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Wild Woods

Go on an expedition, cooperate with up to four friends and fight your way through the woods 路 By WildWoods, TheBuergermeister, nadjacl, _Jar, Ruhken

doesn't detect my controller

A topic by lunica created 19 days ago Views: 18 Replies: 2
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:( the game unfortunately can't detect my controller's up down left right or any joysticks, for some reason it only detects the y button of my controller. and there's no option to configure so i cant play it

Developer (2 edits)

Hey Lunica,

thank you reaching out to us :)

Did you check out the faq? There is a link where you can find a list of supported controllers:

If your controller is not on this list I'll take a look what I could do :)

oh I didn't expect such a fast reply! thanks, it turns out it's not on the list. it's a cheap 10 dollar controller from a knockoff brand so it's to be expected but im sad still :( its okay, im planning on getting a proper xbox controller someday so in the meantime i will just look longingly at your game sitting in my computer 馃槀