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I might have a clue: My laptop doesn't have much RAM(8 GB), so it's often low on memory. I ran the game, followed by using up almost all free RAM, and soon the game stuck. The version of Firefox was 81.0.

Maybe the quickest way to solve the problem is to close other programs and browser tabs before playing.

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No, It appears to be random on my laptop. Moreover, I tried to reproduce the problem I encountered but had no luck.

I still don't get it this time, but I can't stop smiling while playing! It's a must-play for many!

*Sometimes the game gets stuck with music keeps playing. All I know is that I use Firefox.

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Note: I started to write the comment below before the demo was updated.

A beautiful 3D platformer with lovely characters. My laptop isn't good enough to run the demo smoothly(i5-8250u, Radeon 530), but I couldn't resist finishing it after watching the opening cutscene. I've always had a hard time finding a game that can make me feel either relaxed or immersed; However, Soria is unique because it does both. I am excitedly looking forward to the full version! (You don't need to rush, though.)

Finally, my suggestion is that the transitions between Ask's different facial expressions can be more natural.

Nice work. I've always been wondering what a 3D Klonoa game will look like and its possible mechanism, too. By the way, I don't think you will receive any letter from Bandai Namco in the foreseeable future. Because they seem not to care much about Klonoa, and your game is non-profit. *sigh*

Oh. Whoa... This game is definitely not an ordinary one. And definitely adorable. Did you make this at McDonald's?

Sometimes defeated enemies won't disappear, but instead, they'll just stand still and seem intact at where they're supposed to fall.