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Wild Woods

Go on an expedition, cooperate with up to four friends and fight your way through the woods · By WildWoods, nadjacl, _Jar, Ruhken

Bugs Sticky

A topic by _Jar created 36 days ago Views: 175 Replies: 14
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Developer (1 edit) (+1)

If you can find any kind of bugs, we would appreciate if you could share them with us :)


Sometimes defeated enemies won't disappear, but instead, they'll just stand still and seem intact at where they're supposed to fall.


Thank you for pointing this out.  Fortunately that's a bug we already know and we also know how to fix it :) 

(in-depth stuff: it's because the enemies get a point to walk if the sun rises, but our world build algorithm is destroying the path to this particular point, so they hang around and shaking their bodies :P )

When you die, in the follow-up menu that pops up, where you have the two options, you can't navigate with keyboard. Could you please check into that?


Yeah for sure. Thank you for pointing that out!

Died a few times to check if that is consistent, and it isn't. I'll try to figure out what exactly I'm doing that triggers it.

Hey I had an issue downloading the game to play. I'm running windows 8.1. I tried to download the setup.exe and install it directly but my antivirus kept picking it up. I disabled my antivirus and tried again, this time the installation began but halfway through it just closed and also the setup.exe disappeared from my desktop, really weird, I've never seen that happen with anything. I downloaded it again and tried again, the same thing happened.
Ultimately I downloaded the windows app and was able to install your game through that, it ran with no problems after that :).


Thats really weird. Think the next patch will remove the setup.exe because of bugs with the launcher so you just have to unzip and go :)

wether im using keyboard and mouse or controller i cant get past the select screen


Which OS do you have?

Thats sounds really weird, because you are the first with these issue 

(1 edit)

I am using InputMapper for Windows10 to be able to play with my PS4 controller. However, when I press X(A) on my controller in the player selection screen the game would register a second player for me, both being controlled with the same controller


Currently we are not able to test or configure this because we don't have ps4 controllers. A friend of mine has also a ps4 controller and could play the game without problems. Maybe you can change some InputMapper settings?

After some testing I figured out it only happens when I connect the controller after opening the game. So it's kinda my fault. But, it's still technically a bug.

If you pause the game, you will get sent back to the main menu after about 5 minutes. It happened twice.


Thats  intended, because its our gamescom version and we forgot to disable it for itch ... sorry for that we will fix this soon. Im currently on vacation.