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Congrats everyone on taking part on this game jam! I had a great time. It's been nice getting feedback and seeing others play my game and connecting with this community.

I'm interested in what y'all had as lessons from this jam. Be it technical or personal or social or whatever!

For me, as this was my first ever game jam and I'm relatively new to taking game dev seriously, the biggest lesson was that 'i can do it'. I'm really stoked with how I was able to put my game together in a weekend and I'm really happy with the results.

Another big lesson I had from my game is to take it easy on the dialogue. My intro dialogue was too long and it really showed when I watched others playing my game and in the comment feedback. That's a good lesson I think.

I'm looking forward to partake in more jams and learn more :D.

How about you?

Nice work on this one, it's pretty addictive trying to get through it! The difficulty ramps up a bit too fast on the third level though. The first two levels are super easy, i can skip past some goblins on the second level, the third level though is really tough. I think though that you've made a nice game, the idea is simple it's fun to play. Nice work :)

Wonderful work on this one! The art and feel is beautiful and the gameplay is nice and simple. It's maybe a little too easy, the first two levels didn't really have any difficulty at all the third level took me a few tries to get it right. Although, I see you also made a hard mode. I'm sure with more time you could flesh this out into a solid strategy puzzle game. Definitely awesome work technically :D nice one!

yay for gamejam streamers :)

Hey here’s mine :) browser and keyboard only

If you’re still going Jonas I’d love for you to give mine a play :) I’ll give yours a go, thanks for linking!

Haha this is a great idea, I’d love some fan art if you’re still going xD

If you’re still hungry here’s mine :)

This is a cute little dialogue game. It was fun trying to persuade the customers to take my daggers, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. It did feel a bit like the best way to go was always with the quirkier dialogue trees though. Also, the theme it doesn't really play any part in the game besides being the quirk of the story, which actually is quite funny, this guy trying to hock off all of his basic daggers.  In general I think this game is well put together, everything fits together well :) nice work!

A nice idea you have here. I like the use of having to target the correct enemy based on the word above them. It starts off rather easy but quickly gets overwhelming, which is fitting to the tone of the game. The graphics, music and sounds all fit together well and the controls are nice and tight. My only gripe is that when you have a bunch following you and you need one in particular, you pretty much just have to wait for them to come into view, which doesn't feel challenging, it's more just waiting for things to line up. Apart from that it's a fun and cool game :D nice work!

This is a really well presented, simple to pick up but seemingly deep game! Unfortunately for me it's a bit too harsh with the RNG as half the time I'd start right next to something which would proceed to wipe out the majority of my health, or I'd start next to two things which I'd have no chance of beating it. Besides that I had a few runs which felt more fair and were really fun! I like the way you have to juggle which item you want to keep and I like the turn based movement (this reminded me a lot of desktop dungeons which I love!).  Awesome work :D

Wow! This game is tight! Really well made in all aspects. I like that you have a highscore board too, that's a great touch. It was a little confusing with switching sides but that's probably more down to my slow reactions than the gameplay. I don't know what else to say besides amazing work! :D

It's quite hard at times but it was satisfying to successfully weave through the cars! Initially though I was able to simply hold down left and I got to 27 without being hit, just going round circles in the center.  I really like the cute art and the music. You've implemented the theme well. Good work :D

Wow! This is a really beautiful short game :). I think you really nailed the feeling that you were going for here with the art, music and the way the different circles "attack" you. I genuinely felt happy when I reached the end.  It's a nice message and you've successfully turned that message into an interactive experience. Really well done! One of the best in the jam for me!

This is the best action game I've played in this jam. It's one of the few games that I've actively wanted to give it another go, and another go, and another go. Really nice work on this one! The movement feels nice,  the gameplay is simple to understand, the difficulty is at a good level and graphics and tone look great! Really great work on this one :D! Nice one!

This is really neat, I like that you have one story and that's it, that's your story. It feels special to me. Those damn spiders... Maybe I should have gone to the cabin after all...
Beautiful art in this game. I love the colours you've used. The font was a little hard to read at times but it suits the style and tone of the game that I think the difficulty to read it is worth it. The music goes really well with it too :). Awesome work!

Here's my story for anyone interested ^_^. (I really like that it gives you the option to copy it at the end).

That's it! You are completely lost. One moment you were camping with your friends, the next one a thunderstorm drives you deeper into the woods than you have ever been. When the rain finally stopped you had no idea where you were.
You look around from some clues to find your way out of these woods. Eventually you stumble upon a pathway that you have never been on. You walk along it, any direction seems fine right now.
After a while you reach a crossing. The right path leads down into an even darker part of the forrest, on the left path you can see a small cabin in the distance.
You Go into the woods.
The longer you walk, the darker it seems to get, until you can barely see. You keep on walking until you suddenly suble out into a clearing. In the center of which there is a huge circle of stones, looking like an ancient ritual location.
You can see the path continuing on the other side of the stone circle. Something seems eerie about the huge stones. How did they get here? And how has nobody noticed them before. You certainly never heard about them.
You Go around the circle.
You step back into the dark forrest. The ground still feels moist from the rain earlies. And just as you are thinking about how lucky you are that you haven't slipped and fallen yet, you do exactly that. You slide down a slope into utter darkness.
You get scratched and bruised by branches and stones on your way down, until you finally land on a big sticky carpet. As you try to get up you realize that you are really stuck to the carpet. From the darkness you can hear disturbing clicking noises.
You Break free.
You jump up, ripping the carpet. Then you realize that it was no carpet, but the web belonging to the giant spider that is now charging at you with its eight long and hairy legs.
You Run like hell!
You stumble up the slope you came down, the gigantic arachnoid chasing after you. Suddenly you slip once more on the wet ground and everything happens in slow motion as you fall.
You Grab a tree trunk.
You reach for the trunk of a tree, but you barely miss it, fall and hit your head hard on a stone. Everything goes black.
You wake with a major headache, as you are suspended upside-down in mid-air. You are encased in spiderweb and when your eyes finally adjust to the darkness you see them. Crawling all around you are hundreds of enormous spiders.
Before you die in this horrible place you have enough time to think of all the times killed one of them, or had somebody else do the deed for you. This surely is a just ending for you.

Wow! The look, the tone, you've done an amazing job on this game! I'm blown away by the appearance and feel. Unfortunately the difficulty is missing. I ended up just standing at the healing station and not steering and was able to win.  Apart from that, I like the mechanic of having to move to the different spots to control the ship and I think that having those spots change position really added a lot to the game. Beautiful work! I'm sure if you had more time to work on this you'd be able to flesh out the difficulty and it'd be pretty much a perfect game. Btw, I love the effect you've used for the warping / flying through space. Once again, amazing work!

Hey I’d love for you to give mine a play and a rating :)

I’ll give yours a play too! Congrats on having Mark play yours on stream!

Sure, right from the start there was stuff missing. Here's a couple of screenshots.

Someone else mentioned it below that it seemed like some assets weren't loaded and it seems so for me too. I couldn't see any ground and ended up falling and then I didn't know what was going on and then I gave up after a few tries. I tried my best though. I like this mechanic of space shoots and jumps at the same time, maybe it could be improved by the jump shooting only one bullet so that each jump is a little more tactical / meaningful rather than just holding down spacebar for maximum destruction. Other than that, I really dig the shitty sound affects, the shitty art and the shitty story. But my favourite thing about this game is the shitty colour selection panel :D. Haha but seriously, nice work putting this together in such a short time, I wish the assets loaded properly so I could progress because it looks really cool in the screenshots.

This is a cool single boss battle. A little too easy though, I was able to simply throw the wrench through, run around grab it and then throw it again before the boss was able to do anything. Besides that, I really like the simple idea of only one weapon that you have to retrieve. The art and sound are great and who doesn't love a cup of tea? (I'm drinking one right now :D (but it's not too hot)). Nice work :)

Awesome, like a Hitman level! I enjoyed trying to figure out my way around and the order in which to do things to succeed. I really dig the art, the colours and tone and general vibe of the place is really nice, although I will say that the CEO was a bit unclear, I thought he was just another guard and I was confused. The controls were a little bit confusing, even with the explanations (probably because I skimmed over them) but after slowing down and reading them carefully everything worked and made sense. It made me feel smart when I figured out what I was supposed to do and killed the guy. Also, the game page is amazing, I love that you've made it in theme. Great work on this game!

This is great! First off, I LOVE that camera shot as the game opens. That's a really nice touch, instantly an inviting experience.  I found the gameplay to be fun and challenging to figure out the best way to win. Like, just when I thought I had it, something would be running low. The day / night cycle is a super important touch to the gameplay, I didn't get it at first but once I understood it really opened up a whole new dimension to the game. Awesome work! :D

This is a great idea you have here! I really dig the graphics and the tone. The platforming is a bit too difficult for me, after the 20th death I felt frustrated and gave up on the 7th level as it didn't really feel like I was getting any closer or better. Besides that I think this could definitely be expanded upon into a bigger game. I really liked the use of the green lights which produce different results, really cool idea :D. Nice work!

Thanks a lot mrsamsh! :)

Thanks Jupiter! Much appreciated :D. It's great to see someone else play my game and see their reaction to it in the moment. I think you're right about the community not drawing anything.. but I'm still hopeful :D 

Wow! I didn't expect that at all. Really nice idea you had here. I found it a bit difficult to actually figure out what was going on with the future and past thing, I just ended up going for process of elimination, I got there in the end :D. The sound when you move / touch walls were a bit jarring but I really dig the music! Really cool unique idea you have here! I think it could be expanded upon, smoothed out and be a really great puzzle game.

Thanks :D looking forward to the results too!

Cheers mate! :D

I hadn't heard of r/place, I just watched a timelapse of it. That's a way more successful version haha. I think maybe the limit of one pixel makes prevents anything quickly appearing. Hmm, maybe I could have given the players one minute to draw and then see what happens.
Anyways, thanks for giving it a go and leaving your mark :D

Thanks and me too! :D 

Thanks Dwight! I'm excited too to see what comes out of it. When I started with the idea I had beautiful fantasies of epic accidental pixel art. We'll see if that comes to fruition xD

It's like you can see all the friends you made in the afterlife ;D

This is really cool! Like a spin on papers please. love the art, I dig the music, I really like that you have to figure out yourself what each of the things are called - that's a great touch. I think if you had picked items that we all know it wouldn't have had the sci-fi feel. Awesome work on that one. I was able to keep working even though I was fired, so take that bosses, you can't stop me from doing my duty! (even if I do a terrible job at my duty...). Haha. My only real criticism is that the connection to the theme is a little bit loose and only really present in your description of the game on the game page (although I really like that you chose to write that in the voice of the game rather than just "this is what you have to do"). Nice work :)

Thanks! Ohhhh man... I should’ve just forced all of the marks to be brown :P

Yeah I think that’s the nice thing about game jams, now we can learn and move on and not worry about it anymore.

I think this game was the worst game for me to play at the end of the day. I said to my girlfriend "this is my last game of the day" after spending most of the day playing game jam games. And what was I treated to? A game that expects me to be patient! And tells me to be patient, many, many times! Haha, despite my lack of patience at this point in time I found this game to be quite beautiful in it's attempt to invoke some calm.

My pleasure :). I hope you can get that fixed, my screen is at 1920x1080.

Wow! Incredible game jam achievement here. This game is really well put together. Top stuff! Nice adherence to the theme, with puzzley platforming, the art is amazing and yeah, what else can I say. Amazing work!

P.S. if you've not heard of it already, I highly recommend you to play Hypospace Outlaw. I think it's right up your aesthetic alley. :)