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tried a few runs, probably broke my hand. 

having to play with keyboard is very hard. I also feel cheated, when you buy the first upgrade you always seem to pay with all of your money expect for 1 coin.

aside from that very fun, would break my hand again if WASD becomes arrow keys. 

Thank you for your Feedback :)

Yeah i will create a patch very very soon which also includes arrow keys. But i highly recommend to use a controller because our main goal for now is to have more content instead of perfect matching controls for every device :) 

Patch 0.012a should contains Arrow keys aswell <3

I just wanted to add that I have to break my hand (aka play by keyboard) because none of my controllers seem to work with this game. From what I can see this is probably caused by the Rewired plugin, which has only very limited controller support out of the box...

In the future we want to switch to the new input system from unity, hopefully more controllers works  this way :)

Get well soon!