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Wild Woods

Go on an expedition, cooperate with up to four friends and fight your way through the woods · By WildWoods, TheBuergermeister, nadjacl, _Jar, Ruhken


A topic by Twayne1 created May 19, 2020 Views: 121 Replies: 5
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Hello there! I like your game! (What I can play of it). So, my PC has issues when playing certain games, such as this one, where it crashes after about 8 minutes. I don't know why, it may be my display driver, but my entire PC shuts down. I found in the app roaming files this:

WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Hidden/PostProcessing/Uber' - Pass '' has no vertex shader

Does this have anything to do with anything? Thanks.

Also, please, PLEASE, add in co-op keyboard support for 2 players. Thanks again, and very nice game! I hope it goes far! :)

(Btw, I am using an older version of wild woods atm).

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I have Direct 3D 11.1 also. EDIT: Is that high enough?

Developer (1 edit)

Hey Twayne1,

first, thank you for playing Wild Woods and giving us feedback, we really appreciate that!

Direct 3D 11.1 should be high enough.

Maybe you can test the newest version and if the crash is not gone you can come back again? :)

For the co-op keyboard support for two players i must say, that this is currently not that easy.
Do you want two keyboards or two players on one keyboard?

For CO-OP, same keyboard, one player with arrow keys, the other with WASD, or if you wanted customizable.

I tried updating my display driver and tried the old version again, and updated my computer, but it still crashed. This isn't the only game, so it isn't necessarily because of something on your end, except for whatever the game requires. I have been fighting my computer for years now on this. Updating won't help most likely. At this point, it must be a hardware issue. But thanks anyways. I hope I didn't scare you any with the title. You can delete this thread or whatever so as not to startle others.


Hey Twayne,

sorry for the delay, was on vacation last week. 

You didn't scare me. I always like the challenge of problem solving :) And i like to see that the problem is properly not on our side :P
I'll test some things with the keyboard stuff you ask for, stay tuned for the next update. I'll try to implement a key/controller mapping system.

Best regards

I really appreciate it, thanks!