highscore of 35 xD

Cool game, I like this idea of being in charge of loading the bombs up and releasing them then just hoping that they actually hit. It was fun watching my bombs roll down the hill and thinking "cmmmmoooooon!!". Nice work :). Remind me not to take a drive through Bomber's Pass xD

At first I thought, well this should be quite easy. Then the conveyer belts started changing and chaos ensued xD I'd be impressed if someone could actually keep things under control. I like that you can push multiple boxes around at once. Nice work :)

Cool little twist on the movement puzzle genre, having CTRL recharge your uses adds another layer of complexity to the puzzles and really gets you thinking. Having the movement amounts change each level is a nice extra use of the theme. Presentation is nice and simple which keeps things nice and clear. Nice work :)

Solid puzzle game, nice artwork. They're pretty tough puzzles!

Lol, as a NZer I enjoyed invading ya'll. Cool game, funny, well made, looks good, it's simple and I had fun. Great work! Those bunny swarms feel hefty as btw, really cool :D

Nice little simulation you got here :). It was definitely right out of my control.

Wow! Amazing work, super professional! Presentation is beautiful, crisp and minimal. It's a nice original twist on this kind of "record & playback" mechanic, it makes for really deep puzzle potential which you've taken advantage of in this game. I'm pretty blown away by this game, wonderful work! :)

Super animation, the character movement was so fluid, really lovely. I think there is an interesting idea here too but unfortunately the character only left the first room once very briefly before running back into the first room again, my patience could only hold out so long before I gave up waiting for the character to leave the room again. As I said though I think you have a cool idea here where you don't control the character but just the means to protect them.

Great pixel graphics, really well presented!

I think there's a really cool idea here. I felt like I wasn't really doing anything though and I wasn't really sure if that was the point (because it's out of control). Gotta say that I really liked the art style though, that cover picture and the intro scenematic are great xD.

Cool little game, reminds me of the good ol' flash days. It's pretty tough! I found holding on to a box while rolling and using it to help keep the boxes on the truck helped quite a bit. Nice work :)

I did it! This is the best fit to the theme I've seen so far. Really nice work. Frustrating but still fun, a really simple idea done well. Nice work :)

I was drawn in to the story. I don't feel like there was much point to the dialogue options and the waiting times were kinda annoying but despite that I enjoyed reading along and I felt bad for Riley.

The damn meowing xD. Sorry, I couldn't find the second cat >.< I just wanted to throw some of the junk out the window, why couldn't I burn some of the junk? Haha, a well presented little game, someone else can let me know how it ends. Nice work :)

It took me a little bit to understand what I was actually doing but then it clicked and i realized it's a pretty nifty idea. Unfortunately it can generate impossible situations where you will always lose. I dig that little turtle though :) nice work

This is cute, quirky, the music is off kilter in a funny way. I like the voiced sound affects. I'm not sure the nuke was worth it unlike swagshaw xD. But I'm not disappointed with my time spent. Nice work :)

What a wonderful, strange little game. Recommend to anyone who wants a nice short experience. Do it.

Haven't had time to give this a go yet but just from the look of it I'm excited and really impressed. You've really nailed the PS1 era aesthetic! Will re-comment in the future once I've given them a play. P.S. I really, really like this idea, it's like a mix-tape but for indie gaming.

Good idea preparing everything beforehand for an easy multi-platform release. I'm looking forward to getting to give it a go :)